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Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by ocean12, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. ocean12

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    Could someone please enlighten me on r6, I can only find vague references and such, like these.

    ROUTINE 6 END WORDS (R6EW), when the pc has taken the locks off the
    reactive mind itself, using R6EW, he attains Fourth Stage Release. (HCOB 30
    Aug 65) [Grade VI Release]
    R6, 1. Routine Six. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 2 . abbreviation for Routine 6. It means
    the exact processes and aspects of case handled at Level VI of Scn. (BTB 12
    Apr 72R)
    R6 BANK, the reactive mind. (HCOB 12 Jul 65)
    R6EW, Routine 6 End Words. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)
    R6-EW P, Routine 6 End Word Plot. (HCOB 4 Jan 65)
    R6-EW S, Routine 6 End Word Sixes. (HCOB 4 Jan 65)
    R6GPMI, Routine Six Running GPMs by Items. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)
    R6O, Routine Six Original Bank. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)
    R6R, Routine 6 Review of all bank run. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)

    ??? could not find hcob23 aug 65 ??? they must have removed it or in different volume, not in red


    This means that the only people who may talk about or be talked to about, or may see these materials are those people who are on the Solo Course or Level VI and those people who are already Grade VI or Class VI or above. No one else may see these materials.

    If left at home, they are to be kept under lock and key.

    R6EW is the process which makes you a Grade VI Release . It prepares you to face the highly charged core of the bank without endangering yourself.

    ??There is no grade 6 release now right??:confused2:
  2. Björkist

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  3. You know those silly Marcabian psychiatrists who used to smash super cooled glass plates in our faces 4 billion years ago to brain wash us, well they found a new game to play 75 million years ago which involved freezing our souls and then sitting us down in huge movie theaters to brain wash us even further by making us watch movies, R6 is the film they showed us which involved religions such as Christianity to make us believe the events surrounding them really took place. Those silly Marcabian psychiatrists were really mischievous little rascals, but never fear L. Ron Hubbard risked his life to expose their deeds and save us from it.
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  4. Björkist

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    Chuck, you know you could get a job at SparkNotes?
  5. Veda

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    Here's another reference, from Hubbard to the Class 8 course in 1968. Relevant to your inquiry is 2:20-6:20, 2:35 mentions R6, and specifically 5:10 - 6:20 of the audio.


    There are still "Grade 6 releases" for those who don't "go Clear on Dianetics," and do the old "Grade 6," and then the "Clearing Course."
  6. Probably one of the most retarded detail of Hubbard's con game which happen to go unnoticed for the most part is the fact that Hubbard claims all it takes is an injection to the lung and then freezing the person in alcohol and glycol to trap their spirit for eternity. So all this auditing and processing of Hubbard's tech is a complete and total waste of time, if someone injects you in the lung and then freezes you in alcohol and glycol. That could possible be the lamest science fiction I have ever read.
  7. Div6

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    See http://www.freezoneearth.org/Prometheus04/

    R6-EW was a pre-requisite to the Clearing Course. The Clearing Course has an interesting history, which is documented somewhat in Filbert's screed (Excalibur Revisted) and also in the story of John McMaster (The World's First Clear.) (Who, if the "church" ever "sanctifies" anybody, would be the first known gay Saint...) Sorry for the random tangential thought.

    McMaster went on tour as The World's First Clear, and apparently did such a good job that Hubbard became insanely jealous, called him to the ship, (for overboarding, etc) and promptly discovered 23 more "reactive minds" implanted in the Xenu drama of 75 million years ago. No one will ever trump the Commodore!

    William Burroughs got "quicky grades" and an invitation to the Clearing Course. He failed epically, wrote a story about it (http://www.apologeticsindex.org/Naked Scientology.pdf) and Hubbard threw a tantrum about that. In it's original format, The Clearing Course was to be done 10 times through.

