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Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Reports from Newspapers, Blogs, and ' started by aegerprimo, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. aegerprimo

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    Times sure have changed for the Co$. Major publications and mainstream media are no longer afraid to print stories about the Co$, Scientology, and its members. Those who were casually laughing at cult lunacy before are now starting to seriously take notice of its cruelty and abuses. IMHO, 2014 is the year that the Scientology bad image and bad name will be totally beyond repair. Loyal members will not be able to ignore wide ranging articles all over the internet, on newsstands, and on other media resources, about the abuses the Co$ continues to commit against its followers and staff members.

    Of course, no media source can match Tony Ortega’s relentless daily reporting on Scientology at the Underground Bunker, especially when it comes to his quality and speed.

    In this thread, I will attempt to post the articles I found for the month at the end of each month. I hope this thread will be useful for both ESMB members and lurkers. I am one person, one pair of eyes. There will probably be articles that I will miss, so please post the ones you find here as well.
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - JANUARY


    Revealed: Scientology leader's f-word rant at employees in 2007 who he forced to sabotage journalist's investigative documentary on the organization

    Tom Cruise may be the new film ambassador for Ireland

    Attorney in Narconon Arrowhead lawsuit calls ruling a "Big Win"

    Ocean FM deny ‘amazing’ Scientology link

    Ocean FM amazed at inclusion in Scientology video!

    BBC Newsman John Sweeney's Book Calls Scientology's 'Pope' a Foul-Mouthed Bully

    Science Fiction - Church of Scientology claims it has slashed drug crime in Ireland

    Judge to Scientology: Leader must testify in Texas case

    Scientology lawyers: Church did not harass former executive and wife

    ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’: Eric Idle, Kirstie Alley clash over Scientology

    Scientologist Kirstie Alley Feuds with Monty Python and Leah Remini, New Will Smith Show

    The State of Texas: Jan. 24, 2014 - Scientology in Texas

    Church of Scientology of Kaohsiung Promotes Human Rights

    Scientology – the biggest scam about

    Ex-Scientologist Reveals Shocking Life Inside 'Dangerous, Secretive Cult'

    The Atlantic’s Church of Scientology advertorial

    Scientology EXPOSED! Judge Orders Church To Reveal Secret Records In Court

    Head Scientologist ordered to appear at deposition
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    JANUARY (continued):

    Police investigating man's fatal plunge from Clearwater condo tower

    Scientology Under Investigation: New Details Of FBI Probe Into Human Trafficking Allegations Revealed In Court

    5 Ways Growing Up Inside Scientology Was a Nightmare
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  5. aegerprimo

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    You have to be a member to view the news at this website, so I signed up for the free membership and made this article into PDF format so everyone who comes here can read it.

    :study: Click on the attachment...

    View attachment Lost In Schizophrenia.pdf
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - FEBRARY


    Scientology suit moving too slow for judge

    Adidas Contract With Bayern Munich Players Forbids Scientology Membership

    Drug Rehab Center Tricked Patient Into Studying Scientology, Lawsuit Says

    Top-Secret Scientology Planning Session EXPOSED In Undercover Video: ‘We’re Going To Keep Dong These Battles… We Have To Win’

    Texas judge fed up with pace of Scientology trial

    Scientology's Super Bowl Ad Preached to the Cult of Apple

    Church of Scientology premises turned into a brothel

    Vanity Fair teaser (you have to buy the magazine or buy the online subscription to read the entire article) Read Why Shelly Miscavige, Once Scientology’s Queen, Was Dethroned by Her Husband David

    Religion News: Church of Scientology ad riles Super Bowl viewers

    Cretekos talks about his job as mayor

    Scientology Lecturers Try To Infiltrate Hareidi Seminar

    Escaping Scientology: interview with Jason Barclay

    John Travolta, interview: ‘I would love to play a Bond villian’

    With a Super Bowl Ad, Scientology Gets a Crowd

    Adidas forbids Bayern Munich star to practice Scientology

    John Travolta: Scientology Helped Me Cope With Jett's Death

    Tom Cruise’s Freaky, Scary Cult Are Keeping David Miscavige’s Wife Under Armed Guard

