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AUCKLAND Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by Zhent, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. shanic89

    shanic89 Patron Meritorious

    Oh really; the truth about drugs according to Thomas Henry has helped decrease drug related crime in south Auckland by 20% in the last year. It is a pity the police records do not reflect that, -6.7%.
  2. randomx

    randomx Patron with Honors

    Scientology wants NZ to 'ease up' on it

    The New Zealand Herald

    Church issues guide for media to clear up misconceptions.

    Mike Ferris, the face of the church in New Zealand, has been a Scientologist since 1980. Photo / Richard Robinson

    Scientology has no official doctrine that we are descended from aliens. However, members of its monastical order do sign billion-year contracts "to symbolise their eternal commitment".

    A publicity document released in New Zealand, The Workings of Scientology: A guide for media, has attempted to clear up misconceptions about the movement.

    It followed the airing of a million-dollar Super Bowl television advert on Monday which featured the tagline: "The one thing that's true is what's true for you."

    Mike Ferris, the spokesman for Scientology in Auckland, said there was no particular publicity push.

    "There's no real connection [with the Super Bowl]. The church is always up to something ... [trying to] keep media accurately informed about some of the things we do, rather than let wild rumours [spread]."

    Mr Ferris has been a member of Scientology since 1980, and the outward face of the church in Auckland.

    Read on. Photo.( Warning...It ain`t pretty)
  3. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Gawd! You don't need to read the article, that photo of Ferris tells you everything you need to know! :omg:
  4. supafreak

    supafreak Patron Meritorious

    Woah! I thought Mike was fugly when I saw him in the flesh back in 2008. Here's proof that it can get worse.
  5. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor


  6. randomx

    randomx Patron with Honors

    Have in front of me the latest Auckland Org newsletter. November 2013

    In line with Ron`s policy of effluence . "Don`t change anything."
    The newsletter is now called Kiwi Communicator.

    Turns out Dana Lee is the new Foundation ED.
    Simon, her long suffering husband, as The executive over technical delivery on Foundation.

    A new staff member that was recruited vaginally is Kaila Lee.

    She was going to be a Hollywood movie star but decided Ron needed help instead.

    Scientology will be making a showing at the following events...


    Nov 30th-1st WEstern Springs " Day of Psychics."
    Dec 7th and 8th Total well being Show." Alexandra Park
    Dec 21st Albany Holistic market stalls.
    Dec 27th-30th Bay of Islands (Pahia) Stress testing.
    Jan 3rd-5th Thames for three days Stress testing.
    Dec 7th Wapafest art festival for youth.

    Warn your friends. !!!


    "On 24th Oct, John Duncan passed away peacefully in his sleep. John will be well remembered as
    a founding Scientologist who dedicated much of his time to helping others. We would like to thank John
    for all his contributions and wish him well for his next adventure."

  7. Dweeb

    Dweeb Patron

    I thought the Lee's had dropped off lines years ago, shows how much I kept up with things. Sorry to hear about John though I remember him as one of the few old timers that would take me seriously enough to sit down and have a real conversation with the "kid", I thought he was a genuinely warm and humorous person.
  8. randomx

    randomx Patron with Honors

    Scientology's $16m statement church 24/11/2013

    The Church of Scientology of New Zealand will make a $16 million "statement" restoring and converting a heritage-listed Auckland building into its flagship church.

    The local arm of the controversial religion purchased the former Whitecliffe Art College campus in 2007 for $10m borrowed interest-free from the Church of Scientology International. It is the church's only New Zealand property.

    The church, which counts actor Tom Cruise among its parishioners, said it's nearing construction on the Grafton site that includes major seismic strengthening and a new fitout.

    Church of Scientology New Zealand head Mike Ferriss told the Sunday Star-Times the cost of the restoration was $16m.

    More than $3.5m had been raised mostly from the church's 5000 local members, Ferriss said, but scientologists around the globe including expat Kiwis would contribute.

    Non-members who wanted to see the building restored had also donated, he said.

    The 2006 census counted 357 Kiwi scientologists; meaning each would need to donate more than $44,000 to reach the $16m target.

    The church's annual accounts for the year ending December 2012 showed donations were down more than $170,000 to $245,253.

