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Bits and pieces from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by Emma, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Lucretia

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    It just occurs to me that the Personell Off is quoting something from 55 years ago.

    I know how it works - but its still bloody weird.
  2. Neo

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  3. Emma

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  4. JBWriter

    JBWriter Happy Sapien

    Does anyone know if Andrew Simes was involved with Co$/scientology-related litigation in Australia?

    Here's why I ask.

    I went to the ACNC website to check and see if Co$/Co$-related 'charities' had filed their financial data yet. (If they have, it isn't yet available to review, btw.)

    There was, however, a document filed on September 25, 2013 by Co$, Inc., so I reviewed it and saw Mr. Simes' name. The thing is - there's no reason why Mr. Simes' name should be on the document.

    It says: "This is the document marked 'A' and referred to in the annexed declaration by Andrew Simes made before me on the" -- where it cuts off and the next page begins with something else entirely.

    Here's the link to the ACNC search result page: Scroll down to the last block on the left-hand side to "Charity's Documents" and click to open the pdf - the quote above is located on the bottom of the first of nineteen pages.

    If I understand this correctly, the current Co$, Inc. exec(s) submitted the organization's "governing document" as required by ACNC in 2013, by yanking it from a prior legal/quasi-legal case of some sort.

    Might it be from a comm-ev or civil/criminal litigation in NZ/AU/US? I've no idea, but per the bottom of page 1, Mr. Simes made a "declaration" somewhere and it related to the governing document of the Co$, Inc.

    For those who collect/amass pertinent documents which relate to Co$, I suspect this one is a keeper -- especially since it can be compared to other versions of this same document found/filed elsewhere. :look:

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  5. JBWriter

    JBWriter Happy Sapien

    Here's an ESMB thread link that shows the combined efforts of a few motivated ESMB members:

    Here's the post within the above thread that provides the pdf that can be compared to the one filed with ACNC by Co$, Inc. on September 25, 2013:

  6. eyeswideopen

    eyeswideopen Patron

    Melbourne org is advertising for staff on Gumtree again.
    False advertising regard to "rapid local, Interstate as well as international expansion"?
    And it seems they are not too fussy about spelling and grammar these days.

    Staff Wanted. Now Accepting Applications!

    The Church of Scientology is now accepting Applications for Volunteer Staff.

    Due to rapid local, Interstate as well as international expansion dozens of new positions are being filled every month. We are currently in the process of manning and training not only for Melbourne but also some interstate and overseas locations.​

    The work here is very diverse. Positions we are looking to fill entail such things as:​
    Counselling, Management, Kitchen, Cleaning, Building Maintenance, Gardening, Education, Reception, IT, Administration, Accounting, Book Keeping, Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing, Security, Mail Room, Store Room, Logistics.​

    Their are positions for almost anyone and we match the person to the task that is best suited to them and most importantly enjoy doing.​

    The thing to know is that you don't require any prior work experience in any of the areas mentioned above.​

    We already have trained thousands of others from all nationalities speaking many different languages.​

    We will make it our responsibility to you to fully train you so you can be confident and in control over your appointed post.​

    All our volunteer staff members are paid an stipend allowance to be able to carry out the work.​

    Those new to Australia (Perhaps with "Little English") and also those with little or no work experience" are urged to also attend our meetup.​

    The Church of Scientology is a true melting pot made up out of people from many faiths and practises. Those that work here all have in common that they want to improve themselves and help their own groups and other groups like it to do the same. Freedom of religion is highly respected by those that frequent this facility.​

    Therefore your age, religion, culture or sex does not matter to us. We are keen to work with all people that are open to learn new skills.​

    Our extensive on the job training is most often available in other languages and any team uniform that may be required is also provided as part of any agreement.​

    If you can not attend this particular meetup time and date then contact me to arrange a time and date better suited to you.​

    Lets meetup so we can get to know each other and you can have all your questions answered.​

    Let's get acquainted!​

    Please register at and pick the day and time best suited to you to meetup with us.​

    Christie. Michel and Robyn​

    The focus of the group seems to be on volunteer ministers. The next org recruitment Meetup is on Wednesday, after one for Narconon on Tuesday.

    What we're about

    This is a group for anyone that wants to volunteer sometimes or sometimes needs the help of volunteers to aid its community non for profit organization.​

    Its also for people that interested in learning skills so they can help family members, community members, or groups or simply learn skills to improve themselves.​

    You may also step up as Event Organizer for this meetup and it this way you can than invite the members of this meetup group to volunteer with your organisation.​

    Our aim is to meet up on a regular basis and learn a specific skill to help you be an excellent volunteer and help those around you in your community.​

    The training is done by volunteers at the Church of Scientology and open to people of all faiths, beliefs, cultures and education levels.​

    We will all have fun learning together. We will provide practical classes that will be going over specific life skills that we can use to handle problems.​

    See the website to give you an idea of the topics we cover and the extend we do this.​

    The definition of the word minister as used here is: attend to the needs of (someone):​

    There are free online courses on this website.​

    For those that can attend our meetups it is possible to learn these essential skills together and than practice using them right here in Melbourne.​

    Scientology means knowing how to know in the fullest sense of the word.​

    As Volunteers, we are all about education to help you help others​

    Their next Meetup on Tuesday is recruiting for Narconon:

    Volunteers Wanted for the Melbourne Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Center!

    What we'll do

    Volunteers Wanted!​

    Your room and board during your stay is provided for.​

    About Narconon:​

    We operate a full Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation and Education Facility in East Warburton Victoria, Australia. We rely heavily on volunteers to provide this.​
    Our goal is to Rehabilitate people who have become dependent on Drugs and Alcohol by using a natural non-Drug approach to handling their Addiction.​
    Narconon uses proven rehabilitation technology that gets to the problem at its source—and provides a path for long-term success.​

    For nearly 50 years, Narconon has saved those who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. Week by week. Year by year. Our success is measured in our ever-growing number of graduates who now lead new lives free from drugs.​

    What we need:​

    Narconon Melbourne is looking for volunteers who are passionate about helping get people of drugs. We have exciting projects underway that will get you involved in creating drug-free lives and making a difference. For those accepted as volunteers we will provide for you room and board during your stay, or for the days you will be volunteering.​

    Work to be done includes: painting, gardening, renovation cycles, hospitality work, promotional activities and drug education. Experience in any of these area's is appreciated but not required. Anyone who is up for tackling anything that comes there way is more than welcome to join us. There is a wide range of duties you can help us with and all with the purpose and end product of creating drug-free lives!​

    Volunteer work is required for any length of time between 1 week and 5 months starting as soon as possible! The next three weeks are essential and guarantee your position and room and board. Let us know what times and what days you can put into it and we'll work out the rest with you! No doubt you have many questions. Have them all answered at our meetup or contact us now!​

    Important to know:​

    Our Drug Rehabilitation Center is entirely drug-free! This means that there are no drugs or alcohol on the premises and none of our staff or students are under the influence while at the Narconon Center. This creates a safe environment for both our staff to work in and our students to recover in.​

    For more information about the Narconon Program or our Center, please check out the following websites:​

    See you at our meetup​