The Art of Deception: How Scientology Enslaves Your Mind

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  1. KnightVision

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    The Art of Deception

    "In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

    by Arnie Lerma, 1998

    3rd place winner of Bob Minton's literati contest

    Dedicated to Paulette Cooper and all those who went before


    Hubbard was master of only one thing, the Art of Deception. Where he learned it is currently a subject of discussion. The roots of the control mechanisms used by Hubbard may have come from a mix of stage magic, mind control, esoteric writings, perhaps inspired by the work of George Orwell, author of '1984' or what are known as black magic or satanic techniques used for the subversion of the will.

    Wherever it came from, it has the distinctive scent of evil, however, one doesn't need that answer to solve the Scientology problem. It is only necessary to familiarize oneself with the pattern of conduct of those who use this 'black art' to become effective at neutralizing their influence.

    I've been thinking about how he does it - attracts good, well intentioned people, into his palace of deceptions. I've also marveled at how he manages to keep up the deception for so long. But not as much as I marvel now, that this deception is tolerated at all, in modern society anywhere, much less in the United States of America, the purported leader of democracy and freedom in the world.

    For 20 years I wondered exactly how Hubbard caught me in his trap. My desire for this knowledge was to protect the public order and safety. As bright as I might have been, when I was 17 years of age, with as much understanding of how things worked, that I could have been deceived in such manner is just reason for pause and contemplation.

    Because if these techniques could induce me to invest the best decade of this life furthering this madness, I dread to consider what it could induce in others.

    I left Scientology after ten years involvement, with my life, which is more than I can say for a number of people I knew and befriended personally during my involvement. I also left with my core sanity, more or less intact, but wish to remind my good reader that it took me 15 years before I could even consider those questions for which I thought Scientology had answers. Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a God?

    I am not going to address those questions here, as this missive is not about those things. It is about one thing that claims to have those answers but, of course, does not.

    Introduction to the Art of Deception

    Late at night you may have seen it, the picture of a volcano and "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health", in the TV advertisements along with the latest exercise gadget and a magic blue laundry ball (note 9) that cleans clothes. Here are the Scientologists, late at night, trolling for the clueless. Call 1-800-FOR-TRUTH, they tell you. "For Truth" seems to echo for a while after reading it, now, doesn't it?

    Well, hang onto your hats, I'm going to work fast here, and tell you in my best Paul Harvey style, "The rest of the story" behind that weird looking volcano.

    That odd looking advertisement is the tip of a tentacle of an veritable octopus of corruption of almost galactic proportions, and it all started with a book called "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health."

    Before you even buy this book, it manages to use a technique called deceptive implication. In the title is the word "Science," just as in SCIENtology, the implicationis that there is science at its core. Of course there is not!

    After resisting efforts to get involved with Scientology for a considerable period, I finally decided to give it a try. This supposedly wonderful technology of the mind was, after all, developed by a nuclear physicist, in order to cure himself of crippling wounds received during active duty as a highly decorated Navy hero.

    Of course 25 years later, sitting amidst piles of documents, including a copy of Hubbard's official Navy record and a copy of his transcript from George Washington University, I found that the entire premise for Dianetics and its spawn, Scientology is, and has always been, a complete fraud.

    Hubbard was neither a war hero, highly decorated, wounded in action, nor a nuclear physicist. His discharge papers reflect the only affliction he seems to have acquired while in the Navy was an urethral discharge.

    If the entire stated premise for the creation of Dianetics was a lie, then it follows that everything that comes after it must also be a lie.

    The first challenge for Scientology is getting an opportunity to present these and the other implications described above.

    There are four major vectors that this virus of the mind is using to permeate society.

    1) Books written by L Ron Hubbard. Dianetics is one of the most popular, and is likely one of the most effective for reasons explained later.

    2) Front groups. C.C.H.R. - Citizens Committee for Human Rights, W.I.S.E - World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, and a veritable alphabet soup of groups all designed so that you won't know it is Scientology and L Ron Hubbard's Art of Deception at work. In "Hubbard's Public Relations" policies he states that unpopular institutions should be attacked, and that front groups be created for this purpose, in order to gain public support. All end up acting as funnels to channel the unsuspecting into Scientology. An incomplete front group list, [ they make up new ones all the time ] is here

    3) The best agents for this deception are their own already hoodwinked members, using word of mouth. They are paid a fixed commission of 15 or 10% for inducing others to spend money on Scientology.

