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Holy smokes! what a day that was..

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by goldendawn, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Well it was another fine day at the Freewinds, you know the cult's sort of pimped out and customized ferry..

    To make a long story short, we had been in a state of emergency for months due to down statistics and to make matters worse one of the groupmember goin loopy or type3 as its called.

    The state of emergency meant that among other things (such as not being allowed off the ship) the schedule of a large number of staff had also been changed considerably to acommodate for the situation and to be temp. security guards in order to help out the dept of security who were too short staffed in order to be able to do all the security shifts for the type3 themselves which is a 24/7 job.

    The constant security for the type3, or babysitting which is a derogatory term used for that in the cult, not having 1 day off for more than 3 months straight made life onboard considerably more miserable then the usual routine, with lots of staffmembers getting way grumpy for having to miss untold sleep cause of having to do the babysitting..

    Luckily that didn't apply to me as my schedule didn't allow for anything else besides my usual responsiblities as I was assigned to exec chef post meaning responsible for breakfast, luch and dinner for the entire crew and public. So no babysitting for me.. Considering the burden of my post which I alone could fully manage at the time due to being the only one qualified I was left to fend for myself.

    To add even more insult to injury the entire ship was due for maintainance and would be put into drydock. Eventually with the ship now in drydock so was the type3, ways were found to redirect all the drydock workers around the area where the crew member with the nervous breakdown was being kept cause no word of this was to leak out to the local press and cause some serious comotion in the media (PR flap).

    Anyway, this had been going on for more and more weeks on end with everyone getting more fed up with the whole thing by the day and the stats still down the tubes. The tension in the air you could just cut with a knive but coming to quite an abrupt end at one point when one of the local workers (mostly locals, men of african descent from the island curacao (dutch antilles)who slept on the deck for an hour during noon which is siesta there)) had caused a fire in a topdeck cabin with a welding torch.

    This was the point when all the weight of the persistant daily grind all of a sudden just changed into absolute mayhem with firealarms going off and people running around in all directions..

    Soon after we were all told via intercom to vacate the vessel as the fire was still way out of controll and we were to muster outside on the dock.. Standing there we were all lined up in rows of each department like a regular muster with all 100 or more of us wearing the bright orange lifejackets while standing on dry land which didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense but as with everything else it was part of the drill..

    Finally some more execs came out and as they went down the list of names with black clouds of smoke billowing out of the top of the ship in the background I just couldn't believe the craziness. It was like a mix between apocalypse now, the titanic and a touch of alice in wonderland all rolled into one. As the names were called out a few names wern't present cause they were fire fighters but when 1 young girls name was called and there was no "Aye Sir" her mother immediately looked around in absolute horror and just lost it completely..

    She was a 50 something yr. old mexican lady who had in total 5 daughters on board and were all c-org members. Anyways she was just freaking out and crying and then charged up the gangway to look for her daughter, and obviously i really felt for her but there was little i could do. As if the whole scene wasn't bizarre enough on account of the most OT place on earth goin up in flames et all, plus the awfull thought of this poor disabled c-org member left behind lock and key on a burning ship, we now had a mexican teenager presumable sleeping in her bunk totally unaware of the impending danger!

    I don't know how I got through it all but thanks to the fire crew the flames were eventually subdued after gutting out a few VIP cabins and life was sort of back to "sort of" normal, well at least for now...

    - goldendawn -
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  2. Marie

    Marie Patron

    It amazes me that this organization expects loyalty from people, no matter how they treat those people.

    How can you expect to keep or get morale up, get stats up, and make it a positive experience for staff (and public) alike. Yes the public sees, and this doesn’t further the cause… If that is the purpose – to “clear” the planet…

    The SO expects staff to give up family and friends, give over their welfare and life over to them, without any exchange – unless you count basics of keeping them alive and $35 a week as exchange- and sometimes you don’t get those things.

