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Featured From OTVII comp to Ex-Scientologist in under one year .

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Mrs Pattycake, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Mrs Pattycake

    Mrs Pattycake Patron with Honors

    I attested to OTVII in October 2007, after 12 years on the level and 20+ years in Scientology.

    At that stage I would never of guessed that less than a year later I would no longer even be a Scientologist !

    Here is my experience on OTVII and my thoughts about it now :

    My journey up the Bridge had been pretty straight forward ( except for an 18 month detour on staff in the class V org – which I can only describe as quite insane ). I felt I had had good wins on OTV - life was going very well. Hubby and I had our own business and we were making lots of money - we were also donating lots of money to various Org projects, we had our whole Bridge paid for and one complete L's package ( 12 ints ). We were OLs in the field and we were treated like we were important.

    I got onto to OTVII relatively easily, but was rather disappointed to find that after finishing OTV on such a win, and re-doing the solo auditor course as the first part of OTVI, that when I finally hit the confidential section I was to be handling exactly the same thing as the previous three OT levels ! I was hoping for something more - something that would help me get the abilities I had heard of when studying the PDC. I thought that this must come later and this must be the last barrier to handle.

    I found parts of the confidential section quite non-sequitur. But as the level is divided into two parts and the bit that I did not understand was in the second part – the part I would not yet be auditing at home – I decided not to worry about it just yet. I would clear those MU's I obviously had on my next trip – for now I thought I had more than enough to try to remember and I had been away from my job and hubby for 10 weeks – I wanted to get home.

    After 6 months on the level, the GAT was released - I had to go back to Flag and re do the OTVI course and eligibility - and pay a special "retread" price for this privilege .

    In one way I was relieved - I did not think my solo was good enough to get me through the level, despite passing the multitude of exams on OTVI. It was also an exciting time at Flag – there was a huge buzz, all the course rooms had been expanded and renovated – but even so they were packed to the rafters as every solo auditor and even those who had complete OTVIII were called back to retread. I remember there was not enough room to do a clay demo at the clay table so I was given a piece of plastic the size of a piece of paper and a lump of clay and told to do my demo on the 4 inch wide return on the course sups desk with half a dozen other students . There was not enough wall space to do my verbatim drill so I had to do it to a column with 3 other students using the other 3 sides ! RTC patrolled the course room – things were hopping and popping.

    I think the GAT taught me how to be a very good solo auditor - I had bought the "blind leading the blind" line that DM produced as the "why" for poor auditing skills - but on reflection the GAT drills covered a lot of data that you needed in session at home, that were not covered in the solo course pack ! Yep - the actual drills now were referencing HCOB's from even the class VIII course !!!.

    So in reality we had not previously been drilling with some half-wit who did not know what they were doing. No - we had been trying to audit without being taught all the required skills because they were not in the pack !!!

    Anyway - I was pleased that I had finally become a confident solo auditor. To my surprise when I got onto the confidential part of the “retread” I found that all the non-sequitur HCOB's had been removed !!!
    There were also a few major changes in the way that the level was now to be audited. New HCOBs based on LRHs actual sessions clarified previously ambiguous points and the GAT drills clarified what to do when . For eg. All pre GAT students had been spot checked by the sup before going into session. The sups had been incorrectly flunking students for something they had been doing and getting them to do it another way – this was now “corrected” with the new drills. Needless to say there had been some serious out tech on the level !

    I figured that post GAT you should be able to finish the level in about 2 years - not like those pre- GAT solo auditors who had been on it for a decade or so. I had a great respect for those that had stayed on the level despite all odds for years and years. I got to meet many wonderful people – most were much more experienced and more highly trained than me. In fact I was one of the few youngsters on the level ( only just over 30 ). I was in awe of some of their “war stories” about how many times the packs had been changed oops I mean “corrected” and some of the rough conditions they had had to study in – they really had been pioneers and I felt they had made it go right long enough for the real true OT level to be put there. I felt lucky to be arriving on the level at this time !
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  2. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    :drama: Moah moah! :drama:
  3. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation


    Many thanks for sharing this ... I don't really know what else to say.

    Glad you are here (as opposed to there) I always love your name when I see it!