    Man takes plea in Vegas ‘sovereign citizen’ case

    Louis Theroux working on Scientology documentary

    Tom Cruise Loses His Temper After Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Romance Made Public

    'Scientology minders were with me every day for TWO solid years': John Travolta reveals how church accompanied him everywhere when his faith wobbled after son's death

    John Travolta gets candid on Scientology: 'I don't know what I would have done' without church's support after son's death

    Marvel Court tenants back at the condemned building

    How to Be the Next Tom Cruise: Advice for the Bit Players in the New Endless Love

    City Council race tackles taxes, Scientology

    Justin Bieber Finds A Friend In T.I. [Video]

    Video released in Scientology harassment case…


    Will Smith - Will Smith's Son Reaches Out To Shia Labeouf

    Crazy Amazon Seller Threatens the Wrath of Scientology on People Who Give Negative Feedback

    Soros Hires Scientologist to Conquer Ukraine

    Jaden Smith Is Here For Shia LaDouche If He Needs A “Fellow Insane Person” To Talk To

    John Travolta Opens Up About Son Jett's Death, Scientology'™s Influence

    Kelly Preston's Husband John Travolta Touts Scientology in Death of Son Jett

    John Travolta On The Death Of His Son Jett: "Was The Worst Thing That's Ever Happened In My Life!"

    Scientology appeals Comal court order

    Santeria, Scientology, Satanism — oh my! Atheist author explores minority religions

    L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Anthology Changes Format in Its 30th Year

    Hyde From That 70′s Show Is Somebody’s Father

    Scientology faces claims its leader's lonely, devoted wife who has not been seen for seven years has been banished to secret lair after defying his orders

    You may now kiss the Scientologist

    Missing Scientology Queen: the Mystery Behind Michele Miscavige

    Has the mystery of Scientology’s lost queen Shelly Miscavige finally been solved?

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Wife Missing For 7 Years, Being 'Reprogrammed' At Religion's Secret Bases

    Narconon Arrowhead Now Offering Volunteer Bible Study Classes to Patients in Treatment

    Scientology Supreme Court case couple get married

    Narconon Rehab Called a Scientology Come-on

    Litigation For Scientology Is A Blood Sport’: Monique Rathbun Files Motion To Hold Church In Contempt Over Their ‘Abuse’ During Case

    Does Scientology Deserve All the Attention?

    George Cretekos and the Stepford Scientologists


    Leah Remini Shares The Truth About The Hardest Year Of Her Life

    Leah Remini Says She Left Scientology For Her Daughter

    Leah Remini Didn’t Want Her Daughter Audited

    Leah Remini: "I Don't Want to be Known as This Bitter Ex-Scientologist"

    Leah Remini reveals she quit Scientology for her daughter Sofia, nine, after recalling her own fractured childhood in the church

    Leah Remini: I left Scientology because of my daughter, Sofia

    Leah Remini on Scientology past: 'I was a hypocrite'

    Leah Remini reportedly planning tell-all memoir about Scientology: Most shocking celeb book?

    Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All: Why She Left

    ‘Everything The Church Taught Me Was A Lie’: Leah Remini Reveals Disturbing New Details Of ‘Horrendous’ Scientology Childhood & Why She Finally Left The Church

    Leah Remini reveals she left Scientology for her daughter’s sake

    Leah Remini left Scientology because of her daughter

    Leah Remini: I Left Scientology for My Daughter

    Leah Remini on Scientology: ‘Everything the Church taught me was a lie’

    Leah Remini Talks Growing Up In Church Of Scientology, Reveals She Left For Her Daughter

    Leah Remini says Scientology was 'a lie,' she was a 'hypocrite',0,7175804.story#axzz2uZVgk0N3

    Family First - Leah Remini has revealed the true reason behind her defection from Scientology: family and hypocrisy.

