Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology PART 4

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by HelluvaHoax!, Apr 25, 2017.

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    Yes! How absurd is it for a "religion" to pay destitute people in Southeast Asia to PRETEND to watch and like a lying propaganda video about their lying, sociopathic guru, L. Ron Hubbard? Why in hell would a "religion" do that?!


    -- Because a vital part of "Dr" Hubbard's messianic message to the world is that: "Reality is Agreement". Hubbard's "scripture" claimed "What we agree to be real is real".​

    -- Therefore (Scientologists believe) if they can prove a half million people agree with the propaganda lies about Hubbard, then the propaganda lies become reality.​

    -- Scientology lies about internet views/likes for the same reason they lie and say that there are "over 15 million Scientologists" in the world. It's a variation on the corrupt concept of "stolen valor". Scientology's version--stolen agreement. Scientology is in fact terrified of revealing the truth about their true membership numbers because they superstitiously believe that the facts (that there are only about 20,000 - 30,000 active Scientologists in the world) would be tantamount to sticking pins in a Hubbardian voodoo doll. Scientology abounds with such superstitions, as do all other cargo cults.​

    -- There is much other supportive "scripture" about why it is a good idea to make up lies when facts and reality are making people ridicule & reject the cult's beliefs and behavior. For example, when someone who doesn't agree with everything Hubbard said (making them a "suppressive person") the cult viciously attacks them with the intent of destroying their life, livelihood and family. Hubbard instructs that the church must dig up the "sordid crimes" the SP committed, which Hubbard guarantees will always be found on an SP. However, in the same sentence, Hubbard also gives an instruction of what to do if NO crimes can be found on the SP. That spiritual guidance mandates that Scientologists "Find or Manufacture...." sordid crimes that can be used to "utterly ruin" their "enemies". Manufacture! In other words, lie.​

    -- Scientologys primary and senior "Successful Action" is lying about Scientology's tech, its results, its scientific authenticity and the tens of millions of thrilled Clears & Operating Thetans who received all the supernatural and miraculous powers that Hubbard promised. It is helpful to recall that Scientology's lying began within the first 7 words ever published on the subject, wherein 57% of those words were lies! (Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health) ​

    -- Finally, one must credit the cult for devising this desperate lying scheme to somehow keep the hoax working. For, if Scientologists had not trained themselves to become pathologically compulsive liars, all they would be left with is devastating facts like the fact that 98% of all Scientologists "blow" when they discover that not only that the tech doesn't work, but additionally that by hoping and trying to make unworkable tech work on themselves, they actually allowed their own lives to be badly damaged if not destroyed.​

    CONCLUSION: Reality is not Agreement. Reality is reality. Scientology is, by default, un-reality. Therefore, Scientology overwhelms, forces and coerces Scientologists with sufficient unreality (lies, propaganda, et al) that it literally forces them into delusional thinking and behavior. Scientology, noting this, immediately asks Scientologists to write Success Stories which it then publishes in Advance! magazine under the heading of "OT WINS". Scientologists thereafter attend mass propaganda events where they stand and wildly applaud these miraculous (but nonexistent) wins. If challenged about any of this, the Scientologist can do a gargantuan clay demo for you that depicts over 15 million people attaining mental health by applying the modern science of mental health.

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  2. screamer2

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    They can't be that stupid, can they? Wait. :eek:
  3. HelluvaHoax!

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    cross-posted from another thread discussing
    the futility of a "wog" trying to have a
    relationship with a Scientologist.

    That statement describes the identical reaction experienced by anyone who has ever:

    -- (despite being a "wog"): Bravely attempted to have a relationship with a Scientologist.

    -- (despite being a "human"): Bravely attempted to become a "homo novis".

    Every non-Scientogist (who tried to have a normal relationship with a Scientologist) and Ex-Scientologist, alike, eventually reaches a transcendent state above & beyond OT VIII. It is at that thundering moment of enlightenment that a profound philosophical question first articulates in their mind. . .


    If they somehow correctly answer that KSW-Koan ("Am I Stupid?"), they will then be allowed to learn the final and ultimate cosmic question: "WTF WAS I THINKING?!!"

    The "End Phenomena" of all this appears to be: "The restored & rehabilitated ability to smack one's own ethereal forehead, inwardly cringe and laugh at one's own naïveté and/or gullibility.

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  4. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    It's a miracle that all OTs, Clears, Scientologists and all wogs (thinking of trying Scientology) don't first do 5 seconds of Due Diligence, before committing to wasting decades and at least a half-million dollars.

    Easy. Before making a decision about Scientology and starting to hand over all your time, money and assets--just ask the cult salesman this simple question: Can you show me just 1 Clear or OT with any 1 of those supernatural powers?

    Ron forbids Scientology Operating Thetans from ever demonstrating their miraculous powers, because Ron says an OT should never do parlor tricks.

    You're not supposed to get it. Because Scientology itself is a parlor trick! Hubbard's parlor trick.

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  5. freethinker

    freethinker Crusader

    i have seen several usages of the word "clear" that clearly means dead. The one above is no exception.
  6. Karen#1

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  7. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Cross-posted from another thread referencing an insightful blog
    essay by Mike Rinder about OTs recruiting other OTs
    to file pieces of paper in Central Files (CF).

    Excerpt from a letter writing campaign to Scientologists to implore them to go into their local org and do filing in order to bring their CF up to "Ideal" so the Ideal Org can open.

