The Most Powerful Weapon in Stopping scientology Abuses - The Truth

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Lovinglife625, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Lovinglife625

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    I am going to out myself from one place where I post anonymously by doing this but I wanted to paste most of a longish post I once made about my opinion of how getting out the truth about scientology and its application by organized scientology is more important than anything else for stopping it and its abuses.

    Every one of us speaking out or helping others to get out of it is making a difference whether or not the FBI or anyone else decides to raid or try to stop them.

    Even just continuing to tell the truth here on this board and give our heartfelt opinions makes a difference. One never knows all who are touched by your words here and then make a decision to get out of the trap of organized scientology towards personal freedom.

    We just need to keep it up.

    Anyway, I put the following here as food for thought and discussion whether or not one agrees with it.

    Here it is FWIW. Just my opinion:

    "Some time ago an insightful anon released this video:

    It discussed a strategy that it suggested anonymous adopt in dealing with Scientology and points out that Scientology is a business and that getting the truth out about Scientology can cause it to die the death of cash starvation as it shrinks.

    Why is that? In my opinion it is simply because Scientology completely depends on lies or otherwise hiding the truth in order to exist, much less expand. And, whether you are a lulzfag or a moralfag the most potent weapon to use in stopping Scientology is clearly the truth out as broadly as possible.

    I think getting the truth out about Scientology is the most important thing to defeating it, even more important than losing tax exempt status or even getting it banned.

    History bears this out. For example:

    (i)Scientology was once banned after an inquiry in Victoria. That was a huge blow to them and it might have put them out of business in Australia!;

    (ii)After getting major IRS tax exempt recognitions, Scientology and its then “Mother church”, the Cof S of California, later had their tax exempt statuses revoked. Now all their income in the USA was to be taxed and there would be no tax deductions for contributions to them. The CID and Exempt Org Division of the IRS pretty much figured they had licked Scientology.

    Scientology was hated by people high up in both IRS divisions at the National level. Furthermore the IRS took the position that there was huge inurement to Hubbard and Scientology with its "fixed donations" was engaged in commercial, and not exempt, activities. Surely that would put Scientology out of business in the USA!

    (iii) In the UK, after its own inquiry, there was a devastating ban that could have financially drained Scientology there and put it out of business. That ban was to prevent foreign workers from coming into the UK to work for Scientology AND to stop foreigners from entering the UK to study Scientology. Surely that would put Scientology out of business in the UK!

    (iv) In France the very top dog in Scientology revered by Corporate Scientologists, freezoners and independent scientologists (good old L Ron) was tried in abstentia and found guilty of fraud. That was devastating and could have put Scientology out of business in France.

    I suggest that counting on even truly epic wins such as the above for putting Scientology out of business is naive.

    For example:

    - in Australia not only was the ban lifted by the High Court there but it essentially recognized them as a religion there. A huge turnaround for Scientology;

    - in the USA Scientology fought for decades and got even more substantial, even unprecedented, tax exempt recognitions in 1993. Their victory over the IRS was total and they even got the US government to write to other governments proclaiming their recognition of Scientology. Some of the people in the IRS who fought Scientology and thought they had them beat actually applied for and got permanent disability for what they went through at the hands of Scientology. A complete and total turnaround for Scientology;

    - In the UK, they also fought relentlessly and got both bans lifted. And in the years they were fighting the bans they got foreign students and employees in anyway with elaborate ruses to hide the fact that they were there to partake in Scientology. Now foreigners can actually get visas to study in Scientology organizations there. Another huge turnaround for the bad guys; and

    - in France they carried on and even expanded for a time. Hubbard avoided extradition and hid for the rest of his life while Scientology continued on there.

    On top of all that, during the 1980s and 1990s, Scientology had some major civil cases to fight, some of which were potentially devastating. Attorneys Flynn and Leopold for example had huge cases against Scientology and Scientologists, not to mention later potentially devastating cases like Lisa McPherson’s.

    They fought all these tooth and nail and either won through sheer attrition or settled and gagged almost all participants.