    Scientology Rep Responds to Leah Remini's Comment That She Left Church Because of Her Daughter Sofia

    Leah Remini Explains Split With Scientology: She Was Worried About Her Daughter, For One Thing

    Leah Remini Reveals Reason For Leaving Scientology: "They Didn't Care About Doing The Right Thing"

    Why Leah Remini really left Scientology

    How Leah Remini's Daughter Saved Her From Scientology

    Leah Remini Reveals Why She Left Scientology

    Leah Remini Slams Scientology, ‘Everything The Church Taught Me Was A Lie’

    Leah Remini on Growing Up a Scientologist: "We Were Working From Morning Until Night With Barely Any Schooling"

    Leah Remini Reveals She Left Scientology for Her Daughter,,20791581,00.html

    Remini quit Scientology to protect daughter

    Scientologists say King of Queens star Leah Remini is ‘desperate for attention’, was set to be expelled

    Scientology Slams ‘Self-Absorbed’ Leah Remini, Claims She Was About To Be EXPELLED Before Shock Defection

    Scientology on Leah Remini: 'self-absorbed' bid to 'grab attention',0,4037681.story#axzz2udb1BF6q

    Scientology responds to Leah Remini’s latest interview by trashing her, as usual iew_by_trashing_her_as_usual/

    Scientology on Remini 'spin': 'Absurd, insulting'

    Scientology Fire Back At Leah Remini’s Comments

    Church of Scientology Attacks Leah Remini: She Has an "Insatiable Craving for Attention"

    Scientology calls Leah Remini an attention-monger: calls star’s comments “insulting”

    Leah Remini blasted by Scientology leaders

    Scientology responds to Leah Remini: 'She was on the verge of being expelled'

    Scientology Church Beliefs & Celebrity Members: Leah Remini Reveals Dirty & Shocking Truth About Religion

    Leah Remini Talks About Scientology

    Church of Scientology Blasts "Absurd" Claims From "Self-Absorbed" Star

    Scientology rep responds to Leah Remini's comment that she left church because of her daughter

    US Weekly Throws Leah Remini Under A Bus


    John Travolta Opens Up About Son Jett’s Death

    Inside the World of Scientology: Steve Mango
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - MARCH


    Leah Remini: “I Don’t Want to be Known as This Bitter Ex-Scientologist”

    Leah Remini credits Jennifer Lopez with newfound spirituality

    Narconon drug rehab – a sister goes public today about tragic death

    Scientology Narconon drug rehab negligent care and death

    Bitch’s Wiglet Is Too Tight: The John Travolta Edition

    Idina Menzel, I Mean, Adele Dazeem, Sang "Let It Go" At The Oscars And Didn't Seem Happy About It

    John Travolta on his Idina Menzel Oscars flub: Let it go!

    Jorn Tromolt, Has Been Beating Himself Up Over Calling Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem"

    Acting Ukrainian president is a pastor and its prime is a Scientologist

    John Travolta performs self-auditing on his past Oscars mistakes

    Leah Remini to Star in New TLC Reality Series

    Leah Remini lands her own reality show

    The Stunning Acting Career of Tom Cruise

    John Travolta Tried to Recruit Tebow to the Church of Scientology

    Kirstie Alley talks about return to TV sitcom spotlight

    Ukraine Situation Further Confused After Appearance by John Travolta

    Ex-Scientologists take on reality TV

    Leah Remini Gets Her Own 12-Episode Reality Series On TLC; Network Says The Show Will Also Feature Her Family

    Leah Remini To Star On TLC Reality Series

    Leah Remini Lands Her Own TLC Reality Show!

