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Does anyone know Richard Hernandez?

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by Rmack, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    He was a friend at the Riverside Mission, and we went to flag at the same time to do a renovations project to supposedly pay off 'freeloaders debt' in the early eighties.

    He was doing upper level stuff on his own, he said, and we got into a disagreement over that. I insisted it was dangerous, not helpful, and he disconnected over it. I've since wondered if he's changed his mind, but have never been able to contact him again.

    You out there, Richard? If you're still a believer, isn't the tech suppose to raise your confront? If you're not, then why not say hi?
  2. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I know him.

    Give a good reason he should contact you and an e-mail and I will
    forward it.
  3. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    We were good friends, and I haven't heard from him in years. The problem we had was about OT 3. I am curious if he ever changed his mind about it. Is he still a Scientologist?

    What made me think of him, was this section of this board. I wondered if he has ever checked it out. I believe the more info you have, the better you can make educated choices.

    My email is;
  4. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    Rich Hernandez

    He was posting , maybe a year ago on Yahoo Groups ThetaFriends.

    Here's contact info for that:

    Post message:
    List owner:

    In answer to your question, he's still a believer in OT3.

    He's a nice guy, but a little strident for my taste.
  5. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    Re: Rich Hernandez

    Well, thanks for that. I suppose I could check that out, but can you tell me more about what I'd be getting into? Are they mostly independents, or what?

    Strident? As in acoustically irritating? I think I know what you mean. He always did have a sort of different way of talking, but it never bothered me.
  6. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    Re: Rich Hernandez

    maybe 15 or 20 years ago, back when the West Wing (TV show) was on the air, I sponsored a weekly co auditing get together in So Cal. One night Rich came. I don't remember the circumstances, but I denigrated OT3 to him or in front of him. He took offense, and became upset with me.

    How upset?

    During the last elections for governor of California, on some Ex Sci group, I spoke for Jerry Brown. I think he was for Meg Whitman, but he entered the fray, and became amazingly belligerent to me in a very personal way. It may be he carried that upset with me for two decades. It may be I was a convenient target when he was losing his home to foreclosure, and hadn't had work in a year or more. Either way he vented heavily all in my direction. He certainly had held onto the upset of my not believing in OT3. He was venomous. From an ESMB point of view, it was comic. From my point of view, it was tragic. He was just plain out of control. At this point, I don't remember how it got quieted. Frankly, I can't remember which group of exes that it was on.
  7. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    It is very "clear" that one of the WINS an OT III has is: They get to experience losing their homes in a brand new unit of time! :omg: I just had an OT III call me a few days ago - losing their home and wanted to know if they could rent a room from me? Wow...just WOW??? Blows my mind! Of course, I am allergic to clams...break out in a sweat and start puking when the loaded language comes I had to say no.:omg:

    I feel bad for this person - a really nice person with good intentions that is unknowingly under some serious mind control!!

    Scientology ~ the science of stealing people's homes right out from under their noses and with their agreement ~ mind control manipulation and bad control!

    David Miscavige is enjoying his gorgeous VILLA paid for out of bank loans the members defaulted on...personal chef preparing 5 meals each day with 2 choices for each meal - fly's in the best steak, seafood and other delicacies as the Sea Morgue members either don't eat or get cafeteria SLOP...oh, let's see..David Miscavige is flying around opening empty 50,000 sq.ft. Idle Morgue's in a Boeing Jet - with his messenger's in hot pants - bribing opinion leaders to read teleprompters to say how wonderful David Miscavige is and his cult - Scientology!

    PUKE PUKE PUKE!! Makes me sick to think of all the harm this cult does to people.
  8. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter


    I hope you get to have a nice talk with your friend.
  9. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I'll pass this on to a mutual friend who knows him well.
  10. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    Hey Richard!

    I still remember our days at flag. We were special! Remember when we dined with those staff members from Canada every day? LOL! Susan was mine. Yours?.....

    It was surreal. Everyone in the mess hall was BI's except our little group of four, and we were laughing our asses off! This went on for a month or more! This was early eighties, and the take over fight was RAGING around us. Do you remember?

    Remember that?

    I still laugh at those times. You?
  11. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    Do you remember the Ice Dinner? It was at Flag during the early eighties. Diana was off in the cabanas screaming her head off (to no avail, darth munchkin took over) We where both there, and I remember both of us saying it would have been better to spread the funds out over more days, but it was not to be. We got feed crap a few weeks before and after the Ice Dinner. You remember, don't you?
  12. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather
  13. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather


    Isn't Scientology suppose to make people more 'able' to 'confront' anything? Isn't it suppose to make you 'stable' and 'more at cause' and all that? Aren't you suppose to be able to communicate about anything?

    You are apparently afraid to talk to me. I, on the other hand, who thinks it's a cult, am willing to talk to you any time, any place, any way.

    Why can't you see the 300 pound gorilla of an 'out point' here? Snap out of it, dude!
  14. Magoo

    Magoo Gold Meritorious Patron

    Love the New dealies!!

    Supppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaah kewl :cheers:

    Thanks to whomever created them!