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a new model of consciousness

Discussion in 'Human Potential, Self Discovery' started by Mimsey Borogrove, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    Tonight I was watching part of the Morgan Freeman Worm hole series - the one on the 6th sense, where it discusses two tests of preknowledge.

    One, the researcher had a laptop that had the screen divided into two parts the test subject would pick one or the other, a split second later the computer would randomly put a picture in one of the two parts of the screen. The computer did not base it's selection on which screen the subject chose. They got a 50% response. But - if it was a picture involving sexual (or romantic if I recall correctly) content, they got 53%

    Another researcher found that when a subject, wearing an electrode, was showed random pictures displayed on a laptop, there was a 5 second anticipation of a charged photo that the electrode picked up. This can be repeated with any subject.

    Then they ran off into anti matter and quantum mechanics to try and maybe explain it. They also mentioned how a certain # of people stop a car just prior to an accident, thus saving themselves, (as well as documented unversal anticipation of 9/11 - I missed most of that part)

    I have experianced that myself, running down a flight of stairs in college, I suddenly reached out and caught my camera - the strap had snapped and it flew into my waiting hand. My wife countered with perhaps you were aware of the change of weight as the leather stap broke. It didn't seem that way at all. I just suddenly out my hand out and caught it.

    Which brings me to my cognition - perhaps we are not 100% in present time. Perhaps conciousness is a bit like the old bell curve - a part of it is in the future (possibly creating it), most is in the present (or what we think is the present) and some in the past. That would explain this phenomena, yes? What say you? What do you think of that idea - have you experienced it your self?

    Mimsey, channeling Slaughter House 5 - unstuck in time
  2. Mimsy, read "Blink" if you haven't done so already.

    I think it explains a lot of this. It's a good read.

    And personally, I am often not quite fixed in present time, scooting between past, present and future, especially when making some real world plans or writing...:blush:

    Also am capable of quite zen-like presence and focus in the "now", when called for, thanks to Aikido and other practices.

    Did you know that the Navajo sense of time is circular? No past or future, only Very interesting to wrap your mind around when learning the language. (I started my teaching career on the Navajo Nation.)

    Interesting OP! :)
  3. Hypnotarian

    Hypnotarian Patron with Honors

    I love that show.

    I'm not sure what I think of a pre-cognitive phenomenon.

    I think 3% variability isn't really that much.

    It would be extraordinarily exciting to have that kind of ability but I am cautious to jump on the back of the bandwagon and get high off of speculation that attempts the old quantum mechanics maneuver.

    It could be a real significant phenomenon but I'm waiting for more conclusive evidence.

    But one thing is statistically true, there will no doubt be discoveries that violate much of what we thought we knew about the nature of ourselves and the Universe.

    Maybe this study is hinting at one of them... We'll find out sooner or later -- Although I'd prefer sooner because I'm alive now and not convinced of an afterlife.:)
  4. Minuet #1 in G

    Minuet #1 in G Patron with Honors

    I like this idea. It coincides with a perception I got of where your attention is fixed. The less you are stuck in your head being involved in all the thoughts and drama, the more your attention spreads out perhaps, forward and back in time and away from the body all around. I think this is really what exterior means. I get the perception of what happens next a lot. Sometimes it is not welcome!

    Can I suggest that any mental concept to explain this phenomenon is inevitably a symbol of reality and not it. So one can't dwell on symbolised understandings, only be open to the reality.

    Btw, loved slaughterhouse 5. I must revisit.
  5. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    Gosh, time being circular. How about mobius? To me, if time is circular, it would eventually repeat. (theTralfamadorian view of the universe BTW) Was that what the Navaho thought? However it could always be now, and the past is just a memory of the current arrangement of the atoms, completely un-reachable.

    I was thinking, if we all create now simultaneously with one part of our mind and observe it with another part (like Herr Ron on the podium, wiggling his fingers behind his back) that would explain this phenomina as well.

    What was siginificant about the 3 % was that it only happened with the sexy pictures - all the rest were 50%. Which is odd, since it contrasts the other researcher's data, that emotionally charged pictures caused the reaction. Could it be the researcher's presence, or his original selection of the images cooked the results? Possibly by unconsiously imprinting his own reaction on the original images he selected that the computer later displays randomly.

    The part I only saw a portion of, some random number generator had a big change just prior to 9-11 and they couldn't explain it, other than fore knowledge of the event. However, it seems to me, if a couple guys hop a plane, hijack it, the passengers start to (for want of a better word) ridge on what is happening - and the more they resist the "unknown" impending doom, the more other people outside the plane pick up on it and amplify the feeling. I need to resee that part of the show, because I wonder if the # change began when the hijack first happened or when the plane took off and all aboard "knew" their fate was sealed.