    Actress Leah Remini to get own reality series on TLC Channel

    Leah Remini Scientology: Actress Gets TLC Reality Show Gig After Leaving Faith (VIDEO)

    Leah Remini gets her own TLC reality show

    After One Year Sober Family Member Talks About Niece's Addiction & Recovery Process Through Narconon Arrowhead Rehab

    After One Year Sober Family Member Talks About Niece's Addiction & Recovery Process Through Narconon Arrowhead Rehab

    Clearwater and Scientology wrangle over parking for new aquarium

    Media Release: Scientology law firm demands Narconon victim story taken down

    Celebrity Scientologists: Leah Remini Interview, Kirstie Alley Weight, Tom Cruise Rumors

    Kate Ceberano reveals 'horrible' first time sex experience, her dedication to Scientology, and a secret half brother in tell-all autobiography

    Burroughs attended Edinburgh Scientology course

    The Very Bright Future of Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss

    The Elisabeth Moss dilemma: Is it possible to be a fan of a Scientologist?

    ‘Mad Men’ Star Elisabeth Moss Is Over Talking About Scientology, Still Open to Trashing Marriage to Fred Armisen

    North Pinellas city elections: some new faces, some old hands

    Scientology’s Narconon application rejected today in Australia

    Scientology drug rehab Narconon application rejected today

    More Scientology Secrets! Has ‘Mad Men’ Star Elisabeth Moss Taken Church Courses Involving Treatment For Drugs?

    Scientology founder built trails on Mount Rainier
    *this is not bad press but interesting that it would show up in the news years after LRH’s death

    Tom Cruise Set to Move into Larry Hagman’s Old House?

    Shamed Olympic swimmer Scott Miller trains as a recruiter for Scientology rehab centre where he had controversial therapy for drug addiction

    Yarra Ranges Council rejects application to shift East Warburton rehab centre

    10 Celebrities You’ll Be Disappointed To Discover Are Scientologists

    Scientologie: la chambre du conseil de Bruxelles rendra sa décision le 27 mars
    [Scientology: the council chamber in Brussels will make its decision on March 27]
    Translation of webpage from French to English -

    Scientology clergy force a mother to choose: son or daughter (w/video)

    Disconnection, according to the Church of Scientology

    Florida woman claims the Church of Scientology forced her to choose between her son and her daughter

    ‘You’re giving me Sophie’s choice’: Former high-ranking Scientologist claims the church ripped her family apart ‘by forcing her to choose between her son and daughter’

    Woman Says Church Of Scientology Took Her Money

    Narconon victim agrees today to tell story of human rights abuses

    David Miscavige Scientology slammed today by Karen De La Carriere

    Weddings and reunions

    Issue 12: This week in New Idea - KATIE & TOM’S SHOCK REUNION

    Connor Cruise insists he’s ‘solid’ with his mum Nicole Kidman

    Ex-Wife Of ‘My Name Is Earl’ Star Jason Lee: ‘The Church Of Scientology Harrassed Me’ After Our Divorce

    PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: The elite Scientology recruitment school where Suri Cruise was headed feeds kids scraps, forces sick students into isolation rooms and inflicts humiliating punishments

    Huge Setback For Church Of Scientology: Harassment Lawsuit Brought By Wife Of Tom Cruise’s Former Auditor Allowed To Proceed

    Connor Cruise: My Relationship With Mom Nicole Kidman Is "Solid"

    Celebrity Scientology Update: Tom and Connor Cruise, Leah Remini New Show, Kirstie Alley Weight

    Mystery Star Who’ll Live In Hagman's House!

    Connor Cruise: I Love My Mother Nicole Kidman, I Don’t Care What People Say

    'They harassed me': Jason Lee's ex-wife claims Church Of Scientology terrified her after she divorced the My Name Is Earl actor

    Jason Lee Ex Carmen Llywelyn Talks Scientology

    Narconon Argentina closed today reported by Anonymous

    Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Fights Back Against Scientology: They’re ‘Heartless’ & ‘Disrespectful’ For Denying What She Says Happens To People Who Leave The Church

    Ukraine: cults in power. Yatseniuk - Scientologist, Turchinov - leader of the "Boston Church of Christ"

    Nicole Kidman's son denies rift^ADA326NrmGVUNrUUMURZQ2pYF8Em0U-

    Connor Cruise Breaks With Scientology Doctrine and Praises Mother Nicole Kidman - Is He Leaving The Religion?

