"Tommy [Davis] told me he was physically assaulted by Tom [Cruise]."

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  1. CommunicatorIC

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    Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach — WTF?

    Radar Online has picked this up: Tom Cruise ‘Physically Assaulted’ Ex-Scientology Spokesperson, Top Defector Claims

    Tony Ortega has also: Scientology Grudge Match: Tommy Davis Gets Called Out By Mike Rinder
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    That Radar link she's a no good. Searching their site also is a mission impossible.
  3. Dulloldfart

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    They must have nuked it. It still shows up in a Google search but no cached copy and the link's dead.


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    yes.. it was up when I went to link but then went away as I typed my post ( which I deleted)
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    Physical assaults by Mr. Cruise? Um........
    There is no such thing as physical
    assaults, as you have characterized it.
    If you ask me again about volcanos,
    disconnection or physical assaults
    I am going to get angry--very angry.
    Am I angry at you?
    Not necessarily. But I am goddamned
    pissed off at the wholetrack prison warden.
    I know every inch of my body and
    I was not assaulted. If I had been
    assaulted wouldn't my hair be messed up?
    Hey, doesn't my haircut make me look super-upstat?
    What about my cult? Does it make me look super-stupid?

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  11. if it's not in the national inquirer it's not true
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    This story going viral will make for some nice Fourth of July fireworks for the cult.


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