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Jessica Feshbach & Tomny Davis back in California..

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Smurf, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Yeah, looks like she's still pitching to her OSA twin in her rehersal for the Sweeney interview.
  2. Elronius of Marcabia

    Elronius of Marcabia Silver Meritorious Patron

    yup DB I'm sure they were each well coached on their answers :coolwink:

    The righteous indignation of Ann Archerthat anyone could think of her as brainwashed
    having atained the High Status of OTdom what ever it is she claims title to is right in
    character and she does it well enough, to gain a little sympathy from a general viewing audience.

    Scarlett O Hara would be proud :melodramatic:
  3. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    You ain't hit the nail on the head with that one.
  4. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    It's a common practice among high profile people, particularly celebs, to use trust names or the names of their attorneys or CPAs as trustees on the properties to prevent media & others from learning where they live. Alot of the time they purchase property as investment revenue & use the name of the investment company.

    Tommy only changed the ownership of his home in Texas to the 'Buckeye Residential Trust' after I doxed him as the owner of the home on ESMB. But, then, how many homeowners in Austin, Texas have a trust with a Beverly Hills, CA address?

    "Celebrities are often advised to buy property in the name of a trust and appoint a trustee who they don’t know personally – if a friend, family member or employee were named, a bit of detective work could lead eager inquirers back to the star. Addresses are hard to suppress, as they’re in public records, and attempts to block websites that publicise them or sell them to interested parties have ended in failure. "
  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    Yeah, and her OSA twin was a former failed soap opera actor who had just giving her the following coaching admonition:

    "Flunk! When you say the line 'Do I look brainwashed to you?' you need to kind of not try to ASK the question, but rather ANNOUNCE the question in an oddly synthetic, super-breathy cult TR-1--and be sure to stiffly shift your body and your arch your eyebrow melodramatically to creep people out so they get distracted from what the SP journalist just asked you."
  6. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Good research, sir.

    And just for fun...

    There has been, for quite a long time, the phenomenon of "dropping off the grid" for people who do not want to be identified, located, served or other reclusive reasons of their own. Entire mainstream books and sub-culture manuals have been written about how to pull it off without detection.

    Particularly challenging is the means of buying a home without having one's name show up as part of the public record. Traditional methods have included third party ("straw") buyers, paying full cash via another entity and/or having an out-of-state corporation (that uses "bearer stock", from a state not requiring disclosure of the officers/stockholders, such as Wyoming).

    Then, there's always the BlueBird motorhome strategy. . . LOL

    But all these variously evasive "trade craft" methods have been shattered by the presence of the Patriot Act and, of course, the Internet itself.

    Unless Tommy Davis wanted to grow a beard and rent a log cabin where he could write a rambling manifesto (and call himself the [STRIKE]Unabomber[/STRIKE] Unablower), there is little to no chance that all his OSA shore story tactics will ever keep him hidden from public scrutiny.

    Miscavige should be plenty worried about Davis. He's got a treasure trove of lurid secrets to sell or use to protect himself. And, best of all, the most fanatical cult "loyal officers" always eventually prove themselves to be the cult's most "suppressively" formidable enemies[SUP]1[/SUP].

    [SUP]1[/SUP] While there may be multiple reasons the cult's ultra-loyal perpetrate the greatest betrayals, assuredly one of them is this simple fact: A fanatic cool aid drinker is easily, if not hypnotically, pushed to think or do what their cult leader wants by the mildest of suggestions. By that law of inertia itself, they are likewise able to be pushed in the complete opposite direction by even the gentlest of contra-intentional breezes.
  7. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Based on some earlier info provided by Marc Headley, there's back channel talk that Jessica & Tommy may have separated. This has not yet been confirmed.

    Still investigating...
  8. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    What a shame, when all the technology they need to save their 2D is contained in Ron's book "HOW TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE".


    There are so many brilliant pieces of TECH which Ron explains.

    I particularly like the section on what to do when a couple gets on each other's nerves. Reminiscent of the book "Problems of Work" the chapter is simply called "TAKE A WALK".

    The loyal & loving Commodore wishes his wife BON VOYAGE!

    Ron states that if your spouse is causing you stress, you can throw them a surprise party (see above) where you give them a vacation.

    In Mary Sue Hubbard's case, it was called "Take A Perp Walk" because he sent her on an all-expense paid trip to a Federal resort where she didn't have to worry about the daily stresses of running Guardian's Office black ops.

    And, best of all, Ron could relax without having to listen to her incessant nattering about how he framed her and she has to go to prison for his dumb-assed OT bright-idea called Operation Snow White.
  9. tetloj

    tetloj Silver Meritorious Patron


    OT - but isn't that Zelig on the left
  10. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

  11. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    I recall some 3 years ago how we all swallowed it.
    Everyone swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Me too, I believed.

    Poor Jessica is progressing towards terminal.

    The old famous "medical" excuse to get out the hell out of the Sea Org.

    And on this story with everyone's sympathy, we believed, only to find (not that long after) on the Web Jessica was a top gun Real Estate Agent in Austin kicking ass.

    And here's all the warm condolences from ESMBers.
  12. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Thanks Karen#1.

    I suppose she learned to lie very well in the SO.
  13. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    I don't know where you heard she was a "top gun real estate agent". During her time at Wilson & Goldrick, she only sold 2 middle-income homes. Wilson Goldrick listed her sales on their website while she was still there, but they have since removed her from their website.
  14. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    Doesn't DM have a pet rabbit?