The E-meter Scam

Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by Etrawl, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Check out this weight loss program. :biggrin:

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    Cf. this standard Toledo scale...


    with this Holy Toledo!
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    Hubbard released his 30 pound gimmick in this 1954 lecture.

    All right.

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    He said thetans have measurable weight too. The guy was barking mad.
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    Re: the title of this post "The E-meter scam"

    Scam #1: The e-meter is bunk LRH "science".
    Scam #2: One is not sufficient. You must own two.
    Scam #3: They cost SIGNIFICANTLY less to produce than to buy.
    Scam #4: You need to turn in your old e-meters for the new models.
    Scam #5: You must send them in to be certified every two years.
    Scam #6: Repeat above scams for every model of "new and improved" e-meters.

    Prepare to be astounded by the newest most revolutionary version of the e-meter, the Super Amazing One Handed Mark VIII Quantum Entanglement E-meter! Only $20,599,99*!


    *comes complete with internet enthata blocker!
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    Thanks for posting the LRH verbatim quotes on the "science" of how in 2 short hours a person can "mock up" enough mental mass (pictures, facsimiles, charge, ridges, matter...) to increase his body weight by 30 pounds!

    Although Hubbard did not reach critical "mass" in his lying until the later 1960s (Xenu & the BTs) he was sure getting warmed up in the 1950s with some outrageous Whoppers! The "30 POUND HOAX" is certainly one of the "Top Ten Big Lies Hubbard Told in the 1950's" and therefore now is awarded a special place of honor on the Stupid Thread, hereby cross-posted.

    By the way, there is another marvelously insidious little gem of deception in that same ACC lecture you quoted:

    "If he's working pretty well...."

    "If he's in pretty good shape..."​

    While Hubbard is jab, jab, jabbing you in the face with disorienting left-handed lies about mental mass weighing 30 pounds on a scale, without fanfare or notice he suddenly unloads a right-handed knockout punch that renders the listener comatose with an engramic phrase about how any being who is "pretty" well/good shape can quite easily perform these miracles.

    There is Hubbard's secret sauce for his indoctrination recipe revealed--thundering down degradation upon his loyal flock while blithely commenting that only "able" people or those in good (mental/spiritual) shape can evidence these mythological powers.

    Who amongst his listeners wanted to be excluded from "The Chosen People" who would successfully make the journey to the promised land? Who would want to think that they are amongst the lowly caste of "untouchables" condemned by Divine forces to an eternity of suffering and shame? And how easy it is in that millisecond of indecision to, instead, hopefully assume that one must surely be one of the blessed elite that will "make it".

    Did anyone dare ask the Divinity standing at the lectern if he wouldn't mind doing a demonstration of the 30 POUND MIRACLE over the next few days of the ACC?

    One can only estimate the level of intimidation that Hubbard must have necessarily maintained in others to stop them dead-cold in their tracks when contemplating the asking of that obvious question.
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    Ah, thank you. I mis-remembered it as a few weeks, not a few hours.

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    Fair enough. That is what it says.

    When I was a sup, I came across many students who couldn't understand how a static with no mass etc. could get into so much MESTy trouble. I used to deal with that confusion by making a difference between the terms static and thetan. Hubbard was not consistent in his terminology. The static has no mass etc, but the thetan . . .

    From memory, the first reference I would use was the basic auditing series HCOB, The Magic of the Communication Cycle, where as he goes downscale the thetan starts considering himself as MEST and thereby begins to obey the laws of MEST. I would also use Hubbard's story in the Phoenix Lectures of Dr. MacDougall weighing patients at death and discovering thetans weighed an ounce or two. Usually that was enough Hubbard-lore to satisfy the student.

    There are other references, like the History of Man (book) section where the thetan/body relationship is like the sliver in a thumb, with the sliver being the human body and the thetan the thumb, i.e. not only is it located in space and time but it extends outside the body.

    There are several Hubbard quotes in this 2008 post of mine at, including a description of a body sitting in a block of electronic gelatin with marbles scattered throughout it (anchor points), which also matches his general description of a thetan.


    As for reality, as opposed to the Hubbaverse, my thoughts about it are:

    1. The counterpart to Hubbard's static is the spirit essence of a person. If living on Earth then it is split with roughly half engaged with a body and half remaining in the spirit world (see Dr. Michael Newton's works for details).

    2. The counterpart to the thetan is all the subtle energy parts of a person, including the spirit part down here. The most "visible" [see * below] part would be the aura bodies.

    3. As for anchor points, maybe Hubbard mis-perceived something there and constructed this invented anchor-point edifice that others dutifully "saw."

    4. My PaulsRobot3 RAW4 module is all about investigating one's subtle energy parts and bodies. There are lots of diagrams and explanations there (not mine!). One info page about aura bodies is at Below is a diagram of the human aura. Note the similarity between the aura and Hubbard's thumb/sliver or gelatin soup.


    * Here is a drill to see the coarsest part of the human aura:

    The following is quoted from "Hands of Light" by Barbara
    Ann Brennan, one of my favourite books.

    "With the light dim in the room, hold your hands so that
    the tips of the fingers point towards each other. Hold
    your hands in front of your face at a distance of about two
    feet. Make sure there is a plain white wall for a
    background. Relax your eyes and softly gaze at the space
    between your fingertips, which should be about one and a
    half inches apart. Do not look into bright light. Let
    your eyes relax. What do you see? Move your fingertips
    closer and then further apart. What is happening in the
    space between the fingers. What do you see around the
    hand? Slowly move one hand up and the other down so that
    different fingers are pointing to each other. What has
    happened now? About 95% of the people who try this
    exercise do see something. Everyone feels something." [I am
    quoting directly. My personal opinion on that "Everyone"
    is that if someone is determined to feel nothing while
    doing this exercise then that will be the result.]

    "...Most people see a haze around the fingers and hands
    when trying to sense the aura. It looks somewhat like the
    heat wave over a radiator. It is sometimes seen in various
    colors, such as a blue tint. Usually, most people see it
    as colorless in the beginning...."

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    Scientology = Cargo Cult Science.

    Hubbard didn't have a clue about any branch of Science, but he was a pretty good salesman.
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    Yippee! The Cowpoke Returns!!!!!! :thumbsup:
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    The same old story. Namely, The Emperor's New Clothes.
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    Homage to the Lone Cowpoke:


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    I just LOVE that collage that you put together. The music is so appropriate for the images!

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    awesome. thanks for that. "Theatie Wheaties" FFS. Hilarious