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I could have had a baby instead.

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Mest Lover, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    My 9 month Purification Run Down story.

    This is boring, I have talked about this a lot, but I don't think I have encapsulated it completely.
    If you have moar important business, please go and get the fucking cult of Scientology. My story is
    extremely unimportant to the rest of what needs to be done.
    Circa April, 1990:

    At this point of time, I was really trying to get a Fitness Board cycle happening. I was the Security Chief CLO EUS.
    I hated SCN for lying to me, keeping me hostage, and blaming me for all the crap going on at CLO EUS.

    I totally avoided the course room, I was maybe Staff Status I at that point. I avoided anything they threw at me by
    knowing they couldn't get me in the course room because of the post they put me on and the schedule I had.

    I had almost complete control of their UNIX/Xenix computer system by then. However, I did not see any Telexes about
    putting me on the Purification Rundown.

    There was a day at that time that I was ordered to go get a physical exam from a Scientology oriented doctor on the east
    side of Manhattan. I remember the day being warm and I walked down to the doctor's office.

    I was given a piece of paper with my information on it to turn in to the Puriff I/C.

    I looked at it and noticed blatant bogus info: My height was listed backwards and my Blood pressure was backwards as well.

    Who am I to question that I wondered. I gave it to Tom Wells, the Puriff I/C for New York Org.

    Aside: I knew Tom Wells previously from the CLO EUS renovation mission team. He was one of my Co-Purchasing people. I liked Tom, very astute, and informative. When I mentioned to him that I was being sent to CLO EUS as their Flag Rep for Chicago Org he lit up.
    I was wondering, at the time, if he was related to Sarah Wells, who was the ED Chicago that sent me to CLO EUS. He said he wasn't related to her but had a major crush on her from meeting her previously at CLO EUS.

    Anyway, back to the story.

    I didn't see any Telexes about this on the computer so I was a bit worried about what they were doing. I had spent a long time setting up alarms and whistles if they were working on me.

    I had completely stalled all my course time by then, was utterly aware how to manipulate any testing scores they were after about me by then and completely working on stopping me from going up the Bridge, reposting me, sending me to INCOMM, and anything else they might have been thinking about routing me into. I was not Staff status II..

    Time for thought. It was a long time ago, and this is helping me recall. I have other means to recall it more but I want my mind to rework it back to memory rather than relying on Telex documents.

    (BTW, the Doctor was probably in his 70's or more, he kept asking me to repeat myself about questions he was asking)
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  2. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    I really tried to avoid the Purif. I was thinking this was what they were doing to keep me there.

    However!!!!! Wow, when they finally got me in that stink hole sauna at NYO I realized the freedom it would give me.

    A: I got to jog for 30 min each day out in NYC.
    B: The Niacin was kind of cool, (well - actually hot)
    C: I liked the heat of the sauna.
    D: They gave me 8 hours of sleep and did not disturb me at all like they did every day prior to the Purif.
    E: Eventually, I found that if I just mentioned I was on the Purif, they all seemed to back the fuck away from me.

    Some people on the purif with me:

    Jay, EPFer I jogged and twinned with at first.
    Alisson McBride. (Spelling) NYO PC that was really sweet and interesting to talk with. I jogged a bit with her also.
    A drummer, (Can't remember his name but he said that the Kiss drummer liked his stuff)
    A dentist that had an office in the Empire State building. He complained that some of his patients would say they were his "Dentist Dream." Then say they were his worst nightmare.

    Some blonde girl that seemed to stare at me a lot.

    (Sorry, dinner is made, gonna go eat it)
  3. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Where's the rest?

    BTW, I remember Alison. Really nice person. I looked around and found her on Facebook. Her name is spelled Alison McBryde.

    I believe she is a talent scout and casting director based in NYC

    Her professional links...

    Her original FB, not updated, or used apparently, in years but the profile photo is how I remember her.
    I suspect she's not a scientologist anymore.... although on this one she has Tom Cruise's cousin, the scientologist names Mopather or whatever as a subscription. No friends list available here

    Her current facebook for family and close friends I gather. No scientologists listed

    I suspect this is her business Facebook. There's only 1 scientologist on her friend list, she's from Los Angeles ( Alison does casting on both coasts ). The lack of other scientologists on the friend list is very encouraging. The rest of the people seem to be professional connections.

    I hope she's out for good. She never really seemed to me to be an avid scientologist... she was around the orgs ( CCNY and NYO) but generally kept to herself in an almost shy but kind sort of way.

