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Get the "Secret" Knowledge...Without the Cult

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by WildKat, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron


    Several years ago when I happened to be free-associating through the Wonderland that is Google, I happened upon this great article by someone known as Blackout. I’m not sure who Blackout is or what key words led me to his website, but I saved it and have referred back to it over the years. I am posting it here hoping to start a new dialog on the subject of “secret knowledge”, and see if it tweaks anybody. I know it's been discussed before somewhere, but I felt like giving it a new thread.

    Here's the original document, slightly edited, in bold:

    From Blackout’s Box Bulletin Boards August 2005;f=23;t=000055#000000
    Now let’s talk about these 'Scientologists' and other groups like them. If you notice, they all use the pyramid or some sort as their symbol. Hey, the pyramid is on our fucking dollar because of the groups trying to control everything. They think they are doing right because most of the world are idiots and should just shut up and work and do what these groups tell them. Unfortunately... they are right in a lot of instances. So many of the masses are just so DUMB. But I am not, and many are not, and I don't want to join Freemasons or Illuminati or any of that, and there are many more than just those big ones that you have heard of, although they all have basically the same agenda and they believe it to be good. Remember though, Hitler thought he was doing good and Hitler was heavily into Freemasonry.

    Scientology, believe it or not, has a BUNCH of great stuff in it. L Ron Hubbard was a great writer who got pissed off and mad at the world and then went manipulative psycho. If you read Dianetics and Scientology, the initial books, you will see that they teach basic and sound self-confidence-building psychological principals that mostly back up the fact that you create reality and most of your 'bullshit' or troubles in life are because you have let 'the herd' and unenlightened negative people get into your subconscious, and then you yourself have fucked up your subconscious, and your subconscious is the vast power - the engine if you will - that makes everything happen in your life. It doesn't know good or bad, it just DOES what it is commanded to do. It attracts and repels certain situations to you, and your consciousness is supposed to control your subconscious.

    This is how most people get messed up in the world. They are not taught how to use the power of their thinking properly. Language is extremely powerful and if your subconscious mind learns at an early age, 'life sucks and then you die,' or 'only a few get lucky... most of life is work-work-work and you can barely get by', well then you are going to live EXACTLY like that because your subconscious mind brings exactly the messages that it is told.

    Even a slightly confusing statement such as constantly stating 'I want money', can keep you from having money, because your subconscious mind will try to create "I want money" for you.... that means IT thinks that you want to be in a state of WANTING money. You need to be careful how you phrase things, you need to be conscious of your thought and your wording and your mind state. At first it seems difficult but with practice and knowing not to go crazy about it, to just relax and begin to understand, it will become easier and you will see dramatic changes.

    Unfortunately most people don't 'GET' how powerful this really is and so they are trapped in the conventional day-to-day blahs of the world and their own tortures of their own devices.

    Scientology, as well as many other sources and groups - teach you that NO ONE or NO THING makes you feel out of control but YOU. No one or no thing is more important than you (except the church of Scientology of course) and as you can see, it is very effective for some of its members….. although it's very funny how they say psychology is bad when Scientology is nothing but a bunch of psychology with a cult control pyramid structure thrown on top.

    They all go down the same road to clear enlightened awareness and you don't need any of these cults. They all refer to something called the Sacred Texts or Secret Doctrine that goes to the oldest book of The LAW of all. I have been researching all of this and I can tell you there is QUITE a lot when you become ready for it, but it basically comes down to this:

    Do What Thou Wilt. Love is under that believe it or not. Love is doing what thou wilt. Evil does not really exist, it is only error. God is not a dude sitting on a throne unless you want him to be for your perception of it. Evil is error, not evil. It is here for good. Thought is everything. Thought is spirit. Infinity can't know itself in infinity so it creates things in time- space to experience itself. This entire world is just a time-space mirror comprised from man's thought. This is happening on probably a million endless other universes with endless variations. Everything is within you. Every major religious group has tried to alter or hide the parts of the Bible that said that not only are you equal to God, you are God, and you will create just the same. You are immortal and endlessly creative. Being a non-creative stick in the mud is creative because it forms a new experience. You are unique and there is not, nor will there ever be, another you that does exactly as you have.

    All these 'groups' think it is terrible for any of this knowledge to be known by the general public so they put you through a series of levels and levels and levels of stuff and rituals and tests. Thought not only DOES affect matter, thought IS matter. There are tons of these systems and it all comes down to the same thing. Scientology calls it Thetans, but it is basically that we are a 5th race in 7 total races of beings all going through repeated cycles. That you ARE God wishing to know itself, and so is everyone else.

    Go do a search on Google or something and enjoy if you wish to go deep down the zebra hole:

    "The Sacred Texts"
    "The Book of the Law"
    "Three Secret Words" (U.S. Anderson.. EXCELLENT book powerful beyond any sort of self help book you could ever read… if you have the capability to understand and believe it)
    "The Secret Doctrine"
    "Free Mason Symbols"

    It's all connected. You are what you think, followed by what you eat, but the first is more important than the second. Everything stems from thought. Think you're shy, and you become shyer, think you're dumb, your subconscious obeys. What most repeats over and over in your head is what comes to you and manifests in your life, in your physical form, friendship, wealth, health, everything.


    Me saying this won't do anything. The desire to know and to grow have to be inside you. They are inside you, but you either act on them or you say 'NO WAY, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE'.

    Well. The chances of you having the luck to be born and be here in this time and read this are pretty much impossible, yet here you are.

    Nothing is impossible, unless you wish for it to be, and even then it is not really impossible, it is only impossible for you, as long as you believe it to be so.

    There are many more dimensions then these little bit of senses that we have and rely so heavily on. Children know it, and great sages and Shamans know it.

    So get the knowledge of the cults, without the cults.

    (end of article)

    Pretty deep stuff, eh? All free from the internet. You didn’t have to join a cult to get the information, jump through hoops, or spend several hundred thousand dollars. With a little research, you can find a wealth of information if you can sort truth from bullshit and don’t need a guru to do your thinking for you. (And while you’re researching, please don’t fall for any Nigerian scams or get trapped in another cult.)

    I did a search for the book mentioned above called “Three Secret Words” by Anderson and found nothing. Has anyone ever come across it? Maybe it's one of those hidden secrets. hmmm.

    By the way, I think I figured out why certain knowledge is kept hidden (besides the fact that it is very lucrative making people pay big bucks and jump through hoops to find out secret “confidential levels”). It might have something to do with spiritual growth, ascended masters, waking up, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful and why it’s all necessary. Once a being has learned all the lessons he sets out to learn, the physical universe game, for him, is over. It’s why we cling so long to the illusion. We don’t want to let go of the game.

    In a phrase, “We are god, and god is waking up.”

    I think we are witnessing the wake-up process snowballing. It may even have something to do with 2012. All “in the fullness of time.” When god has fully awaken…. Game Over, Man!

    Of course, there’s always a re-set button if we want to do it all again. :confused2:
  2. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader


    Most balanced piece on Scientology evver. Without the Tindfoil and seeing the good parts in it and of course the Con of it. Crowly was vilified by Christians.

    Imagine your conscience being told You are a sinner all the time from birth and some really ggood guy died for your sins

    What a mindfuck

    SUBCONSCIENCE. I have been reading up on Will durant Okay in dutch but it is his translated work.

    Hubbard wanted to beat the shit out of Christianity as he was an Atheïst