    Let's break all those high flying cosmic laws down and see if they actually "contribute to a messed up field":

    -- wrong addresses: NO. If Scientologists wanted more services, account statements or promo they are fully capable of updating the org on their new mailing address. A wrong address does not mess up the field.​

    -- failure to file a CF up-to-date and keep it that way: NO. The CF folder has no important information in it. Just a long series of failed communications (letters)to the prospect that went unanswered. Lack of an up-to-date CF does not mess up the field.​

    -- the folder not being to hand when one writes the letter: NO. The gimmick Ron promised would get people into the org of asking them about something that happened years before doesn't work. A prospect doesn't care about a clever letter that says: "Dear Joe, I see you bought a copy of DMSHM back 23 years ago. Did you ever read it? Please tell me your wins and when you want to come into the org and buy more things from us! ML, Billy Blowdown." Writing to someone without the folder can't be any worse than writing with the folder, because obviously all of the earlier letters failed to get the person "on the Bridge".​

    -- never writing to it: NO. Any person alive can easily list 100 major purchases they made during their lifetime and not one of them was from a business that wrote insipidly irrelevant formulaic letters to them. Not writing to a CF name doesn't make that person any less likely to come in and pay a half-million dollars for Scientology. In fact, there is great evidence to support the metric that the more you write a CF prospect, the less likely they will ever be to respond or become interested in Hubbard's bridge to total freedom.​

    -- sending out bad promo to it: NO. That not what messes up the field. Because ALL Scientology promo is bad promo, for the simple reason that it is all lies/promises that can never be fulfilled.​

    CONCLUSION: Central Files and the failed slapdash letters within all those aging folders have nothing whatsoever to do with a "messed up field". The "prospect" the org is writing letters to would not need a letter if ANY one of the promised supernatural powers or miracles happened to that person. That prospect would be standing in line out in front of the org waiting to pay for their next "power" or "miracle". What messes up the field is not corrected by Scientologists performing the magical ritual of filing pieces of paper in date order within manilla folders. What messes up the field is incredibly stupid "tech" that doesn't work, exactly like the CF filing tech that is supposed to magically make the prospect come into the org--which never works.

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  8. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Ref: The frightfully stupid idea of OTs recruiting other OTs to come in and file ancient pieces of paper in Central Files so that the Ideal Org can finally open.

    Do any successful commercial enterprises do this? LOL. No. They are too busy selling and delivering their products to happy customers.

    EXAMPLE: One of the most successful brands in history--Apple. They have 270 billion dollars in cash reserves and lines of excited repeat customers waiting to buy their new products!

    COSMIC MYSTERY: How did Apple do all this without people in the stores writing letters to CF every day? And how in the world did they ever go "Ideal" without begging Apple customers to come into the stores and volunteer hundreds of hours to filing and organizing, so the letter writing files are brought "into present time"?

    PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I have been buying Apple products for decades. Lots and lots and lots of Apple products for myself, my companies, my family and offices. I have never once received even one (1) letter from an Apple employee asking me about something I bought from them a quarter century ago. How is it then that right now on my desk (that I am sitting at) there are two full-sized iMac computers, two iPhones, a MacBook Pro laptop and an Apple iPad? What could have possibly triggered me to buy Apple products without ever receiving one letter? And why was Apple able to sell me so many products and never demand that I "put my exchange in" by "contributing" and "donating" my time to Apple to help them bring their files up to date?

    PSYCHOTIC APPLE POLICIES THAT WILL DOOM THE COMPANY: Ask any Scientologist about what happens if a "wog" company fails to discover and apply Ron's administrative policies. Apple has their own (off source) policies which are quite crazy!!! Policies like--
    -- Failing to order customers to report to their stores to do CF filing projects.
    -- Opening new stores before the inactive CF folders from the past 67 years are brought into present time.
    -- Failing to properly incentivize people to donate their time for free to Apple by failing to offer them a "Commendation Report" to their ethics folder--that will give them Ethics protection and thereby safeguard their eternity!
    -- Trying to operate with the "false data" that they can sell computers without sending personal letters to everyone who has ever visited an Apple store or website.
    -- "Magical Thinking" that someone will buy Apple products if their CF folder is not perfectly organized with all of the unanswered promo letters filed in exact date sequence.

    MIRACULOUSLY MESSIANIC METRICS: It is currently estimated to take between 500-1000 man-hours of labor to bring an average org's CF current. Instead of recruiting OTs to organize scraps of paper in date order, perhaps the org could instead convince their local ten (10) OTs to invest the same 500 hours to demonstrate their "cause over life" OT powers by disseminating to new people. That would be an average of 50 hours for each of the ten OTs. If each OT spent 50 hours and spoke to only 1 person per hour, they would have brought Scientology tech to 50 new people! If they only had a 2% success ratio, that means they would have gotten ONE (1) of those wogs into the org to start their Bridge. Thus, the ten OTs would produce ten new paying customers (Scientologists!) for the org. And they wouldn't have to "wait until later after the CF project is done" to open their new Ideal Org. They could open it today and they'd already have ten paying PCs! Instead, the Scientologists perform magic Hubbardian rituals to increase their stats. They change the order of the folder's scraps of paper so that they are in date order. This is supposed to somehow transcendentally reverse the fact that the prospect refused to answer decades of letters. Apparently, Scientologists don't think it will work to ask 10 OTs to bring in 10 paying customers. Their "cause over life" powers are better demonstrated by having them put scraps of useless paper in date order, a task that a 7 year old untrained and unaudited child could do.

    RANDOM RHETORICAL ROCKSLAM DU JOUR: Have I mentioned recently that Scientologists are really bad examples of a modern science of mental health? LOL

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