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Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by Type4_PTS, May 8, 2019.

  1. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Story published at the Bunker:

    We talked earlier today with Newport Beach attorney H. Gavin Long, who was understandably chuffed about beating Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, after a 12-day trial in Santa Cruz, California.

    “It was great. It felt great for 12 days. From beginning to end it was just a beating,” he says.

    Long represented the family of John Cunningham, a 58-year-old retired Boeing employee in Washington state who had become addicted to Benzodiazepines like Xanax, and had relapsed after several attempts at rehab. But then his sister Jan researched rehabs until she found one in Watsonville, California by the name of “Redwood Cliffs.”

    Not realizing that it was a Scientology Narconon location, John went but needed detoxing. So Redwood Cliffs sent him to a 6-week-old detox facility, Bright Futures Recovery, that had been started by one of the recent graduates of the Redwood Cliff program, who was just 25. Among the drugs they had him quit cold turkey were meds he took for depression.


    Full Story:
  2. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

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  3. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Amazing Court Room WIN!!

    WIN against a Scientology Front Group!!!!!

    Edited: According to the article, Scientology after the verdict CUT ITS TIES to the Northern California Narconon "network..."

    That is interesting. To think that the Cult has segmented (control or ownership) that it can sever within one State...

    The web of how Scientology controls its Front Groups ( if Narconon could be called one) must be a tough web to sort out.
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  4. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    It's very rare for a case such as this to go to trial; CoS generally settles these cases before that stage of a lawsuit.

    I don't really understand why they didn't settle this one. The plaintiff was asking for a fraction of what the jury awarded.

    Seems like a huge footbullet by CoS by not negotiating an acceptable settlement.
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  5. Miss Ellie

    Miss Ellie Miss Ellie

    The family will live with the guilt of sending him to such a facility for the rest of their lives. The sciobots will live with the anger of loosing for the rest of theirs. I am sure they will appeal then offer a lessor settlement - but the court transcript will forever be in the public domain. May more losses come to the sciobots.
  6. Voodoo

    Voodoo Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

    Miscavige must be slipping. I'm really surprised he didn't settle this out of court. And he wound up paying more than what the plaintiff wanted? :dance:

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