    Thanks for bringing her name up. I wish her well.

    Now.... back to your purif experience. I am looking forward to you explaining how YOU could have has a baby for all the time you put in on your purif, lol :coolwink:
  4. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    That is her. Great person from what I remember of her. She once said her favorite song was Elvis Costello's "Alison." That was what I was going to look up next to get the spelling of her name actually.

    The baby thing, oh yah, well that was what I thought would be a catchier title than: "My boring 9 month Purif cycle."

  5. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    A bit more:

    So I goes to the guy I goes "Hmmm, they put my height and blood pressure info backwards on this paper."
    (Referring to the Physical Exam paper from the doctor)
    The guy tells me he tells. That's ok, lets get you started on the Purif today.

    My first day I think he gave me 50mg of Niacin. Off to the running thing with Jay. 30 Minutes? Oh my, we jogged and
    walked and jogged down the street from the org and back.

    The sauna was in some lower section of the NYO. As I remember there were 2 ways to get there. One of the floors had stairs to it and I think there was a side entrance from behind the stage in the theatre. (At least that is what I remember of it) There was a water cooler and a refrigerator there.

    Wow, the burn that Niacin did to my arms was interesting at first.

    After the sauna I think they gave me a full glass of vegetable oil and then my first experience with Cal Mag.

    Egads, I am surprised I didn't barf all over the place from either one. The sauna was a bit of a shock too, I had never
    been in one before either.

    As people came and went during my 9 months, the Purif I/C seemed not to ever twin me with anyone. I guess it was my schedule for that. I think I woke up at 3pm or maybe 4pm, went to the kitchen of CLO EUS and had something to eat. I am also vague on that since I seem to remember being there during their normal dinner time at a table by myself.

    I would walk over to the NYO and change into my jogging stuff. Take the Niacin and go for a jog. After a month or 2 I was really starting to enjoy the jogging thing. I would go up 8th Ave to central park. I would do a couple of loops around that end of the park.

    I remember there was a story about people raping and beating up joggers in there at the time. It scared me a bit, but I tried to keep my mind off it. There was a girl I used to watch who had this really weird pattern. She would start by walking and then burst into a full on sprint for a bit. The odd part was how she kept her arms motionless and this big pony tail she had all wrapped up would fling back and forth on her back. She also looked like nothing but muscle.

    One day on my way there some guy turned around as I was jogging and screamed: "Oh my God, its Bernie Goetz." I don't know if he was joking or actually scared. I kept jogging. After I ran the loops in Central park, I would run back down 7th ave or 5th ave and back to the NYO.

    Sometimes to be different, I would jog up to the UN building and back or down to the water on the west side. One day I found a Mercedes Benz hood ornament. I kept it, after I got out of CLO EUS, I put it on a 4wd Toyota pickup truck that I bought from a Truro, Ma Policeman. I thought it looked funny being on a Toyota. I still have the hood ornament but do not have the truck anymore.

    Next installment, (things for my memory then) Niacin, Vitamins, Purif I/c, C/S, shower, KRs, bugs, et al)

    This just in to my memory:

    My sister had sent me a care package with a huge pile of Black Dog t-shirts. She was working for them at the time. I would wear the t-shirts for jogging and every now and then someone I passed would say: "Oh look, that guy is from the island."
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  6. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    Oh, just remembered a bit more about Alison. She was involved with the soaps at that time. I think she was acting in them or perhaps finding other actors for them. Can't remember which one she was with though.
  7. Pooks


    I am totally enjoying your story. btw, do you remember my ex husband Bobby Pieniadz? I think he was at the CLO in 1990. He was the
    D/ED Boston Day at the time.
  8. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Tom Wells was the Purif I/C? Interesting. He was a VM, probably still is. Out of DC Org. He's originally from the DC area. He was an OSA volunteer back when he was in NY. I think he worked on finance records to help prepare for the IRS settlement. I could be wrong but that's my impression. I don't think he was ever qualified for staff but I could see him being approved at NYO to be Purif I/C. Perhaps they paid him to do it? Always desperate for staff back then and Purif I/C post was something that had to be kept posted.

