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Failed legal action by the Church of Scn

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by aaron saxton, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. aaron saxton

    aaron saxton Patron with Honors

    It is embarrasing the lengths the Church will go to to silence critics.

    For any Scientologists in doubt as to the church of Scineotlogy;s tactics, here are four examples:

    1. The Church of Scienotology attempted in auckland, New Zealand in November 2009 to have me charged for "Extrotion". For an incident that took place in 2005. The Department of Public Prosecutions threw it out, laughing. Mike Ferris the local Director of Special Affairs failed.

    2. The Church of Scienotlogy sent Private Investigators to my mothers house in December 2009. Lied to her, and attempted to gain information.

    3. The Church of Scientology AOSH ANZO sent Sue Hunt via request from Vince Spataro, outside the organization while I was on protest at the church 4 times to approach me and another inidivdual. She has now attempted to file a Violence Restraining Order against me. The Constable involved at the Redfurn police station is laughing at it, although for proper conduct, she will attempt to serve it.

    4. In response to the allegations made by Xenophon, the Church did not respond to the allegations, but chose to violate the Privacy Act and take information out from my PC file and Ethics file - none of which is allowed to be publically issued, and made public those statements.

    If your a member of the church of Scientology then look above. The Church will not deny any of these matters as they are true.

    What makes it OK to do ANY of the above? If it is OK with you, then your one that does not belong in a civilized society. And, the fact that you as a Scientologist accept any of these actions as acceptable is proof that you, too, are not only out-ethics, but condon activities usually reserved for a hard line communisitc minded or nazi minded movements.

    Your church leaders in America and here in Australia have refused to meet to accept information on the abuses in your Church from myself, despite me offering names, dates and times. They have been asked on a number of occassions. The truth is they are not interested.

    Your own leader of the Church here in Australia, Virginia while preaching the value sof Scientoloy has for over 20 years refused to speak to her own father because of his viewpoint on Scientology.

    So you think your Church is not in the business of harrassement and intimidation?

    Wake up.[/B]
  2. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire


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  3. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    To add to the list

    Hi Aaron,

    We have had our own experiences with similar violations.

    My stepdaughter has just written letters to my wife's sisters and brother stating things that are not factual. Fiona is a CMO staffer and we know is being advised, as part of her PTS handling to send these letters, copies of which we will have soon, they are pathetic attempts to bring us under "control".

    Glad to see ya here Aaron.
  4. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire


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  5. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yeah - funny how PIs turned up outside my work immediately after Bryan Seymour waved a copy of a KR written by the Principal of Yarralinda school about the lies told by Mel Org and CLO execs to get $1 million for their precious Ideal Morgue building. Obviously they thought the KR came from me.:yes:

    And Carmel's dog gets poisoned (although thankfully Polly's since made a full recovery - she even barked madly at me a week ago when I was up there :D)

    One would think it's the last days of a dying fanatic organization trying one last Jihad against the Infidels rather than the World's Fastest Growing Religion.:omg:
  6. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor


  7. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Wonderful to see you on the board Aaron - telling it like it is as usual.:thumbsup::hifive: Don't let those a...holes get to you. I hope you've got all the protection you need as was promised following Xenathon's disclosures.
  8. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    What were you thinking Fiona?

    Yes, I received phone calls this past week from at least 3 family members totally upset and disgusted that a form letter i.e. a letter that is rotely pumped out with only the name changed at the top, like a marketing letter, which had no love and understanding, and sent by Fiona and her handlers as an unacceptable communication from a granddaughter and niece. Boy did they miss the mark :angry::angry:

    All this communication did was make my family angry and distressed. Knowing that this is not the Fiona they know. Not one communication ask how my very sick sister, Fiona's aunt was, acknowledgling other communications sent to Fiona and asking about other family members. The letter went on to say what the Church is doing, how Fiona spends her time and black PR'ing me, Jordi and James.

