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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by AWOL, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. AWOL

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    Hi, just some general questions I have for you good people out there. When I pay money to my local org, where does it go? I paid alot of money to the org I used to go to and want to get it back. Does it go to a central bank account? How does an org stay alive if its low on income? I can't believe my local org makes enough money to cover what it needs, its in a prime location in my UK town. I keep being told repayments come from the org, even small ones! I don't want my org telling me they cannot afford to pay a large sum. I need data to back me up so they can't push me around. Can anyone help?:begging:
  2. Iknowtoomuch

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    Much of it goes to litigation. A large portion to a bank account the rest to bills to keep the lights on and if there is any change left the staff get to eat something other than beans and rice.
  3. HelluvaHoax!

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    A significant percentage of your donations goes into the IDEAL BATHROOMS PROJECT. It's goal is:


    From HCOPL "Boots In The Loo" (where Ron talks about how a thetan does not need toilet paper...)
  4. AnonOrange

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    Someone a few months ago posted the sequence:

    Something like this:
    ~20% to RTC (regardless of current bills)
    ~20% to litigation, PI's
    Org bills, utilities, advertising, equipment.
    Staff if any left
  5. alexm

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    First, it depends on what you buy. For Div 6 and academy courses, your money goes to Gross Income or GI. This is the most important stat in the entire org as it then is designated how much staff gets paid and how much money can be spent to pay bills. Most of the time it is never enough. Now, if you buy a book then your money goes to Gross Book Sales or GBS and/or New Books Sold to Raw Public or NBS RAW, meaning a public who has never bought anything from Scientology before. What happens here is at the end of the week, Thursday at 2pm, every staff that is upstat on their weekly statistics get a book commission depending on how much GBS was collected. It was be cents or I saw it once like 50-60 euros when we raked in one time 80k in euros during the first week that the Basics were released.

    There are at least 10-15 bank accounts in the org. Book money goes to the HCO Book Account but there is also a cash account for supplies, pay outs and purchase orders as well as reserve accounts. I am going to post some info in the Class V org banking and audit system soon, as well as other things to conclude my story, as I was the Dir RAM in Berlin for 9 months. The Dir RAM or Department 9 is responsible for banking, records, bookkeeping and audits.

    One thing to note is that most orgs can not survive on GI alone. So then how do they survive? By taking money away from staff and collecting money into their reserve accounts, which when properly allocated can be thousands of dollars stashed away for a rainy day. If you collected even a small amount of GI, give staff a low pay week and compensate with reserve money, an org can survive for a while but what is beginning to happen now is that this is what Class V orgs have been doing for years and because inflation has gone up so much since the 80's, orgs are mostly broke. The day when staff will get paid 40k a year is nothing more then a fantasy, not even achieving Saint Hill size will make this happen. These new ideal orgs also are trying to make it where staff can get paid an average salary per year but since they are still dependent on small amounts of publics and a hardly increasing amount of new recruits, DM might as well forget this concept altogether.

    The biggest downfall against most things that Hubbard writes, especially when it comes to orgs making money, are all the factors he ignores out of ignorance. If you read the PL Ideal Org, Hubbard does not even think about, "Well ok we have an org but why are there are no publics?" Wouldn't that be a waste of resources? Well no because according Hubbard, who operated these ideal orgs on what I can the Field of Dreams theory. You know, "if you build it they will come." However the real slogan should be, "if you build it no one will come."

    Hope this helps.
  6. angel

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    Real Estate!

    Property Taxes!
  7. alexm

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    This is very true. This is what is deducted from Gross Income per week which in Berlin was at the lowest 2,000 euros and one time the highest 75,000 euros in one week.
  8. angel

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    Maybe not the taxes, I forgot its a church lol
  9. uncle sam

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    It goes to the "poor".
  10. nowout

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    AWOL, There is a bedtime story which pretty much lays out what happens to the income from the FSO. Orgs would have a similar arrangement. Article is long, but it's eye opening if you didn't know. ANOTHER BEDTIME STORY (Little Dickie Series #7) http://www.scientology-cult.com/story7.html
    from the article:
    One difference is that the FSO is an SO org so has to spend money on food, medical, berthing etc. that local orgs don't have to. Hope this gives you some idea of what happens to your money. Good luck on getting your $$ back!
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