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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Whattodo, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron

    Who has been There, what goes on and who has their own experiences of the place?

    I don't know much about it but pretty intrigued?

    Do they actually believe they can obtain super powers?
  2. arcxcauseblows

    arcxcauseblows Patron Meritorious

    supper? do they serve food? if so then yeah the dinner is probably the best thing

    A few completions leaked people holding certs but nobody had a cape on and the streets are still crime ridden

    They sniff glue debating the ingredients and rub lotion on their skin or take the hose again

    After spinning themselves numb on a gimbal of course

    Sort of like the meter drill with fifty herbs only it's done in a huge fancy building

    What did Hubbard say? When fancy buildings become important someone blow to central headquarters?


    The process was made to try to recover strung out staff members? they stamp a fancy name on it and sell it to public

    Wait for super dooper golden power 2 in fifty years

    The tech was wrong they need to bungee jump and skydive from a balloon in space that's how wogs get super but wogs have always had better tech

    Internet for example

    Sea org don't get internet
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  3. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron

    That will be my new phone and its predictive text which has caused a few embarrassment this week lol!
  4. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron

    Still chuckling at my error but don't put it past them to have a 'Supper power building' too which will no doubt give them a superior diet to enhance their powers.

    I got told a story about a scientlogist who had really bought into the abilities of a guy who was OT and that he was able to pass a £5 note through an orange. I just said isn't that a magic trick which killed the conversation!

    Like I was going to believe that!! I can imagine them gathering round all excited with jaws dropped in astonishment! Wow an operating thetan!!
  5. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    I think there's a way to go back and edit the title....or else be prepared for more joke responses.

    I'm getting sick of my autocorrect function, it seems to be getting more bizarre for some reason. Which is why I always go back and re-read before hitting Send.
  6. strativarius

    strativarius Comfortably Numb

    There is, but only within the 24 hours, same as any ordinary post. If you're very nice you can ask a mod or ethercat to do it. I noticed it early on yesterday but I didn't want to enhance my reputation as resident grammar nazi so I kept my mouth shut.
  7. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron

    My last phone just gave me alternatives that I had to select this just changes it automatically so i need to get into a new habit. Pretty funny some of the things I have been sending or posting though!
  8. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    It was hard to find it in the ether, but I located the Supper Powers Building. :happydance:

    The Supper Powers Building was a cinema theatre chain called The Alamo Drafthouse that opened its Supper Powers menu to the opening of "The Force Awakens" in December, 2015. Apparently these delicacies are no longer available since the movie went to DVD. You also have to sign an agreement that if you die from an exotic food allergy and have an OOBE, that you will not give the restaurant a poor rating or otherwise conduct remote poltergeistic mischief or spew on the floor if your body rejects the theater Supper Powers. The menu included:

    Nerf Strips
    — Nerfs were one of the most consumed meats in the galaxy. And, shagginess aside, nerf herding a was a vital — and very profitable — vocation.

    Trash Compactor Pizza
    — “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered!”

    Yoda Soba Salad
    — Packed with delicious green foods. A wise choice, this is.

    Wookiee Wasaka Berry Crêpes
    —The Wookiees are vegetarians and one of their delicacies is the Wasaka berry, a fruit that looks very much like a raspberry.

    Jabba’s Critter Fritter
    — Besides lording over a vast criminal empire, Jabba enjoyed eating the various insect-like creatures native to Tatooine (deep fried, of course).

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