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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by tamaritha, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. tamaritha

    tamaritha Patron

    Chinese New Year is officially today, and as usual, many many stalls were set up in Chinatown in Sydney to draw the new influx of people who had stopped spending money since Christmas. As usual, the absolutely Caucasian Scientologists who also made a big fuss on Australia Day* made an appearance, by setting up a stall just off the edge of Chinatown. I am guessing it made them sufficiently apart from the celebrations so they won't be accused of being disrespectful to the celebrating masses.

    They had a huge pile of Dianetics books (mostly in English, though I KNOW they have a Chinese translation. Once again, it really shows how... grossly insulting they are, I suppose), and two e-meters. Given that there are many Asian exchange students suckered into Sydney orgs, I was surprised that every single person manning the place (two tables) was well, Caucasian. In the middle of Chinatown, in the middle of a Chinese celebration (Japanese do not celebrate it, Koreans traditionally stay home, and the SE Asians' New Year was a day earlier). Was it any wonder that the only people they managed to catch were... non-Asians?

    What was particularly sneaky and nasty of them though was to put up a little placard that read "the free stress testing is brought to you by the Church of Scientology" - as though this free stress test, and the selling of Dianetics, was an independent action that is so beneficial, that the CoS were willing to fund it.

    *In Sydney, Australia Day is merely an excuse for redneck twits to get drunk, drape flags around their sweaty backs and yell "WE GREW HERE, YOU FLEW HERE, GO HOME [insert race]" then spit at whichever race that has fallen into disfavour these days. It's lovely that Scientology wishes to give free stress tests to them. It will draw them away from spitting at perfectly ordinary passerbys, and hey, the money they rip off them for copies of Dianetics means that money can't be used to deface more Australian flags. They truly are clearing the world.:D
  2. Jimmy Cricket

    Jimmy Cricket Patron with Honors

    Silly for CoS to set up booths for Chinese New Year. For the first 2 days of CNY, it is Chinese tradition to stay home and celebrate with their families and close relatives. Lots of fireworks and firecrackers, drinking and gambling, staying up into the wee hours.
  3. Jimmy Cricket

    Jimmy Cricket Patron with Honors

    CoS setting up booths during Chinese New Year is about as silly as doing it during Thanksgiving in USA. In the USA, Thanksgiving time is generally considered to be the heaviest traveling time during the year. Ever see the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"? Most people traditionally try to get together with their family during Thanksgiving.

    Chinese New Year is a much bigger holiday. For a couple decades now, CNY is the largest concerted global movement of people at any given time. Before and after CNY, more than 1 billion people travel to be together with their extended families. 1 Billion people, not Million people. You don't have to believe me, check it out for yourself on Google. Anyway, the cities are relatively empty, as people return to their rural roots.

    Which begs the question, _why_ is CoS setting up free stress tests for CNY? Don't expect Chinese to be wandering around, traditionally they are at home with their families during this time. Inauspicious (unlucky) to be traveling around, away from family during the first couple days of CNY.