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Geir Isene's Theories!

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Peter Soderqvist, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Peter Soderqvist

    Peter Soderqvist Patron with Honors

    Soderqvist1: Geir Isene has written two interesting essays which I have read, and want to make some comment upon. These quotes here are only part of it, which I have selected to comment about.

    Soderqvist1: Sir Roger Penrose the world renowned mathematician contest that by saying in effect that; genuine consciousness is at root non-computational, and computers are only The “Emperor’s New Mind! I have read parts of his both books, “The Emperor’s New Mind”, and “Shadows of The Mind” and Daniel Dennett’s rebuttal; Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” and other authors of his ilk, but Penrose is still convincing!'s_New_Mind

    Soderqvist1: I have read in Paul. W. Davies Book “The Matter Myth” that the Universe is its own fastest simulator, there is no particles left to show the universe’s next position, because all particles are already used in the equation to compute the quantum particles next state, and in a sense the universe doesn’t know where it is going, and quantum mechanics even says that; when the position is completely determined, its momentum is completely undetermined!

    Soderqvist1: I like your way of reasoning, because this hypothesis is mine too, but I have seen something there which seems to me is MU’s?

    “Particles are waves and waves are particles. Simultaneously. Apparently they are both until they are measured.”

    Soderqvist1: As far to my knowledge; this is correct, since they are called ‘wavicles’ by the eminent Scientist Carl Sagan, in example an electron is a wavicle!

    “Then they settle to become a particle or a wave.”

    Soderqvist1: a wavicle always become a particle, nobody has seen the wave!
    Its two possible states is example spin up, or down, or polarization horizontal or vertical, its outcome is totally random, but they can spread out like a wave or particles!

    “The famous double-split experiment shows what is known as a "wave function collapse"; the wave function describing the probability of the particle's location collapses to one of its two possible states.”

    Soderqvist1: The wave-function describes the wavicle’s probability distribution from the “electron gun”, through the double-slit , to the screen behind, which is the target. It is a wave of possibility rather than an actuality which takes all possible ways which is close to infinite many, to the target. Where the amplitude is as highest there is the highest probability where the wavicle will end up at. All this is described by Erwin Schrodinger’s wave-equation, or Werner Heisenberg’s wave-matrix!
    Amit Goswami has been a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oregon for 30 years, he is now retired. He has written a book “The Self-Aware Universe” and he has added the concept of self-referential to quantum Mechanics. Self-Referential is analogous to Hubbard’s “Awareness of Awareness Unit” in example; ‘I can compute something, but the difference between me and a computer is that I know it!’ This is a quote from the Interview with Goswami which describe consciousness as the Collapser of quantum wave-function with a vengeance!

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