urgent, next course of action?? plz help!

Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by papurdawl, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. papurdawl

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    Therefore, I have sent a letters to my org., committee of ways and means, saint hill, etc. I received a call from the org where I was involved as a child. She insisted I needed to do a routing form and I responded to her stating that I would not be doing any routing forms. I would sign a release form and claim verification board form as minimum( which i did not know is the routing form). She said she would send me copies of everything I would need to sign but I would have to come in for it. Which I do not believe is true from what I have read from others on this subject. So I received the package today and w/ it is a “religious services enrollment application and agreement and general release” form which I signed when I was 10 according to the date, she took the liberty of highlighting number 9 which goes into detail about repayments to sum it up, it says the church has no duty to return any portion of religious donations received from me. Refunds may be attained through my strict compliance with those published policies from the claims verification board. I further acknowledge and agree that refund procedures require my direct participation to the exclusion of any third party, including attorneys.

    Well I know this will not hold up in court because I was a minor when I signed and under duress from my mother and the church that required I sign it. Nevertheless, where do I go from here…? I do not know my next course of action please help!

    She wants me to meet w/ her on Nov 6th. I appreciate all replies. Thank you!:omg:
    she provided the routing/claims verification board form and release waiver from Scientology.

    Sorry for any confusion i'm the united states, ca specifically. I noticed that others had forwarded letters to saint hill etc so that's what i did in addition.
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  2. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    Welcome papural

    Take it to an commercial law attorney and send a copy to your MP and district attorney. Look for legal aid if needed

    Talk to him/her about coercion and undue influence
  3. Daddio

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    Papurdawl, since you mention Saint Hill in Sussex, do you have any good solicitors within easy reach? Sounds like dchoiceisalwaysrs has some good advice.
  4. smartone

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    Papurdawl, go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau in East Grinstead. The service is free and they will advise you on your legal rights. Take any documents with you of course.
  5. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    And since you are apparently in England here is the website for the

    Crown prosecutor/ advocate which is the same as a District attorney in the USA

  6. Wisened One

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    Got some good advice here so far, and :welcome: btw!
  7. papurdawl

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    i'm sorry for any confussion, i'm in the US ca. specifically, i noticed on other posts that they forwarded it to saint hill etc so thats what i did in addition to sending it to the org i went to growing up.
  8. It is your money do not let them dictate the terms under which they give your money back to you, there are several good threads on this board regarding refunds , you might want to read through them to familiarize yourself with the cult's tactics




  9. degraded being

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    You may already know this.............

    COS uses two terms "refunds" and "repayments"
    They are two different things.
    One of them is giving back money that was paid in but never debited for a service.
    The other is money that was used, and is asked by the student or pc to be given back.

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