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  1. DartSmohen

    DartSmohen Silver Meritorious Patron

    Back in the early 1970's Hubbard expanded his delusion that he knew anything about music, in fact I would probably consider him to have been tone deaf.:screwy: :puke:

    His syncophantic entourage worked with him to produce a record album, a howling cacophony of noise, an absolute load of drivel. Musical celebs were coerced into performing on it, they INSISTED that their names be excluded from the record sleeve (for contractual purposes ?).:timebomb:

    At St Hill, the execs were ordered to play the record DAY AND NIGHT, outside the Cashier's Office. We could not escape the bloody row. Frequently someone (unknown) would come along and stab the record with a knife, or grab it and throw it like a frisbee down the drive. There were frequent Board's of Investigation into who was doing such a suppressive act.:whipped:

    Members of the public were "urged" to buy their own copy, after all, it was going to be a classic album. It was, a classic piece of sh*t.

    We used to have photos of Hubbard sitting at two organs, pretending to play, giving the impression that he was a real maestro. Well, if the noise he produced on that record was anything to go by, as a representation of his musical acumen, then he was a complete flop.

    Mind you, people who have heard the band play live, the Apollo All Stars, say they were pretty good.

    One day, one of the band turned up at St Hill. "Hi, I'm Kenny" he said, grinning, expecting adoration from all around. "Kenny who?" was the reply.
    "Kenny, you know, Apollo All Stars ?".

    About four voices replied at once "You bastard!" "You are one of those responsible for that f**king row we have been subjected to all day and night"

    Needless to say, this response did not go down well with the management.:nazi:

    Even today if the record is mentioned, it elicits cringing shame that the person had actually bought a copy, or anger at being subjected to the noise.

    That is how it was received in the UK. I wonder if the same reception greeted it on other continents.
  2. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    It was available in "the bookstore" at most major orgs in the 70's. 2 minutes into any track and you were "WTF".

    Epic LULZ for LRH.

    Epic Fail for the listener.

    The followup album "Space Jazz" was anything but.
    Such rousing lyrics as:
    "Psychlo, Psychlo, Psychlo
    Kill 'em, kill em' kill 'em"
    made it another head scratcher.

    Another EPIC FAIL.

    And then , the most EPIC of EPIC LRH records "The Road to Freedom", with a song "sung" by the old man hisself..

    "Thank you for listening".

    "For truth is truth and if they then,
    Decide to live with lies
    That's their concern not mine my friend,
    They're free to fantasize."

    Yeah, right. Tell that to OSA you phat pharce!


    Again, EPIC LULZ for management...again a fraud on the public.

    Are we beginning to see a pattern here?
  3. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    Colleen K. Peltomaa Silver Meritorious Patron

    Ha, funny! When one is bright-eyed with idealism of clearing the planet with the help of master guru, Ron Hubbard, the music was beautiful to me. Especially liked the auditor's song.

    Weren't Ron and Chick Corea good friends? Did they ever collaborate on music?

    Well, in the words of a famous songster, Ron did it his way.
  4. Curiosity

    Curiosity Patron with Honors

    wow, talk about space "opera"

    Was it even worse than William Shatner's albums? Wow, I'd love to get a copy of it to play at protests! :rock:
  5. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    No doubt someone will put it on YouTube....

  6. SarahNW

    SarahNW Patron

    UGGGHHHH!!! The "Get on the Road to Freedom" tape was the hell-music of my Scn generation.

    "There was a worried being,
    he did, secret acts!
    He felt he had to hide, hide, hide, hide, hide!"

    "...Careless teachers gave him false data! Then he went dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!"

    "...Then a drug pusher, got him on dope! and he began to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake!"

    OH lordy, I used to have to clench my hands into fists to keep from ramming my fingers into my ears.
  7. SarahNW

    SarahNW Patron

  8. Snuffy

    Snuffy Patron Meritorious

    I detested ALL of the scn music we had to listen to in orgs. Remember What I want is Happiness? Or Make it Go Right? There was a time when we had to listen to Make it Go Right at the end of every muster. And you were supposed to sit there with this wrapt expression on your face because it was supposed to be such a wonderful and inspiring message, when in fact it was the musical equivalent of Michael Bolton wannabees!
  9. Snuffy

    Snuffy Patron Meritorious

    Those links don't seem to work for me. :confused2:
  10. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    Colleen K. Peltomaa Silver Meritorious Patron

    I was a star trek fan and I remember listening to Leonard Nimoy's album.
  11. Muhammad

    Muhammad Patron

    LRH Music

    I hated the Appollo Star album and god what nails to the black board space jazz was to listin to ,only heard a few songs on album my ear drums could stand any morel But Road to Freedom I thought that was a pretty good album.
    How about the Edgar winter album for a man of his music calibre to put out such a piece of crap what was he thinking. Was this music written by LRH or did Edgar compose that crap?

    As sala'amu alaikum
  12. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    Colleen K. Peltomaa Silver Meritorious Patron

    "Connection to server could not be established" "pnm://"
  13. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Is that the one with the classic Bilbo Baggins song?


    One of William Shatner's (Terril look-alike? :)) songs was chosen by George Clooney on Desert Island Discs - Lulz of course.
  14. ChaoticPsychotic

    ChaoticPsychotic Patron with Honors

    U N I T E D

    Anyone watch the creepy music video put out a few years ago? It's a buncha kids chanting "U N I T E D" saying each letter individually.
  15. sandygirl

    sandygirl Silver Meritorious Patron

    oMG.....this is bringing back the memories. I think I totally "not-ised" the Road to Freedom schlock for my own sanity!!:duh: :duh:

    Check out cast of characters on this one ...Frank Stallone, John Travolta, and my all time fav. Leif Garrett. He was the spokesperson for TWTH after he did a gig at Narcanon. Unfortunatly, he fell off the wagon and I believe I saw a story on his being arrested for drugs again a year or two ago. (another celebrity "success")

    Ya know.. for a long time (most of my life as my parents were in) LRH was godlike to me. I actually used to almost "pray" to him (embarrasing but true).

    But........I could not for the life of me get on the RON the music maker bandwagon!:bigcry:

    I'll admit I also had some issues with Hymn of Asia where he was Buddah and came back with some secret messages to the Buddahist Monks. I actually remember an event where DM was flying these guys to Clearwater to get the secret message from LRH and teaching them how to do assissts. Never heard anything again about it although it was majorly hyped at the time. We had to buy the hymn of asia CD.

    Does anybody else remember that stuff..I bought it hook, line, and sinker.:duh: :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh:
  16. sandygirl

    sandygirl Silver Meritorious Patron

    I know we mentioned this in another thread but since I'm getting off my W/H s:wink2: :wink2:

    I still think the worst thing we had to listen to was.....................

    CAN WE EVER BE FRIENDS??????:dieslaughing: :dieslaughing: :dieslaughing:

    I could barely keep a straight face listening to that one on the PTS course!

    You couldn't pay me enough to actully give that to someone I knew!!!:no: :no:

    Thank God I wasn't the only one who had these thoughts!!:happydance:
  17. Curiosity

    Curiosity Patron with Honors

    I can't access the jams either, but thanks for the link all the same. :)
  18. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh! Gawd! Now there is an overt LRH did to us!

    Now i gotta confess :blush: I bought 50 of those Power of Source albums - I listened to the first one for a couple of songs - opened another album because I thought that I had a bad pressing - it wasn't so - I immediately took all 50 albums and disposed of them "utterly" - in the trash container outside. :omg:

  19. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    DS - damn funny post! :D
  20. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    He must have been researching "the product as an overt act".....:omg:

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