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Australians in Scientology

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by haiqu, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Agreed, Petey.

    You may remember that I was the unlucky soul who got to pick Phyll up at the airport upon her return to ANZO in 80/81 (thanks a bunch, Mike! :omg:).

    I got to experience first-hand her displeasure at being "home" in the ANZO backwater. She never forgave me for being there and communicating. I left the SO forever within months of her return.

    Dart Smohen once commented to me that they may just as well have posted Pol Pot as CO ANZO, it would've been less traumatic for all concerned. :yes:
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  2. the-ghostwhowalks

    the-ghostwhowalks Patron with Honors

    I will never forget Phyll Stevens as long as I live - ALL of of her operating basis was just plain nuts - One of them that comes to mind was "Audit the public !" - bullshit - AUDIT AND TRAIN YOUR STAFF ! - they are the ones who are willing to be there and help ! - they have the most faith - ( or delusion ) - or is there a little side matter called " Gross Income " ? - or a full blown dramatization of hubbards real personality ? - I will NEVER forget her , and I suspect she was a party to covering up a staff members suicide - I have more to say , but enough for now :angry:
  3. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    That would have been her second go-round, as she first came around 75 to be CO Sydney Day after Helen and John Parselle hotfooted it out. (John recruited me. Thanks a bunch.) Then she was "called to Flag" as it was euphemistically known, and ended up at my desk at the dag end of her routing form on her way home. I believe a short stint being "handled" came before it. By the time she got to me, she was pretty shitty, specially at the idea of being received by me. I debated for a while about how to deal with her. In the end I thought I'd kill her with kindness, that being what she would hate the most. So I gushed all over her and she loathed it but couldn't complain, and I was pretty tickled. Then she went home and you would have copped it, poor Panda.

    I love what Dart Smohen said. Very apt!
  4. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Lol, yes, it was Round Two. Of course I was also there for Round One but, in my mind, Phyll as CO Syd Day was a walk-in-the-park compared to Phyll as CO ANZO. :nervous:
  5. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yes I can see she would be!
  6. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Ya, I can well see Phyll doing a full blown "dark-side" thing. As I said, she was "intense" when I knew her . . . and maybe that was her sitting on the powder-keg of charge and hate that later became dramatized.

    It's another example of the screwy, flawed "tech" of $cn product.

    It's also true that she didn't have any executive power when I knew her. She was just one of the rest of us.

    But give these "intense" types power, and certainly when coupled with screwed up case and the monster is let loose. Add to this a threat of displeasure from above as a consequences of "failure" to get results . . . . and :angry::angry:

    I actually wonder if Phyll has any idea of how much $cn failed her :ohmy:

  7. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    What is this 'case' of which you speak?


    There is no 'case' just people in differing stages of growth.

    Phyll had a deep sadness in her ever alert eyes and I believe she did know that scio failed her, I hope she now rests in peace, I really liked her (though I didn't work under her, thank goodness).

  8. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Deleted (dopey double post).
  9. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    She didn't have "case" she had "grace". She had it audited out and it toined her inta a monster. It was horrible!! The Senior C/s said to the poor intern:
    "You F*$&ing BT ridden piece of s%?*!!!. NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE. I said CASE! Audit out her F%*=ing CASE! NOT her F@%&ing GRACE!. And as you can see from the many anecdotes told here, the results were not priddy. BTW, that intern hasn't seen the outside of the rpf from that day to this. P was once sent to Auckland Org to torment poor Div 6ers there because, well, that's the scientology point on the planet that was as far away from FLAG and ANSO CLO that you could possibly get. This is true.
  10. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I just came across this list of aussie scientologists - lots of familiar names there, including mine. :) Note this list is obviously from the 70's - 80's.....