    Have a great Christmas ... a relaxed Christmas ... with no concerns about crap like 'OT levels' ... LOL
  4. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    ^^^this^^^ with an addition though :) - the odd concern for those of us wanting the rest of the story! :D :coolwink:

  5. Nishi

    Nishi Patron

    I am also concerning about the rest of the story. Why so many OTVII - OTVIII left the church (I had several friends in Rons Org that atteined this level in the church and are now in the Free zone, myself I did until OTIV in the church and is currently auditing OTVII in the Rons org).
    Then let us know why you left the church ?
  6. Mrs Pattycake

    Mrs Pattycake Patron with Honors

    Yeh – sorry that was only the first installment – I forgot to add that ...

    So the next year on the level was pretty good - I had some good cogs that switched my viewpoint - I was feeling very causative. My hubby had been on the level a few years now and I was sure he must be nearly ready to comp. Business was going well, we were now donating lots of money to the Org every month, we were on the OT committee, we had bought a great house and we planned to have a baby. Things were looking good.

    However, it was not long before our entire universe literally imploded !!! :bigcry:
  7. Nishi

    Nishi Patron

    :ohmy: What happened ? Would you share it to us ?
  8. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    I'm on the edge of my seat.

    Also, can you give some examples of the non-sequiters?
  9. Nishi

    Nishi Patron

    I have several friends doing or completing OTVII and I am curious to know about 1/3 see their life imploded and another 1/3 had or died from a cancer or other health problem and only 1/3 seem do not experiment any of these though changes !
    I have myself my life going to implode too...
  10. Lesolee (Sith Lord)

    Lesolee (Sith Lord) Patron Meritorious

  11. Mrs Pattycake

    Mrs Pattycake Patron with Honors

    Goodness Div 6 it was so long ago now I am having trouble remembering - I am pretty sure they had to do with psychs and the wholetrack - interesting tit bits but i could not see how they fit in with the rest of the data or were relevant to what we were instructed to do in session.

    The fact that they were taken out of the pack of course totally validated my rightness in not frigging trying to work out how they might fit in :thumbsup:
  12. Mrs Pattycake

    Mrs Pattycake Patron with Honors

    yeh Nishi - I'm going to share it with you - it is quite shocking the hidden stats of OTVIIs - of course my story will have a good ending as now I am here !

  13. Nishi

    Nishi Patron

    I am glad your story has a good end for you. Looking forward to hear about it.
    Yes it's shocking the hidden stats of OTVII but we have many here in Switzerland and every body just has to open his eyes to see... Like for the marvellous stats still going up for Missions and Orgs when you can obviously see they are less than 30 years ago and had any good move since 20 years !
  14. Mrs Pattycake

    Mrs Pattycake Patron with Honors

    Things were humming along just beautifully

    After the GAT, 6 month checks were completely changed and were even called something totally different - it was now officially known as a “refresher”. This consisted of an eligibility sec check ( as usual ) but then you had personalised checksheets – a non-confidential and a confidential one which itemised your errors during the previous six months of soloing at home and gave you the appropriate references and drills to re do. After completing this you then had to audit on base until your CS believed you were flubless, then you did a leaving base sec check before being allowed to leave – for another six months.( For those who do not know about OTVII – you audit at home and you post your worksheets to the CS every two weeks – the CS looks over them and sends you a CS back in the post – the post to Australia takes about 12 days each way so the com lag is so great that often you can't remember what the CS is commenting about, as it happened in one session you did about a month ago !!! )

    Anyway ... a good thing was that after the GAT, the solo nots correction lists which you got to take home had much more detail about how to audit certain things – this made it so much easier rather than having to remember absolutely everything ! In the early days I would some times study these before a session to keep me on my toes so to speak .

    When I first got on the level I had seen the solo auditors coming in for their 6 month checks – pre GAT, each person had to do a non confidential and confidential exam, as well as a practical E-meter exam in Qual . Then they waited in a very small room in the back of Qual whilst someone wrote up their cram. There was often a big queue of people waiting for exams and crams. The crams mostly consisted of long lists of references to be M9ed. In the courseroom students were twinned up everywhere M9ing each other – to be honest the whole thing did not look fun !!!:no:

    So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I turned up for my first refresher to find I had very little to do on my checksheets and breezed through the whole cycle in under 6 days – brilliant – the pain of slugging it through OT VII seemed over !!!