    Fico accuses Kiska of Scientology ties; Kiska submits criminal complaint

    Connor Cruise slams rumors on Nicole Kidman, calls her the best mother

    Amazing Documentary on Scientology Celebrity Centre

    Fico plays rough in campaign

    Skrillex on His Scientology Upbringing: "Those Are My Homeys"

    Jennifer Lopez Helped Leah Remini Get Through Scientology Exit

    A so-called religion shuns a truth seeker (w/video)

    Jennifer Lopez helped Leah Remini after scientology exit

    Scientology's leader reaches out to mend fences with Clearwater

    How Jennifer Lopez Helped Leah Remini Escape The Dangerous Grips Of Scientology: ‘It Was A Tough Moment For Her’

    Church of Scientology drug rehab facility opposed (with video)

    ‘She’s my Best Friend’: Jennifer Lopez Talks Leah Remini, Scientology

    Scientology leader tries to heal rift with angry local government officials in Florida where the Church has their 'cathedral'

    Jennifer Lopez Helped Leah Remini Leave Scientology

    Another Miscavige Scientology Sea Org ember escapes the Cult

    Scientology David Miscavige facing biggest challenge ever

    12 celebrity siblings you won't believe are related: Nude models, tattooed rockers and Scientology^ADA_otSYYejAljVSWe_V.cZfFqXyZA-

    Scientology leader tries to heal rift with angry local government officials in Florida where the Church has their ‘cathedral’

    Lawyer Says Scientologists Took Him for $200K

    Caught Red Handed: Private Eye Confesses He Was Paid By The Church Of Scientology To Conduct Surveillance On Tom Cruise’s Former Auditor & His Wife

    Pennysaver Ad of the Week is Dyin' for Netics^ADAFoY84HYazCnbsO1rjThK3GHSD.w-

    Experience and Loan-Sharking

    Due ragazzi morti al centro dianetico (scientology) Tragedia nella lotta alla droga
    [Two teens dead Dianetics Center (scientology) tragedy in fight against drugs]
    Translation of webpage from Italian to English -

    11 leden Scientology doorverwezen naar strafrechter
    [11 members Scientology referred to criminal court]
    Translation of webpage from Dutch to English -

    Tom Cruise’s Former Scientology Auditing Counselor Files Harassment Lawsuit Against Church

    Scientology rehab centre at Yarramalong on the Central Coast gets a rural cold shoulder

    Nicole Kidman: Sunday Is My ‘Oldest’ — Estranged From Isabella Cruise?

    The book Scientology tried to ban

    Bare-Faced Messiah: The book Scientology tried to ban

    The book Scientologists kept you from reading for 27-years: Banned biography of L. Ron Hubbard claims to reveal the bizarre sex-rituals, phony war record and racist writings of church founder^ADAwSRLQQLq9dS5KKVgk3Iv2t2Xe90-

    Our big fat Scientology wedding: An eternal soul called a Thetan, 'E-meters' that scan thoughts and 'granting beingness' to their new baby... Meet the British couple who insist they are NOT part of a cult^ADA9uJnPliR9ILKKEMEcrH3aWSsFzc-

    Kate quietly sings of life with Scientology

    Narconon and the Quebec Human Rights Commission

    Bare-Faced Messiah: The book Scientology tried to ban

    BANNED biography on Scientology church founder reveals bizarre sex-rituals, phony war record, racist writings

    Scientology: how L Ron Hubbard's heir became his fiercest critic

    Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard’s ‘Bizarre Sex Rituals’

    How L Ron Hubbard's Heir Became Scientology's Fiercest Critic

    Book critical of Scientology, banned from America for 27 years, now goes on sale in US

    Mark Bunker announces release of Scientology Knowledge Report

    The True Cost Of $cientology REVEALED: Never-Before-Seen Tax Documents Expose Church’s Finances As Former Member Sues Over Being ‘Duped’ Out Of $600K

    5 Surprising Things About Paris? First Female Mayor, Anne Hidalgo

    Tom Cruise Scientology: Leah Remini Helped After Kirstie Alley Feud?
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - MARCH