    4) There are also indoctrination and recruitment centers, in major cities around the world, currently posing as bona fide "Churches" in the United States under an unprecedented secret closing agreement with the United States Internal Revenue Service. This agreement was granted after a private investigator set up and video taped a certain IRS Commissioner having sex with a 12 year old.

    This is statutory rape, not just a compromising situation.

    I imagine our own government would prefer that this mess get swept under the carpet.The private investigator was most likely working double-blind. This describes a pattern of conduct. An operative will be working for one law firm which in turn is working for another law firm, which is working for Scientology. Thus any potential legal discovery process is blocked bythe Attorney/Client Privilege.

    This is the pattern used for dirty tricks operations, for which they have a long and ignoble documented history. These indoctrination centers refer to people who are not Scientologists by the term, "raw meat". The most popular way they find their "raw meat" is to use street hawkers, who pass out seemingly innocuous tickets on street corners that offer "TO ADMIT ONE" to a free movie and personality analysis.

    All of this is well documented elsewhere. This piece is not going to be about how bad they are. Most people know that. In fact, it is becoming difficult to hand out flyers about "How bad they are" on the street these days, as most folks say,"I KNOW"! But what these same people don't know, and what is most important to those who are currently under the spell of Hubbardian Cosmology don't know, is the purpose of what you are reading right now, and that is to explain how the machinery of deception works.
  2. KnightVision

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    Hubbard was neither a war hero, highly decorated, wounded in action, nor a nuclear physicist. His discharge papers reflect the only affliction he seems to have acquired while in the Navy was an urethral discharge.

    If the entire stated premise for the creation of Dianetics was a lie *to heal his wounds, sustained in combat action*, then it follows that everything that comes after it must also be a lie.

    This is a point often avoided by Scientologists, from the Churchies to the Freezoners...
  3. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Ah, so this is what you mean when you say it's premised on a lie.

    Got it.

    However, that's also a lie. Hubbard stole the concept from Freud. Freud made no such ridiculous claims. The subject is not based on a lie, although people's belief in it might be.
  4. klidov

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    Hubbard suffered from what I like to call "Literary Masturbation". In other words, he was so enchanted with his own drek, he felt the need to share (in writing) his every thought, and imaginary deed.

    Perhaps he really convinced himself that he originated many of the ideas he later claimed as his own. Maybe he simply decided he didn't give a damn who thought of it first, he would just claim it as his own. In the days before the Internet, and when "occult" (hidden) teachings were still treated as something that would not be discussed (or read) in polite Society, he decided to help himself, and take credit for mind-control methods that predated him.

    One thing is certain, a Sci-Fi writer (of disputed talent) found a way to put together a book with some possible merit(s), and stir it up with pseduo-Science and for lack of a better term, bullshit.

    The timing was right for him to sell his snake-oil. There was a strong distrust of the Mental Health System, and scary stories of their (the Mental Health System's) brutal treatment of the mentally ill.

    Elron was a liar, and a teller of tales from the time he was a child. His apologists try to redirect with even if the Man were not perfect, his Tech/Teachings are.

    He is given way too much credit in my book. Maybe when I was a lot younger, I could have fallen for his crap. At this point in my life? Not a chance.

    The Tech/Teachings of the cult are not "evil". The people who abuse them, and use them to harm other people are.

  5. Carnaubawax

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    Hubbard had all the pathology and none of the remedies.
  6. Tim Skog

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    Sir Walter Scott said it best: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive. In the end even Hubbard couldn't escape his own web.
    The guy died with a heavy duty psychiatric drug in his system. So, this is one little fly who is happy to have broken free.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  7. Carnaubawax

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    Who in their right mind would want to follow in Hubbards footsteps?
  8. KnightVision

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    Hey Carnaub....

    Didn't see any mention of 'follow in Hubbards footsteps' mentioned in Tim's post??:confused2:
  9. Carnaubawax

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    I know - I was agreeing with him about breaking away.
  10. Tim Skog

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    Yes sir, I felt just like that little ashtray running out the door.:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
  11. Magpie

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    There is more than just one viewpoint on the good Ron Hubbard did in 1950 ...

    See post 36 below for a well written essay on this topic:
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  12. Tim Skog

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  13. KnightVision

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    Quite so. And I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but when Ex'es throw out this 'attention redirecting' type of info... it makes me wonder. I give them the benefit of the doubt, but even so... it's quite remarkable.
  14. KnightVision

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    Now ladies and gentlemen, here is the rest of the story.

    More by Arnie Lerma Part two, Art of Deception

    Scientology's Step Number One is "FAIR GAME"

    Scientology's use of the FAIR GAME LAW [c] L Ron Hubbard, will be disputed only by deluded adherents. This maxim has been described in court cases as the policy used to "if possible, destroy utterly" those who seek to "harm" Scientology.

    What is harmful of course, is truth, public inquiry, and government scrutiny.

    However, this technique starts at the first contact with the public.

    There is a published drill called the "DISSEMINATION DRILL" which consists of the following patter. First, talk to the person for a while. The excuse commonly used to initiate this "talk" is a "FREE PERSONALITY TEST." In my opinion the test is useless, and is just a stage prop, onto which your attention is directed by the implication of value of the "evaluation."

    The "evaluation" is merely the opportunity for the manipulator to locate something that Scientologists call your "RUIN." This is the thing, item, pain, loss, vulnerability, that you think is the source of your highest concern as a problem in your life. This is the thing that is "ruining" you.

    The drill that is practiced is called "FIND THE RUIN."

    Now once you locate what is "RUINING" this person's life, regardless of what it is, he or she is instructed by Hubbard to say:

    "Scientology can help you with _________[that]. [Insert the ruin found during discussion of the personality test evaluation]

    The facts show that Scientology cannot help you with "THAT." In fact, those few that do 'think' this way, turn out generally to be in a state of induced conviction. They feel that they indeed found a solution, only to find out years later that it was no more than a hidden effect described later in this essay, and the placebo effect, as expressed by the headline on the poster in "The X-Files" Agent Mulder's office - "I want to believe".

    Of course, if you don't get "THAT" handled immediately, Scientology's trained-in-high-pressure-sales-techniques salesmen will lead you to believe that you might get "THAT" handled after the next expensive auditing step.

    This continues until all your money is gone.

    Alan Walters at "Knowledgism" and Mike Goldstein of "Idenics" both tell me they have handled hundreds of cases of people who never had handled what they came into Scientology to handle. The alternatives to Scientology that try to take the few diamonds that were there and use them without the lies, and deceit, seem to handle these things quickly, then folks just get on with their lives, forgetting auditing. As Mike Goldstein laments, there isn't much money in it, because it 'handles' these little things so quickly .

    Thus, in Scientology, "FAIR GAME" starts at the front door.
    Dianetics - The on Ramp to Scientology

    Once a person is thus duped into opening this book, the entire implication of Dianetics is to get the trusting adherent-to-be to mock up a reactive mind. How this Reactive Mind works is explained in grisly, pedantic, lugubrious, detail. Now, after learning how this fabrication, this piece of science fiction, the 'reactive mind', purportedly works, Hubbard uses this as the program to trick you into creating your very own reactive mind.

    Scientology even has the gall to promote Dianetics as "The owners manual for the mind."

    They claim that purported way out of this 'trap' which is life on earth as we know it, across the Bridge to Total Freedom [TM], is Dianetics and Scientology. However, if anyone did in fact get across this bridge, I assure you that you would not be reading this right now.

    Scientology's Bridge to Total Freedom is no more real than a theatrical production, or just a painting on the wall, of what Spiritual Freedom might be like, and for enough money, they will gladly paint you into the picture.

    Instead of ability, you are given a picture of people who look able. Instead of a Bridge, you get a picture of a bridge. Instead of a "bank" or "reactive mind," you are merely tricked into painting in this part yourself. Almost like a paint-by-numbers picture. This is what creates the Scientology trap. In Scientology words, you continue to create the "reactive mind" in order to then audit it. Of course all this is at great investment of your time and money.

