Volunteer Ministers gear up to exploit Hurricane Michael

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Alex P. Keaton, Oct 13, 2018.

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  1. This thread is to document the VM's exploitation of Hurricane Michael. If anyone has photos, texts, Twitter feeds, etc. of the CO$'s VM activities, please post them here.

    As an aside, if the Crimewave of Scientology uses the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics", well, then couldn't they provide actual relief to the people affected by this disaster? I know it would violate the "Doctrine of Exchange", but wouldn't it be "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics" to get new converts? Panama City, FL (and other places) will be rebuilt with insurance money or low-interest US Government loans, and the people will be spending again in a few years. A small core of sheeple could be "persuaded" or regged to put an ideal org there, yes?

    But maybe the CO$ knows that their reputation is poison, and spending on those downstat wogs who "pulled in" this storm will never, ever get them a single "raw meat body" or "BIS" (bodies in the shop).

    Any VM preparations or responses to Hurricane Michael yet?
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    Hahahaha , the concept volunteer ministers is hilarious... like lets go to some topical area far far away that has been ravaged by a force of nature to give touch assists and nerve assists to people. In the name of scientology hahahaha hahah haa . Don't get me wrong, I am all for physical contact, massage and kindred spirits. I am not too sure that there is much common sense there... Whatever, let people do whatever they want to do.
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