    Nobel cause or not, this is ridiculous. It took me a while to see it but I finally did, and I think others finally see it, who don’t leave, but either think the cause is worth the sacrifice or have no where else to turn. You cut off every other option for an individual and they won’t leave, they won’t have a choice. And if they do they are very brave or very reckless or both…

    Then the organization doesn’t feed the people (due to not being able to get food cards because of budget, or just lower conditions – you can only eat so many rice and beans), send them to the dr or dentist when they need it (you must be out ethics), let them see the few people who still will communicate with them from the outside word, and on top of all of this makes them feel like crap for not giving enough.

    With such a suppressive environment, I think the ones who didn’t go type 3 where the crazy ones…
  3. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    Its the Apollo that was the converted ferry.

    Its called baby watching.

    But interesting story about the C org.

  4. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Goldendawn - thankyou so much for your stories!
    These events need to be known about and I look forward to reading more. :)

    (I've just started a new thread on babysitting/watching so it won't detract from your thread.)
  5. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Thanks for the vignette....what decade was this? 90's?
  6. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Hey Alex, the correction pertaining to babysitting is duly noted, although I can't recall it ever be being said that way, in any case thx.

    Don't know bout Apollo, which was way before my time, however the Freewinds is indeed a converted ferry, the telltale sign is the rear section of the ship which is a square shape (with other cruiseliners its a half circle shape when viewed from above) which accomodated at one point (what year I don't know) a hydrolic ramp for on and offloading trucks and cars.

    That ramp was later welded shut and is no longer visible from the outside (but details of it can still be seen from the inside). Presumably by one of the former owners. I think it was also used by a company (before the cult bought it) as a really sleazy lookin offshore casino. It took the c-org crew about 4 years of gutwrenching hard work and sheer blood sweat and tears to make the whole thing look a bit more presentable.

    Its regular commute was originally in the waters of scandinavia somewhere, that is why it had a heating system onboard needed for the northerly climate, whether the heatingsystem is still in place and wether it is still operational or not I'm not sure as its unnecessary in the caribian area for obvious reasons.

    For more info on that there could be some people on this forum who could confirm this or otherwise there could be a database on the net where you could trace more info about the history of ships, its owners, under which flag, the wharf where it was originally build etc. Some people have an interest in aircraft that way (planespotting its called) and want to know everything there is to know about them, to me they seem a tad fanatical seein's the endless sites out there about it containing tons of data, but if it makes them happy all the more power to them.

    yours truly,

    - goldendawn -
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  7. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    More then welcome div6 (cute handle, as for the signature it totally rocks :thumbsup:) the decade is not the 90's but the one after that, not sure how you say that as my somewhat rusty english doesn't quite cut it, so a little tuition is welcome.. However its not me (I'm way more goodlooking :no:) but one of Gabriel Rios who has mad skills and is a famous musician in these parts.

    In case you were referring to the period in which my story took place it was if I recall correctly early 90's, like 1990 or at the latest '91 (making me wonder if there are more ex c org on this forum that served in the same place and time).


    - goldendawn -
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  8. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Thanks F2S, and I couldn't agree more, all be it, in addition to a need to spread the word, on account of an addiction to posting on forums and practicing my english, so I'm sure there will be more to follow.. also about this story which has more details.

    As for baby watching, sure enuf that topic deserves a separate thread due to the severity of it, that it is by no means a rare occurance and when it does occur everything is done in an effort to play down the seriousness and liability of it even to the point of character assasinating the individual suffering from the breakdown by blaming everything on them which is absolutely grotesque behaviour.


    - goldendawn -
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  9. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Hello Marie,

    The thing that is so difficult for people to see and that includes yours truly (perhaps more so than anyone alive on this planet today) is that Scientology is in essence a fashist system all be it thinly veiled to appear as something else (and at the risk of offending the americans posting here I must say, so is the US government).

