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Advanced Ability Center-Shiona Fox-Ness

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by AnonKat, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Many have gone the way of the four winds. Some are probably here on this board. I am friends with a few who were involved with the AACs and who now practice another method created from the ashes of "Standard Tech".
  2. Elronius of Marcabia

    Elronius of Marcabia Silver Meritorious Patron

    or perhaps immortality

    the error would be to do it in a violent way.
  3. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Gold Meritorious Patron

    I found an affidavit from CSI versus AAC from 1986 and posted it a few hours ago,
    which shows in part, what $cientology put them through, and shows the 'patter' used when
    they try to get documents from your banker, doctor, or travel agent by impersonation of a federal agent...ESMB link
  4. Elronius of Marcabia

    Elronius of Marcabia Silver Meritorious Patron

    If your in fact immortal there is no concern. if in fact you are not there is even less concern :yes: ?

    The dilemna if any is to be at peace with your mortal self and whatever immortal self you may have right to claim.

    Either way they are not goals to be achieved or failed at they just are :coolwink:

    That is not advice or even teaching, it is simply my take as I see it at present.

    If you find it useful then I'm pleased:) if not I'm honored you gave it time to read and consider:hattip:
  5. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    Wow, I gotta tell ya, listening to those people being interviewed was very unnatural. They seemed like they were in a trance and everything was just wonderful and nothing could ever go wrong. It reminded me of a hippie commune with everyone getting stoned and just having a general love-in.

    It was very unnatural and though I wouldn't expect any one of them to get mad or commit an act of violence it was downright creepy.

  6. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    During that period, most had been out of corporate Scientology for a year or less. Much was not yet known, and had not yet been analyzed.

    Two years later, David Mayo gave this interview:

    Change takes time.
  7. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    I think the problem comes from having been able to finally see the bigger picture. One, I guess, feels 'ripped off' my the amnesia of not being able to see the 'connected' issues that lead up to where they are now. This kind of not knowing, or what you might feel is 'prevented' knowledge, feels unjust.

    It's kinda like Obama and Michelle finally getting a taste of the high politics going on in Chicago or Washington. They see how the cards are stacked and played. They don't want to submit to revert back to assuming the old social agreements that were tacit amongst human clansmen. They feel they were chumps to have gone along with a set of postulates that did not have their future interests as prime concerns. I think one is out ot get even nonetheless in both Scn or black politics. One of cours is keeping it mocked up in order to have something to chaff against. Something to fight. An identity which is easily energized. The polarization can be pleasing and you got rockets under your ass catch get the sovereign universe of YOU back. Same old, same old. :eyeroll:

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