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Keith Relkin Gay Scientologist

Discussion in 'Important documents' started by AnonKat, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    I waded through all the posts... Rex Fowler posted as 'OT Cowboy', not 'Lost Cowboy'. Keith Relkin's "I'm Here, I'm Queer, I'm a Scientologist" article appeared in Fab!, a Los Angeles gay tabloid (now defunct) in response to an article where Graham Berry & I were interviewed about the cult's policy towards homosexuals. I long suspected that Keith was hounded by someone to respond to the article for the purposes of PR damage control. Patrick Tsakuda, the writer of both articles, informed me that in addition to Keith, he was hounded by and received alot of propaganda from Leisa Goodman, the PR director at the Celebrity Centre - LA.

    I was contacted by Jeffrey Prang, a West Hollywood City Council member about "Clear Rainbow" because Keith petitioned the city to recognize his gay Scientologist group at a council meeting & asked the council for a proclamation honoring the Church of Scientology for its "gay outreach." The problem was that several city council members were somewhat educated on the cult's policy towards gays which is why they were dumbstruck to find a "Gay Scientologist" group wanting recognition.

    Long story short, I met with the City Council & provided them with alot of information, and I believe Graham Berry said something as well, which weighed into their decision to neither recognize Keith's group nor issue a proclamation to the cult.

    I was informed by several sources that Keith's parents, brothers & sisters are active Scilons and the threat of disconnection weighed on Keith's decision to back off on the 'gay Scientologist' theme. I'm aware that Keith was quite disturbed after DM ordered the shuttering of his group and instructions to cease disseminating his materials, so much that he blew the cult for a period of time, then returned. Keith's Scilon relatives.. Alan, Tanya, Gary, Jonathan & Nancy.. all have Facebook pages.

    I was not a member of the Clear Rainbow group. Alot of my source info came from 'Alexm', a former Scilon who was a straight, gay-supportive member of the group. Alexm said Rex was a member of the group because he was trying to come to terms with his son, Alex' sexual orientation which led to Alex being ousted from the Sea Org. 'Alexm' said that Rex was an extremely personable & well-liked individual who treated Keith like a son, and that Rex was clearly not homophobic. He also said that Rex was heavily disciplined for being an active member of the Clear Rainbow. Evidently, his involvement conflicted with church policy for those on the OT levels.

    (Alexm appeared in a German documentary with Marc Headley in 2009).

    I saw Keith at the Maiden Voyage event two years ago at Big Blue. He, obviously, recognized 'Alexm' because when he called out to Keith, he looked shaken, ducked his head and made a quick sprint into the event without acknowledging Alexm. Alex was quite upset because Keith was very gaunt, almost skeletal in appearance. Alex said he was HIV+. I tried contacting Keith several times after that for comment and he never responded.

    I don't know where Keith stands today with the LA Org. I've seen him several times in The Eagle, a leather bar in Silverlake, and he seems very comfortable in the bar and being affectionate with other men.
  2. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Thank you for making my imense fuck up mean something smurf

  3. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    OK. Now, you & AnonyMary kiss & be friends again, k?
  4. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader


    She is a bigger person that did more than me


    There is one thing thoug. I still do not see Rex Fowler as an evil person.

    He is still brainwashed to the max
  5. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    I don't believe he is, either. What he did was evil. Fowler was caught up in circumstances and alot of distress, personally & financially, complicated by the cult's hounding him for money, that put him in a situation where he felt murder-suicide was the only option.

    Fowler & the predictament he found himelf in is another example of the cult's insanity. After I first heard of Ciancio's murder, it gave me pause to consider how my future would have been alot different if I followed through with the OSA directives to murder Cynthia Kisser & Ford Greene.
  6. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Brainwashed puppy is Brainwashed. He will do his time in jail. I just hope he wakes up.
  7. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    He will be forced to when he finds out that everything he has worked hard (and paid for) has been in vain, and all his Scilon friends have abandoned him forever.
  8. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    yeah I know

  9. AnonGloss

    AnonGloss Patron

    More on Keith and Rex

    He posted as "Lost Cowboy" on and as "OT Cowboy" in the ClearRainbow group. His email at the time (no longer works) was

    It was mostly the haranguing sec-checks that caused him to back-off, not the possible disconnection(s).