    Later, in early 2000s one of Scientology’s top attorneys declared that Scientology had won the war of the internet waged through the 1990s and had no significant opposition left to fight.

    The examples of major wins against Scientology that did not stop them are many. And this includes the largest FBI raids ever in 1977 which resulted in 11 of their people going to jail. They actually managed to expand after all that as well.

    This is not to say don’t plan actions and carry them out to stop Scientology and their abuses. Please do! There can be great and epic wins there and surely there will be some.

    But also realize that Scientology learned from the above and its corporate structure with the religious cloaking that helps cement it in place is in fact Scientology’s Maginot line. It is designed to be used to fight and defeat all frontal assaults against Scientology, its management and its assets. With it they eventually defeat most government actions against them. And with it and all their financial and legal assets they tend to win most legal battles. Most people will never have the resources to take them on and beat them.

    But their all powerful “Maginot line” can be defeated and that is by bypassing it as a very important strategy. Most of us do not have the resources to take it head on but in this day of the internet we all can get out the truth.

    The way you bypass Scientology’s strength is to attack their weakness. And again their weakness is that they depend on lies to expand or even to exist at any real level.

    So the key strategy is just get out the truth in every possible way which results in four bits of hugely important win: 1) staff end up leaving and are not there to support their efforts; 2) their public leave in droves and stop funding them; 3) the "wog" public get inoculated from their lies by getting the truth which substantially stops them getting new employees and paying public to keep their businesses going and 4) local and other governments stop supporting them.

    There are great things ongoing now in the government and/or legal arenas that potentially can have a devastating impact on Corporate Scientology. These should all be supported.

    An example I tried to use earlier was the Headly and other California employment cases. They have amazing potential impact which could force Scientology to change how they treat and abuse Sea Org and other staff. Yes push it but, as I mentioned earlier, all the legal loss so far in these cases, has been huge win in such things as Catholic blogs, news and the like to help inoculate future potential employee victims from even going into their employ in the first place.

    By gallop poll Scientology is the most hated religion in the USA. And that is because the public constantly got the truth about Scientology and accordingly most want nothing to do with it.

    I think that it is likely that most non Scientology-watching public do not know about the bans or most of the legal cases. But they do know “Scientology is crazy”.

    The California labor cases are now run by a major plaintiff law firm who is in it for one thing only and that is the money. Have you noticed how those involved like the Headlys are pretty much being quiet now? No more huge expose’ by “blowforgood”, etc.

    That is fine and that is good strategy for them and I hope they make a fortune but counting on those cases resulting in some huge legal precedent to save staff around the country or at least in California is being hopeful I think. Odds are Scientology will either win the cases or settle and gag the winners as part of their loss.

    For the reasons above I say make getting out the truth a major part of any strategy in dealing with Scientology. For example, if you get the State of California to withdraw recognition of Hubbtard’s “Study Tech”, make sure that information is reported not only to the broadest possible public but also to all other states that may have similar “recognition” of it.

    Advances in the internet, the sheer number of people with access to the internet and the launch of Project Chanology Anonymous and what followed from it have changed the game allowing individuals with little physical resources to really make a difference by bypassing Scientology’s main defense and attacking its great vulnerability with truth.

    While Scientology can eventually take out millionaires or even huge bodies like the IRS, their antiquated “tech” is powerless to stop an uncoordinated bunch of glorious lulzfags and moralfags from getting out the truth.

    Oh and if I were posting in the Research thread, I would say there is great lulz and potential results in focusing on Scientology’s use of front groups to make new Scientologists and get slave labor and money from them.

    “Study Tech” for example is useless and wholly religious. While the use of same is what they consider to be their main resource to penetrate and eventually take over society, it is also an area where one of their greatest assets “religious cloaking” is actually their greatest weakness as it does them no good there...........

    Anyway just some random thoughts from a lulzfag".

    /end of quoted posting/

    IMO just continuing to get out the truth in every way possible is more important and lasting than anything else when dealing with them.