    Right ... the bubble is about to burst ...

    I stopped auditing when I was six months pregnant but recommenced soon after our beautiful daughter was born . But within a few short months we knew that something was terribly wrong with her - this was the beginning of end of our easy run !:unsure:

    It took some time for us to discover what was wrong with her, going from doctor to specialist etc. All the time we were still on OTVII. Hubby and I would go to Flag together with our daughter. By now the refresher line had changed. The sec check was now being done FPRD style – this meant that it was taking up to 2 or even 3 ints to do your sec check. That meant up to $30 K every 6 months !!! :omg:

    We were worried about our daughter and I distinctly remember one D of P when I originated this, telling me that I should just tell her to exteriorise and to fix her body – she was a thetan after all. I was so pissed off, I looked at the D of P and said well I'm here on OTVII and I reckon if I broke my leg I would not be able to just exteriorise and fix it – so how the hell do you reckon a baby who is in her condition is going to be able to ! :angry:

    By the time our daughter was 16 months old we had found out that she had a severe brain injury from a congenital virus - her brain had not grown properly and was not continuing to grow properly. On receiving her bleak diagnosis – I decided to disagree. I was OT, and being extremely optimistic ( my hubby calls me Pollyanna ) I decided all we needed was to find out how to grow the brain. We went to Flag and whilst there we met several people who all told us about a place in Philadelphia which helped kids with brain injuries by growing the brain with intensive stimulation. Yep - we were onto it immediately ! Now I really felt OT.

    So we began a 12 hour a day intensive rehab program for our daughter. With the demands of that and OT VII's requirement of auditing 3 to 6 sessions a day and the required 6 monthly refreshers – we agreed we had no choice but to sell our business and to focus only on these two things We felt we would surely win - I mean OTVII was the most important thing a being had done in millions of years – and if it made you "cause over life" - how could we not handle our daughters condition if we were cause over life ! We were giving everything that was important to us our undivided attention .:yes:

    Since we had sold our business and were living off the money we invested, we had to stop donating money to the Church. As we became very focused on our situation - we were beginning to be seen by others in the Church as individuated and disaffected. It was odd – of course we were very interested in helping our daughter and we also felt the need to help other families in the same boat as us - our values and friendships were changing. Only a few Scios remained close friends.

    Initially we had taken our daughter with us on our trips to Flag as we timed them to align with her coincidental 6 monthly visits to the clinic in Philadelphia. On one particular trip we took hubby's sister with us to babysit our daughter – we arrived with enough time to get through the refresher and back home for Christmas.

    On arriving at Flag we found long queues in the HGC . The FPRD sec checks were taking so long that public were back logging. You were not allowed onto your confidential checksheet until you had finished your sec check and ethics cycle. We went into the HGC every day and were told to wait. This went on for day after day after day. They started to send us away, asking us if we had anything else to do – did we want to go to Disney Land or something ? I'm serious ! No we complained we had to get finished – we were told there was not enough class IX auditors so if we wanted to do something about it we should join the SO. ( Remember we are paying huge amounts of money for this fabulous service. )

    On day 12, ( yes that was TWELVE days of waiting to even get INTO session :omg: ) we saw a new fella turn up in the HGC – he was escorted by some exec and his routing form had a funny sticker on the front of it. He was marched right up to the HGC window and the next minute out came his auditor and he went into session ! What the ...??? Hubby went to the window to find out how come this guy got to skip the queue. We were told the sticker represented he had priority service – you see he had a huge number of ints on account.

    Off we rushed up to Qual to get the reference on this priority service – then down to see the reg – we had 12 ints on account for L's plus some more for sec checks how come we had not been given the priority sticker ??? The reg explained that “those” L's ints were for a different HGC ! God I thought hubby was going to go ballistic – here we were with well over a hundred thousand dollars on account and they were squabbling about which HGC they were for. He told her that he would NEVER EVER pay in advance for a service again given the pathetic service we had received – needless to say we got a sticker and got into session that afternoon !