    It booked $1.18m from members in advance payments. The church had about $300,000 in the bank and owed its international office more than $8.6m, reporting a $2m deficit.

    The "huge" project is estimated to take around 12 months of construction, Ferriss said.

    New Zealand's top scientologist said the condition of the building when the church purchased it was not good.

    "We will save this building. There's no question about it."

    The Oamaru sandstone facing the building's entranceway and windows is in need of repair.

    Ferriss said internally the major work would be tying joists to the walls to give the building the ability to move laterally in an earthquake. Floors will be overlaid with ply and ceilings may need repairing too, he said.

    Some walls may need additional strengthening, he said.

    The church has resource consent to disseminate the "applied philosophy" of church founder and pulp fiction writer L Ron Hubbard from the site.

    A building consent application is with its head office in the US pending final sign-off and will then be lodged with the Auckland Council, Ferriss said.

    Once complete the 11,000 square metre site will have more than 70 rooms dedicated to spreading Scientology's message.

    The prominent site will have a chapel, library, reception and waiting area, offices for upper management, public display areas, a cafe, courtyard and rooms for the church's one-on-one counselling called auditing.

    The Auckland restoration is part of an international programme by the church to boost its presence with high-profile churches called Ideal Orgs.

    "What we are essentially doing is like the Church of Scientology putting down roots. We have been around for 60 years; this is a statement. This is us. This is where you can find us," Ferriss said.

    When asked if Tom Cruise was likely to come to the opening of the restored church, Ferriss laughed and said: "It doesn't always default to Tom Cruise."
  9. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron


    Well maybe that is possible in the ‘Theta Universe’, but I suspect that even the most dedicated Kiwi Scilons realise that this is a very unlikely scenario in the Real Universe.

    Does anyone know if there are any ‘whales’ in Kiwiland that might help the cause along?

    Probably irrelevant as they’d just be wasting their money – they are never going to raise the money for this solely from NZ Scilons. It they want it to open, Davey boy will need to open his cheque book.

    And besides they wouldn’t want to move into such a large place – they can never meet the running costs and it would be a huge millstone around their necks. Better off renting a trailer somewhere.

    For an idea of the size of the place, check out this screengrab from Google Streetview:


  10. wigee1

    wigee1 Patron with Honors

    This is going to be interesting, for poor old Auckland SCN ,I predict the $16mil will go into Engineers fees, council fees, and other expenses, the building Regs have dramatically changed since Christchurch, Splitting the building would bring more nightmares, with Fire Regulations etc , I deal with this stuff on a daily basis, and Run !!!!!!
    Though the building has increased in $$$ say $30 mil, good profit Auckland is one of the most expensive cities in the world. and Auckland city council Rates will kill them dead, let alone repairing omauru stone in the front entrance
    the amazing thing Auckland Org loses any great staff and public to other Orgs, so Auckland is in constant Dis estabish, It anit rocket science , better not tell them of my Ellislie Mission A/c monies,,Thanks to Wally Collis, handing it over to me, the money sure came in handy, especially with my huge expenses,Amarini suits and lobbo shoes,
    Nz whales Terry ?? Lauren.,.George skellerup is dead.Dont know of any others???? Granitt
  11. secretiveoldfag

    secretiveoldfag Silver Meritorious Patron

    If this was a commercial enterprise I would give it six months.

    Make that three.
  12. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    I think the Lees were off lines for years -from AK org- but the mother was an OT so may have had contact with OT orgs. Then I think they started to get a bit active in the early eighties.

    What about Sue Brown? And her brother who was on day staff as a reg in div 6. Anyone know if they are still in?
  13. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    My added emphasis :biggrin:

    "...5:00 AM Wednesday Jun 6, 2007

    ...The Church of Scientology is stepping up its image and presence here, spending $10 million to buy a prominent Auckland building.

    ...Ferriss said the church would fully renovate and restore the building over two years and expected to move in once the work was completed......
  14. randomx

    randomx Patron with Honors

    New Executive Director for Auckland Day

    "Hello New Zealand.
    I want to introduce myself and give you a brief rundown of my history in Scientology.

