The Pilot, Excerpts from his Writings

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  1. Re: Spirituality (was Pilot'sRepost: An editorial sin)

    Well, this thread has gone into mystery! The mystery of "was he murdered?" and "how did the disk, or a file on it, get deleted?"

    I have prepared the next Repost from the Pilot's fortnightly postings ready to send out on schedule next Wednesday (Danish calender). Here is another mystery -- I am not going to tell you what it is.

    Ron talked about how people get stuck to mysteries - the mystery sandwich :).

    All best wishes,

  2. Hatshepsut

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    Ant, did The Pilot ever make a comment on the idea of Ron's that there were beings outside time who had advantage over Earthlings. I'm thinking about the OT VIII piece which may or may not be Ron boasting to stop someone from making "happy slaves of us all."

    I just finished watching the ridiculous Fishman interview on youtube and was wondrin. Fireman wanted to strip Christianity of it's false data. His revelation is he was father of Jesus, St. Joseph.
  3. Hatshepsut

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    Ant, did The Pilot ever make a comment on the idea of Ron's that there were beings outside time who had advantage over Earthlings. I'm thinking about the OT VIII piece which may or may not be Ron boasting to stop someone from making "happy slaves of us all."

    I just finished watching the ridiculous Fishman interview on YT and was wondrin. He had a revelation where he knows he was the father of Jesus and now wants to false data strip Christianity. He says these will all convert to being Scientologists. Oy vey.
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    I genuinely hope you & yours never have to suffer from the debilitating effects of long term depression as have both Pilot and myself, ITYIWT, but have you any idea how utterly callous & insulting your flippant remarks about the sufferings of others come across? Especially in that you use such factors to push your own private agenda and views concerning the appropriate path of spirituality.

    Mark A Baker
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    Correct. The "lady" is indecent at times . . . or as they would say in England: shows unacceptably poor form.

  6. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Well Mark, I was being quite genuine when I said 'the poor man' (assuming they are the words that offended you) ... so I'm genuinely sorry if you think I meant otherwise, because I didn't, many of us know what depression is about.

    I have no private agenda, my views are very transparent and very clear, I'm an Ex scio on an Ex scio message board but I wouldn't knowingly hurt you for the world.



    Oh goody, you've finally addressed a subject that you clearly are an 'authority' on.

  7. Cosmic History [was: Re: The Pilot, Excerpts from his Writings]

    Dear Hatshepsut,

    Well I am not clear (no eidetic recall) and further more have not read all that the Pilot wrote. All though there are things in it I have come to believe are quiet ridiculous, The Pilot's "Cosmic History" (part of the book Super Scio) gave me a far more "sensible" picture of our (possible) evolvement from "native state" (or "nothingness") to now (present universe and life time) than I got from Scientology, and I would strongly recommend it. The phenomenon you mention - "beings outside time" - might also be explainable as beings from another universe. So the best response I have is to recommend Cosmic History.

    I have sent out in small installments the Pilot's Cosmic History about eight time in the last ten years or so, and got for myself new inspiration each time. I may do so again, and if you are interested you could subscribe to the Internet list I now send it out on - go to . If a few people join there I would be encouraged, one more time, to run through the main part of Cosmic History, in weekly installments with opportunity to comment and ask questions.

    That is the best answer I am willing to cough up at this moment :)

    All the best,
  8. Mark A. Baker

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    I don't doubt that. I've always found you to be well intentioned towards others in your remarks, even where I disagree with them.

    When it comes to individuals subject to long term depression, such as Pilot, who go on to commit suicide attempting to second guess or interpret that actions in support of some thesis can prove to be in very poor taste.

    In fact that is true of any suicide. Whatever the reasons or state of mind, the circumstances precipitating such an action are inevitably tragic for that individual whatever else we may individually choose to believe about the person. That warrants compassion for their suffering.

    Mark A. Baker
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    Re: Cosmic History [was: Re: The Pilot, Excerpts from his Writings]

    Thanks Ant,

    I temporarily took myself off of the worldtrans list a while back as I could not manage my email at the time. I didnt know how to change from mail to internet only Ivy On The Wall back then. But I already got all the floppy discs with Cosmic History and have read them on laptop 3 times since 1998. I don't think there is anything by The Pilot on us concurrently being involved in games with controllers operating outside the cusp of our PU.

    Just thought it might be in different writings than the ones I already had. :yes:
  10. Pilot'sPost Z26 -- Old and New OT-levels – story of

    Pilot'sPost Z26

    Old and New OT-levels – story of

    From Post 68 – November 1999

    The old OT levels came out during the second half of the 1960s. I did them in the late 70s just before they were replaced with the new OT levels.

    There were a number of different early OT Is, but the version I did was the one with a series of "objective" type solo OT drills done outside. This was the one in use throughout the 1970s and into the early 80s. It was really a high powered variation of the basic spotting techniques (see Self Clearing chapter 1) as applied to bodies. I have not seen anything explaining the theory behind it (if there is such a write up, it is confidential) but it seems obvious that one is basically spotting bodies until one exteriorizes. It was replaced at some time in the 80s and I don't know what the new version is, but I assume that it is some short light action meant to give the person confidence and get him exterior before tackling more difficult levels.

    OT 2 has remained fairly constant. It is a huge collection of implant platens to be flattened. These mostly appear to have been researched in 1966, sometimes using earlier material found in the 1964 era.

    Of course you know of OT 3 and I have talked about it at length. The idea was to blow off the entities. Originally it was aimed at handling incident 2, that being seen as the primary source, but gradually it shifted over to cumulative cluster handling, which considers that incident 2 is simply an example of a cluster forming incident.

    Since this did not seem to handle all of a person's remaining case after clear, an assumption (which I believe to be incorrect) was made that more handling of entities was needed and eventually OT 3X was introduced to do more running of OT 3 after beefing up the pc's intention with OT 7. Since that didn't do the trick either, NOTS was eventually developed to address this area yet again, but I'm getting ahead of the story.

    The assumption seems to be that one handles entities and then one's case is gone and one can go on to do OT drills. Completion of entity handling was OT 3 on the early bridge, OT 3X on the bridge of the 1970s, and NOTS OT 7 on the modern bridge. But of course they continue to ignore the person's own case and so now they are busy rerunning all the OT 7 completions on the Golden Age NOTs retread.

    Old OT 4 as done in the 70s was a sort of clearing course retread, with emphasis on mocking up items etc. so that one could not be implanted again.

    Old OT 5 and 6 were a collection of real OT drills, basically an improved modernized version of CofHA Route 1 type stuff.

    Old OT 7 was basically a souped up version of TR 8 to drill intention.

    Old OT 4 to 7 were great levels producing lots of TA action (at least for me) and big gains in proportion to the very short amount of time needed to do them. The real outpoint was that these were "quickie" levels in the sense that there are hundreds more processes like these in the 50s materials and this kind of stuff can be run for thousands of hours instead of a dozen hours. And of course the OTs case remained unhandled.

    So they put those aside and made a new OT 4 through 7 which is basically a replacement for OT 3X. The new idea was that it was drug case which was keeping people from handling entities well, so OT 4 is the OT drug rundown, and then they did audited NOTS as OT 5 on the assumption that people were not soloing well enough to do a proper job. Then OT 6 is training on Solo Nots and OT 7 is running Solo Nots.

    The NOTS tech is actually a better approach to entity handling than OT 3, but they still do OT 3 first even though it is the more difficult method.

    As I have said many times, entities are not the basic why on one's case, but Ron is right in that they do hold one back and the level is worth doing. But all they do is amplify your own aberrations, they are not source. So you still need to get your case handled once they are out of the way. You can run the grades really deep after OT 7 with fantastic gains.

    The biggest mistake was to assume that going clear undercut the grades, and it does not. The clear state drains the force from the bank, but it does not handle the aberrated postulates that the person made in the area of the grades which caused him to form a bank in the first place.

    So there has been this chronic difficulty with people who were clear or OT 7 still having PTPs, Overts, and ARC Breaks, and the big mistake is to keep chasing after entities as the reason.


    [Ant note]
    , I did my first OT I shortly after going "clear" in May '67. I had gone through the Clearing Course material about four times, and I was disappointed to find OT I was to go through them again! In 69 I did the OT I The Pilot speaks of here. I actually started OT III at Easter '68, and finally came off it (meaning off OT IIIX) when NOTs came out in '69, having also done old OT VII (to get on to OT IIIX, and OT IV when I attested, with no exam or other check, to OT III - later my OT III was revoked and reissued when NOTs came out). That meant I experienced OT III on and of for over 11 years, and it changed, but I have no record of the changes. There was also something the Pilot does not mention, which was after going clear on the Clearing Course one did the Sunshine Rundown (introduced I think in the late 70's), which was objective processes. The sunshine rundown would possibly have been forgotten when it became possible to go clear on grade or other processing, and jump straight into OT I (and if you wanted, even without auditor training, take the Saint Hill Briefing Course).

    In a way, the Pilot is a bit "old-fashioned". His account above was written in 1999. In 2005 an article of Per Ethier's was published concerning OT levels, and you can see this at Go to IVy 72, page 11 onwards.

    It would be interesting if others can fill in blanks not covered here.

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    Re: Pilot'sPost Z26 -- Old and New OT-levels – story of

    On the new OT1 from the early 80s, edited slightly from my 2008 post at

    The current CofS "New OT1", introduced around 1982, starts with the person flying Quad Ruds solo generally. Then the person, on the meter, lists out things/terminals who are or have been antagonistic to him, noting the reads as he lists (not an L&N list). This list goes to the C/S.

    Note that if anyone is going to have someone do this, unless he has been well-drilled and well-coached in this action of listing (not L&N) items solo and noting all reads, it will get screwed up. I say this as a very experienced solo supervisor.