    Wait, wasn't the Clear realization basically "yeah, you made it all up anyway?" The Clear realization is my PROOF of this CONCEPT. The official Scientology [TM] Clear Cognition being "I MOCK UP MY REACTIVE MIND" or "I MOCK UP MY BANK" or "I CREATE MY BANK."

    The concept of the reactive mind was obviously fabricated. This is psycho- political warfare, where ideas are the weapons instead of bullets. It is essential that anyone in contact with those living under the spell of L Ron Hubbard's lies familiarize himself with these concepts, so that they might effortlessly articulate them at every opportunity, to break these good folks, once just like you and me, out of this deception-induced trance. Instead of just saying "Scientology is evil" or "Scientology is bad," explain this to those people under the undue influence.

    It becomes "Scientology deceives you in this way" as described herein.

    Dianetics teaches you in grisly detail how this complicated fabrication is constructed. While you think you are learning the "secret" of the human mind, you are instead being set up to swallow Scientology as the ultimate solution for mankind. And of course "ultimate solutions" go on to make otherwise unconscionable acts possible.

    The "reactive mind" you are then tricked into creating, or "mocking up" is that very same 'reactive mind' that you spend years getting rid of in Scientology. Pointing out this conundrum to a scientologist would be both a potentially devastating mind warp as well as one which turns the powerful mechanics of the trap to our advantage.

    All of this can be explained in 'Scientology speak' in compelling fashion. Please use this while picketing them, and during any contact with their basically good folks who have been snookered.

    Scientologists will chant, "You haven't tried it, You won't know until you see for yourself" at anyone who dares criticize Scientology's outrageous and bogus fabrications masquerading as claims of efficacy.

    Scientologists say "you can't understand it except by doing it" and some people buy that. These are the same people who believe a heroin pusher who claims "trust me, you won't get hooked".
  15. Pixie

    Pixie Crusader

    Yes, much needed info we need to be reminded of on a continuous basis. Excellent post. :clap:
  16. Tim Skog

    Tim Skog Silver Meritorious Patron

    The art of deception

    Thank you KV for posting this piece. (BTW I highly recommend Arnie Lerma's site for more edifying material regarding the Scientology/Dianetics scam).

    I am well aware that there are many ESMB members who still find some good in Scientology. Apparently there are even Scientologists and freezoners who are members of this Board. And if there wasn't some (even if miniscule) doubt about Scientology why would you be here?

    You might not be able to convince a true believing Scientologist that his "faith" is a sham, but you'll never re-convince an ex-scn'er that leaving the tent of the Dianetics/Scn side-show was a mistake.

    Don't forget, LRH died with a heavy psych drug in his system.
  17. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Sure, psychiatry's (alleged) barbarism (of the day) doesn't make Dn or Scn valid. It's just an explanation as to one of the reasons Hubbard didn't like them. Doesn't mean his alternatives are better, worse or work out the same.

    One other explanation, too, is that Hubbard purportedly asked the AMA (I don't think there was an APA then) if he could help, if they wanted to join forces with him and employ some Dianetic practices in their practice and they didn't take him up on it. I have always thought that if this is true, then Hubbard was displaying some rather childish pique at the mental health community because of this.
  18. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    That's kind of my take on it too Fluffy. After further research and getting firsthand reports from people who worked with him, this seems rather likely IMO.:yes:
  19. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    I'm baffled: why would the AMA want to "join forces" with a science fiction writer who was plagiarizing Freud, who, at that time, was highly controversial, and today is often considered only for the theories he advanced that were disproven (he had others, but they weren't considered signal).
  20. Carnaubawax

    Carnaubawax Patron Meritorious

    Here we go again.

    The evil that Psychiatry did doesn't diminish the evil that Hubbard did.

    Yout post is typical Scientology use of No U.


    "No U

    The end all to any argument. Used when one either has no intelligent argument left, wants to try and use "no u" as an intelligent argument, or want to piss someone off. Most effective after one has been insulted.
    Jack: You are a dirty cheating whore for sleeping with my brother!

    Jill: No u."

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