The PTS gravitational theory.

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Mest Lover, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    PTS is a variable.

    It is equal to 0 when you are born.

    Scientology is a warping force.

    From the moment you start applying Scientology, your PTS starts to gather Scientology inertia.

    PTS is directly proportional to how much Scientology you apply.

    The more SCN you apply, the more you are trapped in it's gravitational warp field.

    The ONLY REASON PTS EXISTS is due to the existence of Scientology.

    Remove Scientology and PTS gets dragged the fuck out rather than in!

  2. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    If you extrapolate this theory, if you keep applying Scientology you will eventually find yourself in a black hole from which there is no escape.

  3. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Cool theory.

    It actually is true in Scientology.

    The higher you go towards Clear and OT, the more you gain freedom and flourish and prosper.

    The more you become a free being the more the SPs attack you; thus, by going up the Bridge, you incur the wrath of countless anti-social personalities who are compelled to stop you.

    And the more you flourish and prosper, the more the Scientologists trick, coerce and defraud you into insolvency and bankruptcy.

    This may sound very grim. But, look at the bright side. . .

    A being cannot attain all the gains possible from the PTS/SP tech unless they first get suppressed to hell.
  4. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    Dilvish got out, so can anyone who recognizes freedom is on the "Event" horizon. The two doors at the back of the venue.
  5. Stat

    Stat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Who is gravitational PTSD? Forgive me while I am fucking tornadoes.

  6. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    Allowing for reincarnation and the possibility of past lives, which if you are discussing scientology is a reasonable requirement, the above assumption wouldn't necessarily be true.

    Mark A. Baker
  7. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket Gold Meritorious Patron

    I'm not a Potential Trouble Source. I'm more like an Actual Trouble Source.

  8. BardoThodol

    BardoThodol Silver Meritorious Patron

    And we all know what happens to other planets and stars when they get near a black hole.

    However, I've read enough James Bond novels to know that there's always an escape. Put Jimmie Bond in the Black Hole of Scientology and he'd come floating out the other side; the hottest chick in the cult naked by his side, martini in hand, sly grin intact.

    Ah, where's Ian when we need to write an appropriate denouement for the midget?
  9. BardoThodol

    BardoThodol Silver Meritorious Patron

    All force is potentially "warping force." Just depends on the application and what's getting "warped."

    Sometimes, a warping force applied to something that's already warped will straighten it out.

    Point is, to stop "warping" when "straightness" occurs. Such as getting off drugs after joining a cult. Mission accomplished. Now leave.
  10. A.K. Myers

    A.K. Myers Patron with Honors

  11. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    And I'm a Kinetic Trouble Source!

    Good one, Helena!
  12. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    See what I mean? You just applied theoretical Scientology to the formula through some of it's permutations and increased the PTS rate. Stop applying Scientology and PTS returns to rest state of zero.
  13. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    A lot of Scientology theory is involved with assigning mass to any situation.

    It is that process that Scientology begins to build the vectors for PTS and the dragging in process it uses to further it's survival.

    Once mass is assigned to anything then external forces can act upon it and yield results that are what Scientology uses to build it's footing, foundation, and trap.

    Remove Scientology assigned mass and the Universe is returned to normal.

    Scientology is abhorrent to the Universe. It deflects attention unto it's own survival and away from other important things such as: family, children, the moon, a blade of grass growing, a hummingbird at a feeder, a rock in a desert that looks pretty et al.

    Scientology is a drag.
  14. Dave B.

    Dave B. Maximus Ultimus Mostimus

    :clap: True.

    I always thought maybe the writer of the Star Trek episode And the Children Shall Lead may have been commenting on Hubbard & his Navy. Remember the one in which F. Lee Bailey plays Gorgon?

  15. GreyLensman

    GreyLensman Silver Meritorious Patron

    PTS is a bullshit control mechanism. It's LRH hiding the obvious in plain sight - you are PTS (potential trouble source) because you are balking or looking away from the grindstone or not giving the reg borrowed money or - or anything else that isn't what the Church says to do.

    That's all it is. That's all it ever was. There was never an ill effect due to "suppressive persons" being in your environment, except by explicit cause and effect and just the effect created. Not the extended power granted by the PTS tech. Just the immediate effect caused by assholes. And there are and were plenty of those in and among the Church of Scn.
  16. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    This is an awesome thread and merits consideration.

    The mass topic in particular is truly the goal of Scientology as it's fixated with MEST and the attainment of MEST and to "win" the "game" of the physical universe which Hubbard must've considered to be the attainment of MEST.

    For one, Scientology is completely concerned about Public Opinion and Public Relations...almost to the exclusion of everything else.

    Well, opinion is a locality...a positionality. It is MEST and, true to the factual aims of Scientology, the accumulation of Public Opinion is the big carrot...or the wienie.

    Once you have an opinion it is immediately open for defense and attack - therefore it's MEST. This is what Scientology craves - positive press, accolades, fawning masses and HIP HIP HOORAYS...along with money and power and control and position and status and titles and all that other MEST stuff.

    The funny part is that if it merely pursued its stated goals of salvaging marriages and eliminating drugs and crime and war and bringing people and things up the tone scale instead of all the crazy shit it does and fixating on PR and actually driving things downtone then it would have all the positive public opinion in the world.


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