    Good Morning America - Fla. Woman Says Church of Scientology Ripped Her Family Apart

    ABC Niteline: Mother Blames Church of Scientology for Splitting Up Family

    Current Affair Australia: Proposed Scientology rehab centre has locals in a furore

    60 Minutes Australia:
    The Defector: Scientology's greatest ever threat speaks out

    History Channel America's Book of Secrets – Scientology
    March 29, 2014 - 10:00-11:00 PM ET
    March 30, 2014 - 02:00-03:00AM ET
    March 31, 2014 - 11:00-12:00AM ET
    April 01, 2014 - 03:00-04:00AM ET
    April 02, 2014 - 08:00-09:00PM ET
    A randomly uploaded version of the show - YMMV…

    Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Germs with Ellen
  9. i'm an auditor

    auditing and auditor training are good things and they're long and well established as good things and the auditor's code is a document as immortal as the hippocratic oath so they're not going anywhere

    perhaps there may be some changes in the organization which owns the copyrights now that said organization can no longer block reportage
  10. aegerprimo

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    Nice OT POST -


    Your comment was irrelevant to this thread.
  11. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    What is evident from this thread is that OSA stats are not exactly straight up and vertical.
  12. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    Maybe it's better to start a thread about good news from CO$. Simply link to the church site. That's all you would have to do. :biggrin:
  13. aegerprimo

    aegerprimo Summa Cum Laude

    The Co$ has minions who post articles making them look good at Here is an example of one of those articles...

    Church of Scientology Honors Los Angeles Volunteers at Disaster Response Conference

    Here is a quote from the last paragraph of the article. As you can see, they are using their trumped up numbers in these articles...

    If you Google (or Bing) "prweb" and "scientology" you will find more of these articles packed with lies about the "good" the Co$ is doing in the community and world.
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - APRIL


    Tired of Scientology, Tom Cruise Seeks Faith On Mount Athos Monasteries
    * this is an APRIL FOOL SPOOF

    Anonymous Unmasked

    Scientology Launches A Multibillion-Dollar Accelerator Program

    Church of Scientology, Arseni Yatseniouk and Andrej Kiska

    The Charge of the Scientology Brigade
    * hint – do not take this article seriously, nonetheless it still counts as BAD PRESS

    The Man Helping Bill Ackman Investigate Herbalife In China

    Leah Remini: Why She Really Left Scientology

    Is sexy Blurred Lines model Emily Ratajkowski thinking of becoming a devotee of Scientology?


    Tom Cruise to Date Fellow Scientologist Elisabeth Moss?

    Tom Cruise MUST Marry Scientologist Elisabeth Moss, Friends Say: Church Would Be 'Delighted' By 'Celebrity' Relationship

    ‘Mad Men’ Star Elisabeth Moss, A Known Scientologist, Pegged As Tom Cruise’s ‘Next Wife’

    Joel Grover story on NBC4, Scientology book win IRE awards

    Lawrence Wright’s book about Scientology wins award
    2013 IRE Award winners

    Tom Cruise Maybe Grooming Elisabeth Moss to be Scientology Girlfriend

    Greater Manchester at 40: 40 facts about the region
    *see point #37^ADA5APdMWI4zz1YCW.iiZAiTfz0SH4-

    Tom Cruise Scientology NOT Gay, Dating Elizabeth Moss; John Travolta Recovering?

    Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss love connection made?

    Tom Cruise Elisabeth Moss: An ‘arranged’ relationship for Cruise and Moss?

    ‘I’m Not Circus Fat!’ Kirstie Alley Back As Jenny Craig Spokesperson, Vows To Lose 30 Pounds

    Scientology Couldn’t Save Her: Peaches Geldof Was Member of Controversial Church Before Her Death

    Orange is the New Black Season 2 Premiere and Cast News: Is Scientology Threatened By the Hit T.V. Show?

