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Delphian School Oregon: A unique glimpse into this secretive Scientology school

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by FreeYourMind, Jan 2, 2011.

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  2. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    The last picture is indeed a chapel. The building was originally a Jesuit novitiate (this is the Sheridan campus, which was the original Delphi). It even had a nice pipe organ, but I believe the school sold it some years ago.

  3. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    I looked at the pictures - I'm not sure what the scandal or the "secrecy" is... it's just a group of photographs from a graduation weekend. Usually the graduation ceremony is held outdoors, but since it is rainy in the photos, it looks like they went with a tent to keep everyone dry.

    BTW, graduation weekend at Delphi is the once-a-year thing, graduating from high school. Not like weekly graduation at orgs.

  4. Lohan2008

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    The LA and Oregon Delphi schools offer what they call a High School Diploma but it's not accredited in either state
  5. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    And from the school, you can look down into the valley and see the federal prison.
  6. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    Huh? Who told you that?

    Whatever one thinks of Scn or Delphi, the schools are indeed accredited and the diplomas are accepted by all colleges and universities.

    It's rather unusual among Scientology-affiliated schools (at least the Oregon campus is) in that many of the graduates actually attend college and usually do quite well.

    That can be attributed to Mark Siegel, who instituted the college prep programs there at least 20 years ago.

  7. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    The school was there many years before the prison, and interestingly, the Delphi site was looked at by the Feds as a possible site for the prison.

    I don't know if it ever got to the negotiation stage with the school, but obviously they chose the current location on the outskirts of Sheridan. I imagine it cost a lot less, since they didn't have to pay the school to move its campus.

  8. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    I agree that the pix don't seem to be scandalous in themselves (although the first one is pretty wtf-worthy!), but, personally, I'm always fascinated by these little glimpses into the day-to-dayness of the cult's operations.

    Thanks for the post!
  9. shadow

    shadow Patron with Honors

    Form the California Dept of Education site:
    "Private schools in California are private businesses or private nonprofit organizations. The California Department of Education (CDE) is not empowered to license, evaluate, recognize, approve, or endorse any private elementary or secondary school or course. The CDE does not accredit public or private schools. Some schools, however, have elected to be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). For information regarding whether a specific private school has been accredited by WASC, contact WASC at 650-696-1060. Additional information is available on the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commission for Schools Web site at (Outside Source). Private schools are subject to local city and county ordinances (e.g., health, safety, zoning, business license, and so forth) that may apply to the operation of private schools."

    WASC is is the accrediting agency that the UC system relies on for admissions so I tried to look up Delphi on there web site and they are not listed..

    So what kind of accrediting does Delphi have?

    This is old but someone looked into the claims in 1997 and the findings were pretty grim...

    I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews that graduated from Delphi in LA. None got an acceptable education and none went to college. One even tried to move to a public high school so she could go to college and then law school. She found that although she was advanced at Delphi, she was so totally behind academically for public school that she dropped out and gave up on her dream of college and law school.
  10. The only differences between the two is you get health care coverage at the prison and most people serving at the prison do not have a life sentence.
  11. shadow

    shadow Patron with Honors

  12. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    This is BS. There is no life sentence for the kids at Delphi. They are not contracted...they are just students going to school, like other kids at other expensive boarding schools. And I never heard of any school giving health care least not when I went to school.
  13. LA SCN

    LA SCN NOT drinking the kool-aid

    Why so sour grapes on Delphi?

    Sky Dayton graduated from Delphi Oregon in 1988 and seems to have done alright for himself. I know several Delphi LA grads who have also done well and gone to college.
  14. shadow

    shadow Patron with Honors

    Because it is painful to watch your siblings place their kids in what they believe is the best school available, only to have the kids come out with less than an 8th grade education, unable to talk to people outside of Scn, unable to go to college, and unable to fulfill their dreams. Instead, they have to look for work in a Scn run business, join staff or join the Sea Org. Pretty limited choices for a young person who should have the world in front of them.

    While it is true that the occasional person does well, this is not the norm (there are outliers in everything). The majority of these kids are prepped for Scn service of one sort or another and their choices are limited.

    Now try addressing the issues in the message rather than the messenger.......
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  15. Gus

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    I stand corrected. There used to be an accrediting association for Oregon Private schools, but I'm obviously out of date.

