Sydney - Jan 17, 2009

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  1. There's a demonstration on Jan 17th in Sydney.

    Details of time and place are HERE.

    Scn has been most accomodating by scheduling their Ideal Org fundraising "Banquet", being held in the Acadamy, :giggle: on the same day as the demonstration. Exes most welcome to come along.
  2. Panda Termint

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    Have FUN, Anons, and thank you once again.
  3. scooter

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    What Panda said - you guys are my heroes.
  4. Free to shine

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    Just a quick brief report, 9 hours of enturbulation has pretty much exhausted me.

    Once again Sydney anons had an epic day of fun and enturbulation.
    We started off slow, but our special brand of sydney atmosphere soon kicked in and we had a excellent day.

    After one year of the raiding the public knows very well who we are, and what Scientology is, all throughout the day we received endless cars honking their support. And after only half way through the day we managed to hand out all our 4000 flyers!

    It was very fortunate that on the 17th that scientology decided to hold one of its IAS ideal org fundraising dinners, so after our main raid and dinner we headed out for some more epic raiding, it was a long day and i am pleased we still had ~30 anons still dancing at the end of it. (far more then what showed up to their dinner!)

    So pretty much, another epic raid for sydney (and just when was our last non-epic raid?), we continue to be extremely effective in telling Australia the truth about scientology, today we were informed by one of our ex-scis that we have now got 60 scientologists out thanks to our efforts, SIXTY! Also the Canberra org is down to 2, lulz.

    Heres a pic from the end of the main raid, hopefully i will get more online tomorrow after a good sleep. Someone else can fill in more details about our awesome raid.

  5. degraded being

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    Thanks! That's one of the best protest pics I've seen!!!!!
  6. Free to shine

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    Yeah, Sydney's still going strong! :happydance:
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    You folks are leading the planet on suppressing the supressives-we in the states are mighty proud of you. In the off chance I'm looking for news about Sandy Stevens Wilhere was her married name -she is sea org and the last I heard she was divorced got MS [terrible disease] and sent from Int base to some org in LA. She is an Aussie.
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    Sydney Anons, rocking Sydney yet again!
    Great stuff. Thank you, one and all.
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    Anons over there are still running very strong. Very cool. Thanks for all the work.
  10. Once bitten

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    Thank you Sydney

    :biglove: I LOVE SYDNEY ANONS!!!

    We had an EPIC raid. It was so cool to be part of it. We raided. We sang. We danced. We laughed, hugged and cried.

    What a bunch of amazing people who do this. Fliers all to the point, ready and waiting to be handed out to very accommodating public. Police got their buzz for the day, and we even saw the security guy having a wee jive. lol.

    It was fab to speak out to the people in the SO, and appeal to my ex-father-in-law to come out and meet his grand\daughter whom he has never even met. I really hoped he'd come out, but no. Not even after two appeals, and all of the Anons shouting his name to come out. I asked Cyrus to pass on the message that his grand daughter was there to see hiim, but still nothing. Sad. What kind of a religion does this to families? There was his own flesh and blood standing outside waiting to meet her Grand dad for the first time in her life, and nothing.

    Well, that was the most epic day to stand outside 201 and shout stuff as well. I cried.

    Thanks you guise. I love you all.

    Genny (nee Gray)

    :happydance: :smoochy: :heartflower:
  11. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

  12. Carmel

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    Goodonya Darl! :thumbsup:

    Outside Syd org too, geez! :D :clap:

    Well done again, Anons! Can't wait to see the vid! :happydance:
  13. Kookaburra

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    Genny, thank-you so much for coming to the raid. Your speech at the AOSH was awesome! I hope it impinged on some Scilons as much as it did on Anonymous. I saw a couple peeking out the window. It sure got Anonymous fired up! :thumbsup:

    The turnout was 40+. First stop was Castlereagh. We were greeted by 6 grim looking cops. We chanted, we danced, then sang "Why can't we be friends" with everybody swaying in a big line right across from the org. By the end of that stop, ear to ear grins had replaced grim.

    Town Hall fliering was uneventful. We ran out of fliers (started with 4000) and a couple people headed off to get more.

    The energy really peaked at AOSH. Genny gave a short speech about why she left, about the attempts to get her to abort her baby, and the ensuing disconnections. Then two anons gave impassioned speeches directed at Sea Org members telling them basicly to stop wasting their lives and imploring them to come out now. Then the whole group started chanting "We will protect you" LOUD. As in shouting at the top of their lungs. I couldn't imaging where anyone could have hid in that building not to hear that. It was an awesome spontaneous display of the passion that drives Anon Sydney. :buzzin:
    Then after some more music, Genny spoke again, imploring her children's grandfather to come out and meet his 16 year-old grand-daughter that he has never seen. Then the whole crowd broke into another chant "Bill Gray, Come Out". His grand-daughter was standing there beside her mother. But no Bill Gray appeared. :bigcry:

    Then our Scino handler, Claire aka Alex asked Genny (regarding ripped apart family) "Are you still upset about that?"