    Scientology Book Published In United States After 27 Years

    Peaches Geldof: Scientologist Before She Died

    Peaches Geldof: Celebrity whose life was ultimately scarred by a tragedy-laced upbringing^ADAXNlDz4afXXsCcwO1nQD.yHt.SGM-

    How tragic Peaches Geldof, the original wild child turned doting mum, spent her life fighting the demons of her fractured childhood^ADACyyhpRA5SbYVVJSAyV8.wmuQFRg-

    WHAT IT’S LIKE TO VISIT THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY: I was given a bogus personality test and persuaded to think I’m inferior

    How L Ron Hubbard’s heir became his fiercest critic

    From Scientology to libertine cult Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO): How Peaches was obsessed with the occult and spiritual study

    Lawsuit requests evidence in Narconon investigation

    WMN Letters: A word in their ear about drone dangers

    Thanks Tom & John! Church Of Scientology Worth More Than $1.2 Billion, New Tax Documents Show^ADAsrlYhqDyPGAg_X_PXbvNp8ah.44-/

    The book Scientology effectively banned from the US for 27 years – until now

    Church of Scientology worth over $1.2 billion? Did celeb donations build church?

    Tom Cruise’s FAT FACE: ‘Oblivion’ Movie Star Eats Away Katie Holmes Divorce Depression

    Peaches Geldof’s Autopsy Was “Inconclusive”

    Escape From Scientology

    Church Of Scientology Worth More Than $1.2 Billion, According To New Tax Docs

    Peaches Geldof funeral: Body released to family, new theory on death

    Festival of Books: Jesus, L. Ron Hubbard and shopping for religions,0,6591544.story?track=rss#axzz2yirTphhQ

    Federal investigation targets L.A.-based Herbalife,0,5064592.story#axzz2yirTphhQ
    * some background history of the connection of Herbalife to Scientology (the company is not directly connected with the Co$ and is not a front group for the Co$ - though there is info that many Scientologists participate in the Herbalife pyramid scheme as a business and promote the use of Herbalife vitamin supplements for the use in the Scientology purification program).

    ‘Like A Puffy Pillow!’ Tom Cruise’s New Look Raises Eyebrows After A-Lister’s First Major Outing Of 2014

    ‘She had a dark side’: Peaches Geldof’s family try to understand tragic state of mind in final weeks^ADAarCYi4eLv7kSBYDIOEAx4CoEQ.I-

    Press Release: Scientology’s drug rehab Narconon violates human rights

    Anti-Scientology Conference in Clearwater May 5-11

    Church of Scientology wins approval for building to store parishioner records

    Rights of drug addiction patients violated: ruling – Scientology-linked Narconon exploited and abused those it purported to be treating: Human Rights Commission patients violated ruling/9742209/story.html

    Narconon a floué et maltraité des patients, selon la Commission des droits de la personne
    [Narconon swindled and mistreated patient, according to the Commission on Human Rights]
    Translation of webpage from French to English -

    William S. Burroughs’ Wild Ride with Scientology

    Cruise secretly dating Laura Prepon

    Tom Cruise really is dating Laura Prepon

    Tom Cruise, Laura Prepon Rumored To Be Dating Even Though They've Apparently Never Met

    A Match Made By Xenu! Secret Scientology Ties Between Tom Cruise & New Gal Pal Laura Prepon REVEALED

    After Tom Cruise Scientology Divorce, Nicole Kidman Breakup with Keith Urban Over Tour?

    Tom Cruise secretly dating actress Laura Prepon?

    Tom Cruise Scientology Beliefs Prompted Rumors He’s Dating Laura Prepon?; Katie Holmes Ex Denies Ever Meeting ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress

    Is Tom Cruise dating fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon?