    When it was read to me .... I called it a try hard letter and believe me they need to try harder... :grouch::grouch:

    Basically her grandfather said and I quote:

    'I will not response to this f**ken letter when it has obviously been written by someone f**ken else, this is not my granddaughter.'

    Other comments being made are 'what do they think I'm a f**kin' idiot' this same comment came from all 3 family members and as only my hard core Australian family can call it..... gotta love em...

    So if the Church thinks this situation is handled well rest assured it is not... my family and in particular my parents have had enough of this bs having put up with it for the past 25 years.
  9. AgentOfDave

    AgentOfDave Patron

    Glad to hear that the case was dropped. It's no reason to be glib, but they really do seem to have become increasingly incompetent over the last few years.
  10. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Wow..... I wish you all the best on this.

    Mary McConnell
  11. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Good post.:thumbsup:

    Mary McConnell
  12. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron

    I'm With You

    I'm with you.

    The "Church" has forgotten what their symbol means, as in the ARC triangle and its proper use.

    Lets see; they use ENFORCED REALITY and destroy any chance of real COMMUNICATION or AFFINITY and of course REALITY.

    All of these people doing this Crap in the "Church" are well below death on the

    tone scale, and are VERY lost to any real life. :duh::grouch::angry:
  13. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yeah, anything resembling what I learned as Scientology has gone the way of the dinosaurs in the cult of Miscavology. Not that it was all rosy back then, but at least the tech made sense and could be used to get a positive result. Now it seems it is 100% negative.
  14. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    What are you talking about? "Real" communciation? "Real" affinity? "Real" agreement and reality? "Real "understanding? What planet are you on?

    There is no inherent "meaning" or "value" or "correct use" in the "symbol" of ARC. That is something that people who "study" or read about ARC ASSUME, INFER and breathe INTO the notion. It doesn't exist there on its own. You are such a glaring wonderful example of how Scientology does what it does to believers.

    It kills me how so many people ASSUME such a thing. That there is some inherent "goodness" or "meaning" in the concept of ARC. There is NOT (other than what YOU read into it). But, it isn't actually there at all. NOT AT ALL.

    ARC = Understanding

    It can be ANY understanding. Please duplicate THAT fact. Simply, one mocks up AFFINITY, sends out some communication along the lines of some set of agreements (i.e. reality) to FORM an understanding in the receiver. The content of all of that can include ANYTHING. The concept is entirely value-neutral.

    ARC operates everywhere, at all times, as a simple mechanical rule. It has no "goodness" or "badness", like a gun - it is HOW it is used. Yes, it can be interesting to examine various groups and behaviors with an understanding of how this thing known as ARC functions.

    When you observe how children are taught strict fundamentalist Islam in Madrasas in Pakistan, you are observing ARC in action. There is much "love", "validation" and "likingness" aimed at young children (students). Affinity is the glue that holds anything together. The communication is relentless, as the kids sit rocking reading the Muslim texts, and the reality is formed by the agreement that is built up by incessant contact with the same type ideas and beliefs. The understanding? Well, it is what it is depending on WHAT is agreed with.

    The concept of ARC is entirely amoral. It has NO slant, other than what the starry-eyed newbie Scientologist reads into it.

    The notions of ARC resulting in SOME type of understanding can easily be applied to the world of advertising and PR, and whether those who practice in these fields know it in these terms, they USE "ARC" to manipulate and control the behavior of their target audiences. Madison Avenue techniques involve an endless intention and practice to develop communications, while often trumping up "affinity", that involve attitudes, ideas and beliefs that they want you to AGREE with (thus creating a "reality"), so that your UNDERSTANDING results in you handing over your hard earned dollars. Scientology, has also used it in THAT same exact way since Hubbard began the subject.

