The real Hubbard on tape...Top Secret Mission

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by WildKat, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Tony posted this doozy on his blog today. I had never heard of this tape before. It's of LRH talking to Jim Dincalci about a Top Secret mission order to go to Florida (Daytona) and rent some rooms. There's a transcript under the tape so you can just read it rather than agonize through half an hour.

    There are only two words needed to describe this one:

    "Appears mental"
  2. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    . . .
    I had first heard this tape about ten ten years ago. It was bouncing around
    in a couple obscure places.

    The most shocking thing on it was the way LRH got out of control and screamed
    (1:38) at the young messenger. I had never heard anything like this. It was a
    "moment" for me to hear how he was off stage. Blew my illusion of him a bit.
    After that, I suspected "something is rotten in the state of Denmark." :shrug:
  3. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes, he sounds unhinged. Also, it seems he could have given an overview of the mission in a few sentences, but he spent half an hour "clarifying" everything, which really just muddled it all up. Clear as mud. Poor Jim Dincalci, who had to sit there and listen to it and pretend to understand, as well as whoever the messenger was that was getting screamed at.
  4. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    Here is one of Lowie's responses;

    Lois Reisdorf (Lowie) EricS • an hour ago
    Yes at times it was very tough to understand but most of the time we did fine. I think because I was so young I just had no understanding of maps etc. But really this was nothing compared to other times....I don't recall even being stressed about it as we were so used to being yelled at and/or his fluctuating moods.
  5. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    So many years I wanted to have a priviledged access to how really he was in the real life..especially with small kids (his [STRIKE][STRIKE]huge thetans in small bodies [/STRIKE]..messengers[/STRIKE] slave children given to him..


    little soldiers, of a little fake naval army, in a fake war because of a fake consipancy of a little paranoid sociopath...

    Ron the humanitarian...
    [STRIKE]Appears[/STRIKE] mental hateful was the narcissist who lectured people for decades on ''granting beingness..''


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