    I decided to paste it in:

    Grayson Agnew
    Dot Ainsworth
    Cameron Airey
    Janessa Allan
    Barbara Allsop
    Bill Allsop
    Cassandra Allsop
    Derryn Allsop
    Peter Altmeier-Mort
    Emma Anastasi
    Dale Anderson
    Gordon R. Anderson
    Lindsay Anderson
    Liz Anderson
    Perry Anderson
    Tahnee Anderson
    Frank Andre-Wartha
    Jennifer Annoki-Chan
    Lindy Appleford
    Louis Arcoraci
    Raphael J. Arnold
    Douglas Atcheson
    Kama Atcheson
    Kimberli Ayers
    Richard Ayers
    Joe Azzopardi
    Lisa Azzopardi

    Caroline Badnall
    Ben Balfour
    Michal Balint
    Phil Bamford
    Keith Banham
    Bianca Baptista
    Phil Barden
    M. Fred Barei
    Judith Barnes
    Rory Barnes
    Rodney G. Barnett
    Terri Barnett
    Guy Barton
    Renate Barton
    Vilko Barudzija
    Daniel Bautista
    Jane Bautista
    Amanda Beats
    Shane Beats
    David Beck
    Hilton Bell
    Max Beniamini
    Cass Bennett
    Ian Bennett
    Jan Bennett
    Georgina Berry
    Geoffrey Blake
    John Blom
    Henry Blumenthal
    Dan Blumewthal
    Scott Bolland
    Margret Borg
    Gladys Bowen
    Paul Boyle
    Steve Bozanich
    Greg Bradley
    Ruthie Bradley
    Laurie Brazell
    Patricia Briggs
    Janice Bromley
    Dave Bromwell
    Gary Bromwell
    Karolyn Bromwell
    Trish Bromwell
    Robert Broughton
    Susan Broughton
    Barry Brown
    Ursula Bruce
    Aaron Brumley
    George Bryce
    Kamalia Bryce
    Louise Bryce
    Quintin Bryce
    June Budgeon
    Ron Budgeon
    Glenys Bugeja
    Richard Burnell
    Michael Burns
    Darryl Burnside
    Betty Butler
    Ted Butler
    Wayne D Byrne
    Wayne Byrne
    Glen Byrnes

    Jenny Caccamo
    Michael Caccamo
    Glenn Caldwell
    Claudio Caligiuri
    Elia Caligiuri
    Horacio Caligiuri
    Linda Caligiuri
    Lucy Caligiuri
    Mirella Caligiuri
    Mark Caliguiri
    Tim Cameron
    Magali Cammarata
    Sam Cammarata
    Tony Cammarata
    Chris Campbell
    Zina Caraci
    Mario Cardile
    Remo Cardosi
    Alycia Cardy
    Alan Carlisle
    Megan Carlisle
    Ron Carlisle
    Glen Carpenter
    Lance Carr
    Terri Carr
    Lana Carter
    Cherie Ceberano
    Paul Ceberano
    Andy Chang
    Jennifer Chang
    Les Chapman
    Martine Chapman
    Paul Chapman
    Jennifer Chen
    Pinky Chen
    Jean Chien
    Christine Childs
    Edwin Chou
    Kitty Chou
    Renate Christie
    Rowan Christie
    Diana Chuang
    Trish Ciuffetelli
    Glenn Clark
    Ross Clark
    Evelyne Clarke
    Sandra Clarkson
    Martin Coffey
    Mardi Cole
    Nigel Cole
    Matthew Coleman
    Caroline Collen
    Leonard Collen
    Lyn Collie
    Paul Coltman
    Flavio Comacchio
    Gina Comacchio
    Flavio Commachio
    Peter Conroy
    Robert Constable
    Tarran Constable
    Fabian Conti
    Amanda Cornes
    Greg Costello
    Jennifer Costello
    Al Cox
    Duncan Cox
    David Coxhill
    Rose Coxhill
    David A. Craven
    Debi Craven
    James Craven
    Sarah Craven
    Simon Craven
    Wendy Craven
    Harry Crawford
    Gaye Cray
    David Crooks
    Melissa Crooks
    Tracey Cullen
    Gino Cuomo
    Connie Curato
    Joe Curato
    Barbara Currie
    Colette Currie
    James Currie
    Gloria Cust