    Take the notion of "hard sell". The reg sits there with his or her pack of relevant LRH issues. The reg smiles at you. The reg jokes with you about your kids. The reg really builds up that AFFINITY. You like and enjoy how it feels! Now that the comm line is GREASED with affinity (artificial or real, it doesn't matter), then the reg pulls out the "content" of Communication. "The fight is long and hard", "you are a big being", "dragons on the Bridge", "making an OT", and on and on and on, feeding you with an endless stream of "data". The purpose of all of that, of course, is simply to get you to Understand within a certain framework, so as to get whatever it is that they want from you. You come to AGREE with the various ideas, you BUY INTO the set of agreements and go along with the "realities". Understand, any reality is arbitrary. It is a mock up. There is nothing inherently right or wrong, of any value, in ANY mock up. So, you come to "understand" the "hard fight", "the heavy odds against all Scientology", "the evil nature of the world out there", "the wonders of the Scientology Bridge", and when you finally come around to UNDERSTANDING all of that, then BANG, the reg can get you to separate yourself from your hard earned dollars.

    Any person who uses ARC on you desires for you to understand reality in a certain slanted manner. There is no other reason. Why? So that he or she can get whatever it is that he or she wants from you (that can be anything; sex, money, drugs, rock and roll, etc). Having ANY concern at all for whatever any other person agrees with is a FLAW of EGO. From a strict Buddhist or Taoist viewpoint, it is an additive. It is entirely artificial. Caring about what other people accept as true? To the degree that you would USE ARC as a gimmick to get them to change their agreements in alignment with your own? How horribly provincial. How so very 21st century! It is just another tool in the arsenal of modern materialistic competetive Man.

    I can supply an endless stream of examples, from any aspect of life. Scientology or not. People "subconsciously" know how to use and abuse ARC, whether they were ever trained in it or not.

    The purpose and use of ARC, even in Scientology, is to CREATE some sort of "understanding" in another person along some lines that YOU desire. Watching how the Church, since the early 1970s, and previously through reading what Hubbard did and how, has "applied" the concept of ARC made it clear and obvious to me how it was and remains LARGELY a TOOL of MANIPULATION.

    Why do people feel a bit slimy around MLM groups, various over-the-top New Age groups, even folks like Tony Robbins. First, because the AFFINITY is so contrived. We all love each other. We all want the best for each other. We all want the "best lifestyle possible" for each other. The AFFINITY greases the machinery. I have experimented with this many times. I just mock up affinity for somebody, and IMMEDIATELY my comm and comments are more readily accepted. Of course, if you pay attention, notice what the other person "agrees with" (their reality), and gear the content of the communication along those lines while gently adding in what you WANT them to AGREE with, well it is a wonderful "tool".

    But, don't mistake WHAT this tool actually is.

    ALL understandings are arbitrary, relative, and biased in SOME WAY. There is no "correct", "good" or right "understanding". Put a Scientologist, a Muslim fanatic, an electro-shock therapist, a sociologist and a born-again Christian in the same room. The "understanding" of each is VERY different. There is no inherent value or meaning in the term "understanding". There are as many understandings as there are grains of sand on all the beaches of Earth. There is no value in the concept of "understanding". People commonly make THAT mistake.

    UNDERSTANDING! Oooohhhh! We all want "understanding". Give me that "top-notch" UNDERSTANDING. Lay it on me! What the fuck does the word even mean? Really? Honestly? In the end it means something VERY different to each person who makes the mistake of thinking about such concepts for more than a few seconds.

    There are ONLY, for me, "understandings" that most closely align with accurate observations of the related topic. The only affinity I need to "understand" ANYTHING, is my own willingness to be in the SAME SPACE as SOMETHING (true meaning of the term affinity), so that I can be there and observe what is going on.

    Because ARC so much depends on "communication", usually through WORDS, it is largely a semantic artifice.

