The Golden State of Ideal Orgs?

Discussion in 'North America' started by Sock Puppy, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

    Cross post from WWP:

    Writing in the Village Voice, Tony Ortega recently published a copy of a flyer that came from the San Fernando Valley "Org." It had the title, "The Golden State of Ideal Orgs" and featured representations of various Ideal Orgs throughout California:


    The moment I saw this flyer, I immediately knew something was up. There was a picture of the Orange County Org (Santa Ana, to be more specific). Like a lot of us So Cal folks, I had been following the progress of this org. While the picture in the flyer showed a gleaming, beautiful building, the real Org is a dilapidated mess. In fact, there was an entire thread on here previously that featured pictures from Diablo that showed what a wreck this building is, with broken windows, boarded up doors and a collapsed fire escape!

    Here's the picture from the flyer:


    For comparison, here's a picture I copied from Google Street View:


    Here's a link to Diablo's original thread :

    And here's some of the close ups he took that show the Org's real condition:




    So I was like, "wait, wut?" I mean, here they had a picture that clearly didn't match the reality, lol, I know, right?

    Then I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned to me that the Scilons were doing work on the Valley Ideal Org. I remembered, there was a picture of that Org on the flyer that also showed it as being done!

    Check it out:


    I pulled up the Org in Google Street View. Obviously, night and day:


    So now we're two for two, right? Out of curiosity, I started looking up other orgs on the flyer.

    Here's their picture of Mountain View:


    And here's what it looks like in Google Street View:


    OK, so you can see that absolutely nothing's been done on that location. And they're trying to pass it off as being completed?

    One more, here's Steven's Creek. Obviously, this one's a lot closer, but you still have elements that aren't there in actuality, like the fountain. BTW, the comparison picture came from Anons that raided the place, lol!


    And the real Steven's Creek:


    Anyway, this just seems to show how desperate they are to show evidence of their "expansion," even to the point of heavily doctoring these photos to show all these Ideal Orgs, some of which are works in progress and others where nothing seems to be going on at all.

    Oh, and by the way, the Ideal Org they list for San Diego is not the Ideal Org there, it's their regular Org. Somehow they managed to not include the huge "For Sale" sign on the building in their picture of it.
  2. SpecialFrog

    SpecialFrog Silver Meritorious Patron

    I like this and would like to see more of it as it pertains to worldwide ideal orgs. :)

    Any sense of the dates on the Google Street View? Would be good to confirm that they aren't just old.

    I know that the CoS has done this sort of thing in the past (Jaffa Org?) and I suspect that the GSV images are representative but good to have your data solid.
  3. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat


    You know, it's hard for me to remember how Scientology ever sent out any promotion at all before the invention of Photoshop.
  4. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

    Thanks. The two orgs that I can vouch for are, as mentioned, Santa Ana and the Valley Org.

    Diablo's pictures of the Santa Ana are from last year and from all accounts, the Org is in pretty much the same state. I know people who drive by it all the time.

    Also, as mentioned, I talked to someone last week who had just driven by the Valley Org and saw that it was a mess.

    The Mountain View Org Google Streetview picture is from 2009. I haven't been able to find any more recent pics of it. One of my hopes in cross-posting here is that someone who lives in that area may be able to shed light on any recent activity.

    Steven's Ranch? The picture is from Anons taken in 2010 and the difference, as noted, isn't as dramatic as with some of the others.

    Having identified some fairly significant Photoshopping activity on the first two Orgs, the purpose was really to try and identify the other most likely candidates.
  5. Miss Pert

    Miss Pert Silver Meritorious Patron

    Sorry for the derail Sock Puppy but I LOVE your nick and avatar!!!!
  6. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

    Hey, you can derail my threads like that any time!! Did I mention what excellent tase you have?
  7. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    I was thinking the same thing. :)
  8. GreyLensman

    GreyLensman Silver Meritorious Patron

    The "1st Ideal State". That's a concept right out of 1984...

    The last people I want having any influence anywhere would be"in-ethics Scientologists." Shudder.
  9. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

    Shucks, I'm going to blush!!
  10. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader


    Nice building! (for a movie set requiring a creepy 19th century insanasylum, complete with 'extras')
  11. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    Actually it is a rather nice example commercial building from the early 20th century. Much too nice for the Co$.

    Mark A. Baker
  12. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

  13. JackStraw

    JackStraw Silver Meritorious Patron

    I drove by the Idle Morgue or Mountain View TODAY and your second photo is still "current." It looks the same-unembellished.

    Apparently no renos going on.

  14. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

    Wow, thanks for that update Jack!!

    It's been asked here and elsewhere about whether the Google Streetview pics really represent the current states of these Orgs. With your post, we've been able to confirm that this is in fact the case with Santa Ana, the Valley Org and and now Mountain View.

    If you get a chance, please take a picture of that org and post or send it me. It would be great to be able to do side-by-side comparisons on all these orgs with their pics.
  15. Dunvegan

    Dunvegan Patron

    Interesting. The only building that seems to be accurately represented in the CoS PR collage is the San Francisco Org.

    It is a building that we locals didn't want to see Davy get his paws on. Nice representation of the flat-iron architecture of the early part of the 20th century, and right across a five-way intersection from the Transamerica Pyramid.

    Not too far from where I live, maybe a dozen blocks...but everything is close to everything else in San Francisco (7 mi x 7 mi) so, I should drop by to see how it looks in present time.

    I'm going to guess that it looks pretty good. Hard to ruin a building like that, especially considering it's location in the Financial District where everything is shiny or elegant.

    It actually looked better in real life than in the CoS "glamour" least it did back in 1998....

    CoS Depiction of San Fran Org Building

    sf org via cos pix.jpg

    Dunvegan at SF Org Raid in 1998

    dunvegan in front of sf scientology org.jpg

    One of CoS's best acquisitions, actually...darn it.
    I'd love to see someone win it in a court case.

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  16. Moosejewels

    Moosejewels Patron Meritorious

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  17. Moosejewels

    Moosejewels Patron Meritorious

    Sacramento Ideal Org :

    I don't know how they rehabbed this building. It was the old flophouse Ramona Hotel.

    Over the years, barfed on and pissed on from lost souls on the street. And the interior was inhabited by any sort of creatures, human and otherwise.

    The official interior photos I saw were beautiful and perfect. Too perfect.

    Ahh photoshop.
  18. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

    LOL, so now the Valley Org puts out a flyer emphasizing that they're actually working on renovating the place and showing a hand drawn representation of what the place is supposedly going to look like:

  19. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    "Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons"? WTF???
  20. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    Um, instead of Franki Valli, they are promoting Frankie Valley.

    Don't you get the Scientology humor?

    It's really hilarious and OT's line-charged for hours when they realized that Valley is spelled just like the Valley Org.

    My gosh, those cult members sure know how to indicate BPC (By-Passed-Puns)

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