    Ida D'amica
    Tony Daly
    James Davey
    Patricia Davey
    John Wayne Davies
    Peter Jb Davies
    Doug Dawes
    Catriona Dawson
    Geoff Dawson
    Di Deering
    Sandy Deitch
    Dinah Denness
    Russell Denton
    John Devine
    Lorraine Devine
    Helen Dickenson
    Mark Dickson
    Sylvia Dickson
    Maria Dilello
    Krystyna Dixon
    Eunice Donato
    Lynette Doucas
    John Dowdall
    Mette Doyle
    Lucretia Draper
    Andrea Drew
    Peter Drewer
    Georgina Drivas
    John Drivas
    Wei Wen Duan
    Bernie Duane
    Simone Duane
    Royce Dunn
    Greg Dunsmore

    Trevor Eade
    Steven Eldridge
    Maria Erai
    Rose Evans

    Kerry Ann Fairclough
    Andrew Fairlie
    Anne Falkinder
    Mark Farrelly
    Chris Farrier
    Fred Field
    Walter Fiorito
    Tim P. Fitzgerald
    Siobhan Fitzpatrick
    Tim Forrester
    Tracey Forrester
    Truls Foshaug
    Mike Foster
    Lynne Fox
    Russell Fox
    John Franzi
    Roslyn Franzi
    Irene Fraser
    Karen Fraser
    Peter Fraser
    Warwick Fraser
    Lisa Freebury
    Adam Frost
    Mariko Fukada

    Sally Garden
    Bruno Gelonese
    David Gibbons
    Jenny Gibbons
    Bruce Gibson
    Marlene Gibson
    Mark Giffin
    Reg Gilroy
    Kevin Ginbey
    Sue Ginbey
    Sylvia Gleeson
    Kingsley Gock
    Mickey Goldzweig
    Jamie Gordon
    Sibel Goren
    Jocelyn Goss
    Ina Gourley
    Peter Govers-Ballard
    Gina Graham
    Jessie Gray
    Phil Greenhalgh
    David R. Griffiths
    Jarrod Grimshaw
    Tom Grimshaw

    Carol Hallett
    Paul Hamilton
    Steve Hancock
    Scarlett Hanna
    Lidia Hannah
    Brett Hansell
    Bruce Hardie Neil
    Kevin Harris
    Shimmy Harris
    Shaun Hart
    Yuka Hasegawa
    Rhonda Hatzirodos
    Derek Hayward
    Richie Hayward
    Susan Hayward
    Louise Henderson
    Frank Hercus
    Michael Herson
    Ronda Herson
    Robyn Hess
    Muriel A. Higgins
    Benjamin Hill
    Kelly Hirst
    Roger Hjorleifson
    Beate Hohl
    Claire Holbrook
    Shane Hollindale
    Cyril H. Holman
    Harry Honnor
    Wendy Honnor
    Lili Hsieh
    Cathy Hsu
    Anna Huang
    Peter Hubble
    Jan Hudson
    Gareth William Hughes
    Justin Hughes
    Martha Philippa Hughes
    Aisling M. Hume
    Joanne Hunter
    Cathy Hurst
    Caeylinh Huynh

    Ian Ingram
    Kryoung Bin In
    Michael Irvine

    Doug Jack
    Afrika James
    Nerida James
    Tammy James
    Trinidad James
    Laurent Jang
    Pat Jarvis
    Daphne Jefford
    Kim Jefford
    Samantha Jefford
    Gloria Jen
    Caron Jenkins
    Steve Jenkins
    Ian Jennings
    Joe Jia
    Gay Johnson
    Jo Johnson
    Martin Johnson
    Stephanie Jones
    Kathleen Joyce

    Marie Kable
    Jacqueline Kalab
    Rudy Kalab
    Jim Kalaitzis
    Anne Kannar
    Andrew Kay
    Jim Keating
    Sue Keating
    Nella Kerr
    Michelle Keys
    Nick Keys
    Jenny Kiggins
    Wendy Kingdon
    Michael King
    Sue Kinnear
    Ken Klaebe
    Fred Klemick
    Margaret Klemick
    Maia Knaggs
    Kwan Woong Koo
    Robert Koshemakin
    Gabriella Kovacevic
    James Kovacevic
    Carolyn Kyle

    Charles Lander
    Win Lander
    Jenny Lane
    Peter Mart Lardelli
    Cindy Law
    Richard Law
    Jay Lawrence
    Brad Lawson
    Eva Lawson
    Nick Lee
    Tom Lee
    Alexander Lemon
    Angie Paice & Neil Lemon
    Aran Levin
    Erik Levin
    Rita Levin
    Yen Shen Li
    Yueh-Chan Lin
    Zhuangling Lin
    Roslyn Lind
    Doug Lindsay
    Jacinta Lindsay
    Emily Liu
    Megan Liu
    Wendy Liu
    Diego Llisebir
    Vanessa Llisebir
    Steve Lovrinovic
    Margaret Lowe
    Lynne Lowenstein
    Nijole Lowes
    Peter Joseph Lubychij
    Gaetono De Luca
    Elvira Luchini

    Jenny Maartens
    Robert MacDonald
    Yvonne MacDonald
    Kevin Mackey
    Vicky Mackey
    Terry Macnee
    Joe Malesic
    Tracey Marashian
    Rudi Marashlian
    Tracey Marashlian
    Felix Marci
    Damon Markopoulos
    Melissa Marks
    George Noel Marston
    Denis John Martin
    Lyssandra Martin
    Pauline Maszlagi
    Rae Maxwell
    Julie Mayhew
    Mike McAuliffe
    Gregory McCarthy
    Fiona McClintock
    Julie Wynne McClintock
    Patrick McColl
    Kathy McCurdy-Zagame
    Alan McLoughlin
    Tracey McNamara
    Rogan McNeil
    Julie McSweeny
    Albert Megraw
    Francis Mei
    Simon Meney
    Ian Merchant
    Joan Merchant
    Angelo Mesiti
    Brian Micallef
    Helen Micallef
    Viorica Mihalcea
    Bev Mihalic
    Elena Maria Milkovitsch
    Joel Miranda
    Peter Miranda
    Claire Monaghan
    Sergio Morello
    Shorne Morris
    Joseph Morrison
    Joan Mort
    Gerhard Mottl
    Pertti Muhli
    Peter Mulder
    Rev. Ronald Munn
    Tarryn Munro
    Diana Murphy
    Peter Murphy
    Terry Murphy
    Garry Murrin

    Glenys Nall
    Bruce Hardie Neil
    Karen Neil
    Mark Newman
    Matthew Newman
    Nick Newman
    Mary Newman-Martin
    Phil Newman-Martin
    David Ni
    Ross Nichols
    Eleanor Nitche
    Katrina Nitsche
    Leanne Nobrega
    Rochelle North

    Paul O'Connor
    Akiko O'Connor-Suganuma
    David O'Donnel
    Ross O'Donoghue
    Shuawn O'Meara
    Coby O'Sullivan
    Donna O'Sullivan
    Chrystyna Offenbuame
    Tony Oliver
    Manfred Onder
    Carmel Ovseev

    Norman Pakes
    Helen Panayi
    Stewart Payne
    Wayne Peachey
    George Pearson
    Alistair Percy
    Thomas Phillips
    Derek R. Phillips
    Chris Phillips
    Ken Pilkington
    Mr. David Plaister
    Johnny Plustwik
    Ron Pollard
    Fay Pollard
    John Poulakis
    Chris Power
    Rod Prater
    Leigh Price
    Kimberley Prickett
    Cheryl Puethe

    Conny Quintal
    Steve Quintal

    Brian W. Rackham
    Carmen Isabell Rainer
    Andrew Randell
    Jason Rayner
    Arthur Redi
    Jo Reid
    Thomas Reid
    Maree Reily
    Paul Rendall
    Archie Riddell
    Bet Riddell
    Mark Riddell
    Andrew F. Rinder
    Barbara J. Rinder
    Patricia Rinder
    Carol Robins
    Nick Robins
    Robert Robins
    Rosalind Robins
    Peter Robinson
    Rick Robjent
    Melanie Robson
    Sarah Robson
    Serena Robson
    Maria M. Rojas
    Eva Ross
    Heidi Ross
    Garnet Rottcher
    Janine Rowlands
    Maryanne Ryland

