Vulture Ministers and Christchurch earthquake

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by Free to shine, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. Free to shine

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  2. Outethicsofficer

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    Free, I watched it and it was cringe worthy, Gary is a sincere sort of guy and I am sure he is there because he thinks he's doing the right thing...I don't know what else to say. I was in the SO with Gary his brother David was beached bro, beached as he'd had an out 2D much more to say on that one, not the right thread.

  3. Panda Termint

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    Yes, James, I'd agree that Gary is a well-intentioned dude.
    It's that damn Command Intention that makes it all such a f@ckup in the long run.
    Forgive him, people, he knows not what he does.
  4. Jachs

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    OSA must be partying hard with the inch of good press for once..

    Im suprised we didnt see Leon appear and Clock him.

  5. Happy Days

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    From Perth to Christchurch... now that's some haul.

    Will he and his team make a difference? Unlikely

    Will they get more recruits for the Auckland Idle Org scam? Unlikely

    Will they show this media coverage at the next international event. And promote Gary and his international team as the saviours for victims of the ChCh quakes? Absolutely

    Will the international event attendees believe all that is spruiked? Absolutely

    March 13 is coming so all stats need to be up. Will Gary report these stats to Perth Org or Auckland Org? Who will win the Birthday Game?

    Sigh :D
  6. Ogsonofgroo

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    What a load of tripe imho, well intentioned or not, fucking vultures :puke2:
    How about just talking to someone like a normal person to 'bring them to present time'~ doh!
  7. I told you I was trouble

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    He managed to get the real purpose of the visit into his spiel ... he got an ad in for the cult (complete with phone numbers) right at the end!

    Anon (I assume) have already fixed that though, a flag comes up on the video (when he is doing his ad) that directs people to WWP and to get the real truth about scientology.

  8. Ogsonofgroo

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    Yupperz Trouble!

    :anon: is on the ball, well, mostly :p
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    Well I think it is great that scientology has sent in this highly trained team of trauma experts (cough) for a PR event of their own. It's probably not the best venue for a PR event, given the tragic circumstances but hey when ya gotta promote yourself, who gives a shit eh. When your own sense of yourself and your antiquated teck is so warped, what's a bit of devastation matter. Yeah some might say it's the ultimate in bad taste (I would say that!) but ya gotta get those propaganda film reels ready for the true believers. The deluded show must go on.

    I was only able to watch the first minute of this vid. I felt like puking.

    I reckon that Gary might get himself one of those fancy freedom medal things if he does enough TV interviews in enough devastated places. He could become quite famous amongst a couple of thousand true believers after they see all the propaganda film reels.

    To say I am disgusted is way too limiting.

    p.s. I am not having a go at the man called Gary. I am having a go at the system he is a pawn of.
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  11. Vir

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  12. Kookaburra

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    If the attitude that they are promoting was actually practiced in the CoS, instread of just at disasters when there is a camera rolling, it wouldn't be so bad.

    I was in the UK when the south of England got hit with a hurricane. The area was devastated. There was no power, no trains, roads were blocked, buildings damaged. You couldn't even walk across the grounds, you had to climb. The public were shell shocked. Was anyone giving assists and locationals? No way! Just pushed for stats....make it go right! Get some recruits!

    What crap! When Scn starts practicing what they preach, I might consider listening. But I doubt that day will ever come.
  13. La La Lou Lou

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    Have they arrived at the Tunisia Libya border yet?
  14. Free to shine

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    Yes....and I think a "forgive them because they know not what they do" attitude only goes so far. Even the most deluded VM does know that there are things wrong in their normal area...people who have challenges, who are sick and have been disconnected from and so on. Doesn't 'charity' begin at home? Pffft to the whole VM thing, it's a load of PR crap.
  15. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Oh, I'm not excusing or suggesting that we forgive the PR photo-op crap where, essentially, we see the CofS capitalising on the misfortune of others! Even when I was a fully on-board scientologist I flatly refused to take part in any of that, I considered it unconscionable and still do.

    I find room for forgiveness where I see well-intentioned people who honestly believe they are helping others by their actions. There *are* people in the VM program who do it solely for the CofS PR value and because they have been assigned a target to be achieved BUT there are also people who genuinely believe they are doing a valuable job of helping others through selfless service. It's easy to forget those well-intentioned people when disgust for the PR merchants kicks in.

    That's what prompted me to say, "Forgive him, people, he knows not what he does."
  16. Freeminds

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    One can be well-intentioned and still do a great deal of harm, as Scientology has proven time and again. For example, VMs wandering around a hospital in post-quake Haiti, giving out food and water at random and causing complications for those who were due to go into surgery.

    Deliberately obstructing peoples access to legitimate counselling services, like they did after 9/11... that's very hard to forgive, too.

    Many of the people who now prop up Scientology went straight into the Sea Org at 14 or so: they have had desperately little education, have no real life experience to speak of and no useful skills for the outside world. All they have going for them is the arrogance that Scientology imparts, to go out into the 'Wog' world and decide what's best for the 'Wogs' they find there, based on their own woefully inadequate skillset.

    If somebody really feels the need to help -- and not just pose for promotional photographs in Freedumb Magazine -- I'd just about trust a Volunteer Minister with a broom. Anything more complex than a broom, and I could probably find a better-qualified volunteer. I certainly wouldn't trust most Scientology victims to help out with anything as complex as administering first aid.... and not one of them would be qualified to help out with the far more delicate thing that is the human mind.

    You might as well ask a crocodile to tune a piano. Seriously: this cannot end well.
  17. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Sure, that's what the "know not what they do" part refers to.
  18. Sekh

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    Did you ever see Scifags in Baghdad, Ghaza or Beirut?

    Didn't think so. Way to dangerous out there.:hide: Muslims seem to take this "no proselytizing" thing much more seriously than Xtians.
    And revolutionaries shoot real bullets, not just aiming for feet.

    You only see those guys after natural disasters. "After" implying the real danger is over. For the missionaries, that is. For the victims it just starts.


    Even when most of the missionaries really do want to help. But ignorance is no excuse for dangerous incompetence, like with those American chicks taking the radiation shields from an X-ray facility in Haiti, and passing the clean, but highly radioactive, water to the thirsty locals. :mindblow:

    If you're a doctor or a nurse or a civil engineer, please go and help, Scilon or not. Otherwise, just stay away.
    And those abusing disaster to make convicts for their religion, should be treated like looters. :bug:
  19. Freeminds

    Freeminds Bitter defrocked apostate

    Injunction against cult vultures?

    Maybe a New Zealander could cause a question to be raised in parliament? In the wake of what Senator Xenophon managed in Australia, I think it could be a good time to make our disgust known. Vulture Ministers should not be able to look for "raw meat" among the Christchurch earthquake survivors.

    Submitting a petition to the New Zealand Parliament (which sits next on Tuesday, 8th March)...
    Just a thought. I'll gladly help with the wording of the petition, if such help is wanted, but I don't have the honour of being a New Zealander.
  20. Free to shine

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    I hear what you are saying, it's just that I still have a problem with it.
    Maybe it's a feeling that ignorance is no excuse. I know we all probably had times when we hoisted the flag for scientology, thinking we were helping and later found how wrong we were. I am not attacking individuals here, but at the same time forgiveness is not something I can do either. Using the distress of others as PR IS something that VMs should know in their hearts is not right. I can't help feeling that many do and ignore those thoughts, and that's the part I can't forgive.