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Eckankar – A Scientology Clone

Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by GreyWolf, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Thanks for posting that Wolfie - I have a Ekankar book that I will burn and perhaps I will find the nearest Enkankar center locally so I can go in an mess with them!! :coolwink:

    I did a little reading about Enkankar - seems like the Flounder, Paul Twitchell, made Eckankar known to the modern world in 1965.

    Paul Twitchell WAS A SCIENTOLOGIST but was declared an ES PEE!!

    This "religion" is very similar to Scientology - google EX Ekankar blogs - suicides, insanity - Open Letters complaining that the religion lies to the members, threatens them if they leave or speak out!

    Here's an Open Letter from one of their own Bitter and Defrocked: It's long but worth the read to see the similarities between the cult of scientology and this one! One thing in common - LOTS of LIES!

    Harold Klemp
    Spiritual Leader of Eckankar
    P. O. Box 27300
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427

    [TABLE="align: right"]
    [TD="class: Normal"] [h=4]Re: Open Letter 2
    From: Ford Johnson
    April 2, 2004
    [h=1][/h] [h=1]Dear Harold,[/h] It has now been about eight months since my original open letter to you at which time I outlined my reasons for writing Confessions of a God Seeker and developing the New Spiritual Paradigm, which emerged from the experiences chronicled in that book. Since that time, we have heard from numerous Eckists and former-Eckists hopeful that Eckankar would either acknowledge the deception and remove it from the Eckankar works or correct the record and reveal the fallacy in the facts presented in Confessions. It is now clear that you and the leadership of Eckankar have no intention of truthfully removing or even acknowledging the historical fabrication, spiritual deception and insidious curses that are rampant throughout the Eckankar works. This is especially true in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, which you tout as the quintessential book that Eckists should read and follow. But what you do not tell them is that this book, more than all the others, infuses the consciousness of the reader with an avalanche of thought forms, which trap the seeker in an illusory and fabricated paradigm that is ringed with a battery of curses, and psychic control devices. They activate whenever an Eckist questions too much or openly doubts any aspect of the teaching. In other words, complete loyalty and the suspension of critical thought and discernment is the price one must pay to remain a loyal Eckists. And unlike your earlier rhetoric, which reflected a tolerance for those who question, such seekers are now regarded as miscreants, and in your terms, “weeds.” This is a remarkable reversal of opinion for one who regards himself as “God made flesh.”
    Most recently, your comments in the March, 2004 Mystic World and in the 2004 renewal letters to Eckists and Peter Skelsky’s response in the Chanhassen Villager (November 12, 2003) and, using the name of the local RESA, in the Ghanaian Times (February 26, 2004) reveals Eckankar’s true position on the revelations in Confessions of a God Seeker. While I understand the difficulty inherent in admitting to some of the excesses of Paul Twitchell and his tendency to exaggerate and prevaricate, Eckankar’s continued failure to acknowledge the obvious deception and fabrication, engaging instead in character assassination and disingenuous platitudes, only undermines the good that Eckankar could have represented. Further, it erodes your credibility and that of Eckankar and encourages the open exposure of this deception, which recently occurred in a series of public exchanges in Ghana, West Africa.
    Outlined below are excerpts from an article that appeared in the Ghanaian Times newspaper in response to a rebuttal placed by Eckankar in that paper. Eckankar’s Ghanaian Times response is a restatement of the stance articulated by Peter Skelsky and by you in several recent publications. This article, which responded to those statements, reveals some of the hidden truth about Eckankar. These revelations represent but a fraction of the story exposed in Confessions. As difficult as it may be for Eckists to confront or believe, the facts presented below speak for themselves for they are taken from the written works of Eckankar and as such have never been denied by or redacted by you or by Eckankar.
    · · · · ·
    [h=1](Excerpted, with modifications, from a March 15[SUP]th[/SUP], 2004 Ghanaian Times article)[/h] [h=1]“Spiritual Leader of Eckankarä Claims Title Of ‘Son of God’ ”[/h]

    Contradicting the central tenet of Christianity that Jesus is “The Son of God,” the Religion of Eckankar claims that its spiritual leader, Harold Klemp, actually holds that distinction. The written works of Eckankar claim that Harold Klemp the Mahanta the Living Eck Master is:
    “[T]he Son of God. This same expression was used to describe Christ during his stay on earth.” (Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1990, p.18)
    Born of a Virgin: “The Eck enters into the womb of a virgin, the queen of heaven…. [A] man child is born…then the chosen one learns that he is the Living Eck Master.” (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1987, pp. 111-112)
    “God made flesh on earth…the representative of Sugmad [God] in our midst today” (Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1990, p.223)
    These are just a few of the hundreds of startling claims that make up the doctrine and dogma of Eckankar. These claims are blindly accepted by Eckists because they cannot conceive that their spiritual leaders would ever mislead or deceive them. Yet, the spuriousness of these claims is obvious to all but the deceived. These are not the words of “critics that come and go” as Eckankar would have its followers believe, but words taken from the “holy” books of Eckankar, which form the very foundation of this religion.
    Is Eckankar Anti-religion and Anti-Christian?
    In a recent article in the Ghanaian Times, Eckankar portrayed the author of the new book Confessions of a God Seeker, as anti-religion and anti-Christian. In truth, Confessions consistently portrays an anti-deception, anti-mythology (as religion), anti-lie perspective while recognizing the need for and the role religions have played in the world. Eckankar, on the other hand, portrayed itself as a supporter of religions when it wrote, “Eckankar respects all religions. Each of us must decide our own path home to God….” This is the benign face of Eckankar that is shown to the world and those new to its teachings. But the hidden face of Eckankar, which often remains hidden from the faithful even after they have been indoctrinated, is quite different. These passages ¾ with references ¾ are taken directly from Eckankar’s “Bible” called the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad.

    “[T]he mission of the Mahanta [Harold Klemp the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar] on this earth is to stir the millions of non-initiated [followers of other religions] into revolt against all orthodox religions.” (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I, 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Ed. 1982, p. 181)
    “Those who listen to Niranjan [Satan] are listening to the false prophet. The sweet whispers of this negative genius [the Devil] are heard in the voices of … the preachers, clergy and priests who represent the old orthodox religions [e.g. Christianity].” (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I, 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Ed., 1982, p. 44-45) “[P]riests and clergy have … joined religious orders for the sake of their livelihood. A true seeker of the Eck cannot have much regard for such persons.... Such persons do not belong on the same level as the chelas [followers] of Eckankar.” (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book II, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1988, p. 225)
    Here is the real Eckankar doctrine, taken from their own “Bible.” The truth about Eckankar and its religious tolerance could not be more opposite their public platitudes. Are There Many Paths To God? Another misrepresentation presented by Eckankar in its Ghanaian Times article is: “There are many paths that lead you to God. As children of God, we each have the spiritual freedom to choose the path that works for us. This freedom is given us by God.” This is the public face of Eckankar.Here is the private face, the one found in its written works. These quotes, (with references) are also taken from the Eckankar “Bible” and other books by Eckankar’s founder, Paul Twitchell.

    “It is not possible to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven except through the teachings of Eckankar(Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1987, p. 96) “All these things can be learned through the medium of ECKANKAR, the only and universal path to God” (Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1990, p. 15) “Again and again I have pointed out that there is no other path than ECK[ANKAR]…. [A]nyone who tries another path is trying to start on a lower rung. It seems so foolish for anyone…to select a spiritual path…when it is laid out for him to move on to the original and only path to God.” (Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1990, p. 221]
    This is the real Eckankar with its masks removed. Eckankar’s disdain for Christianity and all other religions could not be clearer or more duplicitous.
    Eckankar “Invented” In 1965 By Paul Twitchell
    It is now reasonably apparent that Paul Twitchell, the founder of Eckankar, suffered from a condition known as mythomania (pathological lying). This condition explains how a novelist turned spiritual leader could claim that his new religion, created in 1965, was the oldest religion in the world. Paul Twitchell, according to his wife and co-founder, “made up the whole thing.” Perhaps that is why she has had nothing to do with this teaching since. Twitchell magically transformed a 1965 for-profit company into a religion and bestowed upon himself the exalted title of Mahanta the Living Eck Master. He even invented an absurd story for how this all happened. According to Twitchell, he received his title and a mystical Rod of Power — another Twitchellian fiction — from a 400-year-old master named Rebazar Tarzs, who supposedly is still living in the flesh, in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Northern Tibet. But this fictionalized master, as well as all the others created by Twitchell, was part of an invented ancient spiritual sect known as the Vairagi Order (a name that he stole from an order in India). These invented “masters” first appeared in print around 1965 as he substituted their names for those of real spiritual teachers he had included in earlier versions of the same books.
    But in the early years, before Twitchell claimed that his new religion was “the oldest world religion”, he was more candid about its true origins. He wrote:

    “Eckankar, which I formed out of my own experience… is the term used for the philosophy I have developed for the Cliff hanger. It is based on Shabda-Yoga, a way out form of Yoga” (Twitchell, “The Bilocation Philosophy,” p. 52; Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, p.132, 142)
    Even the current leader of Eckankar, Harold Klemp had to acknowledge the recent beginnings of Eckankar, and therefore of the fiction of the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master, when he admitted:

    [Eckankar]was not used to describe any religious doctrines [the Mahanta, a necessary inclusion] until the mid-1960's when it was coined, adopted and first used by Paul Twitchell " (From Court Records in Darwin Gross v. Eckankar, see:
    In spite of conclusive evidence to the contrary and written admissions by both Paul Twitchell and Harold Klemp, Eckankar history and doctrine carry the staggeringly false claims that:

    • “ECK[ANKAR] created and comprises all the religious ideas of the lower worlds. Art, writing, and sculpture are only developments of the higher ideals of ECKANKAR…. The major religions of the world have sprung out of ECK[ANKAR].” (Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1990, pp. 11)

    • “Practically every man who has contributed to civilization has spiritually been a … student...of ECK[ANKAR].” (Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1990, p. 1)
    With such obviously deceitful and fabricated pronouncements still a part of Eckankar doctrine, it is little wonder that Eckankar tries to minimize the effects of its exposure to the world. But Eckankar’s deception does not stop with its history and the claims that its leader is “God made flesh.” It infects every part of the teaching. Here are but a few of hundreds of examples of deception and lying —not to mention plagiarism—that find few parallels in religious history.
    How the Myth of the Mahanta was Fabricated
    In spite of what is now known about Twitchell’s condition of mythomania, Klemp continues to delude himself into believing that Twitchell’s 1965 creation of the Mahanta myth is actually true. Klemp seems oblivious to the fact that Twitchell stole even the name from another spiritual path. When it made its early appearance in his book The Flute of God(pp. 46, 55), it was merely a synonym for spirit and a state of consciousness like “love” or any other thought form This was easy to accept, for most people believe in some universal force whether called “spirit” or by some other name. Twitchell later associated the word “Mahanta” with the “man” and added it to his exalted title. With this verbalfusion of two words, he was able to transform himself into spirit itself ¾since spirit and Mahanta now meant the same thing. He then diffused the word “Mahanta” throughout the Eckankar teachings, and reinforced the Mahanta/Spirit connection by making it part of “every word, thought and action” of his followers.
    Therefore, it is not difficult to see how Eckists came to associate Twitchell, Gross and Klemp with spirit and God itself. This verbal alchemy is actually how a single word ¾ Mahanta ¾ first used, according to Klemp, in 1965, transformed a mortal man into “God made flesh.” As if this were not enough, Eckankar’s history is further clouded by documented evidence (see: that one Mahanta (Darwin Gross) misappropriated $2.5 million (he also bought a Lear jet) of Eckankar funds. Not only that but one Mahanta (Harold Klemp) even claimed that the other Mahanta (Gross, also a purported “Son of God”) was actually a Black Magician. This is part of the sordid if not farcical history of Eckankar revealed in Confessions of a God Seeker. Though it is important to see this history, it is hidden from the Eckankar community, because it reveals just how shallow and contrived Eckankar’s “house of cards” actually is.
    Realizing that the Mahanta construct was fabricated but legitimized through verbal trickery and indoctrination, James Davis, author of a book about the Mahanta, The Rosetta Stone of God, disavowed his own book and the Mahanta concept. Davis independently reached his decision, based on his own inner and outer experiences. They confirmed what the author of Confessions, Ford Johnson, and thousands of others have come to realize: Spirit is the non-exclusive power of God and works in the lives of everyone. But, when a single “man” claims he is the exclusive channel for that force in the universe, indeed, God itself, both he and those who follow him are deluded. The Mahanta is a false [and fabricated] paradigm. It works only because of the “power of belief.” But belief in a false paradigm ultimately limits the spiritual unfoldment of that person until it is replaced with an awareness of God-soul that lies within each person. This is the real source of love, guidance and protection.
    By repeating the expression: “I am one with ALL THAT IS”, “I surrender to my higher self”, “God-soul that is me”, a person is able to take the next step in spiritual unfoldment. The power of this concept replaces a false spiritual paradigm with the truth about their existence. This is the lesson that our journey through countless religions and spiritual paths has been designed to teach. We are a spark ¾ a replica ¾ of God Itself, no greater or less than any other being that ever inhabited this earth. We have learned, through many life times, the lessons needed to expand our awareness to encompass this reality. It is summed up in the axiom, I AM, GOD IS, WE ARE ONE. Teachings like Eckankar will move heaven and hell to prevent us from reaching this awareness. They know that it will deprive them of control and thus a central role in our lives.
    [h=2]Fraud and Deception In Eckankar Initiations[/h] Even in the sacred arena of initiations (stages of spiritual unfoldment), we find that there is no intrinsic truth or validity. Like everything else in Eckankar, they are part of Paul Twitchell’s invention. They serve as a mechanism of control and to insure the steady flow of revenues. The “Mahanta” does not determine through some “mystical spiritual process” to whom or when initiations are granted, for we have already seen just how “earthly” this invented position is. Instead, a very mundane computer accomplishes this feat. Initiations are based on the number of years of continuous paid-in membership plus recommendations from local leaders. Harold Klemp admitted as much to a group of high initiates:

    “[M]any of the initiation records we had were destroyed,…were erased. We’ve reconstructed much of this. We don’t have very good records right now about your initiation levels I’m afraid to say. Another thing that was done and I have to be honest, that people were given 5[SUP]th[/SUP] initiations by date…anybody that had 5 years, they were sent a pink slip. There are 5[SUP]th[/SUP] initiates who aren’t 5[SUP]th[/SUP] initiates….” (An exhibit from the Case Darwin Gross vs. Eckankar, 1985. See original at
    [h=2]Harold Klemp and The Cover-up[/h] In spite of the mountain of lies and fabrication, which Klemp found when he took over Eckankar, he was not prepared to see the truth and act on it. Instead, he fabricated incredible tales to explain to himself and others what Twitchell had done. To explain Twitchell’s plagiarism, for example, Klemp rationalized that Twitchell had copied the thousands of stolen and plagiarized passages from an astral library that he visited during his dreams. In other statements he said that Twitchell’s habit of lying about his accomplishments was “without realizing it, just practicing [to eventually become the Mahanta].” Eckists and Eck leaders in the field are not aware of the thousands of lies that riddle this teaching. But worst, many appear afraid or unwilling to learn the truth, which only delays spiritual unfoldment. Instead, they follow a teaching that is based on a carefully interwoven set of lies.
    [h=2]Eckankar Techniques of Spiritual Entrapment ¾The Use of Fear To Control Eckists[/h] Another example of the intentional and knowing deception fostered by Twitchell and Klemp and covered up by the current leadership is found in a series of warnings about how spiritual students are trapped and deceived. Twitchell wrote these warnings for the enlightenment and protection of his followers. Then he used the same techniques of entrapment on his own students. Twitchell writes:

    “The oldest technique of keeping the loyalty of the chela by many teachers is with fear…. Because they grow afraid of losing their chelas to a Master on the higher level, the old fear tactics will be drummed into those who desire to move away…. These threats are very common. They usually go like this: [1]“If you leave me, you will get caught in the astral and won’t get out.” Another cliché is: [2] “I’ve got the only path and if you leave it, you’re in deep trouble.” Another one is: [3] “I’m the true Master, and having initiated you, will be with you until the end of eternity. I’m your Master always.” These are a few of the techniques of fear used by most teachers of the psychic worlds. We can easily recognize them. “ (Twitchell, Eckankar, Illuminated Way Letters 1966-1971, pp. 93-94)
    Having warned his students of the spiritual traps to look out for, Twitchell proceeded to utilize these same entrapping techniques on his own followers, harming thousands of seekers who believed and trusted him.
    There is no intrinsic truth or power to any of the curses and fear devices used in Eckankar. Twitchell has already admitted that they are simply devices of control. They work only if the individual accepts them as true. Here are just a few of the many curses that Twitchell and Klemp have placed in front of Eckists to keep them in line. They wrote:

    “The wrath of the ECK crashes down upon anyone who …deserts the Master….Not once will he see the connection between his betrayal …and the horrendous troubles that strike him down like a plague on every hand. And thus he goes downward…until he leaves his body in hopeless despair…. “ (Klemp, The ECK Satsang Discourses, Third Series, Letter 8)
    “Whosoever…shall divulge the secrets of his initiation… shall be deprived of his sight and tongue in order to never again be able to say anything about the degrees of initiation in ECKANKAR” (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book II, 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Ed. 1977, p.150)
    “To ridicule, to scorn, to speak mockingly of the words of the Mahanta, and not to have faith in him and the cause of ECK is to bring woes on the advocator of doubt.” (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Ed. 1987, p.107)
    For a teaching that professes to be about love and spiritual unfoldment, these curses are nothing more than a not-so-sophisticated form of black magic. Klemp and Eckankar use “curses” to frighten their followers into remaining silent, obedient and entrapped. While it is despicable to subject loving and trusting followers to the threats of eternal wrath, that is precisely what Eckankar is doing. On this point, Ford Johnson explains:

    “A ‘curse’ is ‘a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon another. It is a denunciation that conveys a wish or threat of evil.’ What Twitchell and Klemp have working here are the same techniques employed by the local Juju man — the witch doctor — who knows the power of planting a seed-idea of harm or self-destruction in the mind of a victim or group. It is unmistakably a form of black magic or psychic attack widely practiced throughout the world. Once believed, a curse can have a disastrous effect on an individual. We receive numerous e-mails from ex-Eckists who believed Eckankar’s curses and suffered as a consequence. We show them that it is only fear or anger that allows these negative psychic thought forms to have an impact on their lives. Sending love, reacting with humor (after all, they are hardly pronouncements from God), and reflecting (mirroring) the curse back to the sender nullifies its effect. Doing this also sends the consequence back to the perpetrator. All of these techniques and more are spelled out in Part IV of Confessions of a God Seeker, which deals with the actual Journey to Higher Consciousness. We have helped many people harmed by Eckankar’s curses, to take back control of their lives. Thousands have already stood up to Eckankar’s many deceptions and have emerged stronger, happier and more enlightened.”
    The use of psychic attacks, exposes Eckankar as a harmful, even dangerous, cult because of the blind obedience of its followers to a person they mistakenly consider “God made flesh.” Eckists have surrendered their will and remain happy and content so long as they are obedient and never question. However, having pulled back the curtain and revealed the sorcerer’s tricks, Eckankar is left with only the devices of fear, name-calling, denial, misrepresentation and more lies to defend itself. The evidence of this can be seen in recent communications from the leadership of Eckankar to its members, which stated in part:

    “He (Paul Twitchell) was quite frank about the effects that hit a Judas in Eck. Any overt act against the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master evokes the full fury of the divine power. It stops acting in the troublemaker’s behalf, and misery is the outcome.” (Excerpt from membership renewal letter from Eckankar, 2004), and
    “These betrayers of ECK will pick up all their old karma once more. More, the karma of all those whom they’ve fooled is inscribed into their karmic log too. Hard times lie in store for them.” (Mystic World, Ask The Master by Harold Klemp, March 2004)
    Aside from being just another fear tactic about which Twitchell has already warned us, it is false and has no spiritual validity. Karma (cause and effect) is to teach not to punish. Once one has learned the lessons that the karmic experiences were designed to teach, how can he lose the expanded awareness he has gained? The Twitchell/Klemp curses are absurd on their face. To the contrary, when one exposes truth or learns from it, he experiences freedom and growth, for he has escaped the entrapment of the lie. Once free, his life is filled with love and light for he is empowered with the realization that he is a part of God itself and can tap the power of the universe.
    The Law of Cause and Effect Is Still At Work
    Tragically, the Leadership of Eckankar seems to have forgotten the law of cause and effect. It is still at work and applies equally to everyone, even the Mahanta the Living Eck Master. When anyone engages in black magic, curses, threats of evil, and hardship, they are setting forces in motion that will boomerang to them. It is little wonder that the Living Eck Master himself continues to suffer a string of personal hardships and set backs including, perpetual sickness and weakness, which prevent him from even traveling. While Klemp attributes these calamities to taking on the karma (sins) of his chelas and because he has chosen his affliction, one might well ask, “then why so many physician visits?” “If one chooses to suffer, then why seek a cure?” In truth, Klemp is only reaping the consequences of his own states of consciousness and the curses he has set in motion to control others. For, as Paul Twitchell, in one of his most truthful and enlightened statements during his pre-Eckankar days wrote:

    “Whatever anyone is receiving or lacking in the out picturing and expression of his consciousness is each ones own responsibility.” “Until you can understand that nothing can happen to you, nothing can ever come to you or be kept away from you except in accordance with the state of your consciousness, you do not have the key to life.”
    So much for the curses! While this drama unfolds in full view of the world, the information is now available for all to see and to make their own decisions.
    Does Eckankar Still Work For The Eckist? How Spiritual Deceptions Work
    Most Eckists have grown and learned while in Eckankar for it does contain truth, but it is important to remember that all deception is performed by a clever interweaving of the truth with lies. The question and the dilemma for the Eckist is, which is which? In its article for the Ghanaian Times, Eckankar spelled out a test for whether a religion or path was still working for the individual. The test included whether the religion or teaching: “brings you closer to God’s Love”; “brings more charity and good will into your life,”; “brings about a growth in spiritual awareness”; and “leaves you happy in your faith. ” All these are important and fair questions. However, this test fails to ask one critical question, the answer to which can render all other answers meaningless. That question is: Do you know the truth about that religion or path? If you have taken the time to learn what lies behind the curtain, the façade that is presented for public consumption, then you have answered this all-important question. If after being exposed to the truth — e.g. reading Confessions of a God Seeker — you can still answer the initial questions in the affirmative then you are indeed where you should be and you should remain. But, to answer these questions in the affirmative while still ignorant of the truth behind Eckankar is to knowingly engage in self-deception, for eventually you will have to confront the truth. Eckankar has worked for the Eckist for the same reasons that all other religions and teachings have worked for their followers. Namely, a strong love bond is created along with a fear of separation. Added to this is the power of belief that resides in the believer not the object of that belief. Belief in anything produces results. But the goal is ultimately to develop belief in the divinity that lies within the individual not in an intercessor. Paul Twitchell was quite eloquent on the question of how the attachment of a seeker is gained and the dangers associated therewith:

    “We are concerned with the two ways that anyone [or any religion] can hold another; first is by the loyalty of Fear, and secondly is by the loyalty of Love. These are the basic ways by which one is attached….When one is loyal…because he is afraid…then the whole foundation of spiritual growth is nil… In the loyalty of love…he who intensely loves another is somewhat trapped by the negative power….What I am getting at here is that we cannot live with fear and at the same time we cannot live with an over-abundance of sentimental love…either will pull us down in the depths of despair sooner or later.” (Twitchell, Eckankar, The Illuminated Way Letters, 1966-1971, p. 93)
    Twitchell’s statement speaks directly to the dilemma now facing Eckists worldwide. These challenges to Eckankar’s veracity will not go away, they will only intensify. For, a teaching based on lies will eventually fall by the weight of its own deception when exposed to the light of truth.
    [h=2]How The Local Leadership Has Been Misled[/h] In responding to the role of local leadership Johnson commented:

    One of the unhappiest aspects of exposing Eckankar is that many local leaders have been close and dear friends of mine for many years. But because many of them have apparently refused to read Confessions of a God Seeker , they are being misled and don’t realize it. How can anyone lead when they don’t have the facts and refuse to enlighten themselves to the deceit and hypocrisy that infects this teaching, no matter how painful the truth may be? Whether the leadership of Eckankar points the Eckists further into the trap or opens a dialogue where questions can be asked and truth discovered, remains to be seen. But without discovering truth and then moving to where it leads, it is like ‘the blind leading the blind.’ Whatever anyone ultimately decides to do is fine. But, the reason we have gone to the expense and effort of presenting this information is that the wall of silence and fear is so high that even those who wanted to know the truth could not find it or were afraid to look. So we have revealed some of the findings in Confessions to let everyone see for himself or herself, a small fraction of this truth. Perhaps it will be enough to encourage truth seekers to look more deeply.”
    [h=3]The Higher Consciousness Society and The New Spiritual Paradigm[/h] The Higher Consciousness Society (HCS), a non-profit spiritual education society,is the outgrowth of Confessions of a God Seeker. It is based on The New Spiritual Paradigm, presented in Part IV of Confessions of a God Seeker, which embodies the principle that every soul is a reflection of GOD, possessing the attributes and characteristics of ALL THAT IS. Our journey through life in many dimensions of reality is to come to the full awareness of this truth. HCS recognizes that true inner guidance comes from the higher self, God-soul that lies within each person. It accepts the guidance of others as teachers but never as masters, saviors, messengers, or any other title suggesting spiritual superiority. Instead, it views every person as both teacher and student differing only in the degree to which they understand, accept, and live by the heart of all spiritual truths: I AM, GOD IS, WE ARE ONE. HCS rejects doctrine, dogma, and spiritual hierarchical paradigms. Instead, it teaches that all sentient beings are an equal part of the whole. It provides insight, instruction, guidance and support that lead to souls liberation from religious entrapments. Through continued instruction and support, the individual as God-soul learns their innate power as soul and how to use it for their own happiness and to assist in the enlightenment, liberation and empowerment of all souls.HCS teaches the Master Principle and the Master Techniques, developed and first presented by the HCS founder and author of Confessions, Ford Johnson. These techniques teach each individual how to use the power of spirit to bring into their life the abundance and happiness that is their birthright as soul. Classes and an active bulletin board with contributions from seekers around the world can be found at Everyone is invited to visit this interactive web site, ask questions, seek spiritual help and fully participate.
    · · · · ·​
    These revelations will continue to be presented in newspapers across the country and the world so long as Eckankar persists in the use of entrapping and fear tactics, which do incalculable harm to innocent and loving God Seekers. They come to Eckankar’s doors with an open heart. But when they ask too many questions or discover the trail of inconsistencies and deception, they are met with a wall of silence and rejection, which leaves them baffled, distraught and scarred. We deal with such people every day and collectively work to undo the harm that Eckankar’s treatment of them has caused. Certainly you must know these facts for we see many of the letters that Eckists send to you. We also learn of the silence with which they are greeted.
    The impact of fear tactics and curses employed by Eckankar will diminish as more become aware of the manipulative nature of these control devices. To continue to use them, as you recently did in your March 2004 Mystic World Q&A response, exposes Eckankar as a truly dangerous cult willing to infect the thinking and consciousness of its followers with threats and curses that rival the worst of the “hell and damnation” proclamations that many thought they were escaping.
    Eckankar is not blessed with the thousands of years of historical dust that have allowed other religions to escape the truth of their origins and history. Too much is known. Too much has been revealed. Far better to clean it up and salvage the truth and integrity that it still can. Otherwise these challenges to Eckankar’s veracity and integrity will never end.
    Like thousands of other truth seekers before me, I have transcended Eckankar’s fear tactics and curses, which your words and pubic declarations suggest is what Eckankar regards as its last line of defense. More and more will follow as they see the truth and the deception that you and the leadership of Eckankar have fostered.
    To say that Eckankar is “between a rock and a hard place” is not an exaggeration. But truth is always the best course. It is what you profess to stand for. Can Eckankar afford to do less?
    Ford Johnson
    See: First Open Letter to Harold Klemp
    See: Confessions of a God Seeker
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2013
  3. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you so much for the data.
  4. In present time

    In present time Gold Meritorious Patron

    It's like the old blowhard said:"a little bit of truth is dangerous."
  5. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Holy crap, another bizarre cult. Not as bad as co$/scno, but making way to that . . . Next will be the exposing of the human rights abuses, and weird quirks of leader . . .

    People actually believe this stuff?
  6. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Not to worry, I have some real abusive stuff coming up. :angry:
  7. Loohan

    Loohan Am I Mettaya?

    "Twitchell wrote these warnings for the enlightenment and protection of his followers. Then he used the same techniques of entrapment on his own students."
    That rings a bell...
  8. Hubbard just called it what it was a Brainwashing Manual. I guess he figured if you read it and were still stupid enough to continue following his 'Tech', you were a sucker worth keeping.
  9. Herpderp69

    Herpderp69 Master of Shenanigans

    Serious, but will seem sarcastic, question:

    Out of all these cults out today, scientology, eck, avatar, others which I'm not aware of, which would be the most fun to pretend to be a part of and troll hard?