    Elizabeth Safra
    Myrna Louise Safra
    Roger Safra
    Gina Salmon
    Peter Salmon
    Woodie Sampson
    Christine Margaret Sanderson
    Jennifer Schelbert
    Enzo Schiliro
    Nerina Schiliro
    Alan Schneider
    Mark Scupham
    Kay Seabrook
    Ron Segal
    Pelite Sei
    John Sellers
    Anna Serra
    Geoff Serra
    Carlo Sferco
    Hilary Shead
    Ted Shelly
    Colin Sherman
    Chris Shipman
    Richie Shiu
    Anita Shyee
    Amy Silva
    Maria Silva
    Elenor Simpson
    Peter Simpson
    Robin Sinclair
    Ravi Singh
    Vilmer Skov
    Vanessa Smit
    Ailee Smith
    Carla Smith
    Dorreen Smith
    Rose Whelan Smith
    Barbara Smyth
    Paul Snodgrass
    Keith Soanes
    Fabrizio Soncin
    Frances Sowerby
    John Sowerby
    Steve Spargo
    Graeme Sprigge
    Jason Standford
    Noriko Stanford
    Giles Stapleton
    Kelly Stauffer
    Isaac Steele
    Stevan Steele
    Tessa Steele
    George Sterling
    Carol Stewart
    Erin Stewart
    James Stivey
    John J Stivey
    Rick Stoker
    Ivan Stone
    Mark Stone
    Katie Strahan
    Mr. Roy Strahan
    Ray Streeter
    Ben Strong
    Coby Sullivan
    Flora Sullivan
    John Sullivan
    Olivia Sullivan
    Jeanine Summers
    Robin Sunol
    Maggie Sweeney
    Paul Sweeney
    Mary Szental

    Tatiana Talei
    Judy Tampion
    Dale Tangiora
    Guy Taylor
    Helen Taylor
    Irma Taylor
    Lynette Thom
    Neil Thomas
    Sue Thompson
    Roy Thomson
    David Thor
    Sandy Thurston
    John Tidswell
    Tony Timms
    Chris Tingley
    Chad Tippapart
    Valerie Tivan
    Johanes Tjuatja
    Henrik Tkacz
    Michael Tomblin
    Michael Trethowanf
    Mario Treu
    Annie Turner
    Cheryl Turner
    Grahame Turner
    Pauline Turner
    Tony Tzouvelis

    Ken Vac
    Lucas Van Berkel
    Suzanna Van Berkel
    Vincent Van Berkel
    Pat Van Der Voorden
    Pieter Van der Wal
    Son Van Vu
    John Vardis
    Andras Vermes-Gabos
    Cecile Vowles
    Colston Vowles

    Matt Waite
    Clive J. Wakeham
    Angela Wang
    Jessica Wang
    Yvonne Wang
    Audrey Warren
    Garry Watkins
    Graeme Watson
    Denise Webb
    Irene Wei
    Billy Weir
    Diana Welbourne
    Merryn Weston
    Jody Whelan
    Samantha Rose Smith Whelan
    Derek White
    Geoffrey White
    Grant White
    Marion Whiteside
    Andrew Whyte
    Kim van Wichen
    Hans-Peter Wiederkehr
    Benji Wijitpun
    Ian Wilde
    Paul Wilkinson
    Greg Williams
    Jeremy Williams
    Lisa Williams
    Lizzy Williams
    Ben Willows
    Jason Willows
    Jenny Willows
    Steve Willows
    Joe Wills
    Bill Wilson
    James Wilson
    Gerhart Wittwer
    Marian Wittwer
    Claudette Woodley
    Michael Woods
    Trevor Woods
    Richard Wright
    Eve Wu

