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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by spookles99, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. spookles99

    spookles99 Patron

    i'd been in scientology 22 years, $650,000. wheeeeee.
    i posted a series of posts on my own blog talking about it and have gotten some nice feedback on it, so thought i'd share it here:

    Here's the TOC

    Part 1: Introduction
    Part 2: Scientology's Claims​
    Part 3: The Leaders​
    Part 4: Ex-Mucky-Mucks
    Part 5: Scientology's Worth
    Part 6: Church Culture
    Part 7: Public Relations
    Part: 8: A Message to David Miscavige​
    Part 9: A Message to Dedicated Scientologists​
    Part 10: A Message to Myself​
    Part 11: Moving Forward!​
  2. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Welcome, Vance!! Glad you're speaking up. You've come a long way from where you were at in 2002:

    Congratulations! No doubt you'll soon find your name and blog link on the Big List
  3. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    It's up to you, of course, but I'd love to see you get that money back- if you want it back, that is. Wow.

    I will definitely look at your site and welcome to ESMB!!!
  4. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yeah...I did about the same $$$ amount in about the same length of time.:duh: Woke up about 7 years ago. :ohmy:


    Have fun! :happydance:
  5. Sindy

    Sindy Crusader


    I have started to read your blog and I love how it's written.

    You have a good sense of humor and it seems very fair and genuine.

    Thanks for posting this here.
  6. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Heya Claire, why in the world would somebody not wasnt their money back from a mind-numbing, ass-raping, stupid-azzed cult (founded by a fucking lunatic),
    Get you fucking money back from con -artist fueled stupids imho.


  7. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Hi, spookles99,

    Only began reading what appear to be some excellent articles of yours.

    Here's a concise summation of Scientology that some have found useful:


    Welcome to ESMB. :)
  8. welcome spookie!

    i promise you i will read the whole thing
  9. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome spookles99

    Have only read a bit of your TOC but fun reading. :thumbsup:

    Pretty hard to become normal with writing like that. But don't stop.
  10. ClearedSP

    ClearedSP Patron with Honors

    I appreciated the sense of humor you put into your blog, and the way you cut through justification and BS, and got right to the point. The "Show me a fucking Clear!" approach has a lot going for it.
  11. Veda

    Veda Sponsor



    In case you haven't seen them. :)

    David Mayo was the former C/S International and Hubbard's personal auditor. There is also a link to the complete article:

    Excerpts from the 1991 article by David Mayo.

    ...the attributes of a clear, as described in DMSMH, were never actually attained, although in reading DMSMH, one might be led to believe that they were. When people started attesting to clear, the definition was watered down to the vague generality "at cause over mental MEST as regards the first dynamic". This definition can mean many different things to many different people. Anyone is at least somewhat causative over his own mind. So anyone can find an interpretation of this definition of "clear" that he can attest to. The states of "MEST Clear", "Theta Clear", "Cleared Theta Clear", "Clearing Course Clear", "Clear-OT", and, finally, "Dianetic Clear"... were equally absolutistic when first stated, but when people started attesting to them, the definition of each, or the criterion for allowing a pc to attest to each, was similarly watered down. This sequence has been repeated over and over throughout the history of Scientology...

    Clears have always had trouble explaining why they still act reactively at times, or a lot of the time, and why they still have problems in life and in getting along with people...

    The idea of "harmonics of clear" is quite accurate. The main reason why LRH blew up at the idea of "harmonics of clear", as expressed in the HCOB I wrote, was, as he told me, that this idea tended to leave him open to the charge that the claims he had made in DMSMH and elsewhere concerning the "state of clear" were fraudulent...

    It was PR and marketing considerations that led Hubbard to decide that certain people were "clear" at a certain point...


    And here are some excerpts from author Russell Miller's interview of David Mayo from August 1986.

    Complete interview:

    This excerpt concerns events from the late 1960s:

    He [L Ron Hubbard] could be capable of incredible cruelty. On the ship there was an old man on the Royal Scotman who he made push a peanut round the decks with his nose. He had to get down on his hands and knees, he had to go round the deck, quite a long distance in a race with one or two others also in trouble. The first one back got let off and the last one got a double penalty.

    It was really tough on this old guy, Charlie Reisdorf. The surface of the deck was very rough wood, prone to splinter, so after pushing peanuts with their noses, they all had raw, bleeding noses, leaving a trail of blood behind them. I not only saw it but the entire crew of the ship was mustered - a mandatory attendance - we were required to watch this punishment, to make an example of it for the rest of us. Reisdorf was in his late 50s probably. His two daughters were messengers, they were 11 or 12 at time and his wife was there also.