    Don't be discouraged if you are not doing something you consider to be "big" in stopping them and their abuses. Just by getting out the truth and sharing right here we are each of us making a difference as organized scientology continues to implode, more people get free of it and its orgs empty.

    Larry Brennan
  2. Lovinglife625

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    In the thread where I posted anonymously, someone said that in their opinion study tech was not religious.

    FWIW this was my posted reply and personal opinion on that point:

    "Thanks ......:) But Scientology says study tech is religious. For example:

    1) in the first "What is Scientology" book in 1978 Scientology said that study tech was Scientology tech;

    2) in Scientology policy directive "Scriptures Defined" "scriptures" are defined as the written and recorded words of L Ron and that includes study tech;

    3) in L Ron directive "Ethics and Study Tech" L Ron makes clear that study tech is Scientology's primary bridge into society (for spreading Scientology);

    4) in another L Ron directive "THE TECH OF STUDY" L Ron says: "The Tech of Study is new and is part of the Tech of Scientology"; and

    5) Hubbard's stated manifestations connected with the three barriers of study (bypassing a word, absence of mass, skipped gradient) each and all have zero academic peer research or scientific study to show they are correct. As with his other "research" nothing is shown. Study tech is in fact NOT based on science. Instead you must blindly follow what Hubbard said as an act of faith. Thus it is religious. Scientology constantly argues that their tech is religious so as to shield themselves from legal liability. They can't have it both ways when they use their unfounded and sometimes dangerous "study tech" to spread Scientology.

    Anyway there you have part of what I base this view on.
  3. Freeminds

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    Yes... keep getting the word out about Scientology.

    Sometimes it wouldn't be appropriate to get all serious and preachy, but you don't have to act all outraged about Scientology abuses; simply showing the ridiculous side of Scientology does them a great deal of damage too. They can't present their cult as all-powerful, godlike, all-knowing or even "more able"... if that cult is associated with the award-winning worst film of the decade, Battlefield Earth.

    Little by little, we're unraveling the hagiography of Hubbard, and there is very little of value beneath the grandiose claims. Go after their tax exemptions if you can. It'll certainly hurt them because money is the 'most holy' in the Scientology pseudoreligion... but I'll keep on trying for hearts and minds.
  4. Rene Descartes

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    Regarding Scienotogy and "its" Study Tech.

    When they are trying to claim religous hate crimes against the church then the Study Tech is religous.

    When they are trying to infiltrate the school systems and pass off their Study Tech to mainsream education then the Study Tech is secular.

    Did I miss anything?

  5. TG1

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    tl; dr = Branding works.
  6. HelluvaHoax!

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    That's a pass on your StarRate Checkout of HCOPL: The Hubbard Law of Commotion. ("For each and every policy and piece of tech there is an equal and opposite policy and piece of tech." )

    On the other hand, there is no HCOPL called "The Hubbard Law of Commotion" so you did not just read, nor pass any checkout on it. Didn't happen.

    Doesn't exist.

    Or does it?


    Where is that Donovan song now that we need it. . .

    (sing along)

    First there is a policy
    Then there is no policy
    Then there is...

  7. FlagEmDown

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    Agree with OP. :clap: Basic knowledge of the scam, amongst plebes, is the most powerful force against scientology.

    Also think this may come to pass and accelerate the downfall:
    It seems to me that in these trying times for scientology, one group might be noticing a good opportunity to kick them when they are weak: lawyers.
    Lawyers, yes, the guys who can smell a potential good class action from outer space. It has started, minimally, but now that people are not so afraid of OSA retaliation and intimidation, I predict this will grow exponentially in the next few years (Not scientology's meaning of exponential.) and a good class action for huge money always gets press. (Again, even the press is starting to be not so afraid any more.)
    So, couple that bad publicity with some potentially massive financial losses, and scientology could end up on the ground begging for mercy. :nervous:
  8. Idle Morgue

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    What about everyone pitching in $50 to anonymous. When $2,000 is gathered, a billboard next to an Idle Morgue that has been open just long enough for the staff to be totally discouraged. NO ONE IS COMING IN.