    Maybe we are all (as a group) completely responsible for our condition? Or is it like ripples spreading out in a pond, one persons cause affects others, and so forth. And does this occur uniformly, or does it lessen, depending on the distance from the event?


    Mimsey looking at his suddenly cracked crystal ball
  6. Maybe this helps a bit with the thought of time being circular? that there is only the wholeness of now?

    Free to shine wrote this:

    The following is worth reading. I don't have the link here, I copied this a long time ago and it helped me greatly. Emotions that are not experienced as they happen become the festering ones, labelled m/wh phenomena, or other types of 'case'.

    Notes on Letting Go - by Lionheart

    Labelling a feeling as unwanted or inappropriate, is resisting the feeling and that tends to cause the feeling to persist. If there is one secret in life, this is it!

    Don't assign a feeling to hidden, unknown causes or label a feeling as unwanted.

    Enjoy, welcome feelings, allow them to just be there. Grief is wonderful and is a blessing of the universe. Anger is an exciting fairground ride of life!

    There is no past. Memories of it are in the present, now.

    There is no future and imaginings of it are only in the present.

    There is only now. The present is a gift from the universe to you, a present indeed. A miracle. You are truly alone in the now. Alone. Al-One. All One! Perfect, present and nothing is amiss. There can therefore be no mis-emotion, because you are present and gifted with life! When you want to cry, allow it and all will be well, how could it be otherwise? There is nothing we need to "handle" except the idea that we need to "handle" something. Once we have the super realisation that there is nothing to handle, then we've become free!

    If we ever feel there is something to handle we can allow, release, let go, or whatever it takes to realise that there is nothing to handle. Every philosophy from Vedic teachings to Christ and Krishnamurti said the same thing. It is no secret.

    Suppose there is no past or future, just suppose there is only "Now" (as per Eckhart Tolle).

    "Now", I feel sad about the argument I had with someone. The argument isn't here, the memory and feelings associated with it are now and that IS all there is. There is no argument, just thoughts, images and feelings about it. That's all there is. And this argument is troubling me NOW. I'm holding onto it and can't release it.

    Perhaps it helps me to hold onto it, or perhaps I'm resisting it and therefore making it stay. Now and Now and Now. The person I argued with isn't creating it now, I am.

    Releasing it from Now is done by allowing the feelings to be there, or letting them go or welcoming them or deciding I don't need to change how I feel, or by realising the feeling is there because it satisfies a want or need or desire and letting that want go.

    If it releases, it isn't here now. So where is it? Really, seriously where is it? It is nowhere, nowhen because there only is here and now, there is no then or there.

    "Ah, but it might come back," you say. So what? Let it go again. "Ah but it keeps re-occurring and I'm sick of it, I want to erase it for good, forever, permanently."

    Well apart from the fact that there is no "permanent", there is no "for good" - there is only now. There is still something you can do. If it re-occurs and that bothers you, stop trying to stop it! Let it come back. or ask what does that feeling satisfy? What are you lacking that it fullfills?

    The same releasing process will release it and one-now you realise it is not there! It is rather ironic that letting go or releasing is perfectly natural and we all do it dozens or hundreds of times a day. We just don't notice it!

    Handling anything that is not here now, is pointless, literally - there is no point to handle! The more letting go you do, the less letting go there is to do. Life provides you with plenty to allow and one glorious day you are at one with life and all is well, just as it always was!

    :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    I love that! :thumbsup:
  7. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    We do not create our own reality. We experience it... just as all the other animals on this planet do.

    On this topic, people tend to believe what makes them feel more comfortable. For example, the topic of "death" is not a comfortable topic to deal with. Generally, people would rather believe a fairy tale.
  8. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Which should be immediately followed by this:

    and this:

    That's one reason. The major reason is because people think that if people say something is spiritual, their mind turns off.
  9. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    Lets go back to the 5 seconds preknowledge. That I proved today - more of that in a minute. If not for you, I proved it for my self.

    The part of the 5 sec preminition shown in the 6th sense "Wormhole" show was a research project by the Noetic institute is the link to their web site.

    Here is the wormhole site -

    Now - the proof. Today I was working on a roof and one of my laborers was restapling foil paper to the bottom of the roof rafters - I was on the roof with the other laborer trying to screw down a piece of wood. I went to reach down through the loose paper to grab the boards so I could squeeze them together while he screwed them together. I had a concept of the first laborer hitting my finger with the stapler.

    I rejected it as a possibility, and reached down and squeezed the boards together.