    Monique Xenophontas

    Ja Ja Yang
    Simon Young

    Assunta Zaghet
    Jason Zani
    Laurence Zani
    Pauline Zani
    Werner Zimmer


    Mark Allison
    Vickey Alpe
    Antionette Anderson
    Mike Avery
    Christopher Barnett
    George Bell
    Pearl Bennett
    Bruce Berntsen
    Ken Boyd
    Nola Boyd
    Colleen Bray
    Karina Casement
    Melva Collins
    Michelle Conole
    Paul Conole
    Dave D'audney
    Win Dickey
    Rob Dickie
    Julie Dockerty
    Tony Dowling
    John H Duncan
    Phillip Evans
    James Ferriss
    Alana Foai
    Manase Foai
    Mira Forrest
    Denny Frater
    Penese Gason
    Glynis Gillott
    Ian Gillott
    Laurie Bingham
    Robin Bin Han
    Arampamo Haran
    Jude Harrod
    Charlie Hobbs
    Varina Horne
    Elaine Jack
    Jimmy Jackson
    Tony Johnson
    Kororia Kahui-Ariki
    Matt Kiely
    Gail Laing
    Anh Le Ngoc
    Dana Lee
    Simon Lee
    Johnathin Littler
    Lynnaire Liversedge
    Neil Liversedge
    Dane Luxford
    Paul Maunder
    Campbell McCorquodale
    Heather McLeary
    Mo McLeary
    Robert McMullen
    Shane Millar
    Claude Moffat
    Dianne Monk
    Judith Moore
    Brian Murray
    Eve Owen
    Kevin Owen
    Michelle Owen
    Pastor Puke Parai
    Nigel Patterson
    Dick Peters
    Irene Pook
    Warren Portsmouth
    Tim Pringle
    Yure Radojkovich
    Travel Rakoia
    Stephan Rawles
    Andy Redfern
    Debbie Rose
    Anton Royce
    David Rule
    Tim Saunders
    Kay Sawyer
    John Scott
    Rebecca Simons
    Alison Slade-Baker
    Helen Smith
    Karyn Smits
    Patrick Anthony Spencer-Smith
    Harvey Stapleton
    Karen Stephenson
    Mary Stevens
    Luke Stock
    Ian Sugden
    Kathy Swords
    Mark Swords
    Mana Tewhata
    Ena Tito
    Marisha Turol
    Ben Van Den Berg
    Shelley Van Den Berg
    Geoff White
    Keitha Wilcox
    Tony Williams
    Anita Wiseman
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  11. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    Interesting list, thanks for posting! I recognised a few people there including "Quintin Bryce" -- surely not this one?
  12. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    From one of those "I am a Scientologist" pages. (BTW, these days, those pages are like taking your clothes off in public aren't they?)

    "...Hello, my name is Quintin Bryce, and here is a little bit about myself:
    I was born in London, England and lived there for 7 years. We then moved to East Grinstead in West Sussex which is in the Southern part of England. Saint Hill Manor, which is established in East Grinstead, was where L. Ron Hubbard did a lot of his work. I went to Greenfields School (a Scientology school) for 6 years until moving out to Australia in 1992. In 1997 I finished my schooling and now I study courses at the Advanced Organization of Saint Hill...."
  13. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    Austrailians Rock.:cheers:
  14. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    LOL'd at the list of Aussie "scios", FTS.
    Maybe we should do a table with a "whatever happened to so-and-so?" addendum.
  15. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I just added to my post that this is a very old list.

    I would LOVE to know where some of these people are! Can we do it? :biggrin:
  16. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    You say that as if you think it's a bad thing! :biggrin:
  17. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    We should do it, we'd probably need a get-together to compare notes.
    There are a lot of "gone" people on that list; some speaking out, some who would probably prefer to just remain "quietly gone".
  18. Miss Pert

    Miss Pert Silver Meritorious Patron

  19. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Yes, it's the list of Aussies and Kiwis who were on the "On-Line Scientologists" website as of the year 2000. A lot of the old names (pre-Online era) are missing.
  20. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    What about the list reposted with those no longer in, in "crossed out" format. That would be nice.