    The top of the billboard says: WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY

    Then post the picture of Lafatty Ronnie Hubbturd ON ot 17. He is sitting in a chair with his long hair, long fingernails holding his next snack for the level (a to b), a cigarette in one hand. He looks disheveled and his zipper is a bit open exposing his ot undiepants. You can see the photo posted all over CLAMBAKE - look at Mr. Bad's posting) This is the product of technical perfection. LRH TECH!

    Underneath the photo of LRH it states


    Then after a month, move the billboard to the next slightly used Ideal Morgue. 30 days rotate to the next. It will get the message loud and clear to the public. Hand out Janet Reitman's book 'Inside Scientology' at book booths and safepoint the neighborhood by giving all residences and businesses the truth.

    Anyone game?
  9. olska

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    Great post all of what you wrote, but I wanted to quote and focus on this bit because I think it is

    1) the key "flaw" in study tech
    2) often missed or misunderstood or overlooked by the "apologists" for Study Tech who continually go on and on about how "harmless" it is to use a dictionary, or to attend to proper gradients, or to want to have the "actual mass" of something under study.... though people who are against "Study Tech" are against learning or education.

    There is nothing at all wrong with looking up words to increase one's understanding of a subject; in fact, it's a good idea!

    There is nothing at all wrong with presenting information on a "gradient" -- the good effects of that are easily seen in many subjects, mathematics and the sciences being prime examples.

    There is nothing at all wrong with having the "actual mass" of a subject at hand for study, or using photos, drawings, models, even examples made in clay if you want to go that far...

    what is WRONG about "study tech" is Hubbard's weird ideas of the manifestations and phenomena he claims are associated with these -- the "overt" or "blow" associated with misunderstood words; the yawning, the "feeling spinny" and so forth.


    The "three barriers to study" could have been written up in a one-page memo and distributed to every educator in the world as "advice" on things that could be very helpful in educating people of all ages. Could have been a positive action; the person(s) who did so could have received some recognition and applause for their work.

    Instead, Hubbard put together this cumbersome crap called "Study Tech," copyrighted it as though it was some wondrous invention, claimed it as the be all end all "core" of all education difficulties, set up entire organizations to exploit people by selling it for huge sums of money, and f*cked with people's minds and derailed their true education with this false information.

    THAT's what is "wrong" with scientology "study tech."

    PS I'm totally with ya on getting the truth out there, in whatever way -- large or small -- each of us can do. THAT will be the ultimate downfall of the CoS and the misinformation that goes under the name "scientology" and it is happening now, every day, every moment of every day. :thumbsup:
  10. olska

    olska Silver Meritorious Patron

    Could be fun, could be effective


    someone has to step up and be the "head honcho" to make this happen -- rent the billboards, design the visuals, get the visuals made and stuck up on the billboard.

    AFAIK this can't be done "anonymously" -- someone has to accept the donations, pay the billboard company, sign papers, etc. etc.

    And Anonymous is exactly that: anonymous. There is no "leader" to do this -- that's the whole point of anonymous...

    So if you want to step up and take on that job, let us know where to send the money.
  11. Dulloldfart

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    Off the cuff, these are some things I have found useful (and still find useful) that I learned in study tech. I'm not saying you can't find them elsewhere, but that's where I found them. If I had known this stuff before I went to university (I got into Scn one year after leaving university), I would have done much better there.

    Concept is a high-level thought above language and pictures.

    Purpose of a student is of prime importance in his ability to grasp a subject. Why is he studying it?

    Method 3 word clearing done exactly per the instructions, i.e. if you notice you're not doing as well as you were, then (1) go back to where you were doing well (not just ok, but WELL), (2) come forward while bright again until you hit the foggy bit, (3) zero in on exactly what you don't get, (4) clear it up and you should be bright and shiny again. I've written this up on ESMB several times. It rarely gets applied properly, but when it does it is dynamite. As a sup it was my favourite method of word-clearing to debug students. Nothing else really worked at all.