    Tom was a nice guy and always willing to help, which makes sense that he'd get involved with the VM movement post 9/11 . I remember something about him being an illegal PC . Hasn't done many services since

    He's a talented artist and very much still a scientologist


    You mentioned bugs at NYO... I remember that they had rats the size of cats in the basement and behind the walls of the auditorium, and sometimes they would actually be in the auditorium when the lights were dimmed or out. Yuk! Ever run into any of them?
  9. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    She probably got lured into the cult from a Times Square bookseller or Debbie Indursky doing stress tests in front of the org. Back then, she was only one who knew how to do them, who was willing to do them.

    For those not familiar, the NY Org in this thread is pre-renovation of the building. Things were pretty oppressive there in those days... org was empty most of the time, dirty in places and in financial trouble all the time.
  10. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    That is a great picture of Tom. I remember him being shortish, roundish and big round glasses. Is that picture prior to 1990?

    The few people I remember that I think were from Boston are these:

    Kevin Condon
    Cary Goulston
    Joany Gambino (I think)
    Stan Booth
    Rick Hilton (I think)
    Fred Dumaine
  11. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    I remembered another person in the sauna.

    This guy was about 55 or 60, bald head. He mentioned to me one night he was a long time heroin addict.

    I thought, at the time, that was really strange. I had never met anyone that tried heroin at that point.

    When I grew up, I always had this paranoia about people injecting me with heroin, or other types of drugs.
    I am not sure why I had that fear going on in my head but I did. I also had a stereotype I guess that heroin
    addicts were homeless teenagers. There were people always shooting up on the building staircase next to CLO EUS.

    I talked with this guy a bit, but don't remember what we discussed.

    The drummer I met in the sauna I think his last name started with W. I have this odd way of remembering people. I seem to store their names in my head with the first letter and keep the rest of their names somewhere else that I have to focus on for a bit to recall.

    The dentist I met talked to me about subdermal implant technology to replace lost teeth.

    The PURIF. I, at the time, thought it was a way to get drugs out of your body.

    I was confused a bit because I didn't do any drugs that they considered important. No cocaine, no LSD, no PCP, no cigarettes, nothing. I did pot when I was in High school. That was it. I was too scared to ever do anything else, and I gave that up way prior to entering the SO.

    This made me a bit upset, I felt for what I needed to give up for SCN lent was a drug.

    Ok, I can do that. I was a major caffeine addict. They didn't seem to care about that.

    After the 2nd day though, I DID!

    Yikes! For at least 2 weeks from the day I gave up coffee I had massive headaches and stomach trouble. I remember going back to CLO and finding an unoccupied bedroom and just trying to make it till the next day without anyone finding me. That was before I knew they weren't supposed to interrupt my sleep cycle.

    I went the entire time I was on the Purif without any coffee.

    Another memory I seem to have is eating, or maybe it was mixed with something, brown granules. Wheat germ? Just a vague memory at this point.

    I never saw any rats in the NYO. There were a ton of them in the burned out building next to CLO EUS though. I saw huge massive cockroaches in the basement back areas of CLO EUS at night.

    On the bug thing: I would go into the sauna each night and do my time in the box.
    After a while, I started noticing all the critters that apparently were living in there. Huge antennaed multi-hundred legged creatures.
    Things with incredibly long legs, tiny almost unseeable bugs. I started to wonder what other things were in there that I didn't see. This was usually after all the rest of the purifees had left and I was just left there alone.

    I don't know if that was normal for a sauna, I wouldn't have blamed it on Tom, I had seen him several times hose the entire sauna out.

    On the Niacin and vitamins. This may expand later.

    Tom started off giving me increasing doses of Niacin and vitamins. At some point, about a month in, I noticed I wasn't doing so good.
    My urine was basically neon orange. I had diarrhea wicked bad and the Niacin was seriously feeling like I was on fire while I was jogging.

    I decided to read up on Niacin and vitamins. I think I either found an encyclopedia at CLO or perhaps I did some research by grabbing documentation from a BBS. I used to use the Telex computer in the Comm center at night to call up BBS's to gather info on programming or other things.

    I decided from that that I was not going to do any vitamins. I couldn't seem to get out of the Niacin thing because Tom would give that to me before I went jogging. After a while, Tom would give me these handfuls of vitamins. He would tell me I could finish taking them at CLO after I went back to be on post.

    He would leave NYO after I got in the sauna. I put the packages and the rest of the Vitamins in my jogging luggage and go back to CLO and flush them down the toilet. Apparently my last bunch of them didn't get tossed, after they eventually took me off the Purif I had the last bunch in the luggage bag rotting when I got home after getting out.