    It dropped out of favor when it was "discovered" that people were going clear on Dianetics. I personally think that is a shame, as it is quite an interesting piece of 'tech'.
  8. Lesolee (Sith Lord)

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    Not true. The latest Bridge does indeed have Grade VI release for people who do R6EW.

    I have done R6EW (outside of the Co$) which is great, but seems to have nothing to do with R6 at all! The Clearing Course materials mention R6 twice, but not explicitly saying the CC is R6. (I bet the definition changed with time as more was known.) The Clearing Course erases Basic-Basic on the whole track, which is an implant (hence everyone has the same.) Then you get a whole load more implants to run on OTII, including the Basic-Basic GPM.

    Let's be clear about this ... if you do the SHSBC you only get the non-confidential data, ie just what you posted (yes, I did that too, mostly in the Co$ :duh: ) There is no other data on R6 on the Solo courses (at least on the available materials outside the Co$). I think there is more data about R6 on OTIII, but I'm not there yet. :bigcry:
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  9. If Hubbard's cult plans on staying intact both inside the Church and in the Freezone and not disappearing as other cults before have, it is going to have to drop Hubbard's Standard Tech Scientology and start delivering an alternative belief system with does not contain Hubbard's outdated Science Fiction. It's become little more than a joke people use to humor themselves with on the internet.
  10. Vinaire

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    It sounds like what Xenu did to usurp the power is the script that DM has been following.

    Does this tell us what is coming next?

  11. Gadfly

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    Believe that you have been implanted, and guess what, you ACT like you have been implanted!

    Need I say more:


    In relation to my other post on KSW and the inherent fanaticism of the Church, well, TC sure displays the point quite well. See:

  12. Dulloldfart

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    The meaning has changed over the years. In 1965 he was mainly referring to a supposed implant at "trillions 2" (i.e. 10^24 years ago), if I remember the tape correctly. Maybe it was trillions 3 (i.e. 10^36 years ago). It's 25 years since I saw the transcript, but it was one of the tapes on R6EW, I think. Maybe one of the Clearing Course films (not Clearing Congress films).

    In the OT3 materials a couple of years later, he used the term "R6" to refer to the supposed implant at 75 million years ago.

    And no, I don't believe in either these dates or the implants he refers to, but that doesn't mean I can't remember what he said.

  13. Lesolee (Sith Lord)

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    Thanks. :thumbsup:

    I thought something like that had happened.
  14. Mark A. Baker

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    Personally I'm not a big fan of Burrough's writing, however I can't help but noting that he also had a very positive reaction to much of the subject of scientology. He, like many of us, just didn't care too much for what the church did with what they had. :)

    Mark A. Baker
  15. Veda

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    He thought that Scientology contained some positive aspects, but he didn't like what Hubbard did with it. Big difference. He was realistic and honest.
  16. Björkist

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    Yeah, but Burroughs allegedly liked young boys and enjoyed experimenting with mind-expanding substances...so that instantly disqualifies any opinions/statements he may have ever had/said about anything...
  17. ocean12

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    I knew r6 was wrapped up with xenu, was trying to figure out if there was a difference in routine 6, and r6ew (which I thiought was a type of auditing only using the end word reacting on meter) too many r6,s dam implants have me confused
  18. ocean12

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    Thanks for info, is basic on whole track same as fac1 or different implant
  19. Lesolee (Sith Lord)

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    Fac One on the modern Bridge

    Excellent question :clap:

    According to the History of Man book, Fac One is mentioned as being 20,000 years ago, and originally laid down about 1,000,000 years ago. If these dates are accurate then Fac One is recent history, given the OTII implants are at 75million years ago and the Clearing Course (Basic Basic) is older than those by trillions of years.

    Perhaps some OTVII/OTVIII can mention if Fac One is specifically run anywhere on the current Bridge. (No doubt it could be run with NED if it came up in session on a preclear).
  20. ocean12

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    Could you please tell me more about the clearing course, I always thought it was just a course on the clearing congress, but it must be something else. Any info or docs leaked?