    But make NO mistakes about it. It IS a TOOL used to control and manipulate the UNDERSTANDING of others. When I see any person mocking up oodles of artificial affinity, like the Jehovah's Witness ringing my doorbell, or the pretty gal trying to get me to take a personality test at some Scientology location, I see someone trying to SELL ME SOMETHING. They are "being nice" to grease the lines of communication, so that I might "agree" with whatever it is they want me to agree with, finally, so that I come to the UNDERSTANDING he or she desires of me.

    Like so much of Hubbard's "data", it is applied in such a contrived manner. Just as he wrote it. Just as he intended it.

    YUCK! :no:

    I find the concept of ARC useful, as a tool used to observe how various people and groups develop their own unique "understandings" about life and reality. Always realizing that these "understandings" are horribly slanted, biased, loaded with fixed ideas, and fundamentally arbitrary. When and if you get to an "understanding" that has abandoned and relinquished all bias, fixed ideas, beliefs and opinions, well it is no longer actually an "understanding". Or, at least so far from what exist in the heads of most human beings.

    There is NO correct, valid, right "understanding", because any "understanding" exists in the temporary mind, based largely on some incomplete conceptual framework, of a temporary human being, on a temporary planet in a temporary universe.

    The only valid way to "understand" anything is to get out and OBSERVE. That BYPASSES any need for communication in words. Also, words are loaded and VERY tricky, and are NOT the things they describe or talk about. Another reason Hubbard never described the useful aspects of General Semantics, is probably because it helps strengthen a person AGAINST the manipulative use of ARC (which Hubbard depended upon).

    If you want to explore this thing known as Affinity, just go out, mock it up HARD, and aim it at everybody, equally, with no aspect of how YOU can or will use it to change somebody else's mind in some manner. Just go out and channel the inherent LOVE of the Universe, and aim it abundantly at all creation. But, drop the "bringing about understanding in others" aspect of it all. ARC uses "affinity" as a way to improve manipulation and control.
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  15. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    :thumbsup: That post was oh-so-fine. Super fine! Thx! :thumbsup:

    Which LRH taped lecture did all that marvelous additional data on ARC come from? I especially liked when Ron talked about insane registrars, new age charlatans, terrorist training techniques in Pakistan and other Ideal Org ingredients! :roflmao:
  16. aaron saxton

    aaron saxton Patron with Honors


    I just received a phone call from the Redfern Police Station.

    They have been receving calls from various people (working for the church) that refuse to identify them.

    Accoridng to the "tips" they have received I have no apparently gone to Sue hunt and threatened to be violent against her at her place of employment.

    I am nor sure what sickens me more, that the Church spends this much time lying, or that the police actually do not bother investigating and actually just do whatever they get told to by the Church.
  17. BunnySkull

    BunnySkull Silver Meritorious Patron

    She probably heard you on the radio today at work - some how under their "acceptable truth" skewed reality hearing the truth somehow translates into "violence at work." Surprised they didn't go for a "hate crime."

    All it means is you've gotten deeply under their skin once again and the only way they can fight back is with phoney legal bullshit - their weapon of last resort and it would seem the only one they have left.

    In the US we would turn around and slap their ass with a counter charge for making a false accusation to law enforcement - can you do something like that in Oz?
  18. Truth&Honesty

    Truth&Honesty Patron with Honors

    Desperate people do desperate things!!! Stay safe.....but whatever you are doing, keep doing it.....they are obviously sh*tting bricks over it. Deliberately fabricating lies and framing people is part of COS standard method of operation - show the police their tech on handling SPs - especially the part about it is OK to LIE and DESTROY whoever they perceive as an enemy. Which is to say.....they feel they are ABOVE THE LAW, AND THAT THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

    Ask the police to tell these callers that they will have to come in and make the report in person, regarding the incident, and that lying to the police will not be taken lightly.

    Good luck! We are winning.

  19. Daedle

    Daedle Patron

    I'm sure you're already on the case, but I'd make sure the police know about Operation Freakout :)
  20. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Just refer the cops to The Anderson Report. (previous enquiry into scientology) On the internet. Nicely put into differnt "chapters" etc.