    Eventually, for months, I was on the maximum dosage of Niacin, 5000mg. I would have tossed that also, but Tom gave it to me as a powder and made sure I took it with lots of water from the water dispenser. I thought it was special bottled water until one night he had me help him fill the bottle from a sink.
  12. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    That photo of Tom is fairly recent. It's from his art website.

    I remember Joanie. Cary Goulston lol. He was fairly fun back then. Then he went to SMI and became a lunatic. He's been involved with th VMs and Haiti orphanage projects. And spying on potential dissaffected scientologists via facebook. :eyeroll: Don't recall the others but I wasn't at CLO like you were.
  13. HoraciotheOT8

    HoraciotheOT8 Patron with Honors

    To the contrary. It's not boring. In fact, it's quite beautiful. Thank you, for it.

  14. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    So this is why it took you 9 months? Or were there gaps of not doing the program in between?

    What hours were you doing the purif?

    You didn't know any better about the conditions and what Tom's job really was supposed to be ( not that I am a purif advocate but I did mine and was a experienced acad course sup. Tom was probably just hired by NYF to hold the fort because no one else was posted and someone had to put out the vits and keep the sauna up for the few on the program.

    I appreciate you telling your story. Looking forward to more :)
  15. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    Cary was CO SMI while I was there. He seemed totally unhinged to me. He used to come down to the reception area which is where I was on post all night. He would hand me a piece of paper that said: "Please wake me up at 4:30am." or other early times. I would write on the paper: "Fell of TM" and place it in my ethics folder and just never go and wake him up. He used to give me horrid looks as he was running out the doors late for whatever he was doing.

    Tom did glass etching also. He did the etching work on the glass doors at CLO for the Freewinds office. He used Muriatic acid to do that.
  16. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    There were no gaps in that 9 months. I was on it every day. I found out that if I ran for 45 minutes instead of 30 I started feeling incredibly good, euphoric I guess. Kind of spacy and just nice feeling.

    It took 9 months because I was never going to get off it on my own. I was enjoying the rewards of not being disturbed by them, the jogging high, the sauna, et al. The Niacin was making me worry a lot. Eventually, I started feeling like there was something happening to my nervous system. I would get, from time to time, very strange creepy crawly hot miniature spasms in my back and arms. I can't really figure a way to describe what this was like though.

    About 1 time per week or so, Tom would give me this policy letter that was about "Over run processes." He would ask if I felt like I was done or had an MU on the policy. I said: "Nope, I don''t think I am done yet."

    As I remember, I was on from maybe 4pm or 5pm to about 10pm. I think I was on post back at CLO about 11pm.
  17. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I must be remembering the 'fun' Cary from earlier years, the 80s in NY and Boston. I also remember him acting like a Nazi... I just thought it was from his time in LA. Memory on him is mostly a blur. He was always running around, lol

    What does "Fell of TM" mean?

    Tom was talented so I could see him doing that.
  18. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Wow, so you were one of the few on the purif, often alone. NY Foundation was in charge. Was Tom helping NYF purifers, too? Or just you?

    Well, it seems you managed to make some personal time out of all that and I don't blame you one bit. I could see that working for the CLO ( irregardless of your being an unsigned SO member, lol) would make someone want to get away... :)
  19. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    He was the Purif I/C for all the people I was in there with. I don't think there was ever more than 4 people in there besides me. I was always the last one to leave. He mentioned a few times that I was the record holder for the Purif.

    "Fell Off TM" stood for "Fell of Time Machine."

    I don't remember how I became aware of that SCN phrase, but I thought it would help my fitness board eventually. I decided if that idiot was going to blame me for not waking him up I had better have some odd excuse on the chits he wrote. At first he used to just ask me directly to wake him up early. Since I stopped doing it after about the 3rd time he started writing those notes on paper. I figured he was trying to get a paper trail of crap I dealt him. I kind of thought it was funny to keep putting his alarm settings into my ethics folder.
    (Oh, and all you OSA reps reading this, I know you know those are in there along with all the rest of the KR's and chits I made obvious in there as well) Perhaps you could see the truth and decide to get off your OSA ass and blow.

    Debbie Indursky was my C/S.

    I don't think I ever talked to her directly. I remember what she looked like and that there was a sign on her office door: "Ivory Tower."

    The door was always closed.
  20. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    Thank you. I know there is so much more than I am remembering. It was a long time ago.