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Discussion in 'Europe' started by johnAnchovie, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Scientology corrupts Croatia

    Anyone who can help publicize this awful news, please do.

    This from a very reliable source in Croatia

    Croatia. The new government wants to make 43 religious communities or religions "equal" (give them money, teaching in schools etc). Scientology is included in the package.

    Any useful information about Scientology at this moment is welcome.

    I found some texts about the project BULGRAVIA from 1992 when they wanted to take Albania and other Balkan countries under the control.

    Do you know something more about this project? .

    (Note - The Bulgravia project was partly run former Commanding Officer WISE UK Ib Nygard and was a Joint WISE INT and ABLE project, they got rumbled and alot of people got RPFed)
  2. koki

    koki Silver Meritorious Patron

    Don't worry ... People here just don't buy it!
    Maybe there will be 20 of them...
    Scio in school? No way!
    Here is even problem to teach pupils about religions in public schools ,because Croatians think that religion is something one have to find oneself-not by teaching in school!
  3. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Thanks Koki. The cult will have their work cut out. I lived with a bunch of Croatian people when I was at university in Padova.

    Croatians are among the most intelligent and most beautiful people that I have ever come across, great fun, generous and kind. I Hate to think of that beautiful country being sullied by the scientfacistology virus.

    What seems to be happening however is that European Union funding for Education and Health programs is being redirected through ABLE to the scientology cult. Based on the Scientology Finance System, about 70% of such monies will end up in the cult of David Miscaviges - Int Finance - bank accounts, that means that the EU Educational fund will be helping to give Miscavige an upgrade on his next BMW 7 Series and his next Range Rover. That does make me a bit cross.
  4. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Interesting update from my Croatian Journalist friend:


    CROATIA / Sciento
    (As of 2013 Croatia will be the official member of the EU)

    8. March, 2012
    The Croatian government is now forming an inter-ministerial working group. Their goal is to prepare a new bill (which is apparently more generous to the views of cultic subsidies, taxation, practices in schools, marriage etc..)
    Since 2002, Croatia, 43 religious groups have formally registered with the relevant authority, including Scientology. (See groups bellow in French)

    View on Scientology in Croatia

    Mr. JURA NANUK Pastor, Church of Scientology/ZAGREB, Croatia

    Former photographer (Reuters (London) during the war from 1990 to1995.
    · In 1999/ Croatia Drug Rehab Center Narconon Adriatic
    Drug Rehabilitation Center. (Croatian press sad that this Center was closed! To be checked!)
    Dalmatinska 126
    52208 Rakay-Krnica, Croatia
    Phone & Fax: (38) 552-574707

    In 2011/ Dianetic Center – department of Budapest (Leaders: Jura Nanuk and his wife Jasmina Nanuk)
    In 2003/ Church of Scientology
    !!! APOLOGISTS/ Croatia (In collaboration with CESNUR and INFORM)

    !!! Ms Ankica BOBINAC (Marinović),!!! Consultatnt on Human Rights of the President of the Republic of Croatia Mr Ivo Josipović

    Ankica Bobinac Marinović and Dinka Jerolim Marinović (Institute for Social Research, Zagreb) published in 2008, jointly with the “Association for religious Freedom”, a book entitled: “Religious Communities in Croatia”, Ms Bobinac and Ms Jerolim stated that“the goal of Scientology is to help society in addressing human rights, drug abuse, crime, illiteracy and low morale. Iindependently reviewed as an “…objective book…” (Mr. IvanMarkešić) and as “…a basic guide ... on religious communities in Croatia…” (Mr. Stanko Jambrek). Ankica Bobinac is today the Consultatnt on Human Rights of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr Ivo Josipović

    Ms Dinka Jerolim MARINOVIĆ (Institute for Social Research, Zagreb
    Mr Sinisa ZRINŠĆAK (University of Zagreb)

    4. Mr Hrvoje ČARGONJA (Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb
    5. Ex President of the Republic of Croatia Mr STJEPAN MESIC

    · !!! GUESTS
    · !!! Prof. Douwe Korff, lawyer (against Germany on Scientology’s behalf) is a guest professor at the University of Rijeka and Osijek, and at the “Human rights” conference in Novi Vinodolski (Croatia).

    Douwe Korff was an author of the “Essex report on Freedom of Religion”
    LETTER sent by DOWE KORFF (Metropolitan University London) to Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka/ before the Conference “Destructive groups and Youth” organized by FECRIS and CISK in Croatia. (See programme in attachment)
    October 6, 2010.

    Dear M…..

    ….”i have done quite a bit of work in this area. for starters, i was involved in the "freedom of religion world report" done by the univ of essex some years ago, but which is still an important text. i wrote the very critical report on germany (esp on their treatment of jehovah's witnesses and scientologists), which i will gladly send you when i am back next week.
    i also wrote a critical opinion on the (i believe then still draft) loi picard, at the request of the scientologists. i will send that to you too if you like.
    then i did an opinion at the request of the council of europe of the (then draft) law on freedom of religion in georgia (the country in the caucasus, not the state of the usa). that too touched on some very general broad issues like the procedure for having a religious movement registered - which is also a very big issue in russia by the way.

    i hope that if i send you all this next week it will not be too late?

    more generally, i hope that at your conference you will have not just "anti-sect" groups and people but also people who (like me) argue that any restriction you place on so-called sects should also apply to the "recognised" mainstream religions. after all, the "official" religions can behave badly too ...
    if you still need a speaker on the minority groups side, i'd be happy to speak at your conference :)

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