    Scientology Wants Us To Believe That Tom Cruise & Laura Prepon Are Schtupping

    Tom Cruise Keeps it in the Scientology Family with Laura Prepon

    Google Aids Scientology-Linked Group CCHR With Pay-Per-Click Ads

    The $cientology Discount: Church Tax Documents Reveal How Church Paid For A-List Members’ Hotel & Restaurant Bills

    Tom Cruise Dating Laura Prepon Rumors Prompts Actress To Leave ‘Orange Is The New Black’? Role Not Fit With Scientology Beliefs

    Individu staff scientologue – Rue Jules César
    [Individual staff Scientologist – Rue Jules César]
    Translation of webpage from French to English -

    2014 ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo and Winner Nikki Ferrell Slammed By Scientologist Kirstie Alley; Deanna Pappas Stagliano Defends Couple

    Google backs Scientologist-backed anti-psychology campaign

    A doting mum until the very end: Peaches laid to rest in coffin decorated with heartbreaking drawing of her with her young family^ADAbTFxK4A2jMSsUqoH9Y70Zqj2tT8-

    Narconon Arrowhead Launches Wellness Campaign for National Fitness and Sports Month

    Nicole Kidman Divorce: Tom Cruise Dating Scientologist After Breakup Rumors?

    INTERVIEW: Laura Prepon shoots down Tom Cruise rumors

    Laura Prepon Opens Up About Scientology and Those Tom Cruise Hookup Rumors

    Laura Prepon Is Not Dating Tom Cruise: "This Is False; It's Unbelievable to Me!"

    Laura Prepon Insists She’s Not Dating Tom Cruise Despite Scientology Bond

    Laura Prepon: Tom Cruise dating rumors 'false,' 'unbelievable',0,7450421.story#axzz2zkdynsDr

    Laura Prepon has denied she is dating Tom Cruise

    Scientology Is Definitely Not Meddling With Orange Is The New Black

    *NOTE: There were dozens more articles regarding that actor guy who was maybe dating that television gal, rumors of which the television gal then denied. All of the “press” mentioned Scientology somewhere in the text, which stays on the internet forever. All of the articles pretty much say the same thing as the above selections, and all are bad press for the Co$ and Scientology.

    What is 4chan? A Look at the Dark Side of the Internet

    Bob Gray, influential Washington lobbyist and founder of Gray & Co., dies at 92

    Put to the Test: Jane Fallon Griffin takes the free Scientology personality test and interviews some ex-members of the organization

    Slovak police reject Kiska’s slander complaint against Fico: President-elect had filed charges against prime minister and main election rival for linking him to the Church of Scientology

    Cheating Nicole Kidman Divorce: Breakup After Tom Cruise Dating Scientology Claims?

    HHS, Planned Parenthood Promote Obamacare For Teens at Church of Scientology

    Bill Burr's comedy something to savor

    Hilary Duff On The Rebound… With Xenu? Actress Spotted Hanging With Young Hollywood Scientology Crowd & Rocking Scientology Symbols Post-Split From Mike Comrie

    Is Hilary Duff A Scientologist Now?

    The Church of Scientology Had Its Own Teen Pop Band (and They Were Amazing)

    David Miscavige Narconon ships are sinking into apathy

    Church of Scientology drug rehab centre rejected

    Voice of Russia Accuses Ukrainian PM of Being Mind-Controlled by Scientology
    *Per Tony Ortega, this is pure propaganda. There's no actual evidence that Yatsenyuk is involved in Scientology. Nonetheless, this counts as bad press for Scientology.
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - APRIL

    Tony Ortega - Scientology: Behind the Glitter – Beyond the Cult
    Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 1 with Mike Rinder
    Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 2 with Chris Shelton
    Suri’s Big Payout
    Yatsenyuk could be controlled by CIA through Scientology
    *Per Tony Ortega, this is pure propaganda. There's no actual evidence that Yatsenyuk is involved in Scientology. Nonetheless, this counts as bad press for Scientology.


    Scientology, Religion and Cults


    Travel Channel – Church Secrets and Legends – Scientology

    VIDEO: Did Peaches Geldof Embrace Scientology?

    Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman call Oprah Winfrey, Joke About Scientology – Watch Now!

    State Investigators Of Narconon Arrowhead Say They Were Wrongfully Fired
    (Oklahoma News 9)
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