    He drove a staple into my finger. I'd say it was about 5 seconds or so. Yes, it hurt like hell. Yes, I realized it had happened exactly as the concept I had. No, realizing that did not make the pain blow and no - I didn't do a contact assist.

    Yes, I have a picture of the said finger. If you want proof, look at it. Sorry if it gross or upsetting. But, look on the bright side, no animals were harmed in testing this theory.



    Attached Files:

  10. thefatman

    thefatman Patron with Honors

    Sounds like being psychic to me, and that was debunked almost a century ago, by none other than Houdini.

    Things like that are incredibly hit and miss, you could have just as easily accepted it as a possibility, moved your hand and seen him put the nail down where your hand was.
  11. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    I told my son about this 5 sec. stuff, my wound, showed him that segment of the Worm hole show and his response was really... really... well...

    The reason we don't know about it is the same reason the dog doesn't know about the internet.

    Such insight.

  12. thefatman

    thefatman Patron with Honors

    Ummm... what?
  13. LongTimeGone

    LongTimeGone Silver Meritorious Patron

    There could be another reason.

    Are you familiar with precognition and the law of large numbers?

  14. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    The law of large numbers? No. Can't say that I am. I smoked a few large numbers in college, but that is a different story.

    So, 'splain it for me. Poor favor...

  15. LongTimeGone

    LongTimeGone Silver Meritorious Patron

    Mimsey, I'm not saying this IS the case but it is an alternative view to the reason you offered...

    The following is taken from:

    Dreams which appear to be precognitive may in fact be the result of the "Law of Large Numbers". Robert Todd Carroll, author of "The Skeptic's Dictionary" put it this way:

    "Say the odds are a million to one that when a person has a dream of an airplane crash, there is an airplane crash the next day. With 6 billion people having an average of 250 dream themes each per night, there should be about 1.5 million people a day who have dreams that seem clairvoyant."

  16. Owie!

    Or, maybe your guardian angel :happydance: was tickling you with a feather to help you to avoid being harmed, by listening and paying attention to the very clear picture warning you how to avoid harm, and you allowed your logical mind to override it.

    Next time, TRUST this insight, whatever you want to call it...and whatever it's origin!

    Just to present a divergent viewpoint! :biggrin:

    Poor finger...hope you heal well and quickly! :thumbsup:

    Thanks for sharing.
  17. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    I guess those are the same large numbers that allow 10 monkeys to type war and peace. I mean yes, that could occur, but here we are talking 5 sec before the stapleage - and in hind sight I wish it was a dream...LOL

    But I like the idea of the bell shaped conciousness model, with some attention in the future.

    But the alternative is still an attractive possibility, that we (in the future seen from now) (which is the "real" present) create all we see and will experience a few seconds later in what we think is the present but is really the past.

    See? We live in a constant time paradox. In other words what we think is the future is the present, what we think is the present is the past and what we think is the past was the present.

    Not to appear slavish to his musings, but if "a lie persists", by thinking the past present is the (oh god - it as-ised) um. um. um.

    Anyway, by reason of the paradox, you get the persistance of the present, and thus the universe around you. Meaning, since you don't see your creation of it, it appears real for all intents and purposes.

    Thus, the statement, you are entirely responsible for your own condition takes on new meaning, if you conciously or unconciously create (or co-create) the universe around you.:omg:


  18. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    I love this term "consciousness". I even went and pulled it apart trying to get to its roots, and I found some!

    "con" of course is Latin meaning "with".

    "scious" comes from "scio", another Latin term, meaning "to know" or somesuch.

    The suffix "ness" simply means "state or condition of".

    The really interesting piece of this term is the "scio", which traces to the Hebrew "sacr", meaning "sacred".

    Now we're getting somewhere.

    The Hebrew "scar" traces to the Sanskrit "chakra".


    So "consciousness" = with chakra! Oh, I can buy that easily.

    There are other terms for "chakra", like "light body", "soul", "spiritual-energy centers" etc. etc.

  19. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    That kind or "preknowledge" is ongoing prediction which is a fairly continuous process as far as i can observe. It is needed to stay safe, to assess things that could happen and adjust so that they don't happen. Millions of the things we think could happen, don't happen, but once in a while we are right and it does happen.
    Does not seem like preknowledge to me, just prediction.

    However, on a similar point, once when I had been meditating regularly I dropped something. I shocked myself by catching it literally before I knew I had moved my arm. I think that I also had a thought that the thing dropped was going to hit the floor. That's what my mind thought, but my body wasn't listening. I just stood there with the thing in my hand, caught mid-drop and as though I had not used my mind to move my body to catch it. It was unbelieveably fast. So I was startled to see my arm and hand there holding the thing. That must be what those zennists are going for in their martial arts etc.