    Yes and no. He never "blew" since he wasn't doing anything to "blow" from, i.e. he wasn't on course, on staff, etc. The order that came down never had a source other than "someone higher up at OSA" -- and it wasn't Keith's belief that it was DM who gave the order. Keith thought a KR had been written by someone (a public OT) from Criminon who thought that mixing TWTH with homosexuality was "bad PR". Keith was ultimately Comm-Ev'ed and the "handling" was sec-checks.

    I was.

    Alexm was mistaken. Rex came to the group because he had come out of the closet as bisexual/gay on beliefnet, and then was told about and/or invited to ClearRainbow while chatting on beliefnet. You can see Rex coming out at that beliefnet link that was provided earlier.

    Specifically, Rex says (post #59):

    "Finally, I want to say why I'm interested in the subject, "Gay Scientologist?" and why I'm so happy you all have posted such a great discussion on the topic.

    I've completed Acadamy Level II, so I can audit confessional procedure on preclears. (Fantastic technology!) I am continuing my auditor training at ASHO.

    My wife and I both find male bodies sexually attractive. But, "look, don't touch" applies to both of us. We are not promiscuous. We have been married for 29 years and we love each other very much. (Yes, I also find my wife very attractive.) My wife, my auditors, my case supervisors, and my ethics terminals all know about all of this, because I told them long ago.

    Rex, was posting as "Lost Cowboy", and he began posting at #57 (4/30/2006). In fact, his "coming out" posts from beliefnet were also re-posted to the ClearRainbow group shortly thereafter.

    I don't know the details behind why Rex's son, Alex, left the Sea Org. Alex was in the SO during Rex' involvement in ClearRainbow in 2006.

    More like brothers ... they were about 5-10 years difference in age.

    Rex was a very nice guy and, despite being a voting Republican, he was not homophobic. Coming out as bi or gay will do that to ya. :clap:

    That's my guess as well. I heard elsewhere that Rex had to get 22+ intensives of sec-checks before he was allowed back on OT VII.

    As far as I know, Keith never was HIV+. He did have some weird ideas about HIV and AIDS (believing that the former does not cause the latter), but the reason that he became gaunt had more to do with going to the hospital after the sec-checking than being HIV+ -- at least based on my observations.

    Last I heard a couple years ago, he was still onlines. The Orgs will let you be actively gay (as a public) until you get to Flag. There, they won't let you be a practicing homosexual, even if you're in a monogamous relationship. At least that's the word on the street.

    Yup, that's my impression too. I doubt VERY much that Keith will ever go back into the closet. He'll be wrung dry for cash for endless repairs, sec-checks, etc. ad infinitum, before he'll be allowed to progress up the Bridge at Flag. For him to progess up the bridge, they'll require that he not be a "practicing homosexual".
  10. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    :welcome2: AnonGloss! Thanks for posting all that. Are you still a member of the church?

    Rex Fowler would not be the first scientologist to suppress sexual desires for 'the greater good' in scienospeak. I cannot believe he was treated as if he were bi-sexual just for joining a group to support it's cause.

    It's terrible how both Keith and Rex were treated. Those sec checks can really mess a person up. I am sure there were others who were 'outed' as gay from the group who got the 3rd degree from the church and my condolences to all of them for suffering through all that.

    I'd like to add that I'm sure you are correct about Keith's health being effected by the sec checks. Additionally, though, Keith attributes the problems to other medical issues (not AIDS), as you can see and hear at the links below.

    Keith's blog piece about his B-12 problem, effects.

