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Altered Data, Altered Mind

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Zachary, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Zachary

    Zachary New Member

    On the other hand Hubbard gave us clues that he was scamming us. As a former Class VI, full OTVII I have listened to every word.

    Do not be pissed - about 50% of what was taught was truth. This is the same claim that Ron made about the Bible?

    The clues (some of them) are contained in Scientology axioms. His genius could not help but stick to his own formula for hiding things. Remember? "...In the desert and painted red...?"

    Look at axioms 11, 19, 32 and 38.

    Starting in 1984 I had a life changing event and an almost oerwhelming drama occur. I disseminated what I had learned and now it is in book form title The Visitor From Sapta Rishi. Sapta Rishi is the Big Dipper. The Visitor is Xavius, not Xenu (another alteration)

    Incredible data that let's us know that Hubbard did a lot to obfuscate the truth, like no BT's, but instead Computer Generated Intelligences.
    His "altered truths" will now probably stop most from looking, seeking and learning.

    The experience of Scientology makes one give up, mostly.

    I wish you love, life and warmth, and if I can ever help, I will. My email is

    Zachary Carmichael
  2. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Hey, Zachary - where is one supposed to find this book - The Visitor from Sapta Rishi?
  3. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    :welcome: Zachary, interesting post! :yes:
  4. Another storyteller!

    :) Welcome Zack, nice to have another writer join us!

    Feel free to tell us a little about your COS experiences. Care to elaborate on "computer generated intelligences"? :wave:
  5. Chess

    Chess Patron with Honors

    Hey Zac,
    Welcome, your views are appreciated.
    I have some agreement from where you are coming from. I will take a closer look at he Axioms. I found he sort of let the cat out of the bag to some degree with the Logics - especially data of comparable magnitude - the whole evaluation principle rests firmly with the ability to observe and somehow be yourself about it. I believe it's all a big puzzle & yes giving up is one of the products expected of the current scene, I believe it's possible to find a way through - may take more than just Hubbard though. Interesting hey?
  6. Zachary

    Zachary New Member

    MY COS Life

    What Ron calls Body Thetans Xavius calls CGI's or computer generated intelligences - they are an Artificial Intelligence.

    I began on a comm course and traversed every single course offered in a midwest class IV org, then went to Los Angeles for the SHSBC. Did tons of SO auditing, as an auditor and enjoyed it all until, after 7 years of training, auditing and internships and co-founder of a Mission I returned to the field.

    I returned for 2 reasons. I started seeing the tech, as originally written changed (some of the changes were good and that worried me) and to recapture (see 'rehab') the feelings and wonder I had felt in my beginning org.

    My beginning org had become totally - 100% deplorable - started a committee of other 'trained' people' and got some of that 'gold' paper. Went to their court - won, they let it staledate, went to court again, won again, and then went to an old senior CS of Flag and completed my auditing - then I just quit.

    Then I started on the strangest of journeys that is detailed in the book The Visitor From Sapta Rishi (available on Amazon).
  7. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    CGI's are just the latest "incarnation" of the old "demons", "elves", and then "aliens". We dress up our fears in whatever is presently considered hard to understand and something to fear. Right now, that's artificial intelligences run amok. I had a direct experience of this sort of hallucination during a comatose period. Essentially, people have been watching so much of the Matrix and similar representations that they begin to "mock up" the same sort of demons for themselves. Much easier than facing what is right there in front of them.
  8. angel

    angel Patron with Honors

    attach a lie to make it stick

    Was LRH attaching lies to truths to make them stick? Was he obsessed with this theory of his or what?

    The Xenu data reminds me of the Ouja board. Bear with me. My experiences with the Ouja board have been scary and shocking. It might be
    because I was a scientologist? Anyway I have since gotten rid of the damned thing, but the beings who communicated via the planchette were psychotic. I learned the one lable you could place on them above all is LIAR. First off, LRH's initial scibbley note of OTIII and its inconsistencies and mispellings look like automatic writing. I have since found reference on the internet that states LRH did use automatic writing, (was this Nibs account?) His entity named Xenu, yours Xavius. They kind of tell you what you want to hear, but never the truth and never straight answers. One time we asked for the winning lottery number and it gave us the numbers from the last drawing, took a while to figure it out. I dont intend to invalidate, just to point out these communications are with psychotics.
  9. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    I had one experience with a Ouija board long before I encountered Scientology and that was enough for me. :nervous:

    I wouldn't ever do that again. :no:
  10. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Did anyone else beside me read Zachary's book?
  11. HappyGirl

    HappyGirl Gold Meritorious Patron

    FoTi - Did he ever respond as to where we could get it?
    :welcome: Zachary - yes, what WO said - interesting post! Are you saying that LRH got the idea of BTs from a former book he wrote in which instead of BTs we were supposed to rid ourselves of "computer generated intelligences"? That's the first I have heard of that, not that anything he did would surprise me.
  12. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Yes, he PMed me with the link and I bought it here:
  13. Zachary

    Zachary New Member

    Well, CGI's are NOTHING to fear, anymore than you would fear your vacuum cleaner-lol. If you actually read the book, located on Amazon, The Visitor From Sapta Rishi, generally feels true for those of us that have been there and done that.

    In the book there is a process, a simple process, for handling these petty contrivances -- no big mystery.

    I believe I mentioned, that EX Scio folks may at this point be shut down a bit, as you have been abused, and it hurts. I get that. Me too.

    I personally was shocked by some of the revelations in the book and approached this whole life changing scenario with incredible skepticism. I am a simple midwestern guy that grew up Catholic and then 'found' LRH. I then read and studied every word that I could get my hands on from books, to PABS, to ALL taped lectures not even suspecting that I was in the belly of the devil, but being directed by a Confederation Agent.

    The thing with LRH is that he is so bright, so imaginative that you walk away knowing that you have been duped, but you can appreciate the cleverness of how it was done. If it was not for Xavius and his relentless pursuit to get this word out, through me, I would have melded into the world as just another used to be seeker, gotten old, and died -- probably on schedule.

    I am not a writer per se, I am an old guy with a family that is grown, that became convinved through this Xavius Project, that this data needed to be told. Because of my age and my circumstance I am now not worried about the attacks from what I call the Children of Scientology.

    If you buy and read this book perhaps you will understand.

    Thanks for all the comments.

    I wish you love, life and warmth,

  14. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Me memory ain't what it usta be...

    :wave::welcome: Zachary! (In case I failed to do that earlier) :melodramatic:

    I'll get the book and will, I'm sure, enjoy it thoroughly!

    I agree with you re Hubbard in the sentence I emboldened above. :whistling: