Upcoming album by rap artist Rick Ross features song, "Scientology"

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    Jimmy3 from Tony Ortega's blog has engaged in Rick Ross lyric analysis.


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    Jimmy3 • 7 minutes ago

    From "Trap Trap Trap"

    I'm 'bout to get this shit cruisin', yeah
    Stand at the store 'til you're woozy, woozy
    Let's make a movie, movie, yeah
    Movie, movie, movie
    Bitch I'm richer than Tom Cruise, yeah
    So many different meds on me
    Fuck around, call the fed on me

    So it's probably safe to say the Scientology track is not a positive one.

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    Lyrics to the song "Scientology" by rap artist Rick Ross

    Lyrics to the song "Scientology" by rap artist Rick Ross.

    The song and album "Better You Than Me" were just released today, 3/17/17.

    NOTE: The lyrics are continually being updated at Rap Genius.


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    [Intro: Rick Ross]
    Welcome to the Scientology of hip hop where you might
    Sign a life long contract as well.. Welcome

    [Verse 1: Rick Ross]
    You're so lucky to grow and age
    Lucky to go insane, they say they spotted some cancer
    Mucus built on your brain
    But you tell me to keep on praying
    Really this is a blessing, many been long and gone
    Family your true possessions, admit I made some mistakes
    Can't blame it on adolescence, so infected with greed
    Having something to see
    I was running in circles and it was right next to me
    This must have been God's wishes
    Cause all my friends went to prison
    Nothing like Bryan Williams but when they come home I kiss em
    Hold on, give me a second refreshing my recollection
    Labels, we playing chess
    Nothing I'm not contested, you niggas is stupid
    Thinking Craig Calman won't send his shooters
    They've been robbing for years. no fear to blow out your noodles
    Looking at B.I.G and Pac imagining all the profits
    A fiend sitting at home
    Picture me rolling out and no royalties in the pocket
    Who really is there to blame
    Each man feed a man, children we get a gang
    Scientology prophets you better stay in your lane
    Let me roll up some green

    [Verse 2: Rick Ross]
    This game is economics I pray you go back to college
    All I'm seeing is bitches so queens go back to Hollis
    Made it without a father my mother did I acknowledge
    Know a crooked attorney, last name Sotomayer
    I'm breaching these contracts preachers and gun claps
    Smoking that Mike Dean until my lungs collapse
    Bun B and Action Bronson, I'm seeing no colors
    If you with me you with me I'ma ride for my brother
    Honor and pride put the salaries aside
    This lead in the water put your prayers in the sky
    Respect me as a man as you looking in my eye
    Lets address the [?] won't be no problems down the line
    See confederate flags but I got a flag of mine
    Yeah... yeah, I got a flag of mine!
    Yeah bang we can do it then!
    I got that money from Lil Wayne lets do it yeah

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    Yoh at DJ Booth reviews the song "Scientology" by rap artist Rick Ross.

    DJ Booth: Rick Ross ‘Rather You Than Me’ 1 Listen Album Review


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    10. "Scientology"

    Wait, how many rappers are Scientologists? Will Smith? Sheesh, this one started immediately. Getting Just Blaze vibes from the production, but with less powerful drums. Woo, Ross is flowing through this beat with the smoothness of floss sliding between teeth. This is the shortest song on the album, and I already wish it was longer. I don’t know what this sample is, but it’s rather interesting. Did he just call out an attorney? “There’s lead in the water put a prayer in the sky.” Yeah, Ross just gave me another keeper.

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    808s and Blues says:


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    Scientology just might be the best track on the album. The beat sounds alien like, as if someone is screaming over the drums. It’s a shame that the track only runs on for 2:36. It’s clearly production driven and Rick Ross’s flow is impeccable on here. ‘Smoking that mike dean until my lungs collapse’ is one of the highlights of the track. Mike Dean is a hip-hop producer that’s known for essentially being a weed head.

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    Finally, the music: The song "Scientology" by rap artist Rick Ross.

    "Scientology prophets you better stay in your lane."

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    Finally (again), the music: The song "Scientology" by rap artist Rick Ross.

    "Scientology prophets you better stay in your lane."


    Published on Mar 16, 2017

    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

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