    There are earlier similar words/subjects, so you can hang up on something you're studying now and going over what you are studying won't resolve the problem because the problem is in an earlier something that is not present. Just realising this can sometimes blow the trouble without having to dig into the earlier subject.

    Lack of mass does have certain phenomena associated with it, although I'm not sure how to describe it. And getting enough mass does fix the physical feelings. Mass = the real thing itself, pictures, drawings help usually, but a demo kit is usually a waste of time. Some people say "more mass" when they want more explanation — not the same thing!

    Proper gradients are important. Not sure about the phenomena associated with those either.

    Small words are important. I remember how clear stuff suddenly became after spending hundreds of hours doing Keys to Life, although I'm not recommending people do that course.

    Power of choice over what you are studying is important. It's OK to reject what you are studying, although make sure it isn't merely because you don't understand it.

    To stay bright in study you have to be aware of stuff you don't get. It's OK to not get it if you don't need to (like a technical subject in a different field), but you have to be aware that you don't get it. Sometimes you still hang up on stuff even though you know you don't get it and then you have to clear it to some extent until the hang-up blows. It is silly to "need" to understand everything you read, as then your intake is severely limited, but you do need to know that you don't get it as you're skimming over stuff.

  12. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    In what way is the state of california imagined to have 'recognized' study tech.

    There is nothing which justifies this assertion.

    Mark A. Baker
  13. Axiom142

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    Awesome post Larry!

    When I first started reading ESMB, my first major realisation was just how powerful that one little thing was – telling the truth.

    So simple and yet so incredibly powerful.

    People may believe a lie for a while, or even longer. But eventually the truth comes along and erases that lie for anyone willing to look.

    The cult may have been powerful at one time and gained undue influence in the corridors of power, but they cannot survive in the face of just a few resolute people who are willing to do nothing more than tell the truth.

  14. sallydannce

    sallydannce Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks Larry. Good stuff.

    This is how I see it:

    This is an information war. Scientology has been controlling the information (both internally and externally).

    The basic format of that could look like this:

    Ex-member says “there are abuses going on within this group…”
    Cult says “ex-member is not to be believed, here’s why (disinformation campaign applied)…”

    An authority says “we wanna look inside your group to check all is well…”
    Cult says “ya can’t cos we are a religion and here’s why…”

    You’ve got these two information “pressures” (or energies) colliding up against each other – information & disinformation bashing into each other. Meanwhile in the middle of that “pressure zone” we have a fertile breeding ground for abuse because no one is able to get close enough to thoroughly inspect what is really going on. The external world is not allowed to inspect because of how the system is set up.

    This has always been the case, since Hubbard’s dianetics hit the streets in 1950. Hubbard was a master manipulator and remains so via the legacy of his writings.

    Larry, you write:

    "IMO just continuing to get out the truth in every way possible is more
    important and lasting than anything else when dealing with them.

    Yes because if you continue to fuel the true information – or energy- continually enlarging it, eventually you hit a critical mass situation within the “pressure zone” (true information vs misinformation fed by the cult). Something will explode or collapse.

    Are we at critical mass? Very close imho. How this will evolve I honestly don’t believe anyone can predict or even plan. But the inevitable will happen. There will be a collapse, an explosion - a massive shift in the disinformation machine/system which Hubbard created.

    On its side, Scientology has massive fiscal reserves to enable them to fuel the misinformation and protect its agenda. On the side of the truth, there is way more than money can ever buy. Please don’t forget that. Greater things than scientology have collapsed under the weight of love, truth and disinfecting sunlight.

    Oh...and ya for the internet which provides the highway to the sunlight!
  15. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    It was allowed for a short while.
    Then concerned parents got it thrown out.
    If I remember correctly, this happened in San Francisco.
  16. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    The spreading of info about Scientology on the internet is far more effective than participating in, say, a picket. The internet is huge communication media that anyone connected can search.