    What a graphic display of Scientology arrogance and heartlessness. I just hope all of this was caught on video. Asyd sure didn't miss it. It got them really fired up.

    Some Scilon rocket scientist scheduled an Ideal Org fundraising "banquet" on the same day as our global raid. :duh:
    The venue? The acadamy at 201 Castlereah! Pretty spiff banquet hall. :lol:
    Invitations? Posted on :coolwink:

    The turn out? 10-20 Scilon cash cows (Feral! Where are you? You have more work to do!:D );
    30 Anons. :roflmao:

    I sense the focus of asyd is changing. It used to be all about the raw public, and innoculating people against getting started in Scn. You'd be hardpressed to find anyone in Sydney that would fall for it now. Then more and more it got to be about the orgs and existing public. They are now starting to focus on staff, especially SO.

    All in all, it was an AWESOME raid. The best I've been to, I think...largely because of some real first hand testimony of the abuses...thank-you so much Genny! :thumbsup:
  14. Carmel

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    Thanks for the info Kookaburra - that is just so awesome. :happydance: Well done to all of you - I'm sure it would have impinged! :thumbsup:

    Who is Claire (aka Alex)? If she's the Alex who used to have long blonde hair and was the LRHPRO, then I'm not surprised at that comment - she was a real cold fish with much authority but no brains or self determinism IMO (she's a good example and the epitome of the type who many of us had/have much disdain for).

    Gen is a real gem for sure! She, her hubby and youngest daughter were with us up here on Thursday/Friday. We all had a hoot! I love and cherish her - 25 years since we've seen eachother, but it was just like yesterday. When she and her hubby and daughter left to go to Sydney, my heart was just so full (it still makes me smile)! Good on Gen - she obviously did so well, and I'm sure that happy bubbly girl filled a lot of hearts at the protest! :D
  15. Kookaburra

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    That would be the one. She was using a nick. Someone found a clip of her on Today Tonight and she was Alex S____ something that sounded Ukranian possibly. She is in her 30s, very pretty and well dressed with long blonde hair. She's quite the distraction for some of the hotblooded young male anons. So now we know her post. LRHPRO would perhaps like to see some of the pics of LRH at Creston, maybe LRH in disguise, LRH autopsy report. Hmmm. :coolwink:

    Yes, I hope to see them again in March.

    I forgot to post the link to asyd postgame report.

    Jan 17 post game

    I couldn't get the one video up so far to work. I'm getting impatient!
  16. the-ghostwhowalks

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    Hi - you may remember me ...

    I was a on sydney day org ,I routed out early - If you are genny gray
    you gave some auditing once - It has been a very long time - What ever happened to Kerry Lewis / Ellis /Jo Watterson , Paul Schobel , Jim Doone , greg dickerson
    Is there a central place I can find out ? - I hope you are doing well -
    I am OK - I have been watching and listening patiently for a long time....
    Boy was I upset ... I am very largely over it.... We never knew or guessed the future of all these things .... :)
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  17. Once bitten

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    I have PM'ed you.

    Thanks for getting in contact.

    Love Genny
  18. scooter

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    Per the last info I had, Kerri Ellis/Lewis routed herself back into the RPF at CLO a while ago.

    Schobel died a few years back - was in the States a long time as RTC etc. and was basically sent back to die when his kidney (?) condition got too much.

    Jim Doone left in 83 and I have no data on him except he joined the Freezone then,

    Jo Watterson is in Melbourne running a Scio mission here - she married Tom Reid many years ago

    Dicko I haven't seen for about 10 years - he wasn't doing much Scio-wise then and probably still isn't.

    PM me if you want info on anyone else and I'll let you know what i know.
  19. scooter

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    goddamn I love youse Syd Anons
    - fantastic job by all there.

    Next raid? Would love to be there.
  20. Barbarious

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    It's Barb here.

    Ow ya goin guv? Barb ere'.

    I don't know whether im suppose to be posting in this forum, but hell with it im not Anonymous anyway.

    Just wanted to say I was really touched by Genny's speech at the org, I could really feel where she was comming from. And yes Kookaburra, I just went over the footage, and I got everything she said. I think at some point she said "Are you scared". Can't confirm. It was very faint. Sorry I wont be able to upload the video's until the 21st.

    I'm REALLY REALLY sorry for keeping you guys waiting. :bigcry:

    But I'm really excited to upload all my videos, as the day was VERY eventful.

    Genny, I love you so much. Thank you for making the day much more inspiring. <333