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Introspection Rundown

Discussion in 'Important documents' started by Anonycat, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Anonycat

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  2. Idle Morgue

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    Actually ~ one does an "introspection rundown" on oneself~ outside of the Church of Scientology.

    Here is the safe Introspection Rundown:

    1. One is in doubt about the Church of Scientology. Things are not making sense. Regging is off the rails. People are CLEAR then they are NOT! Books are revised due to es pee's and sold again and again. The runway gets longer and longer to get up the bridge. Regging for souper power is the next "why" the planet is not clear etc...

    2. One should safely remove oneself from the environment of Scientology. Far away from those that have slipped into the Scientology bubble.

    3. One should get on the computer and read everything one can about Scientology - EVERYTHING! This may take one year!

    4. One should then reflect on truth, sanity and survival.

    The ee pee of the Introspection Rundown is: One gets OUT of the Cult - and knows he/she won't get any worse!! Surround oneself with loving family and friends. Spend your money on housing, clothes and healthy food! Disconnect from all Scientology people, phone numbers, addresses and email lists. Find someone you can help. Bring an elderly person a box of candy or flowers. Put a smile on someone's face with kind deeds. Reconnect with people you disconnected with. Take a class on glass staining or painting, piano or guitar! LIVE LIFE to its fullest and thank the good Lord you had enough sanity left to see the truth about scientology - it is a scam of epic proporations!!

    5. Tell everyone you know about the Cult of Scientology! Help others get out and be FREE!!