    It was hard to say which was worse to watch: this old guy with a bleeding nose or his wife and kids sobbing and crying at being forced to watch this. Hubbard was standing there calling the shots, yelling, "Faster, Faster!". It was indignity, degradation and breaking a person's will, and making people watch. It was disgusting...

    They used to have people locked in the chain locker, including small children. It was very dangerous because if the anchor started to slip and started running out, it would probably turn a body into a pulp in no time at all...

    He [LRH] had a birthday party on March 13, 1968; there was a woman who he ordered locked in the chain locker. During the party he had brought her out. She was filthy, covered with dirt and rust, and had not been allowed to wash or change clothes - she had been in there for a week... he brought her out to the party. He said he was giving her a reprieve and permitting her to come to the party, as if that was a nice gesture. She wasn't allowed to change. She was brought to the party and had to stay, and later was returned [to the chain locker]... it was flaunting her degradation...

    Why did people stand by?...

    From time to time, Hubbard would cancel such activities like the chain locker, and blame it on someone else... He would start such pronouncements with, 'It has just come to my attention...'

    The length of time for children would vary, but no one was less than a day...

    Reisdorf [peanut pushing] affair - if someone tried to do something, it would have made it worse. Hubbard said that maritime law prevailed... He said that under maritime law, he had total power over everyone on the vessel...


    What worried me was that I saw some things he did and statements he made that showed his intentions were different from what they appeared to be...

    And from 1978:

    He told me he was obsessed with an insatiable lust for power and money. He said it very emphatically. He thought it wasn't possible to get enough. He didn't say it as if it was a fault, just his frustration that he couldn't get enough.


    It amazing how much abuse a person will accept from someone who is identified with the survival and well being of himself, his next "endless trillions," Mankind, the galaxy, and even the universe. And strange to watch the gratitude expressed when that source of survival and well being extends some kindness or some "validation" to that person.

    It took David Mayo a few years to recover from Hubbard's head-games, but others take longer.
  12. Hi Spooky! :biggrin: Welcome to ESMB!

    Glad to have you join us and thanks for posting the links to your blog! :thumbsup:

    Keep up the good work! :happydance:

    (and for pity's sake, ask for your money on account BACK!!! $200,000 would ease a lot of suffering in this world!)
  13. Ho Tai

    Ho Tai Patron Meritorious

    Welcome Spooky! I'm immensely enjoying reading your material. You have a gift for explaining things in a simple, understandable way. Some notable authors of scientology material have failed famously to do that, and you know who I mean! And absolutely you should get your $$$ back! It's your @#$%^& $$$!
  14. spookles99

    spookles99 Patron

    Welcome, Vance!! Glad you're speaking up. You've come a long way from where you were at in 2002:

    03-31-2002 03:26 PM #13
    vance woodward

    Dear Factnet,

    I've been a Scientologist for some 12 years and have used Scientology to benefit my life in so many ways. For instance, before I entered Scientology I almost failed grade 9. After learning study tech, I excelled at school and continued to graduate from law school in the top of my class.

    Anyhow, I read through your web site and am now more certain than ever that Scientology will dramatically improve conditions on earth and usher in an era of world peace.

    By the way, Scientology works.

    Vance Woodward

    Nice! A blast from the past.
  15. spookles99

    spookles99 Patron

    Thanks everyone!
  16. spookles99

    spookles99 Patron

    has anybody asked for and gotten their money back out there?
  17. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    Hey Vance - I liked your piece a lot - there were a couple typos towards the end of 6 or 7, but over all it was a fun take - I liked the bit about Scientology being a culture /society of good people who act in a toxic manner dictated by Hubbard's own writings, and judging whether Scientology works by looking at itself - it certainly doesn't look or act OT, it looks like a paranoid delusional, money grabbing psycho.

    In the Scientology parlance - VWD!!

  18. spookles99

    spookles99 Patron

    thanks! i found one typo. you get a Vance-certified happy-beam for that!
  19. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hi :wave: and :welcome2: Vance - glad you are out :happydance: - and thanks for the link to your blog. Thank you. I hope you make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. :yes:
  20. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    It's not a question of "derr". Some people opt to try to get their money back and some people don't. Simply an observation. Anyone who tries to get their money back certainly has my support and backing, as such.