    Episode 7: Was That AIDS?
    A gay man experiences sudden weight loss of about 20 pounds, general weakness, blurred vision, numbness that eventually progresses into the inability to walk, and facial paralysis that makes it difficult to speak or even swallow. Is this AIDS? What would you do? Keith Relkin decided to refuse an HIV test or accept another label when MS was suggested. Instead, he worked with holistic practitioners and did his own research to ultimately find the real causes and real solutions to his very serious problems. Within a few hours of his first treatment--an injection of vitamin B-12--he regained his eyesight, and after a few weeks of daily vitamin shots and herbs, he is totally back to normal. News items include a study showing hundreds of HIV negative gay men have KS, the hallmark AIDS defining illness, despite normal immune function.

    Do you know if Greg Churilov still an active scientologist?


  11. AnonGloss

    AnonGloss Patron

    Thank you! :happydance: And you're welcome!

    No, I've been independent for a year+ ... and I'm getting auditing in the indie field and lurk alot on Marty's blog and elsewhere.

    What was tragic was that when he was trying to be true to himself (supposedly what Scientology is all about) and finally willing to publicly speak about his sexuality, he was suppressed and punished for doing so. Totally warped.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it varied from church to church, and year to year -- kind of depended who was in charge of that particular church. The treatment of gays in Scientology is very inconsistent. The CoS where I did courses just prior to 2009, for example, never cared that I was gay or that I had a partner. But in 1998 -- when there was a different ED (and the Michael Pattinson lawsuit was in full swing) they were horrified. In the mid-90s, another church I did courses couldn't have cared less that I was gay. But in the early 90s, at a different Org where I lived, I was given false data stripping, the stink-eye, etc. And then finally I was allowed to just get on with my courses without interruption.

    I don't think the CoS can figure out what do with homosexuality and homosexuals. The "2D Rules" policy makes it pretty clear that they should just leave it (and anything else sexual) alone, but for whatever reason some people just can't get past it.

    In general though, if one just sticks to his guns about being gay (or finds a more liberal org), the CoS will let you get all the way to Clear without trying to change you.

    Getting onto the OT levels ... now that's a different matter. ASHO and AOLO, I've heard, can be ok with it lately ... if you're in a monogamous relationship. But again, that probably depends on who the Snr C/S is at that point.

    At Flag, I've heard it's basically impossible to get onlines there while being in a gay relationship, or being a practicing homosexual. I guess you can "be gay, but not practicing" and get onto the OT levels. But anything less than that makes one ineligible. Or that's what I hear.

    If you're on OT VII, as Rex was, even allowing oneself to be "out" as bi (even if not practicing) is apparently verboten. It's just so stupid.

    Thanks for that link. I hadn't seen it. I'm glad Keith is getting better. He was in pretty bad shape there right after the nazi sec-checking. The funny thing is, I remember him jokingly describing OSA as the "the gestapo" or something at the time of his sec-checking. I'm just amazed he's putting up with it all.

    You know, I don't ... and I'd love to find out. He was the co-founder of Clear Rainbow, and was a really sane voice in the group. I noticed that he pretty much stopped being an "online pro-Scientology activist" around 2007 or so. Keith had been given some negative spin on Greg (around the time of his sec-checking) probably by OSA, and that drove a wedge in between them. But I hadn't heard anything more.

    I think I'm going to reach out to Greg and see what he's up to.

    - AnonGloss
  12. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    Whoa! Whatever your circumstances, if you're a sexually active adult, refusing an HIV test is not a smart idea. Looks like Jenna Elfman's not the only one who believes that "AIDS is a state of mind."
  13. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

  14. AnonGloss

    AnonGloss Patron

    Yeah, Keith had some pretty weird ideas about HIV and AIDS ... I wouldn't be surprised if Jenna's ideas trace back to Keith. He was big on "getting the word out" that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, and that AIDS isn't really a disease in and of itself. He was (is) a big supporter of Christine Maggiori (sp?) and that whole crowd.