    My name is David Beck ....(Photo David and Kylie Beck)
    and I am now the Executive Director of Auckland Day Org.

    I have transferred from Melbourne day org to help enable Auckland to achieve the target
    of getting their Ideal Org done and opened!

    I first joined staff in 1989, one day after I first walked into the Melbourne org and have been on staff ever since.

    The posts I have held in that time are all executive posts. Treasury Sec, Deputy ED, HCO Executive Secretary, LRH Communicator and Executive Establishment Officer....

    ....My wife, Kylie is a long term Scientologist, a trained Supervisor and is working with me as Organization Executive Secretary, with the same purpose I have...."

    Much Love,
    David Beck.

    No mention of what has become of long suffering ex ED AK Day Marion Moffatt.

    So This means in recent weeks both AK Day and Fdn E.D`s have been replaced.

    Wins wins and more WINS. !! There`s more news in this newsletter...but there is a rerun of Matlock on TV and it`s more interesting. Actually the TV off is even more interesting.
  15. wigee1

    wigee1 Patron with Honors

    This is interesting, Transfer from Melbourne Ideal org, !! and with wifey, or was she already in Auck, the change of ED s Day and FDN especially 2x stable old timers, shows , desperation for change,get those dwindling stats up,
    But Dave , NZs fucked ,forget the Ideal Org we just want to pay the phone bill.
    Does anybody know if Nick frazer is still on staff, Granitt.
  16. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    Wonder how long before this ED blows? Sounds like their predecessors have already done so..
  17. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    Twenty four years as a staff member who has held very senior posts yet he still can't see all of the outrageous violations of tech or policy?

    Boy, is he in for a shock if he ever wakes up.:melodramatic:
  18. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Where are the not-on-post-now EDs. At an Oz RPF? Demoted to letter reg at AK? Finally out? Joined the SO? :omg::omg::omg: If they done that then the other Sea Orgers might catch some very very old strains of CI virus.

    And yes, where the hell is Nick Fraser?

    Where smike? Where slauren? Down the bank transfering more liability formula moolah to an ozzie MAA?

    How many millions for idle morgue money is being pulled in with bingo nights these days?
  19. randomx

    randomx Patron with Honors

    Vicar ties faith falloff to quakes

    Lyttelton has topped the list as Christchurch's most secular suburb.

    According to 2013 census data, about 60 per cent of the town's 1500 residents are not affiliated with any religion - a jump from about 40 per cent in 2006.

    More than half of residents in North Beach, South Brighton, New Brighton, Styx, Ensors and Beckenham put no religion on their census forms also.

    Citywide, the number of non-religious people has increased by about 10 per cent since 2006.

    In Lyttelton, Holy Trinity Church vicar Neil Struthers said the drop in faith was not surprising given the extent of earthquake damage to the area's churches and its ageing population.

    "We have lost all our historic churches. It's all in a flux at the moment," he said. The church had a congregation of about 30 parishioners, compared with about 50 in 2006.

    Struthers said many of the young people who had moved into the area did not appear interested in religion. A lot of them were put off by the "bigotry" of the past and the fact that a lot of churches were historically "institutions of division", he said.

    "Many of them are actually very interested in spirituality and are quite spiritual people, they're just not interested in the practice of the Christian religion."

    Nationwide, Christianity appears to have shed hundreds of thousands of devotees since 2006, while the number of non-religious people has risen strongly.

    Four out 10 Kiwis now declare themselves non-religious, putting New Zealand among the most secular countries in the world.

    The most religious suburbs in Christchurch, according to 2013 census data, include Holmwood, Belfast South, Deans Bush, Mairehau North, Bryndwr and Hawthornden.

    Just over 1 per cent of Christchurch residents are Buddhist (4113 people) or Hindu (3276 people) and just under 1 per cent are Muslim (2634 people).

    In New Zealand, religious affiliations are spread across hundreds of different faiths, from Greek Orthodox to Satanism.

    Just under 2000 Kiwis subscribe to Rastafari ideals, about 1500 put down Wiccan, 850 follow Satanism and 315 belong to the Church of Scientology.

    2013 Census religion table = Church of Scientology 315
  20. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    Are sea org slaves and RPF prisoners allowed to lodge census forms?