    Right from the getgo scientlogy, although under a different name at the time, you might say at its very conception, was a US govt. funded black ops. type setup orgestrated by US Navy intelligence and other US intel services like the CIA. The main focus being mindcontrol (or brainwashing) remote viewing and remote influencing.

    I suspect Hubbard may have at one point had illusions of grandure having the notion that he was indeed the greatest spiritual leader that ever lived with an enormous responsibilty towards mankind and indeed feeling a genuine need to help his fellow man in the truest sense of the word.

    At this point he himself actually started believing in what he was saying by realizing that what he was saying applied not only to everyone else but also to himself as opposed to being lifted up above it all, having cottoned on to the supression so close to home it caused him to feel an ever increasing sense of utter disgust towards his former employers (US govt.). At which point he tried to beat the wrap by undoing the mindcontrol programming and implants he received himself during his time as a govt. agent with the aid of his own personal tech. staff, by cutting all ties with his past and to "go at it" alone "come what may" taking some of his most dedicated staff with him. That is when Hubbard and his the first c org crew took off from St. Hill to board some vessel, for the purpose of doing "further research" and setting up an advanced oganisation above class IV (later to be called class V).

    In this he may have been relatively successfull. Not successfull enough however unfortunately to see who his true enemies were and who were his imagined enemies and not able to distinguish between the two. His former handlers would have gratefully played into his failing sanity at the time by piling on the bad press more then was probably warranted and justified based on his actions thusfar plus did many other subversive activities besides in a planned campaign to topple his leadership while at the same time giving scientology the status of a loonatic fringe freakshow.

    This situation, as history illustrates, turned out to be a bit more rocky then his staff could deal with technically and in turn led to him become a major league paranoid schitzo (no joke) and as a result of him acting out on that with a counter productive paranoid frame of mind (like I said, no thanks undoubtedly to untold auditing errors and/or unworkability of the tech at the time) sent the entire organisation into what was to be the beginning of a downward spiral that continues to this day.

    His former handlers felt plenty threatened by their rougue former agent on the loose (cause scientology if in the proper hands is potentially quite capable of blowing their whole charade clean out of the water) and wanted desperately to get their hands back on the wheel. In this they eventually succeeded and was marked by the takeover of the organisation in roughly 1982 after having the who's who list leading the organisation up untill that point go away and replacing them all with their own henchmen. At a later stage even went as far as instating IRS people at very the highest echelon of the org board above RTC. Thanks in part to the webnannies I presume nobody in scientology is aware of that as we speak.

    The fact that a struggle between right and wrong, as far I can ascertain, took place within the cult itself on the highest level with the bad guys coming out on top makes it all the more difficult while in "the fold" so to speak, to figure out ones own position. Because of the inherent right vs. wrong paradime based on as it turns out fascist ideology which is constantly in place (all be it veiled like I mentioned earlier) and about which a viewpoint is a variable, (namely being certain or uncertain about it) depending on what side you are on it becomes, except for those at the very pinnacle of it, a situation of the blind leading the blind with everyone blaming everone else and in the end leaving everyone brokeass like nobody's business and none the wizer, and thats, being the awfull scoundrels that they are, just the way they like it.

    As only one viewpoint is acceptable, namely agreement with the status quo, no correction of outpoints is possible at any significant level leaving the fraudulent trap in place and operational. It is only after examining the whole time line which can only be done outside of the cult, that you get the bigger picture. Its out of a fear of having their membership revoked by the cult and concequent disconnection from 2d still in the cult that is causing people to get trapped in there for far longer then would otherwise be the case, because having a mind of your own is promoted as long as you are a fulltime shill for their idealistic fantasies but as soon as you have an opion of your own it becomes taboo.

    That's the main reason Scientology, while actually in the fray of things, seems to be a mix of right and wrong with the right end of the spectrum always getting the benefit of the doubt because for one, thats all you are allowed to think or communicate in addition to the alteration of history that takes place through the omission of a sizable amount of background info by declaring only the propoganda valid and every other viewoint as heresy. So it's not only due to having become disillusioned, disaffection or disagreement that people get out, its because of a need to be able to examine the facts independently and in an unbiased way having excess to all off the information without being harrassed for wanting to know what' s going on.

    The thing that is saddest of all is that LRH tried to make the whole deal idiot proof by leaving zillions of clues, one of them being "obnosis" which means seeing the obvious. Just the obnosis tech alone would get you out scot free in 2 seconds flat if properly applied.

    For some reason we fail to apply the tech that is workable and soak up the BS like no tomorrow.

    The way that was done was by fooling around with the tech and by doing just about everything possible to distract people from going in session. In the time that co-auditing was rampant scientolgy was a relatively safe place to hang out, and according to a few really wrinkly old time scientolgists I met along the way, on many occasion quite a bit of fun was had.

    yours truly,

    - goldendawn -
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  10. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    While the Boheme was designed as a car carrying ferry, the plans were changed before launch and the spaces designed for cars were built out differently.

    It was never used as a ferry and was never built as a ferry, only originally designed as a ferry.

    Small point.

    Perhaps it is that you are from a diffenent region than I that baby sitting is the term used for the watch on a person on the introspection rundown.

    I have always heard it as baby watch.


  11. Marie

    Marie Patron

    Hello Golden dawn,

    I was very riled when I read your account, as you could probably see. It was a very real day in the life, I could see it vividly (good story telling)

    I see your point on many of these statements.

    Some of it is out reality for me - specifically about the IRS being above top echleon, though I am not in the know:confused2: .

    Whatever the reasoning (and by the way I agree about LRH, he probably had best intentions at least part of the way, and that he was definatly paranoid), the situation was/is messed up.

    I quess I am just too altruistic, think that people should say what they are, what they mean, and what their intentions are, because this is how I was raised (by Scientologist) and how I was told the world should be - and it should be.

    Then I joined the SO, and... So this was a huge ARC break with me when I realized the sit, and was out of there asap. (As you can guess this has been a big issue in the 2d, you can't believe everything you hear... lol.)

    You have to go with what is true for you. I did.

    There would not be so much discussion of the facts, if it least some of the tech were not true. I still believe, partially...

    I, however, decided that I could not reconcile with this.

    So here I am on the Ex-Scn board.

    By the way, I think it is babysitting (at least it was in the PAC base when I was there).
  12. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Howdy Alex,

    Good research :thumbsup: and I stand corrected on both points I guess all be it reluctantly. I must admit my english has become a bit rusty as I hardly speak it as of late...

    Thanks for putting in the effort. :happydance:

    - goldendawn -
  13. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    You write in english better than most american english speakers...

    But to use an idiom, that may be a backhanded compliment!

    Sorry to be so anal about it.

  14. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Hi there Marie,

    I do have a tendency to jump into the fray of things a bit when writing articles about scientology and going a bit out gradient in the process..

    Lucky for us that messageboards allow me to clarify the point in case the next day in the event of it causing some questionmarks.

    The thing that is a source of wonder to me is that ever sinds coming out of the cult of scientology is that it never seizes to amaze me how deep the rabbit hole goes. As soon as I do some research of my own whenever I have time I discover a bit more.

    That is why the movie the Matrix made such a deep impression on me and is in my opinion the most important movie ever made as far as I'm aware. As I was watching the film I felt highly qualified on account of my cult history to be able to grasp exactly the sort of thing it was referring to.

    With regards to scientology the biggest eye opener I have seen on the net sofar would have to be this site and I'll link it directly to the artikel pertaining to the IRS for you.

    - goldendawn -
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2008
  15. Marie

    Marie Patron

    Well, I looked at your link.

    That would be very Matrix, still I take everything I read with a grain of salt.

    Thanks for the info.
  16. ozzie

    ozzie Patron with Honors

    a bit off topic but got a Q for ya

    Hello Goldendawn

    Bit off topic but got a question for you!

