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Hysterical STANDING OVATIONS. HITLER had them too

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by Karen#1, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    I actually got some relief watching that, knowing that some of the other cults are as nerdy-freaky as Scientologists.

    Am I joking when I say that this could easily have been a video of Scientologists if Ron had written that End Phenomena in session consisted of?


    I'm not.

    Want me to prove it? Okay. . .

    Let's take a totally hypothetical example. I will just exaggerate and make something really crazy up. This never happened, but-----

    What if Ron had made up a lunatic process where Scientologists had to run around a tree 8 hours a day?

    They'd never ever ever do that, right?
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  2. TheRealNoUser

    TheRealNoUser Patron with Honors

    LRH actually said "around a pole", but the transcriptionist forgot to capitalize the word "pole". Ron was actually referring to a Polish person. Scientologists have been operating under an MU for decades, and have not been getting the gains that they should have been during this important auditing action. When done correctly, only two complete revolutions are necessary - as the Polish person quickly gets irritated and strikes the Scientologist leading to an instant EP and FN. No wonder this process has been "overrun".
  3. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

  4. TheRealNoUser

    TheRealNoUser Patron with Honors

    I have been crying with laughter over this !!
  5. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

  6. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest


    It's just the mix, though, ya know? Take a crowd searching for answers, add a guru or preacher ready to give them, lack of a/c, crowd mentality, hormones, adrenaline and... hey, anyone can do it. Seriously.

    Ever try it yourself?

    Even on a small scale. My g/f Laurie and I would LOVE to go to the middle of a busy Chgo intersection, point at the sky and go, "LOOK!" If you were really positive and insistent, people saw all kinds of things (or said they did) and the group agreement was contagious.

    L Ron was no genius - he just loved to mess with people.
  7. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors

    Call me sentimental; I grew up in the Pentecostal Church. It was long hours of dull Bible study and church interspersed by demonic exorcisms and the occasional Hell creature coming up through the floor and into our house. Other than this, I had a normal childhood.


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  8. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest


    This I like.
  9. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    So here we are at this HISTORIC MONUMENTAL event opening up new vistas and breaking new ground, taking creativity to new heights...


    And we have to admit that we are re-defining the word EXPANSION to a whole new meaning !


    Never in the history of Man have such challenges been presented, such torches been carried shaming former Torch bearers in their insignificance as we pale past accomplishments...


    The majesty and DESTINY of the deeper meaning of keeping your Church on the map for trillenia is what YOU, the new civilization will do, its a PROPHECY and it needs commitment, it needs fervour, it needs devotion, it needs money !


    The honor of raising your IAS status to the next level befalls you to boom the IAS so every soul on this planet is guaranteed greater heights so far unimaginable, therefore DONATE to the maximum, give beyond what you can afford for the dreams we all have and the and the regal lofty majestic GRANDEUR and Mightiness of vistas heretofore
    unimagined !


  10. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors


    Perfect Danny Shermanspeak!

  11. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest


    is he ever going to get rid of that big ugly zit?
  12. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    Such a relaxing movie!
  13. secretiveoldfag

    secretiveoldfag Silver Meritorious Patron

    I never saw that the Colombian general was identified but found more about Colombia.

    How do you say: "It's all a con" in Spanish?
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  14. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

  15. secretiveoldfag

    secretiveoldfag Silver Meritorious Patron

    Darn, Div6 got there before me.

    But why the surprise-shock-horror in the WWP thread? Freewinds has been chucking TWTH at Colombia (and other places) for years now. Yes, the Colombian Police endorses LRH. Scientology has been training Colombian militarya or paramilitary personnel in anti-terrorist techniques, among much else. For anyone who believes Freewinds promises the calm atmosphere needed for the upper levels it comes as a bit of a shock to see men in uniform carrying guns pounding round the decks, but so much more fun.

    So why are the Scheissentologists doing it?

    One thing they gain: this poor country is doing their work for them.

    I think it will be interesting when the Colombian government realises this.
  16. Student of Trinity

    Student of Trinity Silver Meritorious Patron

    Huh. Nice tracking down by those WWP people. The uniform looks like the one on page 24 of the manual, correctly worn ... except for the medals. The models in the manual are in many cases wearing quite a few medals, and they are always tightly grouped in a single neat row, the way all other military and police groups I know do. In fact they are normally clipped together on a bar, so that you pin them on all at once. How this guy could be a lieutenant colonel, and have earned all those medals, but wear them so disgracefully, is hard to understand.

    I'm willing to believe that there really is a Colombian police officer who supports Scientology. But is there any chance that maybe he just sent his uniform to be worn by a ringer, and the Scientologists just pinned on a bunch of medals to ginger it up?
  17. Dave B.

    Dave B. Maximus Ultimus Mostimus

    That post got me thinking, (always dangerous :wink2:)

    Doing corporate Scientology's work for them. That's a very good point. In my fevered little brain also maybe a reason why Dave & crew get a pass from the US FEDGOV. Columbia is the beach-head into control of South America. So, political & economic control being the aim, Scientology is somehow doing the FEDGOV's work in Colombia. Being useful idiots.

    Hugo is... well, we know where Hugo stands. I think he's a cement-head socialist, but he is a nationalist and I admire that. Correa kicked out the US Navy from the base in Manta, Ecuador so the he's no friend of the FEDGOV either. Sounds like a good guy to me. Basically Columbia is the only ally the FEDGOV has in the region. Morales in Bolivia? Nope. Another dummy but I like guys who are nationalist's and put their country first rather than Bechtel or whoever the parasite corp. is in their country. And Chile only pays lip service to the US but always goes their own way. (I lived in Chile 18 months and they are really, really into doing their own thing)

    The US has precious few friends in the area.

    FFT & GFFR
  18. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors

    NOTE: Axiom142 made this post in December 2011:

    Axiom142, based on today's dismal turnout at Flag, you look downright prophetic. DM will soon enough be addressing an empty field from his cheesy foam podium.
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