    Without getting into the exact mechanics, each reading item is run in a series of problems processes, just regular, ordinary Grade 1-type problems processes, the best-reading item first. There are ten or twenty processes detailed on the level. Each process is taken to a normal EP. The charged item is taken to an EP. It might take ten processes and five or ten hours to EP an item, although it might be quicker.

    Then the next item is run on the first problems process. Then on the second process. Then on the third process. And so on until that item is EP'd.

    Then the next item similarly. And so on.

    A flying ruds-type action on antagonistic terminals is a whisk-broom key-out type of approach, not the heavy TA-draining action of the full problems processes. Some people have the idea that New OT1 is about flying ruds on terminals antagonistic to the pc — it isn't.

    Whether or not this series of actions should be called an "OT Level" is debatable. If one was trying to justify the label, it does deal with the thing/counter-thing of GPMs. However, I think it belongs in the OT Preps area, as it has more the character of Grade 1 or a PTS RD/Suppressed Person RD than the R6-dramo-handling or entity-handling or thetan-drilling of the other published solo Levels (OT8 excepted).

    It was put into the line-up at a time when many Dn Clears were getting onto the OT Levels with incomplete set-ups and not doing very well, and at a time after the Sunshine RD had been introduced. The OT1 it replaced was a relatively lightweight level, and it was a way of getting this de-PTSing done without "invalidating the Dn Clear" and making it look like he was going back down the Grade Chart instead of up.

    From my observation at the time (1983-1986), this action got surprisingly good results on the person (I was surprised). Part of it was the win of successfully solo auditing some meaty stuff, and also doing "an OT Level," but most of it was from getting the charge off these terminals. Lots of blow-outs and happy pcs as the stuff audited was very real. Unlike the next several years of upcoming OT Levels, but of course the guy doesn't know that yet.

  12. RogerB

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    Scanning the last two days of posts . . . I've been involved in a 2 day seminar/workshop and off our ESMB . . .

    But spotting this above by our Paul, our beloved DOF . . . I am shocked, SHOCKED, SHOCKED to be reading the details of this new and revised OT1 level . . . . for Christsakes . . . did that stuff not get handled on the way up through the vaunted Grades levels of the "Bridge." !???! :ohmy::melodramatic:

    Of course, all being "confidential" the suckers have no way of knowing what's coming next . . . but the fact that they are dealing with that crap now as an "OT level" just demonstrates how screwed up and unworkable and in violation of the delivery of what is promised the Cof$ has become!!!

    I really am shocked.

    I would imagine a more ethical move (Heh, don't expect that in the Cof$) might have been to have discovered "PC's" had some incomplete areas and that an OT prep was in order . . . . but to deliver this shit that should have been accomplished/handled on the "grades" as an "OT level" is so unconscionably dishonest it astounds me.

  13. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    I'm shocked, shocked, shocked that anyone is still taking any of it seriously (with or without it's many variations).

  14. Dulloldfart

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    At the time it was introduced (early 80s) it tended to be very much needed. Dunno what the scene is now. This stuff *should* get handled earlier, but who knows?

    Also, with the introduction of Dn Clear there is a gap in the line-up at OT1. The role of some quick objectives straight after declaring Clear has been taken over by the Sunshine RD, rendering the 13-part objectives OT1 pretty much superfluous.

    I am not recommending "OT Levels" to anyone, but I don't see any harm in doing those "New OT1" problems process actions on antagonistic terminals.

  15. Dulloldfart

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    Why? People get charge off from the abusive actions of Uncle Dick or a bad parent. This is independent of whether they believe they will be able to fly around Venus next year.

  16. Hatshepsut

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    Originally posted by Dulloldfart
    Maybe the idea is that there are incurred enemy valences and mutual beams of sabotage holding one down.. Roger is right, this stuff is grades material, but it is in the realm of intentions.....this holding of another down, or back. It's 'possible' that an antagonistic person's script for you is unconsciously imbedded. (if they were more powerful) Ill will between people is not Scientological, it's been going round and round since the static omoeba first split in two. :confused2:

    Wasn't there a question checked for read on some rundown "This lifetime, 'who' have you been after?"
  17. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Scientology (and its variations) turns perfectly normal people into (often unwilling) drippy sooks, that's why ... or partly why.

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    3 S & D's...usually part of the PTS Rundown.

    But the idea of using an "OT Level" as a repair program just kinda violates all of the C\S Series stuff....doesn't surprise me given the GAT dreck....
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    The stuff you quoted came from Hats, not me.

    The actions are not Listing and Nulling, like 3 S&Ds. They are hours and hours of running problems processes, not similar at all.

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    It seems to me that someone decided a person had a lot more horsepower if they were operating from the true natural viewpoint of themselves. I mean one of the old OT I levels was a viewpoint orientation and rehab. The Sunshine Rundown was a similar deal..... given to folks after the DCSI who just found out they'd been Clear all along. :unsure: