The Freewinds - asbestos? a flea bag? what's it like?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by survivalist, Apr 2, 2017.

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  1. survivalist

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    I remember the Freewinds had an asbestos problem. Wikipedia tells the story of how the church hired a Polish firm but neglected to mention the asbestos...apparently they all quit when they found out and sued, but the story goes cold there. What happened? Wikipedia makes it sound like asbestos remediation in this case would be extremely expensive...well, it's always extremely expensive in my experience.

    Also, Jason Beghe in his YT interview said the Freewinds was a "flea bag". I figured for whales, the church could at least manage a decent cruise ship. What's the Freewinds really like?
  2. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    It is approaching 2 decades since I was on that thing. By todays standards I would think it be a bit much to call it a cruise ship. Maybe a nicely painted over floating container of undersized prison cells. If you go don't poke your finger into to the hull as you might end up thinking you are a Dutch boy required to stay put to prevent submersion because I speculate that the iron in that hull must by now be mostly iron oxide which I have noticed on cars is not capable of holding together under any appreciable compressive forces. Speaking of submersion.....maybe Jason meant a 'flea bag' like a bag full of fleas which are always trying to bit into your skin for more blood money.
    Of course you could always reach out to Jason and ask him ....but careful he might pull your leg a few times: the wonderful riot that he is.

    The food was good and so was the service of it. But the kitchen fire wasn't so cool even though the evacuation to stand under the life boats did give me a short break from self hypnosis and stuffing my mind with fantasist dribble while thinking I was becoming cause over something or other.
    OTVIII's well, uhmmm having trouble understanding the printed word as they studied is not exactly what I would call 'close to cause over life' but then again I have an open hidden standard. But it is okay, I got to see, up close and across the small classroom tables, the personal frowns, blank stares and stress associated with such proferred and loft states of awareness approaching total spiritual freedom. lol

    Oh and how could I forget, yah know I am a certified clear....and all that, that I was kidnapped but released in another country.

    By the way if you ever run across my lost luggage you can keep it as I think the garments are a little thread bare by now.

    poof the magic trip.....a good score or more of $1,000 bills lost at sea on the freewinds..even though it was all rung up on credit cards. Some mine and some from very trusting friends landside. Thank goodness I was able to pay them back , but I doubt that they can ever pay me back for helping me one of the stars on a ship of fools. Blown in the winds.

    Carry an extra copy of your passport coz yours will be held from your possession.

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