    IMO, the internet will bury the Church of Scientology, as I believe that it has already done. Court cases won't do this; pickets won't do this; but the internet WILL do this.

    And the silly attempt to get old-timers back by continually sending out promo pieces to those who left long ago will fail.
  17. Lovinglife625

    Lovinglife625 Patron with Honors

    Sorry Mark but I disagree.

    I testified in a case in California last year where the other side entered information that the State of California has listed Hubbard's study "tech" as an available, alternative study methodology available for use in California.

    I pointed out to the attorney that it was taken off the list in California the following year and thus was no longer so recognized. That information was filed in the case to show yet another lie by the other side who tried to show that study tech was in use all over the place in schools only to have the above about a California recognition debunked and only to be unable to name even one university or non-scientology controlled school to use it or recognize it.

    Anyway, there you have it:)
  18. Lovinglife625

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    OK I thought I would give another example of how just getting out the truth about organized scientology can make a difference and be fun.

    Here is just one more post that I made anonymously in another forum. It's simple and can make a positive difference if done. I was not trying to get anyone to be my personal army, just to have some fun with an example to show how easily one can make a difference just pushing the truth with little effort and no real expense.

    Anyway, here was my other anonymous posting:

    "OK here is a simple one that will not require winning cases or getting government departments to take action.

    Scientology uses Galaxy Press, its publishing group for Hubbard's fiction works, to get Hubbard books into large store chains, libraries, schools or anywhere else they can.

    They promote it as good, wholesome fiction, good reading and without profanities.

    They also exhibit at trade shows such as shown in the following two pics from an American Library Association exhibit two years ago:



    Prior to Galaxy Press, Scientology pushed these fiction books through their publishing companies in LA and Denmark called "Bridge Publications" in LA and "New Era Publications" in Denmark.

    They got cute with their deceptive corporate shell games but they control Galaxy Press just like they do the other two.

    People they sell to are not going to know that it is Scientology backed with a hidden agenda.

    The "hidden agenda" can be found in this part of a filing they made to the IRS as part of getting their tax exemptions in 1993:

    Scroll down until you see this part:

    And there you have it, Galaxy Press' Achilles' heel. The purpose of pushing these books is not to make money like a normal publisher would do (see reference to that in the above link as well). Rather the purpose is to make new scientologists.

    And that is what they are trying to fool libraries, businesses and schools into helping them do - spread Scientology and make new scientologists.

    Perhaps some skilled Anon can help make a handout out of the relevant part of their IRS submissions that covers the above and put it where any of us can gain access to it.

    Then, when any of us see any of Hubbard's fiction books being promoted or used in libraries, schools, retailers, trade shows and the like, we just get the handout to those concerned complaining that they are helping to spread Scientology.

    Relevant follow-up can be done as needed.

    It's simple, it's cheap, it doesn't require legal or government help, it requires very little effort and clearly it can make a real difference.

    That's my little suggestion that I think is relevant to our interests and to this thread.

    Action plan...

    1. Get nice flyer made up as above.

    2. Get it where anyone can download and print it.

    3. Use it whenever you see Hubbard fiction works being displayed and/or sold.

    4. ????????????????

    5. Profit".

    /end of posting/
  19. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Yay Larry, most excellent posts! :thankyou::cheerleader:
  20. Freeminds

    Freeminds Bitter defrocked apostate


    But billboards are actually quite difficult to rent. They're normally operated by companies that sell the space in 'blocks', and they're booked up many months in advance. They expect to be doing business with Gillette or General Motors, not with individuals who only want a single one... it won't be worth their time in terms of administration, and certainly not if there is any perceived 'risk' associated, such as displaying a message that brings them to the attention of a cult that is known to be highly litigious.

    Other options exist, however. I appreciate that this isn't an Idle Org; it's an idle bookshop. Actually the one on Tottenham Court Road in London. (Locals call it the 'Martian Embassy'...) It got thoroughly enturbulated, I think you'll agree...

    (Note that the red 'stress test' cart has been taken back inside. Modern-day Hubbardists have no confront whatsoever.)