    Oddly, there is an Applied Scholastics school listed on WASC, though. Not sure why that school went and got accredited with WASC, while Delphi has not bothered. I suppose if the little Applied Scholastics place could, Delphi could.

    Yeah, a lot has changed since then. Although the Delphi LA and other locations are probably not much better now.

    I'm mainly speaking of the original Sheridan, Oregon campus, which is far different from the extension Delphis, mainly because that is the campus featured in the OPs photos, and it's the Delphi I am most familiar with.

    Delphi Sheridan does send graduates to college, including UCLA and the Claremont Colleges that I am personally familiar with. Mark Siegel takes higher education very seriously, and there is a good prep program at least at Sheridan. Mark Siegel ran it personally when he formed it, and he probably still does.

    I believe it, and it's such a damned waste.

    And although I think the original Delphi is a good school, I certainly wouldn't recommend LA (or the other extensions), even though I know someone who went to LA from Jr. High through HS, went on to a Cal State school, got a bs degree, and has quite a good job these days. Apparently that person was an exception, from what I hear about Delphi LA.

    And especially given the other excellent private schools in Los Angeles (Harvard-Westlake, Lycee International, and Marlboro School come immediately to mind), if you're going to spend big $ on private school.

    I'd even look at those over Delphi Oregon, frankly. My main point is that Delphi Oregon is not a bad school.

  16. omnom

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  17. stc

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  18. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    I think it's counterproductive to imply that the Delphian School brainwashes students, without producing more convincing evidence.

    The fact that many students go on to join the Sea Org may be related to the high percentage of students who are Scientologists. I attended the Delphian School in Oregon from 1977-1981 and from 1986-1989. My interest was in aerospace engineering. The Delphi staff strongly encouraged to pursue this, and I went on to college in the fall of 1989. (I subsequently flunked out of college, but that is another story. :eyeroll: ) . Out of a graduating class of seven students, only one of us joined the Sea Org, and she ended up quitting the S.O. a few years later.

    Brainwashing has a broad range of meanings.

    The closest thing to brainwashing that I saw occurring at the Delphian School is the careful removal from the environment of negative information about Hubbard and Scientology. The LRH materials taught were for the most part, sensible. The controversial and outlandish parts had been edited out. I left there with a positive idea of who LRH was.

    Torture, drugs, duress? :no: Dehumanization, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, psychological harassment? :no: I didn't see this. We did have to do an hour of manual work every week day and 3 hours on the weekend. Students who got in trouble did more. Some paid for some of their tuition by working, too. Maybe some could claim that this amounts to brainwashing, but it's a real stretch. But I think the school simply preferred to kick out the serious trouble makers rather than try to force them to behave.

    Group social pressure, inculcation of guilt? There was a lot of group social pressure. But it was mainly along the lines of: looking up words you didn't understand, studying diligently, being professional, etc. We had to do O/W write-ups (written confessionals), but not all the time. I recall doing this two or three times during my whole time there. I mean, this was just a whole different level of control compared to my experience in Scientology -- which was totally anal about O/Ws.

    Repetition? Yes, there was repetition. But again, it was repetition of fairly sensible ideas. One of the big ideas that was repeated was how important it was for the student to take responsibility for his own education, evaluate for himself. Seriously. And when I went to into a Scientology Church and started seeing the contradictions, I struggled. I could not accept parts of Scientology because of the training I had at Delphi. It took me years to gain the courage and certainty to break free from Scientology, but that was more due to the peer pressure of Scientologists than the influence of the Delphian School. And I have non-Scientologist friends, who went to the Delphian School with me, still love Delphi, and either never got involved in Scientology, or rejected Scientology fairly quickly.

    So, I think someone has to make a stronger case for brainwashing than posting a lot of photos. It's counterproductive to overstate the situation because it detracts from the credibility of critics. If you talk to a Scientologist who's been to Delphi and you say it's brainwashing, he'll think you're just smearing Delphi. If instead, you point out the specific ways that Delphi has deceptively glorified L. Ron Hubbard, you might get somewhere.

    If you're talking about brainwashing in the Church of Scientology, there is plenty of evidence of dehumanization, psychological harassment, inculcation of guilt, sleep deprivation, etc. You can make a solid argument. But, for the Delphian School, the argument is very weak.
  19. Feral

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    Thanks for the info Mac, you're a champ!
  20. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    No problem. I hope others tell their stories about the Delphian School here. I can only talk from my own experience.