Tim Brunero interviews Cyrus Brooks re Drug-Free Ambassadors

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    Openness could be Scientology's salvation
    (the link for the interview is here)

    'We weren't recruiting': Cyrus Brooks
    Scientologists handing out Anti-Drug literature
    You only have to say the word 'Scientology' to get a response. Sometimes it’s a laugh, sometimes it’s a roll of the eyes, but usually it’s a quip about Tom Cruise.

    However in the world of the internet mention Scientology and you’ll get a storm of commentary. And it won’t be for giggles.

    Both supporters and opponents will go at it hammer and tongs at the slightest mention of anything remotely connected to the religion / cult / scam (depending on who you listen to).

    A recent story here at LIVENEWS.com.au on Katie Holmes's Broadway debut became a battleground.

    Anti-Scientology forces known as 'Anonymous' will claim the group is a cult, which charges gullible converts huge amounts to access its teachings, intimidates opponents and believe in an intergalactic warlord called Xenu.

    And members of the Church will charge they are the victims of religious persecution and that the only reason other Churches don’t charge money is because they are so established.

    So now Scientologists are in the news in Sydney again, after they attended a festival in the depressed suburb of Waterloo to hand out booklets on the dangers of drugs.

    Nothing wrong with that I hear you say. No, there isn't. Well, except that when Scientologists talk about opposing drugs they aren't just talking about stuff like cannabis, Ice and heroin.

    They're talking about drugs like Ritalin that are given to children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and anti-depressants which are given to mothers with post-natal depression and to treat diagnosed mental illnesses.

    Scientologists will throw around words like "kiddy cocaine" when you mention Ritalin. Not that they're the only ones who think it's bad.

    But simply labeling all psychiatric drugs as bad condemns all of those people, some who suffer debilitating illnesses, to a life of sickness.

    Anyway, I interviewed the leader of the Scientologist's drug awareness group Cyrus Brooks and he assured me he wasn’t in Waterloo to recruit for the Church but simply to provide information on drugs.

    Listen to my interview and you'll see Brooks is a sincere character who cares deeply about the issue. And he's well within his rights to do what he does.

    Clearly it is exactly through these community links and an open attitude to the media that the Church will be able to avoid its current predicament.

    That being that whenever they are mentioned they are the subject of derision and suspicion. Not to mention gags about Tom Cruise.
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    It's good to hear that despite the real intent Cyrus has or might have for this activity, his actions may well be having a positive affect (to some degree), in regard to kids being complacent about getting into the likes of 'ice'/'crystal meth'.

    Those booklets contain some good data, so I'm glad it's getting put out there, despite whatever ulterior motive that the CofS may have for getting that done.

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