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FLAG / Hamburg back 2006 - BIGGI Reichert

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by german penguin, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Dear Ex Scientologists,

    I have been researching a case since a long time. It is about the death of Hamburg ORG Member "Biggi" Reichert. I am posting here to ask annybody who had been either in the

    - the HAMBURG ORG in 2006
    . at FLAG in 2006

    to get in contact with me and exchange informations. I have met some people and talked to a lot but still the picture is not clear and need to be researched. F.I would like to know what the connection between Biggi Reichert and the place called OSTEREINBECK was. I would like know what She had to do with the SCientologist Rolf Hoer , who used to run the company "hoer investigations". I also would like to know what happened in FLAG before she left ?
    Has she lived in the "Hacienda" and with whom ? I have been told she was there with another german girl. Who was this ?

    Where is Hans Juergen Reichert, a former Real Estate Agent who dissapered from Hamburg ? What is knowing ? Is he in the RPF ? Has annybody herad from him after 2006 ?

    I want to find out what the tragic of her was. Falsly Scientologists where told she died of a "hard attack". This is not true ! Do not beleeve this. I have seen evidence that this is a false comment.

    Annyway you would help me and some other people if you come foreward and tell some more about her before she died.


  2. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    I was shocked to hear of Biggi's death from your post. I had been fishing to get back in touch with her over the past 4 years, obviously with no success, and not even being informed of her death.

    Biggi and I were very close friends in the 90s, we dated and spoke of marriage, but I put things off as I was still too new out of the SO and barely able to support myself and my children, much less create a new family with her. I loved that woman, still love her, she helped me in some unsuccesful attempts to get into business for myself, though the lessons from these failures taught me many skills for later success.

    Biggi was a vetrinarian near Munich when she met, I went to Germany several times and spent weeks with her driving around in her little car full of vet supplies visiting the farmers and dealing with animals. Her personality and comptence made her thoroughly loved by all. She was a truly remarkable, nice, and beautiful woman.

    After telling her that I couldn't commit to marrying her until I was financially stable and successful and able to provide, she broke contact with me for several months and re-established communication after she married Reichart. We stayed in "off and on" touch over 5-6 years, very strained because Reichart did not want her talking to me. The last time we spoke was perhaps 2005, she was unhappy with her marriage, the money problems Reichart had were not resolving, as were his family problems with ex wives adn kids, and he was forbidding us to speak. She was trying to make a final attempt to make the marriage work. I have not heard from her since then.

    Reichart apparently secretly lost his wealth in the german crash in the 90s, she did not know of his troubles until after they married. I only met Reichard 3 times very briefly.

    I will be in Hamburg Germany for the wedding of a cousin in two weeks. I have a strong personal obligation and debt of gratitude to Biggi, I want to know what happened, and am willing to help in any way I can. I will make time to visit you or anyone else on this.
  3. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Are you in contact with Ursula Caberta about this matter? I'm sure she can give you some information. If you need to get in contact with her please send me a "Private Message"

  4. Hello,
    Yes I am. But she knows less then I do, after researching for a long time.
    I had talked to another Scientologist called AXEL Rüdel who used to be a close freind but he is still working in the celebr. center düsseldorf and will not talk with me.
    Please, Annyone who has informations get in contact with me, I am close to expose this matter. Very important would be to find the ex husband hans juergen reichert. he should be either in Hamburg or in RPF.
    I do know that the PI Rolf Hör had something to do with her and I asume he was send by the Scientologitst ( he himself is one) to convince her to come back or to put pressure on her for some reasons.
    Also Who is Bill Rhodes ?


  5. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    GP, after several sleepless nights, and having called everyone I know that was a mutual friend, having found more broken scientologists stuggling to survive, I don't know that I can help with this, the only "current" information I had is above. People said they knew nothing further. I do not recognize the names you gave other than Bill Rhodes, who, from memory, had a small limosine business in Florida. I don't have any other information on him, don't recall his business name, I seem to have let too many of my scientology contacts go.

    If you know where Biggi was buried, please PM me so I can pay my respects.

    Good luck with your research. Otherwise I will be interested in reading your story when you release it.
  6. Nicole

    Nicole Silver Meritorious Patron

    May somebody post a picture? I can't remember very good names...

    There is a Felix Reichert, he is friended with some OSA people and Scientologists on FB... Imo he must be a generated (right word for in Scientology grown up?) Scientologist... I have sometimes problems to recall some Scientology related things... I know him from somewhere, maybe a friend of my family members?

    Sorry to here this about Biggi Reichert!
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  10. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    My second response on this thread was a misdirector for OSA. I did go to Germany and met with the researchers and did my own research on this. I didnj't want to hassle with OSA while talking to people.

    Something is very wrong on this whole scenereo, I don't want to discuss all the details yet, but anyone having any real information on this would be greatly appreciated. Please see my other post in response to Marty's thread, I have also made more comments on Marty's blog both concerning my relationship with her and some of the circumstances. There is a tremendous amount of data coming to light, but the pieces don't fit well together right now.
  11. greebly

    greebly Patron with Honors

    On a side note (don't have to mention where) did you get to pay your respects Mike?

  12. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    Thanks Greebly,
  13. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    R.I.P. Biggi


    My condolences, Mike.

    I have read all three threads over the last couple of days. There is definitely something very wrong here. And the lies from CoS indicate they are in it up to their eyeballs. All I can say is keep digging. And keep posting. Sooner or later someone will spill the beans.
  14. Auditor's Toad

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    And slog through the people who are trying to derail every post about this death that seems, at best, more than a little "odd".