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Another One Leaves The Cult (Redux)

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Kha Khan, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Kha Khan

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    Another one leave the cult


    That's me JbTrendy at 8 years old

    Now I'm 47 and I spent 15 years in Scientology

    This is a brief non exhaustive summary and production record

    You saw me as ED of Paris Mission after 3 months in Scientology to evantually close it up.

    In the SO at New Era Int and France for the Mission Earth campaign as Jettero Heller and producer of the French radio serialisation plus various other campaigns and characters making 80% of favorable New Era Int media stats for 3 years in a raw

    As Honorary LRH PPRO under CMO EU and Free org member in CC Paris in the PR coordination board and the French Expansion commettee

    As CCRD set up in Flag and Clear in CC Int

    As founder of an International Gung-ho group called "Destination Renaissance" on the Freewinds art convention

    As Tech Sec of the international Saint Hill arts festival

    In the SO at OSA EU and France for the say no to drug campaign and org officering for the Vice President CSI during the renovated AOSH EU grand opening PR evolution

    On the stairs of Lyon townhall during the trial in France as French spoke person for Say no to drug and crusader I/C for the appeal

    Touring France with my band Excalibur Now on the Dianetics and What is scientology bus

    Getting the Jive Aces to perform for the official party of the Cannes international movie festival

    In the SO at Folo UK With the Jive Aces for the European and North US What is Scientology campaign

    Expanding theyr activity by creating the Spirit of Play band in Bridge Publications in LA and routing out after having had my wedding cancelled there because of destructive arbitraries and turning down the offer to become the sunday service I/C for all of UK afterwards

    Back at Saint Hill as public up to OT3 for an incredibely high amount of money, injustly comm-eved afterwards and kicked out from CC Paris for challenging top management for all the departures from ideal scene that I reported

    On ESMB after 8 years off-lines with most of my depts paid off and becoming a prominant figure in the alternative artistic movement in Paris

    Happy to be there in the land of the free and the brave

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  4. Dark Phoenix

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  5. Dark Phoenix

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    Great video, Kha-Khan. Very well put together :)
  6. KnightVision

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    Splendid!! Lovely watching that... love to see folks leaving and walking free!:thumbsup:
  7. Kha Khan

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  8. Div6

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    Another well-produced vid from the House of Anonymous.

    One nit-pick - the pic of the guy being overboarded was NOT from the Freewinds, but from the Flagship Apollo......

    Otherwise, very nice.

    I even saw my pic in there. :omg:
  9. uniquemand

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    Perhaps I misunderestimated you JBTrendy. Glad you're here! Keep posting.
  10. FoTi

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    Good video!!

    Loved this video. :clap::clap::clap::clap:
  11. Ogsonofgroo

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    Wag did a superior jorb on this vid!:thankyou: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  12. Hey, great vid! I saw lots of friends! :)

    Trendy, you were one cute kid! :D
  13. Wisened One

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    YEAHH!! GREAT VID!! :clap: :happydance: :thumbsup:
  14. Telepathetic

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  15. JBTrendy

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    To uniquemand

    Very honoured by your comment uniquemand. I just completed a bit my presentation. We all have long stories to tell I guess and still a role to play.

    All2U :whistling:
  16. Opter

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  17. JBTrendy

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    To Dark Phoenix

    See you changed your avatar to put a cute cat on it as you mentioned in an earlier chat we had together.

    I'm glad you're still behind the cat though

    All2U :eyeroll:
  18. JBTrendy

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    To SweetnessandLight

    Very sweet of you :D

    Love your profile :flowers:

    And sorry Kah-Kan for squatting your thread

    I ow you a life and still got ten to go :yes:
  19. Mystic

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    Mucho muy well done vid, Trendy.
  20. JBTrendy

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    To the Mystic Man

    Thanks Mystic. As you can see I'm also walking my spiritual path...

    All2U :whistling: