Writers of the future FRONT GROUP. VV "dangerpoints" Hubbard.

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    Bump for Ortega getting Carl Frederick to ditch Writers of the Future.
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    'L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future' is the best known of several - funded by Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard fan clubs. Another one is 'Friends of L. Ron Hubbard' http://cltampa.com/dailyloaf/archiv...ize-clean-ybor-event-on-world-environment-day.

    This quote is from the 2001 e-book, 'Brainwashing Manual Parallels':

    One area where Hubbard's name is publicized, with the pretense of being separate from Scientology, is in the world of science fiction literature. While there are non-Scientologists who enjoy some of Hubbard's early fiction works, they too often think of Scientology as a bizarre departure from an otherwise respectable writing career. Scientology cannot use these people. It becomes necessary, therefore, to produce people who 1) adore all of Hubbard's fiction writings, 2) claim to have no connection to Scientology, 3) and have not a single critical thing to say about it, making such comments as, "I know nothing about Scientology, I'm an Episcopalian."

    Hubbard's fiction writings (available through the front group called 'Author Services') will be found to have a number of quietly catered to admirers; often these are aspiring authors hoping to receive sizable cash awards, and to be included in the 'L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future' short story anthologies. One such admirer was invited by 'Author Services' to the premier of the movie 'Battlefield Earth' in Los Angeles in May of 2000. As described in the Riverside California, 'Press Enterprise'

    "He walked on the red carpet down the center of Hollywood Boulevard and even shook hands with John Travolta. And even though some movie critics had panned the film, [he] had no complaints."

    Scientology's 'Author Services": http://www.authorservicesinc.com/index1.html

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