    Where you recently on the Freewinds?

    My brother was on the Freewinds and apparently left within the last year, I would like to find out some info on him as my family cannot find him.


  17. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Very matrixy indeed :yes: and it would be understandable that what is being claimed on that link doen't make sense to you at this point as truth is often stranger then fiction.

    - goldendawn -
  18. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    Hi Ozzie,

    I am sorry to hear first of all that your brother has gotten himself into a difficult situation with the Cof$, wishing you and your relatives much strenght and hope that you all come through this all right in the end.

    And no I wasn't on the Freewinds recently, I left sometime after xmas of 1992.

    A few things that could be of help are; nr. 1, make an assesment of the situation as it stands;

    In view of your brother having been or still is a member of a potentially dangerous cult and hasn't been in touch via phone, email or letter/postcard means essentially that it is anybodies guess where he could be at this stage.

    Depending on how long you haven't heard from him and or the nature of your relationship with him (disgruntled or angry with his family when you lasts spoke?) could be an indicator of things going downhill. For instance, If he always got on well with his family and all of a sudden stopped communicating that would be out of character for him to do that and could mean that he is in some kind of trouble.

    All I know is that he left the FW within the last year so that leaves quite a few questionmarks, like what was his destination when he left? What condition was he in? did he leave with or without approval from the cult? in case of approval the div6 (portcaptains office) must have more details of his departure. Like, when he left exactly, what was his destination? and when he was planning on coming back? or if he was transferred to another org, what org?

    I know from experience that getting off the ship without approval is next to impossible, aside from taking your pasport and locking it up in a safe somewhere, the FW arranges lots of concerts with free food buffets for the local dignitaries of the various caribian ports of call who are corrupt like hell and don't like to offend the cult if can be avoided. So lots of help from the local authorities is not something to be counted on if you don't know where to go for help.

    An australian consulate (going on the assumption that he's an australian national) would be the safest bet if he is actually on the run so to speak.

    nr. 2, gather more data, meaning call anyone that could have some more info on his whereabouts starting from the local org all the way up the line to where he was last seen. Then get in touch with people diectly in the local org that he had personal contact with, they could have more info from hearsay as data that travels around by way of unofficial gossip is considerable within the cult. If that doesn't yield enough info then get in touch with the authorities like the police and see if there can be done something.

    Based on the itinerary of the ship and approximate departure time of your brother could then be narrowed down via what airport he left and find out more details that way.

    A suggestion would be that by informing the cult that you all are getting fed up about not knowing where your brother is and you are ready to talk to journalists and the police about the situation they could be more willing to come up with some more info. Although the image of the Cof$ as portrayed in the newspapers couldn't possibly be worse they still try to avoid bad press like the plague.

    Getting in touch with Interpoll is an option but I'm unsure if they are very helpfull in these kinds of cases. If your brother is officialy declared a missing person I think Interpoll can be of help and has access to airport records and such but you would have to find out more from them. However you would probably need to be persistent as interpoll is swamped with missing person cases.

    The reality of it is you would have to hang in there and you may have to do many hours of detective work before you make some headway.

    But I'm sure there are tools for tracking missing people internationally, I'm no expert on it myself but I know for a fact there are people out there that are.

    - goldendawn -
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2008
  19. ozzie

    ozzie Patron with Honors

    Thanks Goldendawn - thought you had recently left Freewinds - no worries!

    My brother apparently blew - I don't know exactly when only that it was in 2006. He has not contacted anyone in the family and as far as I know those still in cannot find him either.

    Maybe one day he will show up...... here's hoping!

  20. goldendawn

    goldendawn Patron

    If your brother blew, he would be on one of the caribian Islands somewhere or mexico and although being without a pasport is probably/hopefully having the time of his life...

    My hope is you get a sign of life from him soon.

    - goldendawn -