    Unfortunately we now had to send our babysitter home so that she did not miss Christmas – so we now had to leapfrog, looking after our daughter and going into session. The FPRD sec check was long and slow – it was a total nightmare.:omg:
  15. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    I remember you two telling me some of this but the full horror story ....

    I'm amazed you guys made it through the other side at all - well done :thumbsup:

    Moah? :drama:
  16. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    This thread interests me. I am writing this post just to mark it.

  17. Mrs Pattycake

    Mrs Pattycake Patron with Honors

    next installment

    During this time the demands from Flag and the AO for our time and money were becoming more and more intense. The pressure was on the OTVIIs to really up their contributions and make an impact in a big way. We were expected to be on course, on OT committee, donating to all sorts of projects, FSMing for all orgs, as well as financing our regular 6 month checks and auditing every day.

    Somewhere in all of this the routing form that routed you into Flag for your refresher and through all the various lines and back out again – became over 30 pages long – no joke !!! Not only did it cover the tech areas and the actual service you came for, but it now included the “Flag Experience”.:melodramatic:

    This routed you to the office of every reg on the entire Flag landbase ! IAS, ASI, Tech Preservation, IHELP, MISSIONS, WISE, Planetary Dissem, ABLE, the Translation Unit, the bookstore, accommodations, SuperPower , the FSM IC as well as the regular Div 2 reg . It was murder – you had to visit each one and be briefed on the latest project. Then you were asked how you were contributing to this effort and then were regged for something. The last step on the routing form was RTC who gave you OK to leave the base – you were not given OK unless every step of the routing form was signed off – even this wonderful arbitrary Flag Experience.

    Around this time we had had a trip where our daughter had her first seizure - she was being looked after by a nanny and whilst we were on service lines. When I went to pick her up she looked dead – it was terrible, we ended up in a paediatrics hospital – another long story . Anyway after that trip and with the expense of the sec checking sky rocketing, hubby decided we would from now on leapfrop our refreshers – we would both go to Philadelphia to the clinic then one of us would go home with the kid and the other would go onto to Flag . :whistling:

    This meant we now had a refresher only once a year – this was really a self preservation thing – we could not afford the cost of two a year – in our attempts to justify this to ourselves we discovered that NO WHERE on the OTVI or OTVII materials/course nor in any LRH reference we had seen did it say ANYTHING about having to return to Flag every 6 months. This 6 month check thing came verbally from your D of P and in a non LRH write up about security when returning for refreshers. God – why didn't we cognite then and there ??? :duh:

    So now I was faced with doing the “Flag Experience” by myself. Usually I had hubby with me – he was expert at being quite forthright to the point of almost being abrupt and saying “NO”. He 8Ced them to sign him off – he was very good at it. Now here was I – not being a native aussie – I am actually a pommie and I had quite a different way of dealing with these things. It was impolite not to listen to the full briefing and one was obliged to ... oh well... I had a “too gruesome” - if I had of buckled to any of the regs I would of never of heard the end of it when I got home – so I actually got quite good at what we had called “running the gauntlet” on the Flag Experience !!! :happydance:

    We did however know a few people who did not fair quite so well and got themselves into serious financial heartache due to the heavy demand on this line. Fortunately the “End of the Arbitraries” period was upon us and the “Flag Experience” disappeared from the routing form as did the totally out tech FPRD sec checks – but the damage from that out tech was already done ! :angry:
  18. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Whaaaa?? 30 Pages? You cannot be serious .... what in hell is WRONG with these people?

    That is just yet another form of total and absolute disrespect ...

    This is turning into quite a story Mrs Pattycake ... I do hope all ends well for your family.

  19. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Very interesting.

  20. sandygirl

    sandygirl Silver Meritorious Patron

    Miss Pattycake-Please, please, continue!!

    I had only one Flag "experience" but it was enought to make me vow (covertly) to wait a long time for another!!! I hated the "friendliest place on Earth" and found it anything but.

    As far as the point about your daughter,
    I have found that ridiculous attitude quite prevelent. Especially amoung SO members who have agreed to have no children, ah yes they are quite the "experts".

    So glad you're here and waiting, waiting, .........