    I don't think he converted too many to his way of thinking on ClearRainbow, but he convinced one or two.
  15. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    I don't fault Keith one bit for challenging the accepted ideas of HIV & AIDS. When I was diagnosed with HIV in 1996, there was a huge mistrust in what doctors were putting out on the causes & cures of HIV, especially among those with the virus that were being prescribed megadoses of HIV meds which were toxic and had very nasty side effects.

    Unfortunately for Christine Maggiori , she took it to an extreme by denying her AIDS-afflicted child her meds, and the child died a horrific, painful death. Some camps tried to bring criminal charges against her, but they didn't stick.

    I see Keith occasionally in Silverlakle clubs and he still thin, but not gaunt & pasty-looking like I saw him in 2009. He seems to be alot more healthier now.
  16. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    Ugh. I can see where the skepticism came from, with the treatment sometimes being worse than the disease (remember AZT?) and no one really knowing what was what. But to not even get a diagnosis?? That's kind of nuts, particularly if you remain sexually active.

    Ands it turns out that doctors working from the HIV model now have treatments that do great things for HIV/AIDS patients. This isn't really on-topic, but it's one of my favorite videos on the subject; I dare you to watch it without crying. :)
  17. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    That was nice, especially to see hope that once never existed. Pity it was too late for Freddy Mercury (among countless others).

    Thanks for that.
  18. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    I'm glad you watched it! I probably should have been clear that you'll cry in a good way! :)
  19. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    She never had the kid tested for HIV and the child showed no symptoms before her short acute illness leading to death to have even suspected meds for HIV were warranted. Yes, she refused prenatal and infant preventative treatment. That is the shame of it all. But the cause of death was listed as unknown after autopsy and it was only after the corner went on the internet to see that the mother was an HIV+ activist did her order and do a review autopsy of tissues from her brain tissue, resulting in the findings as described below.

    The child does not appear to have horrifically suffered, until the day of her illness and death, which alone is so very sad. I don't condone what the mother did. She played russian roulette with her family.

    From Wiki:
    "Christine Maggiore chose not to take antiretroviral drugs or other measures which reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV during her pregnancies.[3][9] Maggiore also breast-fed her children, despite evidence that breast-feeding can also transmit HIV from mother to child. Her youngest daughter, Eliza Jane, was never tested for HIV, nor did she or her older brother Charlie receive any of the recommended childhood vaccines. Maggiore later reported Charlie to have tested HIV-negative three times, and asserted that both were in good health.[4]"

    In April 2005, Eliza Jane became ill with a runny nose. She was seen by two physicians, one of whom reportedly knew of Maggiore's HIV status. Eliza Jane was not tested for HIV, and was diagnosed with pneumonia.[4][10] When Eliza Jane failed to improve, Maggiore took her to see Philip Incao, a holistic practitioner and board member of Maggiore's AIDS-denialist organization Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, who claimed Eliza Jane appeared to be only mildly ill,[2] and prescribed her amoxicillin for a presumed ear infection. On May 16, 2005, Eliza Jane collapsed and stopped breathing.[4] She was rushed to Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California, where, after failed attempts to revive her, she was pronounced dead.[10]

    An autopsy revealed that Eliza Jane was markedly underweight and underheight, consistent with a chronic illness, exhibited a pronounced atrophy of her thymus and other lymphatic organs, and that her lungs were infected with Pneumocystis jirovecii, a common opportunistic pathogen in people with AIDS and the leading cause of pediatric AIDS deaths.[11] The post-mortem examination of Eliza Jane's brain showed changes consistent with HIV encephalitis; protein components of HIV itself were identified in Eliza Jane's brain tissue via immunohistochemistry.[10] The coroner concluded unequivocally that Eliza Jane had died of Pneumocystis pneumonia in the setting of advanced AIDS.[2][10]

    Keith is looking well nourished and healthy from his FB pics :)
  20. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader


    Welcome :coolwink: glad you shed your light on matters.