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  1. exdivsix

    exdivsix Patron

    I would love to hear opinions on this. Thanks:)

    My Dear Friends,

    This last few weeks have been some of the most productive weeks Portland has ever had on Ideal Org fundraising! With about 4.9 million left to raise, over 1.6 million of that is now committed in pledges, with 1 million of that having been newly committed in just the last few weeks! This is some of the greatest progress we have ever made!

    The key thing to do now is keep the commitments and payments coming at rapid rate! We can drive this balance down to zero if we keep the pedal to the metal!

    Let me assure you that we are on the verge of a number of new large commitments and payments that will continue this unprecedented progress. Yes, that's right, there are more large pieces of good news coming! But I need YOUR next large gift to this project to get it to a full done. There is no replacement for YOU.

    Thank you for your incredible support. It is an honor to be a fundraiser in this field.

    "The group goal, to a large degree, depends upon the group. I don't happen to be either inclined to or in a position to tell you what your group goal should be. But I can sure give you the data so you can work it out. And if you all put your heads together and decide that's what you were trying to do, all of a sudden a lot of spirit and spark could come in on this." - LRH

    Jeremy Arezzini
    Portland Ideal Org Fundraiser

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  2. Sindy

    Sindy Crusader

    My opinion (and it is only opinion but, an educated one) is that they are giving the staff and field heavier targets, projects, all-out, over-the-ramparts charges toward the goal to a) of course get the dough but more importantly, b) keep everyone extremely busy playing the game so that they are so enthralled and steeped in logistics that they don't have a second to pay attention to all that "entheta" which, they have turned around (through lies) to work in their favor to bilk more dollars from the benighted and stressed out cult members.

    That joyous sounding communication is anything but and is simply a front. Great, they're making progress, second mortgaging their homes to invest in smoke, shadows, dust, NOTHING. Insanity.

    To me, it's absolutely criminal that Miscavige (and the rest of his bozo entourage) continue with this charade, taking everyone down with them. It's pure treachery.

    End of opinion. :)
  3. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    I think

    Jeremy Arezzini
    Portland Ideal Org Fundraiser

    is Namby Pamby

    He should just lock all the doors right after roll call and tell everyone they should join the bankrupt OT's. I mean why play footsie with human rights by using coercion. It just doesn't work. Forget about their Human Rights. They all want to be OT right? :duh:
  4. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yeah, and I did parody on that topic as well.


    (tune of Candyman)

    Who can make the big lies,
    Credible to you?
    Appealing to your conscience with an urgency or two,
    The registrar, the registrar can,
    The registrar can ‘cause he pushes your buttons,
    To make your church seem good!

    Who takes a 401k,
    Dismisses with a sigh,
    Makes it no more important than a pasture patty pie …
    The registrar? The registrar can!
    The registrar can ‘cause he tells you all the lies,
    That make your church look good!

    The registrar will take,
    Every cent you make,
    With a tech that’s so malicious,
    Before you even get suspicious,
    You’ll hock all your heirloom dishes!

    Mortgage your tomorrow,
    For the Scilon dream,
    Who makes you get the sorrow while your church gets all the cream?
    The registrar? The registrar can, The registrar can!
    The registrar can ‘cause he tells you all the lies,
    That make the church look good!
    And your church looks good.
    ‘Cause the redge makes his stats look good!
  5. Misterfabian

    Misterfabian Banned

    How possible do you think it would be if a Scientologist clicked on the "unsubscribed" of their ending up in ethics?
  6. pledges aren't cash

    back at fcdc "postulate checks" counted on this week's stats bounced the week after

    do i have this straight? an org's public donates the money for an ideal org which is then deeded to the sea org which rents it to the local org?
  7. namaste

    namaste Silver Meritorious Patron

    Much more possible than it would be for the "Church" to stop sending you spam that easily.
  8. Semper Phi

    Semper Phi Patron with Honors

    Actually, they have to stop sending to anyone who tells them to -- it's the law. And I actually did manage to unsubscribe from Flag's email blasts, though I can't seem to get rid of the Freewinds or AOSH. And my org's OT committee doesn't even have an "unsubscribe" option on their emails.

    However, I unsubscribed from FSO before I left staff and started exploring the internet. Now I've had a viewpoint shift and look at the mailings as possible sources of intel for my fellow travelers here on ESMB. :coolwink:
  9. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    I clicked the unsubscribe button for my local org's OT Committee communications because they were starting to add up in volume and stupidity. A week later while I was at Flag, the head of the Committee - the OT Ambassadore himself caught up with me and pleaded with me to reverse my unsubscription, explaining that these "reverse" stats were monitored closely and targeted for handlings.

    A little bit "under his breath" he suggested I employ a spam filter, but of course I should once a week or so review the spam folder for the important announcements.

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