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Daughter of Anton LaVey (Church of Satan)

Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by Vittorio, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Vittorio

    Vittorio Patron Meritorious

    I recently found this interview with Zeena Schreck, the daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey

  2. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Gold Meritorious Patron

    A few 'comes to minds"

    Additional Quote from article: "And after that you joined the Temple of Set [ToS]. Were you wary of joining another organisation, even if it was more flexible than the CoS?
    I waited a long time and didn’t just move from one group to the next. While I was residing in Vienna, I visited a museum where a Sethian altar lives. It was there that I had a very profound experience that enabled me to clearly see the course for my future. Still, I thought, “I’m not a joiner.” I really should have listened to myself, but I did it anyway. I wrote a letter of reconciliation to the founder, Michael Aquino, who was formerly part of the CoS, since I assumed he’d had a similar religious experience with the real entity of Seth before starting the group. It wasn’t until I became more involved that I realized it was an Anton LaVey fan club. Aquino didn’t know anything about comparative religions, couldn’t argue theology or Egyptian cosmology… I kept thinking, “Maybe he’s being coy; we’ll eventually get to know his secrets,” and that never happened. It was my father’s legacy, another abusive and corruptive group, and not at all what I was interested in."

    FYI That is Major Michael Aquino, US Army, Mind Warfare specialist

    He wrote a research paper:

    From PSYOP to MindWar:
    The Psychology of Victory
    - by -
    Colonel Paul E. Valley
    - with -
    Major Michael A. Aquino
    PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader


    Anton LaVey incorporated, the Church of Satan on April 30th, the holiest day in Satanism Walpurgisnacht or Hexennacht, meaning Witches' Night, holiest, that is other than one's birthday...It is also the date used to found $cientology's CST making it CSt's "birthday" and happens to be David Miscavige's birthday...LINK

    "But mysticism/occultism isn't our source. Our source, actually, is magic. Magic is something that, today, is performed on a stage with prestidigitation. But magic actually has a much more vivid and noble history than a stage magician. It is quite remarkable that the magician attempts directly to use spirits to perform his will. And that is his basic modus operandi. That is his goal in practicing magic."from a Lecture given on 29 January 1958, The History of Clearing by L Ron Hubbard.
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  3. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    I wouldn't call Zeena & Nikolas' following a cult, per say, because people are free to come & go as they please. Anton LaVey & his Church of Satan was mostly a pop culture fad which was quite popular in the Vietnam-era when it was enjoyable to be a free-love hippy, anti-establishment & anti-evangelical Christian.

    I remember when LaVey mass marketed memberships to his "church" for $25.00 back in the 70s. LaVey was as much as a circus showman as he was a brute. Though Zeena won't talk about it, it is widely accepted by those who were close to Anton & his wife, Diana, that Zenna's son, Stanton Zaharoff LaVey, was the product of an incestual relationship between her & her father. Stanton & his girlfriend was arrested & charged for sexual assault on a fellow stoner in 2011, but the charges were later dropped. Stanton has spent most of his life in & out of jail.


    I met & talked to Zeena & her husband Nikolas several years ago at the Panpipers' Pagan Day Festival in West Hollywood. She was very sweet & very intelligent. She travels the world giving presentations on her concept of earthy "Satanism", which is totally contrary to the demon & human sacrifice folklore attributed to Hollywood horror movies & Christian evangelists. When Anton died, there was a heated court battle between Zeena & her sister, Blanche Barton, over her father's estate. They are no longer talking to one another.

    I know 2 of Zeena's friends that live in West Hollywood. One performs in hard rock band with Satanic lyrics & owns a clothing line that has Satanic emblems on them. They are both openly gay. When you talk to them, it's apparent that they view Satanism the same way that Madonna uses sex in her music & performances.. it's fun to irk the close-minded & holier-than-thou types, and they don't worship Satan or engage in human sacrifices.

    Zeena did an interview this year..

  4. Vittorio

    Vittorio Patron Meritorious

    Aquino is mentioned throughout Cathy O'Brien's book as well (which was published in 1998 or 1999 I believe). I read the book a short time after publication and the mention of satanic abuse seems completely contrary to what I read in LaVey's books. LaVey was apparently inspired by Ayn Rand and her concept of selfishness, a concept that runs throughout the Satanic bible. Selfishness is also a part of Scientology to some degree as "exchange" is highly emphasised over helping others for nothing. Although in reality Scientology also encourages people to give over everything, including their soul, to the organisation, a contradictory form of communism which Hubbard himself did not practise. The connection between LaVey and Hubbard (though possibly some years apart) is Forry Ackerman. Zeena mentions that at age 13 she went to Forry Ackerman's birthday party. Who knows, LaVey's brand of Satanism may have been a public front, a little like Hubbard's brand of spirituality. They both possibly had a hidden goal and agenda, which seems to be the case in Scientology when anyone questions unethical behaviour and gets chucked out.

    In the other thread about MKUltra I am thinking that CST might be a missing link.

    I looked at these links. I find Zeena fascinating to listen to. She's calm and composed, deeply interested in the subject matter, factual and seems to have been on a journey of spiritual evolution, discarding things that she's finds have no value.
  5. BunnySkull

    BunnySkull Silver Meritorious Patron

    Very interesting, and the paternity of Stanton is what I feared - she was molested by her father. I agree with your assessment of LeVay totally.

    One small correction, Blanche Barton was LeVays second common law wife who bore his son Xerersis (sp). Zeena's sister was Karla and I believe they teamed up to fight Blanche over the estate,

    I too think Zeena is very admirable given the hell she was put thru by her parents.
  6. Vittorio

    Vittorio Patron Meritorious

    He has a remarkable resemblance to his grandfather, more so than his mother.

    I found an interesting page on it here;
  7. Bigone

    Bigone New Member

    Do you know if that girl used to work at the body shop in Hollywood? The strip club. I remember there was a girl there dating Stanton Lavey a while back.
  8. Bigone

    Bigone New Member

    Not sure why this didn't post before, but I was asking a question about the girlfriend in the story. I knew one of his girlfriends and I was wondering if that was the same one. She worked at the bodyshop in Hollywood and was a server/stripper there. I think her name was Alissa, but I cant really remember. You seem to know some of his friends and I was wondering if you could tell me if that is the same girl I might be thinking about.
  9. xxjacxx

    xxjacxx New Member

    My friend usedto date a very good friend of Stanton. Before she dated Jake he was with a girl named Haley after Jake and Haley broke u Haley started stripping to support her drug habit and started dating Stanton. I don't know if Stanton now gf was a stripper. I do know that Jakes ex hf my friend broke up with him because she found out that jake sleptwith Stantons now gf around the time she got pregnant with twins. I've met Stanton a few times. I wasn't impressed. He did joke about how his grandfather was his dad.