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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Kha Khan, Jun 27, 2009.

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    From WWP:
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    Fly Away

    The PR of Scientology, such as the adds above, is very well done, however it only stays good for a very short time. You get an incredible win at the start and then snippets of it as you travel up the track with it that perhaps keep you hanging on.

    I had a great conversation last night with a close friend and what this PR does is it introduces you to a cage that seems comfortable at the time.

    For me I came in as a bird that was flying around with crows & needing to be protected and Scientology (back then) gave me a perch to sit on that was safe in a nice cage away from the world outside. I got fed and found the seeds given were fullfilling. I was shown that outside the cage I would not survive, so best I stay in the cage & get my daily feed and everything will be okay.

    The thing is one needs to be able to go and fly and be back in the air, however once in the cage that is somewhat forbidden.

    Now I am back in the world I realise its much better to find my own feed and survive out here, even if the crows do exist, as the eagles that feed the seeds and provided the cages are far more dangerous than the odd crow out here, and as the seeds where beginning to get less ,with strength dwindling & the eagles being quite controlling one has no choice but to escape from the cage.

    I realise I never needed a cage to survive and those of my friends still in Scientology have gotten far to used to the feed and feel they have to be caged in fear the crows out here are the enimies & they may run wild and perhaps they were once bad crows & fear they will come out and start swooping other birds as they may have prior to Scientology, therefore must stay in the caged environment.

    The handsome looking eagles may appear to be strong and shiny, similar to these adds that are decievingly beautiful.

    However these adds show one perhaps "can't find his way" or "we are all looking for answers" or "You have soooooo much pain with-in you"........come into Scientology & perch with us.......Follow the path to enlightenment................ Then BANG, weve got the key and you whistle our tunes now, while we feed you accordingly to what you can do for us, whether it be you gather more birds, You supply us some of your beautiful feathers ($$$$$), you get those from your nest converted to cage life and keep feeding the eagles all the fish ($$$$) they need and you will be able to fly like an eagle one day protected from any bird out their that may cross your path....... now some little birdy here thinks Yeah!!!

    Those adds above are done in a way to trap birds into a cage, showing pictures of sad birds, all different birds that are perhaps really just normal people.

    These adds show if you have sadness well somethings wrong....see the trap.

    These adds show very normal people having very normal emotions, however it can make a very normal person think something is wrong when there really isn't anything wrong at all.

    Stay away from the cage birds........fly fly fly

    So I rate these adds at 0......:omg:
  3. Yeah it only stay good for about as long as it takes you to type the word Scientology into Google and click Search
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    The first ad now shows as two stars. :)


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