    I really want to pretend to be a member of one of these things and just record a lot of stuff. I've been leaning to scientology since I've been fascinated for awhile by how crazy it is.
  10. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Death Wish VI

  11. hparadia

    hparadia New Member

    Does anyone have the dates that Paul Twitchell became a Clear(if this indeed occurred) and when he was declared?

    I have also read online that he was on staff-- anyone have info on this?

    I am asking as a local Eckankar group mentioned that in one of their discourses Paul wrote he never was associated with the church , nor did he need the state of Clear. They are curious as to if there is data to dispute this.

    Much thanks!
  12. revicamc

    revicamc Patron

    What would be better would be writing a letter to the cult of your choice, asking for enlightenment. But sign it with the name of a CO$ exec that you don't like, along with his church address....
  13. Cat's Squirrel

    Cat's Squirrel Gold Meritorious Patron

    Am I missing something here? Why is Avatar a cult, and why would anyone want to troll it?

    (I should say my Mum's an Avatar master, although she no longer practices, and I never got the impression that it was in any way comparable to Scn in the way it operates. You get your retreads for free, for example, provided you do them with the same person you did the original course with and there's no "ethics" or hard sell with it).
  14. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    The world has plenty of Ex-scientologists who woke up but didn't stop dreaming the dream. :)
  15. Cat's Squirrel

    Cat's Squirrel Gold Meritorious Patron

    Sure, but some of them tried to do some good, and some succeeded (like Frank Gerbode and Gerald French with Metapsychology and then TIR).

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Harry Palmer or Avatar are perfect; I think Avatar's gone quite corporate lately compared to its beginnings, for example. But I don't think Avatar should be described as a cult (which it would be "fun to troll") without anything to justify it, apparently on the sole grounds that Harry used to run a Scientology mission in New York State.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2014
  16. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Oh, I make no judgement as to intentions.
    The world is full of well-intentioned dreamers.
    I agree with you regarding the trolling. :)

    (If there is proof of crime, abuse, scamming... well, that's another matter.)

    BTW, whatever you do, don't get Rmack started on Harry Palmer! :omg:
  17. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Frank Gerbode absolutely did no good. His crap is mental masturbation masquerading as help and only survives because of his legitimate degree, the training from which he does not use, at all.

    His organization pretends to have a certification, but then has a list of people you can contact for therapy who are not even qualified by their own Mickey Mouse standards. Go here and look at the list. They claim 25 people fully qualified in North America (and a scant few with any real training outside Gerbode's bullshit), but then, knowing most people won't live near one of those 25, they include a list of people who have completed a workshop, with their contact info. Oh, yeah, they put in a "disclaimer" that those people aren't fully qualified, but wink wink, nudge nudge - they might be able to help.

    There is no legitimate medical organization that foists half-trained students off onto the public without proper supervision. The duration and extent of training in TIRA is a fucking joke.

    Their "research" in the literature is sub-standard and basically useless.

    Too many irons in the fire right now, but at some point I'll get around to eviscerating their so-called scientific approach using graduate student theses that were not even of high enough quality to publish in a fourth tier journal.
  18. hparadia

    hparadia New Member

    I am still hoping that someone will be able to give me an answer on this.
  19. Intentionally Blank

    Intentionally Blank Scientology Widow

    I work training I attended recently had a breakout session discussing mind control /abuse perpetrated by individuals or groups. Of course, the "S" word came up within the first 30 seconds. The presenter made a couple of interesting points. One, that in her studies a cult is defined as any group with shared values. Two - that it is important to differentiate between those groups that can be defined as cults and those groups that meet the criteria of dangerous or abusive cults. And finally - she talked about the need to evaluate behaviors rather than ideology.

    As GalacticPatrol and others talk about in the thread someone posted with his first video - it's not about the dogma/theology/ideology. It's about controlling and abusive behaviors.

    There are several evaluation scales for looking at whether a group might be considered dangerous. Probably the one most people are familiar with here is Steve Hassan's BITE model - although there are others.